Allen: Why are Brewers starters getting pulled early? New approach?

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Friday, April 20th
Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, discusses the Brewers three-game winning streak. Is he surprised the offense has struggled so much?

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It was good guys win last night till they ended up knocking off the Marlins bats. Exploded which is good or get dead every now and then. You know I'm not gonna say that anybody hitting 120 seven's out of his funk would. Yeah are renown he is meanwhile of those games. They got it last night. Talk more about it we got to Tim Allen host of the baseball post game show on the air here whether Sarah tell I don't buy. Good good real good after last night to although it didn't surprise me bill I mean I've I've been confident with this offense. You know from the start that they were and there are going to be much better than two point 2.4 runs a game and the activity come on that's that's going to improve. Yeah we we saw that coming it was of no little disconcerting early on this season for the fact that I've been saying all along you gotta keep that thing right around four point three runs per game. And you're gonna win a lot of games if you do that is they started that way last season. So last night each get a win over a bad Marlins team I you know I don't know what to read into it sometimes Tim though you just need one of those games you get a rhythm back Kanye. Yeah. Do and you need one of those games to continue a streak you can see all around the league that. It is good batter in different teams put together these little straight so while there's. Analysts he won five steps are there that are probable. We need to see that what does brewers squad and and then this is the time to do it maybe the timing is good as. You know you put the fork in the Bryant crisis but with the right couple wins there. Are you get the Marlins and beyond paper they don't look like. You know they're gonna win a ton of games but you know all the sudden that much after a dismal performance on Monday night game one of that reds series. It turnaround in three days city got three straight victories and and that definitely has a good time. I'm watching. And I'm a big believer in the in the run differential. And our pay attention at brewers are two games over 500 game and have bag behind Pittsburg it's early on in the season both point games under their belt and their negative six. Which tells me that they've had. Some issues with the bullpen they've had some issues with went with starting pitching because they've allowed some run you know they possibly see gotta get away from a and it kind of hung on to win close games which is good. But last night you really that explosion you wanna bring that back to zero and start to build upon at all by the way and before I get in any ocean on offense. I was reading out the Boston Red Sox fourth best start a run differential in Major League Baseball history. They're plus 66. And it's all these eighteen games Wear them. Sixteen. And two army that you would ask me you know prior to the season bill like. Now what are you looking for early on here and you know you're always hopeful that your team gets off to this remarkable historical star and we saw that back in 87 here. With a thirteen you know mark but that's a team that did it as brewers didn't. That says team over there that. Has gone sixteen of eighteen to start the it's amazing. All I wanna get back to the brewers because of the bullpen to India that you'll only area of concern that I never think that the office is gonna basically play itself felt the wind. We get into the bullpen and the way they're getting ounce. When you what I around spring training you're out there we prior to me both times we had a chance to talk to David Stern and in him and Craig Counsell select. There's there's there's 27 outs. How we go about getting those out it's all relevant that nobody has to go five innings six innings ten innings for oh you know extra inning games nobody has to do that we've just got to get 27 outs. Is that the new philosophies just go get 27 outs and also I think Tim they're looking at this says the statistics. Grow up dramatically for a team opposing. Pitcher the third time around on line up and I think they're playing in that statistic as many teams are. I I think they aren't I don't know that's a custom made David Stern's analytical department. Philosophy. I'm still trying to to wrap my brain around that a little bit out of McAlary. From and burst dot com we had a conversation last night Pippen and that just a little bit maybe they have bill maybe it's the fact that. If you wonder why these guys performed two thirds five laps five in the third 52 thirds four and two thirds you wonder if it's huge he is dialed in some sort algorithm he would he would just do I do and and I don't know if that's. Measure of baseball changed or that some measure of so really creative. Analytics by Stern's. Because you did. This was a year plus ago that this out better term. Was dubbed by Craig Counsell and and maybe there is something to that or maybe it's just baseball or maybe just personnel also on video look at the personnel. UK air force. That you like at tonight's starter Jolie's job seen in two going seven and two thirds of these other half of the I mean it's obvious he's got a great amount but. The quick hooks. For guys like Brian Souter and and junior Garros when they're getting outs and the line looks good the pitch count looks