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You don't like 'em, but you want 'em...

Bill Michaels
January 09, 2018 - 12:04 am

What do the Patriots HC Bill Belichick and Alabama’s HC Nick Saban have in common?  They’re both winners.  They’re also both bullies and sarcastic when it comes to anyone questioning their programs, methodology or strategy.

Right or wrong.

Also, when it comes to Belichick and Saban, they have beaten teams from the state of Georgia to earn their Championships within a calendar year.  In fact, teams from Georgia have blown a combine lead of 41-3 to lose on their biggest stages.

Like them or not, and by the looks of twitter most of you are in the “not” category, the way they get from point A to B works.  And while we may indeed question them, I think there’s a part of us who envy them because they have figured out the formula for sustained success at the highest level.

Tell me you wouldn’t do anything for Belichick’s or Saban’s rings.  Right!