Allen: Brewers rotation is legit

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Friday, June 22nd
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, is really taking the Brewers rotation seriously. What would this offense be without Cain and Yelich?

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Joining us now on the chatter or each hotlines or buddy Tim Allen was to baseball post game show to them I don't man. Good good good and other. Day in the calendar of summer baseball and tore off the sheet yesterday with another win. I I tell you what I said did yesterday and I asked Kevin Wheeler this from Tennessee Lewis scooter is sports talk Ernie has via radio set how big of a series is this for as much as we talked about a playoff atmosphere with the cubs. How big of a series is this be caught eyes and correct me if I'm wrong Tim. You sweep this cardinals team. You have all but delivered a knockout blow to their season that would put an eight and a half games back and use it takes you usually gain a full game and hang onto it about a week week and a half. So you would put them back about seven weeks would which would almost be two months. And who knows what's gonna happen in that period of time they've lost a couple pictures that got some guys have been banged up. The offense has been a little bit up and down their defense obviously is not very good you can deliver the knockout blow this week and this is kind of like a playoff atmosphere for them. Well I wouldn't it will make the refereeing a boxing match take a close hard look at them but we all know we thought there were a couple of force in home in 2011. And and so while. Some way they battled back in and fought their way through things I'm not gonna rule mild quite yet lot of baseball to be played here. I'll put on the other hand. I think it's justice owner and I think it sends a message that the brewers. Could very well be with us and when you look at a 44 and thirty mark. And as I said you're sure not a schedule here bill and that's that's really what it comes down to right now and and more people want. You know the brewers to succeed we we understand that but again as as you move along here. It's just another big bite out of that schedule they're nine and eight the brewers on their last seventeen. Okay is that light the world on fire as you say no but. It's a big chunk of the schedule that maintain its intimacy foreign now. And I you know I'm sorry about last night in the post game show and it just take a baseball fan around the league maybe nationals fan are some like that you look on paper and you see this brewers' rotation. And you see that it's junior guerra and it's it's Friday parole and it's Brian Souter and and these guys since they might laugh. But they are legit as this thing continues to move forward Joseph actually. To weed out some the other day that really got me thinking a little bit about that rotation and and I was just pondering that. And and it was it was it made me think a little bit. About this rotation and how. Under raid in underestimated they I talked Jimmy Nelson over the weekend and and he told me straight up. They thought they were disrespected. As it did bother him a little success and they weren't getting a love as a rotation before they're. They're maintaining bill they really are. Com we were talking about that earlier today in the show I was and then we discussed the same thing when Joseph tweet that out so old it. With Garrett just see kind of leading the way we know chasing Anderson at times has been Dominic going got the last. Souter has really thrown the ball extremely well. And tell my say you don't have to have an ace. To win ball games. You can have a lot of really good threes or fours. With a good bullpen the back of mob and you don't have to be then desperate to find that guy that's going to be erased because. We have not seen sustained a losing. Out of this team. Even though we've seen ups and downs offensively we have not seen sustained losing I don't think we're going to see the same offensive falloff we saw last year because you have two more dynamic bat in the lineup and yell at you came. And if you have pitching and you've got good bullpen. Do you have to go find an ace or at this point are you trying to fill in depth pieces or do you just meet that one more every day that. It would be nice to have that guy. That that means stud pitcher at the top it would be nice and I don't think anyone's going to disagree with that but again it comes. Stuff. Eventually acquire him. Your offense. When you look at laurel Cain and Christian theology I think we're all getting an education this is lower land here. What really good offensive players can do for a baseball team could you imagine and I'm sure you have pondered that thought as well. Could you imagine what this offense would be without gaining knowledge. I mean it's so. That's the golf it would be almost laughable. Honestly no disrespect anybody but it would be and so what you're seeing and then offensively is. I hate to jaguar that we all agree that he's taken the first base job. I mean he's in I know we get a little bit below look week or two ago. But he's in right I mean that's that's later rationale comes down to things Mingo Santana. And and Ryan brought. And and then it but as you get better as baseball team the names get better on your bench to splash value names in the production get better. On your bench instead of Ramon Flores is Nellie and her rare as and then Hector Gomez says we're looking at Domingo stands and those and Eric aims and Ryan wrong. Mean it really it's on the up. Necessarily. That worried about the offense. Because here's Ian many Pena picked it up a little bit he's worked his average up to 227. Really get some good at bat to swing and assist us in the zone he's not reach and he's not play a one. So he's coming on V announcement fairly steady. Orlando Garcia that's shortstop position is an issue offensively at least it is an issue. Not overly concerned about the offenses of pitchers I do what they're doing. Along with. Thank you