Baranczyk: I think Packers D will be OK vs the run

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, December 15th

Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette refuses to under-estimate Aaron Rodgers ability to play well. Is there any margin for error? Does he expect bigger things from Jordy Nelson?


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Green Bay Packers this weekend. In Carolina if I go Michael's welcome back radio Joseph cross the board in agreement now our brand chicken Green Bay press gazette in Eric guys so aaron's coming back we all know everybody's happy about that. But don't we although we also can't play defense how much is Aaron Rodgers though taking the field. Kind of tilt things in the packers' favor in the sense that it makes the defense better and somewhat. Well of course. And here's why a lot of people need to understand that people like you beat me up could call me names. I understand that. Better writers did not play defense so here's the reality reality is is that you're a Carolina president added he's got the ball commit now left yet. Under six points. Seven point three left you're playing your fingernails so to avoid debt situations you'll probably get a grouping that you might not normally do during the course of the ball. To get more points on the board then attack the objects so. If big difference because if you wanted to specially with this is the part that everybody talks will Kendall yes simply fantastic. It is throwing the ball outs. Yeah not very accurate he's. Also my there'd. Probably could find a way read between the two industry and the marriage Randall or between the two when the one those things they're gonna happen he's got to put some of those adopted a they're gonna try to throw a ball. They're going to be trouble I think that gave. I think the Packers defense is going to be OK against Iran realize shark and Stewart. Blew up last week you know. Easy Eddy kids out there. Listen I. I think he's sensibly just they're gonna if you can't underscore one point too much mistaken but I think that they can. Do just enough. The Packers off until they start it is very rider has the ball off twice times plus game. Failure. All you have the well. I is much someone is here are your comeback and now look rusty I think there's going to be some roster I I'd what is the margin for error in this ball game in your opinion. Are thinking of I think. But the good. I haven't thought of but I actually the margin for error is in bigger than we all expect. Because of the fact that you know I think there's been this internal loose on the other teams. And I also who I believe very strongly that the play action passes gonna beat you is gonna be deadly. One of the things that we win witnessed the last several weeks was. There were still there or were shivers running wide open the tech quarterback just in here. They're rugged they hit those notes are in particular are going to be. You know acute as part of you want to treat adults and not to be as rapid as it was when Hundley would understand that it did. Their offense looked really where we could just his producers were guys running wide open. That quarterback Justin. So I think that's going to be a surprise that you know these are sold some of those soldier going to be easier chills running out of pocket sorting out and on the hash it. That awaiting signature side so that although there but things are happen. That's my next question over under on Jordy Nelson getting more than six catches. Well over. I think so too. I think it'd be a concerted effort up don't do me wrong it's not the divide pears and Adams is not gonna get his run leaders Jimmie concerted effort to get jewelry the ball wide majority is of the touchdown catch in his bogon. I was going to be they're going to be possession type roles in all third entry who the best on third entry. Throw the ball lord where guys can come up again it's. It's what they do those two guys that prefer have masters perfected. You know our story aired and Roger going to have left got to throw one out of bonds already perhaps he told protected due to tribal. Those are the type of things that we did not see the last thing we should we're gonna we should probably should amount of time. I wanted to ask you we are wanna go back to the run game eight you fool right now in your opinion is the primary guy just because he's the hot hand as the Williams or do you bring Aaron Jones back because he's just got that ability just to scooted to get small in the hole in any looks so good. Well I think you in this tendency to see what's happening you know about it and and numbers say this. This sort of game that probably better suited for tomorrow word you get that monster they're at linebacker position. Can't run away from that guy that. If you wild okay well there's 59 we're gonna run the other way just playing Reagan is anti fact that you got very good short area equipment we will turn and tackle you. I almost Warner. You turn exactly before you capitalize graduate just chat that the best thing to do Ron right. Make him attack you that's weathered an appliance with us you're probably fly below the trees just on the edge running. Away from him but the bigger Morse overall success on the run game is going to be right out of instead thirty better suited it's. Defensively speaking. That you. The secondary hasn't been great to Ron house's and practicing we know that do we know to Mary's Randall has played better. Com it is it more in common on the linebackers maybe a guy like Martinez to make sure the you don't he Cam Newton outside the pocket to extend plays. Or are we talking about in the secondary. You gotta play tighter fortress and everybody else got up for grabs don't let Olsen beat you on that third downs seem over the middle I mean where is where is the big play gonna have to come from and instinct. I'm depressed so yeah. It needs it's gonna come from. Put Dick ordinaries Randall took him to adopt that or or Brunette. Probably more so Burnett because he's gonna have to stop that occurred in the Kosovo. And that they can you know that that's where we're gonna happen but we're gonna start. Is it going to be if it's through his head. You know claim that he's good at coupled. With the get a couple good game church that we haven't seen in awhile. We need to dig deep underground. To move the talk and how to make him throw the ball. We've yet yet. You gotta be cognizant of that that came out and running so it's going to be a challenge at the start of Islam they played happens to be out. I think that did a couple of exceptions. Two in the title game and yet that's what does that have to pick up. The I'm. While when I look at the guise of frogs in the run game the ability to stop the wrong and it's bin there they haven't really given Apatow wanna yardage they had amid terrible. Put I'll tell you what when they get a good stopper to on first and second down. What are you seeing right now when you look at the film that is made second and third down long situations. She did to make his defense so vulnerable. Obviously it looks like time that they don't know where the actual lineup. And in the second and keeping an attitude that there's always a lot of motion or out. It's it's it's the calm as you do ability to to attack the football. The other part that a lot of people masses of those two back presented a plan of really solid and so there are there are probably. Top point guys in the league it's up one you know conscientious guy with what Ryan. You know he tried hard study your guys into what Martinez the reliability in the passing these days. Just not looking up at turner let's get now. If they can get a little bit depth in the passing game it makes it harder on those. Throws across militant now we got to the core about the role the top rather than hit the windows so. Most guys. When Merriam they're probably play a lot again it will also most relevant important in size they're just gonna have to read really really good. And be able to turn lesbians and Q I there and get. Look for work underneath but kit yet especially hampered sic because that we can tell yen or boredom or blow outs where we're at. They can take those away with gaps. When their back to melt but big big problem is the missile aggressive on the lot of a lot of terms. Politics is that one step. They are not bailing out and move forward now they've stopped the momentum plant in turn invoke. Who. There's always male or break it down again on Monday over a result of a medal went. We did a great thing about the way you did the Packers when as mourners Carolinas tomorrow I am. I have that in the practical and I don't think it's going to be a come from behind late projected to. I think there's a entered averaging I think they're gonna be forced to throw the ball up and I think. It is going to be some interceptions. As much as I want believe in the Packers and offensively Aaron Rodgers putting pressure on Cam Newton to win that ballgame I just. The defense is as the last three weeks the inability to get off the field on third down really has me spooked answering on pick and they are Panthers in this one but. I hope I got a kick it. They've got a kick the a lot of that senator that. Possible we'll let them or they can take that guy out in induced it beat him back now to be third and eight. And those slaughtered an assailant but as you know that's gonna help but that's the key to our medical defense of the defensive line is take that Shatner and drive in bet he's a pretty good guy. And he did a nice job and you would back last week and they ran the ball treaty. He could keep it out of they've got to be able nullify it blocked. And then it's gonna help so much better on third down. Good stuff as always will chatted a Monday. About judges so and they go have a good weekend he's off to a that is our branch agreement press gazette joining us for a couple minutes and Schneider or childlike. Schneider hiring drivers right now you were cry they treat you fair eighty bush years immediate and call me 144 prior to go to Schneider jobs dot com.