Allen: Braun D.L. stint is frustrating

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Friday, May 18th
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, weighs in on the Brewers. Is he a believer that the Crew will be in contention by the end of the year?

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Host the baseball post game show. Our good buddy Tim Allen Tim I give you that scenario you gotta wake up and Smart. Yes you do well I mean there's there there are not at full full strength we all know that and you know there are often 2000. Their struggles their defense early although the defense has been improving it it appears that. Down there about their issues yet still again on the I mean maybe it's the mark of a good team. That is them playing the bass yet still sitting there all that 26 and eighteen. So I don't have you heard yesterday. But I got to ask you because Bob nightingale comes in the program we start talking about the division. And I asked him if the brewers had enough of in his mind at the Pittsburgh Pirates were real he said no he believes wheels fall off in Saint Louis is not he says it probably would yadier albums such. Paul and I rate a flawed it's gonna become between the cubs and brewers he said. Yeah I think the brewers to win the division he says not only do any day we can win division. It's a bill ice I think they going to panic. And Joseph I'd look at each other hard won't let you know do you think this team can win the pennant. Hey why not I mean why why not. I I don't think you could call a bad team. Certainly I'd I think the other the opposition to look at the Dodgers are doing. What with the cardinals or do public what the columns are doing the National League and maybe this is this year that I. That and how liar not one of the favorites comes in swoops in and and continues to improve themselves throughout the year and I have have not listened of that interview yet billed as part of my truck this afternoon but. That you just saying good die I just say why not they're 26 and eighteen as we just discussed not not at full strength. I know you like to play the role the underdog in the why not guy I was listening to I think it might have been the cubs broadcaster their their radio station and not chairman upon driving around. And they're talking about while the cubs are gonna turn on ago when the revision only two games back man played great and I kind of nodding my head going yes I do understand that. Bush demo words work and I really don't deem anybody else and essentially even a threat. And I thought to myself how do not take the brewers were right there all the way to the wire Lester how do you not take the brewers seriously they still don't. So to me if that's the mentality running through a lot of the people that have followed cubs baseball. Boy you talk about sneaking up inviting somebody the time is right to do so you don't mean. It has led I mean they'd they need to exercise some demons again says Chicago team. And you know whether it's in their hatter just you don't do it guys stepping up those are big league players to and then maybe they step. Maybe they stepped up their game I want to. 01 up from some of the brewers as well. And their home we're always looking at a from our perspective but maybe they're trying to hold us down because they know it's a threat I mean that's a possibility one thing I do now. There's. At these two teams these two organizations are headed for a collision course in the playoffs I'm not gonna say this year it's possible this year for sure. But sometimes to me these two that you talk about. Now over the cubs fans at Miller Park during the regular season game has just just wait until that happens is I think it's going to happen. Well I first ball two things one I I would dreaded. And number two I would pray to god that brewers fans would not only by the tickets but keep the tickets you ought to mean. Oh man that's going to be so also interesting because then the price goes up. Can you will match you know if it comes down on National League Championship Series between the Colorado brewers. And the temptation for a brewers' season ticket holders sell their tickets for so much more money. What you do you take pride in your team and go or you make a ton of money paying gig giving it to cubs fans are gonna pay top dollar and a. Yeah I know that and and you you've graduated from a couple otter box yeah a couple hundred bucks you know it is good school. When you graduate from that to maybe now Aussie out. I'm a couple of grand maybe for the good ones yeah that that would be interstate. Well I I I could even imagine that series in now if you became a more cubs fans of Bruce fans IE I would I would have to go find a place and commit Harry Carey and I'm not talk about the drug announcer either so I just just FYI I assume so Tim well right brought goes on the DL give me your thoughts. It's frustrating and and that's that's the word we can you Wiki news for Iran bronze frustrating it is they can't. The he got to get healthy number one and then the other so unpredictable with them or is that you know some people say it's very predictable that just happens you know couple times a year gonna go on to the DL. Our home but you gotta get him healthy and I think the DL stint was was good I know they. Date hung tight lipped with the because of the DH situation in Minnesota so I think there are waiting that out hoping and crossing their fingers that. Blockages DH all weekend but but that didn't happen. Bomb which the two deals that did not get done it may turn out to be the biggest blessings in the skies for David Stern's not mortgaging the farm Yu Darvish and Lance Lynn both guys have struggled mightily that Darvish his last outing was good for him. Putting only went four innings because that bugaboo the fifth they said he had quote cramps. So maybe he did maybe and I don't know but I know he has been able to get past their fifth inning without embarrassing himself so. They took them out they got him out early. So maybe he's back on track but both those guys have not performed. Anywhere near expectations in the money they're getting paid maybe the past two deals are the ones are government. Sometimes it happens that way and in I'm not saying that these two guys are. They're gonna continue to the next 75% of the season knew what they're doing now because they could turn things around but. Forget that that mark your past supporter turned bell war. Panicked guys are gonna settle into what they're years are going to be and we're we're getting very close to the opposite were very got but. Do they have to flip a switch. They did last year in the Chicago Cubs did and then they just right there at the all star break that is one on that they're planning. Could they do it yeah. But now let's let's find out there assessing exciting part of every day. I've put this out to the fans yesterday output that you now the brewers after the quarter turn our where they are do you are you will be full believer that this team is going to be right there at the end of the season wire wire. I do and and I don't see why not that they just find a way and we we are talking about down on the post game few days ago and in a lot why are they hear what what's the what's the biggest reason why they're you know doing well and essentially they are because the wins and losses so that. Things that count most and I think we came to the leadership I think we all kind of gathered and so that's counsel that's his coaching staff and that's Stearns mean. The more we experienced Christian theology for example. The more you look at that trade and use it all. The because I believe bill Christian theology is the best best player on this baseball team it has the best skill set. All around baseball player and part of that analysis it is his contractual situation and his age and you you pile all that together. That straight right there that is an amazing deal and I don't think yet build that brewer fans collectively have. Kind of embrace. Christian the Ellis quite yet but but wait just just wait a year to three. He he might be the face of this friend. He could and at the end bureau Ryan Rourke. I mean he could very well the way the numbers he puts up the way he plays defense in the arm he has out there he kind of being a league MVP of this thing all grocery. Man that that's the type of player you can check every single box and every single one he has again you know hi guys they draft shopping and I still am. But I mean Christian theology is. Brewer fans just just take a close look at him when he plays baseball he is the epitome and the definition of baseball player. OK before lets you go to you've been a part of a lot of primaries obviously the twins soon fan base was right route the brewers going all the way back into the American League de same with the white socks the cubs. The cardinals. Best rivalry with the brewers. Right now I have Cisco to me is clearly the columns. The twisting words like that I mean you're you're old enough to remember a man yeah institute to twins that was that was a big rivalry and it was. The big rivalry with the Chicago White Sox for many years and the archenemy now the hit home much like. Green Bay although in the northern part of the state they knew they would say you know it's a vikings went much the same as during base Chicago the bears in the pac I think it's brewers and cubs. Always good Tim had a great debt of forty million over the weekend all talk to you soon okay awesome bill thank our felt jugular they EO Tim Allen hosted baseball posting Joseph joining us. 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