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Did Loyalty Doom Badgers

The Wisconsin Badgers football program was a pre-season pick to be one of 4 teams to vie for the championship. Now that the season has all but culminated, we can only say, boy were we wrong. Yeah, when Quintez Cephus was suspended from the team for an alleged assault, that got the season off to a... Read More

Where To Point The Packers Blame Finger

The season is all but mathematically over for the Green Bay Packers. Everyone wants to point fingers as to who is to blame. So here goes… Everyone . Let’s start with the Special Teams - Fumbles, broken coverages and terrible, untimely penalties have made this unit awful. The Defense : Kevin King... Read More

Patriots Coach Points Out Packers Flaw

I’m sure Bill Belichick isn’t going to appreciate being caught by the NFL Film mics on the sideline giving his guys a pep-talk. In addition, I’m sure he’s not going to appreciate being caught while making the statement that Aaron Rodgers has tried to throw his Patriots 2 picks and that the Packers... Read More

Game 1, Who Ya Rooting For?

It’s for all the marbles, the championship. It’s the World Series and I love baseball. It’s what teams have worked for all, grueling season long. Two storied franchises separated by 2,998 miles exactly. The Boston Red Sox with their league leading payroll vs. the glitz and glam of the L.A. Dodgers... Read More

Don't Hang Your Head, Hope You Enjoyed The Ride

Remember 2014 when the Kansas City Royals went to the American League Championship Series? KC’s rebuild was finally complete. They got there with an unbridled enthusiasm and a collegiate-like youthful exuberance. Sound like anyone we know? The Royals were swept that year 4 games to none by the... Read More

Will Baseball Survive The Numbers Game

The state of baseball is in the regular season and not what October brings. What we’re seeing in today’s post-season is the abandonment of launch angles and sabermetrics for a big dose of curveballs and off-speed stuff. We’re not seeing power pitchers drill the corners with pinpoint accuracy and... Read More

What Will It Be Like If The Brewers Achieve Their Dream

The Brewers are one step closer to their goal of winning a World Series. They will now face the LA Dodgers in the NLCS on Friday night. For those that don’t know, I grew up in Cincinnati. Being a kid in the mid 70s was amazing. I had a chance to see one of the greatest teams ever put together….the... Read More

Is Sex Directly Based To Poor On-Field Performance

When a team loses, we critique their play on the field. We look at the situations where a play wasn’t executed properly, or a player miscue occurred. We discuss coaching and the situations in which a coach or manager might have had a negative influence, or at the very least, didn’t put his team in... Read More