Baranczyk: Offense FINALLY found their identity vs Bears

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, November 13th

Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette also assess Brett Hundley’s performance after their win against Chicago. Is there hope for the Packers’ D after a solid showing?


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Air branch of the Green Bay press gazette now joining us in the shatter orange hotline in the Eric. Hubble we were looking for was progression again from Brett Connolly we got progression for Brett only talk about his play first and foremost. Well I think you saw. A little bit more bit odd ball and usually they're comfortable on however. I think it tonne of the tunnel. Super stepping forward he still has. Interest in the pocket a little bit behind our sorrows that timer has had gotten caught a little bit quicker. But what I think you put everybody's seen you saw the did you know a couple of passes the touchdown pressed to the market Adams that was that was pretty good aspect. Put it right where was in the long pass at the end of the games yeah Adams. That was those are pretty stellar play and so. So you look at those again you saw some progress but he still needs in tensions. For him to be really good quarterback it. Listen there's probably twenty or 25 other teams in the league look at that guy. So it's not like to that grow on trees but certainly step in the right direction and offense took a step in the domestic climate on the a their identity if they continue on liberty they could be successful. So looking at those are the defense happy that's not a great offense we know that their very predictable offense we know that. The defense did exactly what they're supposed to do they have no reason to apologize for that I just don't know how much liking gauges to go order better whatever coming out of. Well they matched up well you know. What one thing that the pact does do well stop the run between the tackles he did that very did it. They are able to take the stretch play in the talks sweets are the beginning didn't play good on the edge. Running the football. The defense has done a pretty adequate job all season long. And especially these guys wanted to on the ball between the tackles. But that's. That's that's candidates are into the pack defense are strong up the middle of their week. At the perimeter and they're able to get a couple runs. But reality ready to get up to five yards on the rock underground that's pretty good no matter replay it. Offensively our programs are. Against against the out. You know they got fired back with. Probably or one should have been passes that the court action got out of your hand you know so they. You know you're playing a quarterback it was handcuffed and what we used to Horry and certainly for whatever reason. I would expect more out of the kid I thought you know applaud the war in all of height that this that was going to be. Lou that more polished. Certainly did not look don't feel very good one to the god that he sees a white Radovan. He should he get nervous and you know whatever sort of all worship of god I got the blog and time. You know especially at a one role that the media guys open within ten yards. Sector took dissect you know that's been you have a lot of fun today in the film room watching a play but. Yeah I do it again good quarterback and you may see what happens when they play good quarterback. So and that was my question because we solve Drew Brees get him beyond your mom Matthew Stafford didn't like you'll kill somebody played pretty well against some true misty not a great quarterback fiddling throw they don't really do too much Wear them. He's a handoff first and second down got to guy it becomes relatively predictable. Flacco look tired at Flacco is an established quarterback but he's not a great quarterback by any stretch of the imagination I'm really interest in this ball game in that sense that the new storyline will be OK now I got an experienced guy that's not a great guy. But what does this Flacco looked like a Joseph Flacco that won a Super Bowl Mauer is Joseph Flacco looked like to guide its. Kind of played this season and has been somewhat lackluster that's a storyline going into this one. Right out of your you know the he he had recovered she never dissed guys you know probably not in the library also. And B whether -- got enough met firepower don't feel. To run around you know to to to get opens that's going to be that it could challenge in you know the unfortunate thing is. Even against those guys running for so. You know I don't know. You know the Indian guy he just showed up and had a awesome game against the Packers you know. What's gonna happen when you have a have a really cute quarterback. Who could who could beat these guys up there and they'd keep their secondary. One of the biggest problem the second here's a look at in the back so soon so darn much of a pump fake also in the guys kind of open by ten you know so so it's going to be interesting to see what happens and and I think he's the reality is it's going to be here on out all the games are going to be tight we know that. It's gonna be whether or not he object can continue to do this thing that they did some end of the third quarter through the fourth quarter. That was good solid football they got back to the basics. Run