Allen: Brewers are not world-beaters, but…

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Friday, August 10th
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, looks back at yesterday’s depressing loss. Who would he have closing games? Is it time to stop platooning Travis Shaw? Is there fear of the Cubs?

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Tim Allen out joining us Jim and I give anybody. Was seldom will. So all I got asked you yesterday. Can able he does not even complete in any doesn't get him out gives up they hit four runs three walks can't find the strike zone there's no way in hell I would let him load the bases. I think it was 01 the only missteps that can seriously criticized for cricket council specifically not having anybody warming up when you saw clearly can able. Didn't have it and yesterday you lose that ballgame give me your thoughts. You that we were discussed rather talk about. Minutes ago I was talked about well burns was. In that he's sitting well the reason for so from the date setting per static right there and if they put up crooked number. Then sent burns was gonna come and that would not an assay situation. Or court today so that being. You use courtroom or as a high level of situations so should correct council then Al. Determined well instead of you know hate sitting in the process and and getting so warrior ready to go in the garage. Want to go burns who had already been I'll just humanist art. Just because desperate times there are masters. And then he decided not to that he's still developing bill. Maybe it's an old school spot. Sometimes these answers they would get a sense that they're on the mound it's like the back there old. And they see somebody behind Aaron and I say I signal art this all. All hands on back here and and I'll fix you up and used that acts were. And activity. Say hey man just to see you guys no matter what the situation I'm may have someone out just in case. And maybe it was a learning moment for cart council. Do you put Corey casual clothes usual. No doubt right now I'd I don't think you endure. And EU sources Arafat is a setback yesterday council did not. But I you know there is that they're gonna use now at any theories of viable part of the success here down the stretch in theory. What half staff and as he's got it is it is certainly he's got a social strikes. That ball then it is the classic Kabila court cynical lot and concerts that's fact that. Council sent and they're gonna do everything in their particular impact in that role it just just think about the way it all I'll say that winds upward with chuck person I uterine sore knee and Jennings and these guys have now put the umbrella helpers. As well I mean the guy that's worth the investment. The C that you get it is head on straight. So you have the goal. Go from right now I think if you have the pick or bill it's got to be terrorists are stressed. The I was gonna say Jefferson beat my guy because I don't wanna take. Josh cater out of that multi inning role he give you a couple of innings in the guy that can do that. I I don't I don't wanna make him all of a sudden just because it's gonna come in and throw anywhere from nine to twelve to fifteen pitches I want him to be a guy that picked continue to come in and get outs. And an extended situation and are out there threes and I would go in the end let's be honest we Jeremy Jefferson's head. That kind of that kind of ability as well in the past where he's been a closer story I was not thrilled with comes in gets a couple of goods fastballs. Passed from one as a swing animus second wanted to foul tip. After that with the Grand Slam. Little bit disappointing there are also it's not that I would not make story of my clothes because he's done in the past everybody has a bad pitch. Wait that's not the best impression when your early on that ballclub. No I had been our sixties to have some success and that's why eat yet these guys start cigars that. How then closers in a lot of these most all of these oil. Will help multiple closers. At some point their career their absent clothes are so limited earlier this year Soria. Jeremy just vs absolute success closing out as an on court and able I got to beat Jeremy Jefferson right on the money in the air it's just. As good as he can be and errors. You're right I think he's more valuable as being that all trance like grab actually go from the city. Turk and into the seventh seventh and the eighties and early you can demand in the ninth. That maybe get an out in the eighth and then have them. It's too a couple of batters in the ninth inning to set up jumpers so they're still not in. Oracle sick but not all that despite enables. You know sterling outing yesterday they're not vaccinate. I wanna ask you the guy it's been really heating up Trevor Sharjah feeling comfortable with the way he's swinging the bat now because he seems over the last C I don't know. Ten to fifteen games he really seems like he's during the swing a solid bet. Yet against the lefties here and have not sorties and do our part that was due to cancel left you yeah multi hit game and yeah so. Really pleased. But it's not just him now and things simple cycle through and or. It can't always every game you know let's change it soon so it's just impossible for that app itself