Augustine: Has Josh Hader reached his full potential?

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Thursday, April 19th
Jerry Augustine, Former Brewers Pitcher, now an analyst for Fox Sports Wisconsin, weighs in on the Crew. What does he think of Christian Yelich? Does he have concerns with the starting pitcher?

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Jerry Augustine former brewers pitcher now with fox sports was constant flow audio event. I you know you love our great weather we have outside. This sucks. I just I can't be any more honest about it look this is great Christmas weather but I am so ready for baseball and outdoors until gates and the smell of charcoal I can't even get past its rom I'm looking forward to some warmer weather released today and from here on out for the next week breather in that. Low fifties there are mid sixties so maybe springs on its way well war will say Jerry so but I've Pete Wes Miller time what are they and his team. And I was saying a little while ago I know I mean I I get the sense that when they get back healthy. That you know if you can give Garcia go again like they did after about a month and a half of the season last year and any had a tremendous season to finish out. If he had brawn backing getting healthy demon to a decent rotation. You know I mean it's it seems like the pieces are there you're getting some decent outings and in some bad outings at this should always expected isn't it. Well you know he. I think you're coming out of spring training when he saw the latest it was fine there's quite a run or playing some really good defense pitching was trying to. Take form everybody wanted to go out get another starter but in other organizations to all that data enough people. Inside the organization that they had I know what they have in the organization number and then that is US few there they go from there. That the rest between that you know everything there going bucks. They've been hit by some injuries you know injuries we yell legends and keep people coming out of spring training has really changed on and how they're approaching the C insult. I think the big thing that is of is just going out in getting healthier and went to get healthy they're gonna score runs they haven't been scoring runs the team has scored some runs and I think you're CNET. Pitching starting to heal that better. I think in general and it got louder tomorrow to evading capture or consider consecutive quality starts almost so you're looking at this team. It started develop as to. Pulpit as sort of ball very well without court enable it when I get them back joining me you've got herself I think just it was gonna get better as we. What does impress you about the pitching staff and what is concerned you about pitching staff. I you don't have the consistency of getting off to a good start I think the starters. Have if they issues that they have as getting off to a good start the really consistent and as strikes on him. What you have to do there's always adjustments when you look for some reason what this is all even from the bullpen and about there's a little bit of an adjustment when you're starting game and what we saw Jack he needs to end what was you know chief Anderson they've been able to make some adjustments that struggle and a couple. And knowledge yesterday he was little bit has an issue that person need some great adjustments and he certainly get the idea but. When you call that first inning there's always adjustments you have to make and those adjustments you make really. Dictate how that he was gonna go east and Europe come back up Purdue and now we got to get the other guys in the in line with the. So all I mean go back to the offense for a minute eulogized back which is good news because I I really think that his bat the ability to continued he you know what have you seen anybody. Who would you compare to become I'm sure you haven't. Who would you compare to when it comes to yell it's working a pitcher at the plate because it seems like he can he can fell off pitch after pitch after pitch he's always on the ball. Well you know we just had a guy that he's very similar to joy bottle. George I don't really worked the count and George pilot doesn't care if he has not strikes or three strikes. He just worked the count to get his pitch to hit and the I think when you look at yellow actually he's swinging the bat. He's a guy that chips the ball words that he uses the whole deal he can hit with power but. He's a guy after a lot a lot Michael Lorenzo Cain also that they take a lot of pitches they work the Puget. Early in the early in the of the batting order and when you got those two guys that are working pitchers and can swing the bat and and do the little that you need to do you know I'll win baseball games it really changes. Hugged the be glad to collided absorb some of that lineup along like you're supposed to do so but those two guys at the popular is slated as much much better. We're which I completely agree now just a matter getting some of these guys going in and you talked about it a couple minutes ago. Offensively are how good is that they have VR hitting above the men you know above them and goes on to fifty or better he seems to be on the ball little bit better like a little bit of the pressure from last year is gone he still makes a few mistakes in the field base running but for the most part. As long as he's offensively good seems address his game seems to flow. Italian army unit I think what's really important for Johnson PRD get off to a good start I think sometimes with the way it went forum last year. I think he's he's in the beginning she and it didn't start out with a good spring training what their real good you have the World Baseball Classic any. He was learning a lot of time to get some at bats in that particular starting out starting up good I think is really would with Japanese are very much at all. Mental thing because. You know when you you look at what he thought he Saturday because of all he works as hard as anybody you want to do as good as anybody but Lester just couldn't get. Get it going in there and this year's insight. You know he's really he's come out he works hard every day and he wants it better to make some errors in the field. The open where he's trying to be too quick error