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You're Hired; Now Get To Work

Bill Michaels
January 07, 2018 - 9:22 pm

The Green Bay Packers have hired their GM, Brian Gutekunst, and HC Mike McCarthy is bringing back Joe Philbin as his OC.

Gutekunst is a Ron Wolf disciple and a scout by trade. Nothing against the money men but , personally, I feel better by having a football guy picking football players. 

When it comes to any pro sports team, your business plan should be based off of the product on the field and not vice versa.

As far as the return of Joe Philbin goes, I remember when Aaron Rodgers told me that Joe was the glue that held the offense together. Joe is a "day to day guy". He sets up the meeting rooms, he's great with video and tendencies. He's very good with deciphering information and the passing it along, in an understandable way, to the players...both veterans and rookies. 

Looks like it was a good weekend for the Packers organization.  Now, how quickly can this promotion and acquisition pay off.  I’ve got to tell you, after watching the play offs this past weekend, the Packers have a LOT of work to do.