Allen: The Cubs are in the Brewers’ heads

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, June 12th
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, is pretty frustrated with last night’s Brewers loss against the Cubs. Is this defeat on Craig Counsell? Should he change his ways a little?

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His knowledge out of orange line the guided dealt with the aftermath of last evening. Tim Allen hosted baseball post game show and Tim I can only imagine what last night was as you were taking phone calls from angry brewers fans. It's that's quite nauseating. And being you know on the air till 1 o'clock good two hours on the air. We can't hash things out it was very therapeutic in a way. I'm not gonna go so far as as to use the word choke yeah. Not yet. It's eight of nine units right now. Are they and their had I I think we can all agree there are you can't you can't you can't be making these mistakes. Mid and late game. Game like that and that includes the manager the managers learning on the fly. The manager needs to do something a little different when the freight train is on the tracks and as smooth sail and that'd be rail it's summer now. What ever it is I don't know the answer to that I really don't and I'm not saying about the towering gunfight with these guys is balancing. A lineup saying. A change of strategy a little bit I heard you guys talking about leadoff double there in the seventh inning you. And orderly wind once you change your strategy just go on your gut. Man from one. For once in your life go on your gut set aside the numbers a little bit see if that works because it's clear that what you're doing isn't. Would Josh cater I would do that I would make that move again in a second. In a second you go to hater you got the lead. 98 times out of a hundred that's gonna work in these guys are occasionally gonna give up runs what what that warning sign once which workers at bat bag. Against hater. He was getting around on him these and that that's what that's what squared me oh. This might be the one here where when they get dominance funny how the stars. And the baseball cosmic Tumblr is just the island due to having given up Iran since early may. He had all these games in the medal all these road trips and big wins in games and hader doing this thing and it dialed the landing zone dials it right in on Miller Park. Game one of a couple. Of series. And it's just the stars did not lineup for just given up that run it you know itself. So I AA in the way I look at it from wind. When you. Have a team that is in your head in baseball when I describe this you know football. You can see guys begin interest tried overplayed do too much when it's basketball guys start missing shots. When it's baseball. 88 it's it's it's gripping too tied to the played its you can just see it throughout a ball game you know what I mean and then it. Yeah well yeah our largest job. I just. It you can feel that this team is. Is just in the head I. I don't know what else to say Tim I until they beat Dem I said this was going to be the series it was gonna feel like a playoff series inning they needed to punch him in the face. They clearly gut punch last night because the cubs did everything they could lose that ball game. And the brewers still gave until they made errors at key times yards there obviously it was costly Garcia couldn't right now he's just in a bad at the plate to say the very least. It was just everything that could went wrong for the brewers went wrongly that ball game when they really need to Muster the internal for Ford the intestinal fortitude to be able win aboard. Yeah and it happens mid to late games in the and we we have been extracted that since the start of the season when the brewers the brewers gonna do 678 and ninth innings and they did OK the top fourteen. Of the top fourteen batting averages. In the seventh eighth and ninth innings. This year thus far in the in the National League members of the real bombs so they are doing a little bit better with regards to. You know score runs late. But it just that you get that he'll land where things to tighten up a little bit and that's thinking about things and just roll it off the tracker cracked just throw up the tractor ride I don't believe for a second there are no cracked counsel's gonna cover this guy. Jonathan VR it's funny how eyesight tends to go with managers when there's a critical question and a critical call. Dude you're watch in the game the arsenic about that baseball and it should have been a double play yeah it was as simple as that. It's okay do admit that yanked Travis shop for a blatant. Issue the other day it's okay man it's it's all right but it's little things like that brought setter Reitman you're gonna have to start doing these little things. I really thought speaking abroad he makes that. Home run robbing catch and then comes of the buried actually what you want I I really thought it was Ryan drawn from different joining eleven. I think I would have a problem probably would little scratch that he was gonna game changed right there and had a three run bomb take that it is just felt that way to me also. On the other side that. You know when you when he continue to do the same things if certain results I at some point and I'm not I'm not saying when that point has. At some point you will have to change something cracked and he knows that I know he knows that he's an intelligent dude. If you continue to get the same results and continue to just laid back concede chill out relax it's baseball. I just I can't buy that I don't I won't buy at. I'm not gonna accept that. Then that's just my doubts as my thoughts on that he's gonna have to change something. At some point I don't know when that point yet. I don't know that's tonight. Maybe it's a wide open saying. You know maybe it's about the pitcher in the eight spot maybe gets it VR down there on the nine since. Attack he has hit 276 thought it was interesting yesterday pregame. Arrojo was down there as well. I noticed when they asked about BR he said not one word about it off. Now one single word about his offense it was about the improvement on defense. And I don't know what the deal is live with those guys and be garbage you gotta twos 76 batting average I don't two yards on an average debt. The guy. The we were talking Monday on the opposite side of the spectrum what about Garcia. I mean I eat I data because of injury right now you're kind of against the wall but it how do you still send that sink hole out there. It's it's something that's so funny thing is a far better hitter than what he's selling and it's amazing that baseball can humble you and such a way that. You're just you're not owning the that you're just. You're let the pitcher on the at bat and it's funny how when you're going well. You drive the baseball it's it's going hard somewhere. And when you're struggling. You're like alma and I need to get a piece of this thing and maybe get a flight it's a player base yet. He'll get back there there's a guy that hit 277 last year he can't give up on that they wanna get him right now and and quite frankly they Needham. They do because what did you think bill when you looked at that line companies sell off. VR. Craps. Garcia and pitcher's spot. Single. If I mean coral look VR I mean BR like you said to Sunni six average he hasn't been terrible on these big where it was at 231 last year and looking bad and striking out ditches to and the pace of nauseam. He's picked it up you know his our eyes is obvious defense is in. Perfect we know that OK but offensively. If you're getting if you're getting the same numbers out of Garcia you are not complaining about what's up and. All no matter no not at all and I think he does recover to a degree and then maybe the timing is going to be good here in them in the mid summer here. That he does start pulling out of this thing up at the right time and and go to state does it the other thing to take a look at I don't care lefty lefty or not. How you've got a name is activated in your general eleven inning game and found no chance for him to get in maybe event and that ball. I didn't I didn't understand that either. Tim always go to jelly I'm sure tonight's gimme just is interceding and we'll chat again down the road OK no problem right about dodge assume that.