Allen: You have to appreciate Counsell’s approach

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Friday, April 13th

Tim Allen, Host of the Baseball Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee, weighs in on the Brewers bullpen dilemma. Is he surprised by the lack of offense?


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Brewers there in New York take on the Mets getting ready for tonight's ball game and gets ready for tonight's ball game Tim Allen hosted baseball post game show. On 1057 FM the fan now joining us in the Schneider orange outline. HM later on or governor bill. Well why were word I don't know what to make this team after the first say you know 10 games against the central in against good teams and I'm watching the Chicago yesterday get their brains beat in and now I I I just I don't know what to make of this team but I know that the starting pitching his little bit build a better as of late and now he's got to wait and see when you get healthy get everybody back in the offense starts flowing again. Yeah yeah I would agree with with so a lot of that. This this series here this is this just in series you talked about pitching there there's this is all other starters in this series. Matt's our team that home in and look at that their situation thus far. They can come back to their. Six come from behind victories in the brewers' obviously we know that they push the pedal offensively a little bit late. This year so that's going to be good match up both have decent all around us good match up then you look at the Mets starters you know those those five. Those are tough there won't talk about the columns you know five deep let's take a close look at they finally got those five young arms together. In New York's in the garden Harvey to go from one Wheeler matched you I mean those guys and talk. So it's going to be about the brewers starters can they hold it mid game. And allowable days off since I could see a big chess chess match over the weekend a lot of and bullpen moves late and to strategy. These the use of the bullpen I mean everybody gets criticized for that Craig Counsell been criticized for that use watch Twitter blow up on almost a nightly basis in some ways she performed some other manager out they're sitting there with a beer in their hand. Has an argument give me your thoughts about how you think Craig Counsell has done so far this season. That's the one thing on this and you talked about it too wouldn't we all know that that's probably the one part of the game that manages get scrutinized most for. Our bullpen moves and we can argue that it's a great mover took admiral organ and hide sites forty tornadoes let's face it but he's got to make these calls. On a nightly basis and they're not all going to be right. I mean just know that don't and that's you know maybe if he had to do it again maybe would've stuck it out with gear up for another couple of owls are stuck in outlet. You know Josh hater another you know one more frame or something like that. I think he's done a decent job I think he's trying to win every game now that gonna come back to haunt them later on this season. That remains to be seen but this dude is trying to win today's ballgame and you have to appreciate that. The the offense a little bit stymied on and off without yellow channel lineup beaming to talk about the ability to put the ball in play consistently. In. They they struggle to tell you know I would what's so amazing Tim is are averaging little over a one point 3.3 runs per game and they've got three shout outs to their name already. But yet if they go to the safe for four and a half runs per game with a four point three is the magic number. This team seemingly to win a lot of games as you know. How I I'm still baffled at times how this team doesn't do the fundamental things to play to be able to score a few more runs. We'll do what they're going to. I mean they are just offensive and an average three a little over three runs a game for long. Is that that's is not gonna happen they're gonna maybe they'll warmup as a as the weather warms up. I mean this is too much information to go on that that's says that this people will be. You know blow or surge in in baseball offensively I I just don't see that happening and and yet despite that. There's still kicking and scratch and for weapons. What do you think right now of because Brian brawn has been you know called to duty because obviously Alex has gone down what do you think of the start of the season. Top line in the but you have to give them more than you know what we've seen so far I mean he can we see the tail end of they don't bronze high level production may be but that still means. That he has a productive player and Andy will be and he's just got to keep. Keep running them out there I mean that he's so he's hit into a couple of hard outs. So I'll give them that'll that that would improve those numbers of touch but you gotta stay with him and an led the magic mark would be a couple months I would say before even. Even so it sank in about. Taken him out of that match. To the other side of the coin things has been again and April guy I mean he credits to 63 in such. But on the opposite side of the of the spectrum need