Another win for UW-Whitewater football!

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Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Kevin Bullis, UW-Whitewater Football Head Coach, discusses their victory over UW-Stout. What can we expect against UW-La Crosse?


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We now go to the Schneider orange hot line coach Kevin bullets from UW Whitewater joining his coach congratulations I don't. All are doing great don't an exciting web it was it was a defensive game I guess more so than any thing offensively both teams were a little bit stagnant but defense and leave guys created some turnovers and got it done now. No doubt I mean it was what almost did what was waving in the wind it be about 35 ball well got so I'm in which really have castigated for the offenses and came down to. Our stake in the ball away from now my and we did not give up the ball really that simple. Got to ask you because if you place these guys play tomorrow night or tomorrow night 7 o'clock you have a lot of pregame the festivities there's a free pregame tailgate concert featuring a national country recording honors Jacki Lee is going to be a lot of buzz around this. Eaten what's it like going from you know playing your normal Saturday day games to a Friday night game. A dirty ignored relief for the player temper the coaches it's not a huge change I mean basically. When you look at it Monday becomes Tuesday Tuesday becomes Wednesday and I mean it's just everything pops of this forward so we keep verse same routine all the precautions they moved to dip preparation that we make up for that we partner to be. Be honest. You guys have beat UW crossed the last was it fourteen matchups there are -- I'm not mistaken in and you guys did have a pretty good streak against them. That being said it hasn't in the CU one and obviously so what kind of challenges you go Duke Lacrosse present tomorrow night. You all the crops and Arabs and exports of tandem. With their quarterback. Mr. your gear. And all on the wide receiver shot and it's really going to be key piece for us is just not allowing them on real big place. United you know there are so good that you're Bakken. I'll fire him what you got to minimize serve their big play damage that they can do about sensibly we got to take care. Of the football. And we got take advantage of our our export supplies in the last week against Al. We probably had three opportunities first really big plays that happened and we just didn't finish that apple would be the priorities for. The things you and I talked about a couple weeks ago was similar turnovers offensively you're kind of hoping that even though he had to turn overs at the offense was started getting going last week he said the wind obviously. The conditions didn't make a real conducive to get the ball downfield but that being said how are you feeling about your offense right now. Right now I mean it's it's like or are you like climate council the exploding but we just haven't done it. You know what I mean dollar and the sense of just really unleash a bit. And that was to me last week there was the indicator rose one we've got a couple of long perhaps we are you guys aren't open we don't stop. Dropped a couple balls in and that's the difference immunity in the game of football. It's a matter of 34 plays and you can back because they're Cheap Trick where an outlaw optional or are significant. They are eligible. The good news I guess is that your defense is still play really really well seven sacks last week forcing three turnovers. I mean if you're gonna have an offense and even doesn't seem as if it's you know kind of hitting on all ciller's if you got a defense is playing lights out like that given your offense the ball back you figure it's kind of like the buckshot approach eventually something's gonna hit the target right. All no doubt and if I mean I'll be candid with Jeremy stretch were better environment that we have last week with the weather and everything. Craig Smith who is very important particular football not gamble and and the record also you know. Minimize your limits public your scorn him in the keeping his picture that browns football a potential for. Coach jurors always should be a great atmosphere tomorrow night with a band and everything going on down there looking forward to it and we will talk again next week vessel locker okay. Erik Rick are you don't thank you took shelter ducked as soon as your coach Kevin elusive you don't you what what are warhawks this this Friday night tomorrow night.