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The Future Is NOW For The Bucks

The arms race in the NBA Eastern Conference has taken on a life of its own. The Sixers hauled in Tobias Harris earlier in the week. Marc Gasol ends up with the Raptors and the Bucks turn a Thon Maker trade into Nikola Mirotic. The Celtics can be scary good if they all put it together and that’s the... Read More

The Brewers 2019 Questions

The trucks are loaded and they’re on their way southwest. From bats to bubble gum, hats to helmets, pullovers to pine tar, the Brewers semis are on the road towards the 2019 season. The big question is can this team replicate, and go one step farther, from what we witnessed last year? Can they? Of... Read More

Davis Would Be Nice

So Anthony Davis says that the Milwaukee Bucks are one of 4 teams that he wouldn’t mind being traded to and then signing long-term. That’s great but there are 2 problems there. 1. I don’t think the Bucks have enough pieces to put into the deal. And 2. With Giannis coming up on the Super Max... Read More

Style Points Don't Matter

We want it to be pretty, exciting, worth our time, a track meet yet with enough big defensive moments to make us eww and ahhh at every turning point. Those are all the things we didn’t see in Super Bowl XLIII. What we saw was 2 defenses who played their guts out and two coaches scheme everything... Read More

Super Bowl Is More Than A Game

We left the cold of Wisconsin and arrived in the cold of Atlanta. Well, kind of. You see, as I left Best Buy last night the woman behind the register told me, “Bundle up, it’s getting cold out there”. It was 48. I smiled and told her I will and then strolled out of the door wearing just a light... Read More

Miller Park No More

The Milwaukee Brewers made the announcement that come the year 2021, Miller Park will be renamed to benefit American Family Insurance. Fans, beer drinkers, are upset….even outraged. My question is why? The Brewers are still named the Brewers and that name still pays homage to the rich brewing... Read More

How My Career Might Be Different Without Him

It was the summer of 1975. I was 9 years old. “Get to bed Billy” my mom would yell. I was more than happy to head upstairs and climb under the covers. I would pull the chain on my baseball bat lamp and my dog Georgie curled up on the end of my bed. With my window open, I could hear the summer... Read More

Sam Shields; Journey Out Of The Darkness

A new, in depth story, done brilliantly by Sports Illustrated chronicles the incredible comeback story of former Packers CB Sam Shields . From his lowest point where he was sitting in the dark at 3A calling his mom over to just sit with him and make him some soup, to the treatment that he finally... Read More

The Packers Have Their Man

What is Brian Gutekunst’s job again? He’s the General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, right? Well he had better have control over the player personnel department otherwise, what’s he there for? It seems as if Mark Murphy was putting his stamp all over this franchise as he addressed the media on... Read More