okay. And you can turn around and boom they're gone. I wish I just wonder if if that's the case bill I really do. Chaos when when you talk about in the bullpen the back into the bullpen. Well you know it's okay has been great has been one big massive implosion regarding committee rules apps and streaming like at how happy have you been and who do you think is morphing into that role is it hater. I think they're gonna piecemeal us and India and it's apparent that that they're gonna go game by game it's pretty obvious I don't think. They that a slight lean Albers I think toward you know one inning. And get a typical ninth inning saves but. Know these guys wanna turn the ball over there they're their comrades here and that's that's their delegates Jeremy just for a surveys doing nothing but getting. Getting guys out and turn that ball over to guys you see Dan Jennings coming tough situation the other day really the game on the line unit to nothing game. First and third with one out any abuses that ground ball double play and I got it looks like they're gonna do that I would prefer to have it just imagine. That's just the Mets in this sport and the way it's configured now without naval let's put put a closer in their typical closer every once sets back a little bit. Now Jeff Burris is that much more powerful debt and Jacobs foreign news is that there isn't a lot of pressure on him and then Albers and set up in the situation order Jennings and Josh haters your wild card didn't go anywhere and then turn it over to that guy. Arm. Bridge the gap to can naval war get that guy I think they're better shape if they do that. Well offensively speak and now how confident are you once you get brawn back in and you get some of these guys kind of stroking the ball again I mean A you know let's be honest to RC has gotten off to kind of a slow start obviously brawn has and you like to see him pick it up a little bit. Right now is it just kind of those two notches there really need to step up or maybe it's. A gala Trevor shown had a really good year last year or not he's having a bad one now would just that you know you need you need a couple of extreme need it. He debts Blair once a week to start fallen and that type of thing. Yeah and I think you know last night we're celebrating the offensive explosion twelve runs seven run sixth inning. And then at the root Disco and again we're all superstitious to a degree even at the risk of jinx thing that I just was not concerned about this offense and and I know what's warning games and that's. It's somewhat of a smaller sample size but. There is just too much stand talent and that seemed to average two and a half runs a game I just that I would be shocked in ward. If that was a long term thing I I was not. I was happy with the win don't get me wrong and had alleviated a lot of pressure in the city's tight games that they've been out of that. How wasn't I wasn't concerned about chemistry is another thing I mean sometimes you wanna cycle through a lineup in which. You know this guys and these two guys are hot but these two guys are off and then it flip flops a week later and and that you haven't had they've all been kind of you know enough on just a little bit collectively and and I wouldn't. Be surprised if certain times of brawn doesn't get it together in terms of average and on base. Later on in the season that against a right hander UC Shaw opened that three hole and then go yell exchange all brawn things. That to me is one killer line. Against the lefty. I was gonna ask you how badly does this team media so we're going because really last year when he was kind of filling in doing certain things. He was another guy at the top line of those really set the table and I it you'd you would love to see him even though he's not have been playing consistently you'd love to see him start coming up the benching giving a little bit more as well. Sight and sound man take that take a close look one Eric so artist is that did this year he has had in the summer really rough flock. He goes heavy counts on you know he works a pitcher for yet. She you'll put a ball in play ends taxes for. What ever reason and that that guy has the worst luck right and you gotta keep. Given themselves wraps because I can tell if he gives barrel barrel would also like he has done. He's gonna come out was some huge mid and late game tips for this team this year. He's not giving you the power but how much is hagel are vying for serious playing time he is he's broken right now. He is. Sitting for fourteen sporadic playing time and then look at the names I mean who. The world would bench. And benches and kind of harsh word but who would sit saves. Armed Dell a great situation the BM but you're gonna have to play. Player right here your counsel and and he looks at it as an asset as an advantage to have the doubt that they have great choices but. Here I was I was surprisingly at that same single handedly win a couple of games offensively over the rats in the cookies since. In the next game it won't be hold both these guys brawn. And things last night come off the bench with Knox. Always a pleasure there over the ball it's always good eliciting after especially after a win so we'll keep listen to operation look at Barbara good worked out artillery there you know that is a Tim Allen was in baseball post game show joining us a couple minutes in the shatter or childlike. Shatter Harry drivers right now you work hard to treat you very eighty plus years that beginning you know. Column 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs died count.