run play action pass. Do you yard they got lightning in the bottle there that running back. You know if they continue to do that they can ticket chew up the clock and it is successful once they stick got into playing real well on offense. Scored every series except the one that last the last one word they had missed field. The debts that's what they gotta have gotta go back to applaud senators would bring wide open stuff. So the ball Toobin on the quarterback for Betsy saw it McCarthy you ball that got into plain. Shall law wasn't playing. Play action pass Lou running car owners in the running glued hard. Power play isn't it where employees. We may get a lot of good stuff to put that pullback in the backfield. And ran the ball and opened up some of the taxes and that's what they better do this suck up that the secondary suck up the the linebacker to throw over top on the mean. It that's this is this what you saw in the fourth quarter and end of the third quarter should be what we see the rest of the year. Com the call on the original. Cut of the wildcat to direct snap to rental car like I wrote about it are weeded out I'm like what are you doing what you do and as I saw. Then later in the game like Alan okay I get it I was wrong it's I don't like it I'm not a fan avid. But it least it gave some different wrinkles for teams to look at. As to what the Packers quarter couldn't dude on the road we've seen him before Randall Cobb. He's not a threat to throw let's be honest he's only thrown one tacit agreement packer and even though they people's right through college would be c'mon let's be honest he's not throw the football so it's not like he's gonna go well but. I wasn't a fan of it but I could see where they are going more than I think they might use it more had Huntley not tweaked a hamster did you like that. And I thought. I is what played equity option I would fuel efficient. To meet their debt on stuff like me that's exciting for me to that like I like running it would you know. Until old school throw the ball up there's there's only one thing that can happen in the hope what you adapting that can happen. So you don't run of the I but those who played it really is currently hotter than really we are I mean I again it's like. For me out of our analysts are lineup and the ball put it the guy that can run the Balkans or in all. At this point in the season at all injures you really want to rattle cup run introduce you gap in it clobbered by linebacker. All I I don't out there are. It. Talk when they're printing of the Green Bay press is that is so would do if the other look let me touches on the ultra quick Zorn measuring mentioned I did mention earlier by. At some point you gotta conservatives don't want you don't. You gotta know warrior on the football field I've never seen anybody field upon inside their ten much less insider fiber at the goal line or inside and ends on before that's the first and foremost thank. I know we're trying to get a spark or using him because he can get small he can be a Jew guy. He can make people miss. But easy making your specialty Labatt. All in the first facet what did you eat he's certainly not as Smart as is that that's for sure mean that upon. Really mean to build those situations that really put your options and a hole and your defense and all because. If you don't marched on the field in the history at all not your pot from the ten yard line that's a that's a very difficult place apart from or worse. So Somalia given thought the other team's offense and that led to get the ball inside the fifty huge they can't do that very often. You know certainly not the first don't play into this year but certainly the after the to coach him up a little bit to say listen you know sometimes you gotta be a little bit smarter than they do. On the I want to look over there the other sort of special teams and that's the long snapper the holder what's going on visit Mason Crosby and imperfect pretty much for the last three years. And all of a sudden now it's kind of an adventure I understand you've changed personnel. And you're talking with a new long snapper wet ball yesterday game on the line or Maggie and ally but does the snapple aligned ended up being Bobble. Hey you know that's another thing you're talking about special teams play I looked. Rods are still a great job of coaching his team go back to last week when they got in eight seconds the special teams on the field. This particular fuel before have it turned out they don't they'll lose the game but that was probably the highlight of the game. So he's done a good job giving your overall thoughts on now runs a. Well I think he he certainly stepped up the entire play of the special teams and it's a lot of ardent sense of them. Every given week you could have a whole bunch of different picture than that on these special teams. Does not like your leg and obviously that is starting eleven that bottom end of that of that to our roster especially with all the injuries as is is not stable. And they're moving guys in and out of Derrick. That eagle there last week was this first week of regular couple injuries kind of guy and I got this guy playing here so. That is the very. Intense situation to be and it takes a lot of coordination that you guys. Mentally prepared to understand. There's an injury this guy down a year up on special opting in