the power is there and what he's putting up the month of April last year to this year. Has been phenomenal you saw I mean I ride ride that horse ride a horse anymore. You're right aren't you got to ride I mean that's that that's trying to win today's ball and you go pot the hot hand now. How quickly. You know and so god has a three for four days and then immediately ease these and the starting lineup leading off I mean maybe that's a little bit. You know to you know invitation list or whichever way you want to look at it gives him right in the habit sayings. You arrived at guys right now PCs game changer and they anyone's swing of the bat man and here's what's missing. I mean. You don't get some runners aboard for these guys it's just get on base c'mon guys get on base because they're getting homers they're also shot so well. Well he is larger in the ball well I mean that's the big thing because and we know where things you go cold I'd rather him just you know hit a solo shots in on it at all. Let's Desormeaux that's been taken hasn't. Won every damn tough to know like council said that last year the year before that. What you are you getting it on me for us at homers I mean you have to. That's a tough way to look at it but. Those big getting citizen what he referred to just few days ago on recently held a three and four run innings of mentioning and those are common there are. So calm when you look at the catching situation ping has been good band he's been good. I we always talk about that Barry they're very quiet don't tend to talk about catching is when extent. But what do you been impressed with because really those of the captain that started up the middle we all know what the medals were your most vital pieces are when it comes to Major League Baseball. It's positioning Manny Kenya was in the younger is an app I mean I think is think about that his style his style as like. And I'm not saying he's as good as these guys but contreras and and Molina and he's got that kind of swagger to them behind the plate he really does defensively. As well as with the bat it's just too bad he wasn't 26 years old resolved right. They'd they'd be in great shape there but that's the position of concern. Big picture they were where's the catch are going to be an. 23 years so they have to remedy that at some point the steal votes gonna reactivated when he's available there and he will be in their overbay had a. How concerned are you about her and on Perot as the offensive output Ryan brawn Orlando or CEO of 250 to 62 run around to seven the last year. It's not happening right now granted it's a small sample size but they're off very slow starts. There are and and that's why they're 76. And they they base it commodities shoot a hot offensively in San Diego when you see what happens. They were like a freight train out there at the top of the order. And and so they're gonna have to get it together then they will Evian averages ten to. Would be just that an average itself here if you're scoring low runs now you'll make it out with two with a big barrage and I. I don't know I can say that that's gonna happen this weekend. Because of what we discuss of that rotations for the mouths but. It's come and hit it well that that is what I'm patient with a little bit more than anything on this team is is that often. They Timmy for alleged go wanted to ask you about dead cedar and in fifth. I know we talked about his last week yeah Eddie setting peeing you know like test out but the third base coach he'll attend your notion is when things go horribly horribly wrong. What it is of vital position because it does he can't give you runs protect runs as well get your thoughts in the third base. Well it's about where they've Jamaican their routes and where there gambling in the situation I don't mind gambling with two outs and send the runner. Go for use ninety feet away and is close she's gonna go out storm cells and the but to make that. L first or second I'll let terror you know making a third down that are. Those things I I just I have never understood that and then did the responses were taught that your rates throughout. No it should have been a gamble that that is the rest was to god it wasn't enough to reward there. Making the third out of that are making first or second at home so. It's a tough call I know dale swing got a lot of key. Many years ago here's a third base coach wanna say what Boston. And eat they want Iran in a lot of town. And it's so that's so volatile the so volatile position and I you know overall I think he's and they're going to stay aggressive. That much we do know he's gonna stick to equal. And they've always been that way that's fine I'm fine with a. Yeah but just Smart aggressive and that's that's you know what we discuss years ago it would be I don't know it's fine in the auto run run but be Smart about it. Always good jam enjoy the wait till we are listening and I'll talk DN next week are built back up to artillery bigger Tim Allen was the original post you should joining us for a couple minutes and shatter or childlike. Schneider our drivers right now you work they treat you fair eight bush years the beginning you don't call 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs downtown.