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Who Will Now Lead The McCarthy-less Packers

December 09, 2018 - 1:45 pm

So I walk into Lambeau Field today and it was a bit odd.  Mike McCarthy didn’t come trotting out of the home team tunnel. The only recognition of McCarthy was some of the chatter among media members and some fans as they strolled into the upper level suites.  Once the verbal dust had settled, the speculation turned towards who will be the next Green Bay head coach.

Now, everyone has an opinion and I respect your opinion and maybe your own personal wish list.  However, let’s get something straight….. NO, Mike Holmgren isn’t coming back.  NO, I don’t want to see Nick Saban here ….or any other college coach for that matter….and, last but not least and I couldn’t be more emphatic about this, Brett Favre is NOT going to coach this team. 

Whatever media outlet that is reporting this can no longer be considered credible.  NO NO NO, it’s not going to happen. So stop it.

What this franchise now needs is a strong, organized leader who will immediately garner respect from both veterans and rookies alike and someone who can adapt to the personnel he has and has the ability to impose his desires and message on his team. 

If this is you, please apply to 1265 Lombardi Ave.  Green Bay, Wisconsin.