the neck. But an athletic Chinese fired go for anything. And what you say in Europe all the injuries and everything happening if it looks pretty clean other other than a couple of dumb. Plays that are happening with the idea was to return guys there and it else looks clean and not again the arch my hats decked out guys because. On the holy smokes imagine cup what welcome and working you don't know that the board. A solid job right goalie. Right now and wiggled big right at this past weekend about Dom Capers in his job and it's it's. Which is why all of a sudden Don it's a little bit of a reprieve I mean Mike Daniels and at a ball game that they stepped up because they were tired of listening to people tellem that they Stockton. And unthinkable first of all it if it takes us to tell you suck and you don't wanna hear it but it. Minutes of the got to bring each and every waiter pride factor involved and all that I don't think you really helps Dom Capers a whole lot but the fact that the defense played pretty well there are the field on third down. Had big numbers in that area five sacks in the day. Not a bad day the office but I think if you're really gonna say that that job is safe for that defense. Is on their way that I they need to put together for their range of the season consistently to be able to really help this office. I agree with you. It in the Princeton beat according they're gonna play you know some some decent quarterbacks and they replaced after it. There happily keep you look at. Koroma you know so so do you guys are gonna ask you Kamal play. Consistently like this and then the problem yeah and I can say this to this you hold on the law outlet. And and around nobody here on the twenty yards. He takes effect added to get out to Joseph Flacco that I'm sorry those type of thing is just nothing happens and they're gonna have to find a way. To continue to. Home and age gaps and put an end and one of the things that they did a really nice job what was. Collapsing that guards sent regarding this topic is gaps in orbit on the passing game to that you Bruschi had to go lower left and running into somebody. That was fantastic. Are they gonna do do that against against someone who Morsi and we're not sure he'd throw the ball in pressure. I don't know the way to equate to run. Fantastic. They're gonna do it twice and so quarterbacks you comment on the play. We're gonna have to find a way that urged that or they're gonna look just so bad and they could've looked just is that they had repaired. More Sheehan quarterback. Mary Jones. We know is going to be they were from three to five weeks with the restrain them CL law we know that time Montgomery's play with those ribs. So way you know he's Jews Jamaal -- as we know he's the guy we ran we reckless abandon yesterday and much more decisive much quicker than I've seen him run. How much companies the avenue moving forward. Well I told a couple of runs some of those that were true three yard looked like a million dollars. My goodness they do weight that he ran for Paula was fantastic they bicker about a little something there and have a data which are hungry guys wanted to have all. No now maybe Kia made it into the get in the road to reform a little bit he's more power runner in between the tackles from behind as badly overtone guys. In the Jamal Williams said he expects. That from him and I think the couple things that I really liked about it was it was he did pretty good in the casket you know he did well west I'll pick it up the Pulitzer. On the and then he caught without the ball on the back those so I think he looks pretty complete. Really. I was surprised big big big big get up and ran what they felt what they could've done. With his strange in the running Lansing and you know this is quite a bit foreign linemen so. You know I I'd really like the package or they got there right now picking I think these big kind of found their identity and go back to playing traditional football and this was day and wire you know throw a wide open stuff Jews. Probably not you don't have the quarterback to run so so wrong football at quarterback. The opportunity that they successfully just put a 106 yards on the ground gee I guess a pretty decent these these tests. Can do it keep keep pressure on the the defense make him make mistakes because they did and they will continue to do that that little played that. Can the Chad reed he blocks or second available to you probably like this claimed plates you o'clock AM and then. School out nobody would intend I mean that's. That's everybody's dream that's we'll watch what you do when you can run the ball and be successful. All the little things complaints keep that your defense off the field. The outdoor ballpark with that long snapper field goes if you could score touchdowns and be successful and keep the ball in your hand rather. Through you know and and value edit the defense elder that's a little bit suspect and retired. I yelled Eric bridge Manuel talked to literally go okay. You've got to have a great weight should that Babbitt should be fun no doubt about it or bridge agreement president joining us for a couple minutes on the Schneider or job like shatter our drivers right now. You work hard to treat you fair added into it for eight plus years call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com. Patty Schnyder jobs dot com.