at times are threaded views of the try to do too many things to pass. And and that that's kind of been a little bit of issue with him with him playing defense but. Other offensively he's really sort of the bat well and he's gonna help us find after the adults. What are our Josh catered to see more and eventually into being a closer. I think Josh catered to do anything. I I think you could stardom and it will if you really want to or you can you can to try to open. I'd really like him out of the bullpen I think you use you look at him as a star you'd become a guy like a Chris Sale are Mattison Bob garner style. I think he's got. Some action of Chris Hill I think he's got an accident. That's about guard as a two really good pitchers so he could be a starter but you see what he's done out of apple and now. You can use of dirt that we can use him three times in three games and he's the guy can pitch mopping as we've seen. It can say is a multi engine right now he's in the in that. Easy in that process of being a Major League pitcher will certainly get back competent understanding what you have to do he knows he knows how good article out. And and really take that step process that he's been working on. And brought in in regard and it pitched real well locate the ball real well and I think easily do it better. Right now he's sort of fastball with a slider is very consistent with all. Which really get that changeup is going to be really eager. Arm now write it because people say we gotta putting as a closer you get you got to make him closer right here right now has he talked about the changer because the off speed pitches kind of what really sets up that fastball that fastball. Teen star to catch up to last year what does he do different in the offseason that makes him so much more effective now. I think he got a little bit stronger I think last year was really good for him where he got completely set you know it he talked about playing in the pan am games. The when he was in high school are coming out of college where he got the pitch out of open he really enjoyed that. But when he got had a big lead he never understood what boy never quite understood exactly what it was in when he got here. I thought to boosted a great job. Of allowing him to develop he came up with Lackey came up with a fastball he didn't even know of locating was an issue could you get behind hitters early. Early in the in that can pitch counts and he did have that go outside her confidence in that good slider. But so what you saw him do that all the sudden I'll go to August and then September last year is article and that's why are more frequently and I think that's what I think unit. Just had experienced a lot of that they devoted over a winner he capped stronger in the industry critic with the idea that I'm gonna work on my pitches and that's what he did. And value look at him he locates the ball he pitches and Ed you can pitch up in the zone Ghana's only the good in her out and he's got that really good quick slider. You put all the elements together. That's pretty good when he okay she is really good thought he'd get that confidence and a changeup. I think that's just going to be little edit feature that'll make it better. What concerns you right now regarding the starting rotation if anything. Just consistency I think that's the great thing is. He's going out there and it just seems like that the formula for our equation. For this pitching staff unit. And then being able to get out there and throw zeros up early. It is not that good start I know exactly said that. Last year and this is some positions were that beginning of the game my day I did not sort of all public and going out and dominate in the first even site. I want techtag when I was fine so I think the equation for the public in the starting rotation giving off to a good start that first few innings. Making those adjustments you have to do and I think what they do that eastern in this pitching staff are saying kept going to that get sick in the liked ghosts there. If you get him at 66 questions are each and every night keeping the team in the ballgame some of equality some will not be quality starts but that's the really gonna help this club. They argue before I let you go he at Times Square and now everybody criticizes the manager for whatever but it times people feel they. May be Craig's got two quick of a hook I thought was interesting in spring training. That is they kept talking to me about numbers are so many innings to go there's so many outs to get there so many at bats to grab. And it's not about a guy in a particular role or particular position it's just about the ability get those outs. Is the value of a starting pitcher going six in the third or six and two thirds or seven and the third is that value now. Always looking at a different game today than we did say even ten years ago. All I you know I think it's totally different than it was ten years ago ten years ago you'd take you'd take you talked to a starter you try to think the ball was and in the fifth inning. You look at UN world what do you do out here and you don't have that anymore now it's all about matchups. And how to get 27 outs in the game and I think it the brewers are real evident each situation. And that each situation is Jeremy Jeffords. Because he took he had some really good years here as a closer and you what you see what he's done. He causes that hit the six the seventh inning when you get in tough situations. That is extremely valuable to a ballclub so I think baseball teams unit where it's not so much they innings you pitched. If you're having a good start you can go that's 678 innings and you get that out Craig perks cause of the world and I'll let you get it from time to time. But it is a vocal you know up there once you get to that just giving you get to vote. Eighty to a hundred pages are a little bit more than that. Then it becomes a game not about pitch is not about inning it's about match ups and I think that has changed again. Audio always good we'll chat again generosity of the ballpark to pal okay. All right unit are you too buddy Doug you soon they go Jerry Augustine from fox sports Wisconsin former brewers pitcher he can catch among the brewers broadcast. Always good to have a month program rejoice in the Schneider orange hot lunch.