are over first and things they're trying to work him in and look I I understand you're trying to get him bats you wanna kind of you know get his numbers up so to speak. But let me ask you this Tim do you like him leading off. I don't not at all and I'm confused by that you have a 12 punch in the Batman and Robin that is outstanding. And I just don't understand and then he got used to follow that out and he got Travis you ought to follow that up I just I just don't know where that's coming from but. It it if you go by the philosophies that. You know he's the game changer in any can do all this and that won't put those put him behind does deuce and a Shaw. And let him go to. Go to ripped it that he or. Put VIR somebody that's gonna get on base in that nine hole deceptive tables second and third time through the same since it is committed doesn't make a lot of sense but. It's sealed Rickie Weeks syndrome it is those pop them in the front of that lineup and LC better pitches and in theory you do. Although on the other and on the other hand a lot of managers will say well it doesn't matter. Still have to have quality at bats as a matter whose background is so it's it's almost like both sides of the mosque. So defensively speaking this team has been far better. I think then as well then now a lot of us thought they would be they've had a couple of moments where they've had some hiccups be all right think he's played better baseball which. You know one of the areas that we don't talk nearly enough about when this team doesn't commit an error with they have when they have clean defense. They're big they're getting it done not just in the pitching not just in the bullpen and not just at times in this onslaught of offense. Put it some of the little things defensively speaking don't get me wrong Tim you and I think and on the same page when you'd like to see them play a little more on that metal baseball play. But they're getting it done in better areas than what they did last year. There are and that's I think local product of you know hard work and any you have to give credit for that but it's also a product of the runs OK and a Christian Ellis defensive front says that the Basque 12 punch in the league. In defensive front shape and I think that's sort of a trickle down theory they really made an effort. Because it's an analytical. Kind of based team really want it when it comes to their concerns he looks at that stuff and I think that has been a point of emphasis for sure. Real quick before we let you go on and Craig Counsell there's there's a lot of talk about managerial styles in the way. Managers use numbers. I don't know if you saw that article in USA today the brewers have hit into the most double plays in the National League they have the most shut outs thrown against them. In the National League error in all Major League Baseball. They they have one of the lowest on base percentages and they're still getting it on line. And we look at this cycle back some of the things David Stern said in the beginning of the year while there's 4374. Outs of how you go about getting. There's 4307. Pour out how many of those outs do you squeeze hits in between and how many runs and driving and in between it's like this basis of numbers. And and you just roll that are out there and let the dirt lane and Warrick made there's no rhyme or reason to it. Are are are they managing numbers now are they managing players. That's that's the biggest question in baseball right now and I read that article on it was very significant that. Other teams go through this too and we we watch every pitch bellas as you know hole that's that's our deal and we see what what the grind is for this particular baseball team we don't see the grind for other teams we see the brewers opponent in that series for sure but. It's as that article I think it was nightingale. Had been talking about. They'll do the changing of the game that you will go through this and it's almost two and accepted nature in the game of baseball that. You know we've document I've talked before about the strikeouts in the night I see no benefit striking out and I and I will not change and I don't care what baseball tries to do. With the numbers. You're not telling me that a strikeout is acceptable I mean I'm not going there but maybe it's just the nature of of the game. So then you look at Craig Counsell style which is a great question. I think he's still developing that stop he I know. He's a force that numbers because that's what his process. And there's there's so a lot of merit to that. But also he's a guy that it's. Boy. That he has all about positive team chemistry. It is absolutely imperative. You're gonna play for Craig Counsell and that baseball team you will be positive and you will be playing for each other you will be a good teammate I think. If if you look at side from the numbers of style for Greg council that's that's the one main thing I would point to I would love to see him. Gold has got just a little bit more just and maybe he will and maybe he'll know when to push that button wonder flip that switch occasionally. Are you C east lead the great managers do that. They do and I think he's still developing that's out he's stance say that's for sure he really does experience they've become does that the because the numbers bear that out. But doesn't manager gold has got. A lot of times when he does make Bolten. Yeah changes he kind of does that's what that's all about so I think he'll get there right now it is all about staying positive. Tim always a pleasure buddy enjoy the weekend hopefully we're talking about a Boris we've been just about delivering the knockout blow the cardinals we'll talk again this week developed act out on their road America well. Two great placed him talkies and they go to valid host of the baseball post game show joining us on the Schneider or job line. Schneider our drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they've been getting it done call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com 844. Right. Or go to Schneider jobs dot com.