when they had a little down. Orson overrun. These other guys got to pick it up and it's it's got to be. Was docked at the size short sample size are the guys that were aware of the year chocolate cause particularly now. Got like many she you have that it's an insult or oh lead Garcia perspective they've got so bad as where is the off that. We still had a lead them back or all your bill. Welcome back good sport we're still wait not. Al still gonna say that this offense does the cheap manner they run their elder. This is gonna Reese special status if they can get there have substrate with their loved it the other. They're to coincide with the starters and it's still a little. Gonna be one hell of a Spanish. Jim it does it concern you that they're beginning to stumble their playing basically 500 ball the cubs are heating up their pursuit of the cubs were well above 101213 games over 500 at home. In the last month and a half page. It seems like what to expect from the cubs they're starting to give you what you thought from the brewers. You're expecting a little bit more your kind of holding your breath what each and every game don't get me wrong I know you love it because exciting baseball. But as things stand right now with the brewers being a couple of games back in the standings. Does what the cubs are starting to do the way they're starting to heat up is that that does that make you nervous at all. Yeah well it's good to generate so one once you start so rattle. But. I look at it as the glass little apps at all. It's you're gonna have a run. Out let's let's have a lot of the right time. That's the first gonna have a little on that they're going through here. Let's get this out of the way right now. I think that's essentially have recovered from the yacht pre all circuit on. Now are there any other world leaders right now say. No but. They're not lose himself an update like they did it in Miami Pittsburgh so you're trying to all the insert here a little bit. Outside corner where there's science there's certain everywhere go down or report in as well. I'm the first side. It has never run away with it now what discerning ears. In the span of three or four course. Sit around that pre ordained how mark and and you hit on. That's concerning to many here hang around the one that you would have marked a sustainable it'll of the week and that's edible in the cup experience. You know all the talk circuit baseball. Are set it all your order that they all but so are for or. And whoever's gonna get hot or or or allow. I would say start out on it does audio systems start at run about two weeks. Here's the additional thing to kind of put them back your mind is the brewers will have four additional off days. As opposed to the cubs from now to the end of the season. Because of the cubs have some games that they still have to make up from the early rain outs the brewers do not which means the brewers are gonna have four additional off days oppose the cubs cubs play it longer stretches of games straight. Then the brewers well which means the brewers can then refresh that bullpen just a little bit more just one of those little statistical side note that I know you're thrilled about. Yeah no you're no you're right on the money and that's gonna help this what some deep personal attacks all and now though. Lower lever situations or enable it's gonna impact your mama higher level situation. Or got straighter and it chairman chuck person. Someone else as a student there I mean and all that sort of read our leverage go to these guys every single night. So that's going to pay is going to be Jake up far and so it Eric Jennings. They are they gonna lead out orbit burn unless. They wait for the year. You know activation of Taylor Williams there's a key guy right there are yeah a couple bad outing it's a little things are now. Other CRA for the most part you could do it dynamite job so they're gonna need that other guy off there is definitely helped at all. Hey Tim they had the baton scope the Trevor Shaw's heating up we know victim whose doctors his movie stars -- let me ask you this if you're going to go into. The post season tomorrow. Who is your starting what is your starting infield look like. Well defense righty lefty here really. Aaron. You know shots gotta be in the your guys out here and there shark. Shot got to be in there are still going to be a matter of will set you there as soon as there's there's currency got a BP you're behind the plate. And that is that broader fans of that out. Perhaps there would be the question mark or just. They Keiko matchup that on or they've also ground effect famous more as of late has been hit yet very off. On the also has since built striker of the ball well and at least improving here as. Lean and purse and barely announced it you know so that starts Salem. A bunch but from where he came from there to 27 or whatever lies declines for Hilbert. We also on this. Mark whatsoever bill on paper and on a different game. And they are capable on any given moment put up report far there. Always good talking buddy we pull out talking as soon that you have a good weekend and noble Chad again as we look at. Yeah you gotta go. It helped populated ago Tim Allen was the baseball was him showed joining us. 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