Baranczyk: Packers must change their style of play

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Friday, November 17th

Eric Baranczyk of the Green Bay Press-Gazette discusses what the gameplan should be for the Green Bay Packers’ offense vs the Ravens. Is he confident in Brett Hundley’s abilities?


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That's a weird weird year in the NFL Astra serve here and talk more from the Green Bay press gazette is Erik ran check Eric. Tim here and I see hear from you again. All the going on a gloomy Friday afternoon. Well no it's Friday now and then them bits of football Friday at the badgers get the Packers get a lot of things going on here Eric let me look before we get to the Packers here. Hey let me ask you wanted to talk more about this next hour but I don't wanna throw by use this this whole rift between Jerry Jones in the NFL. I how serious could this thing GAAP. I have no idea I can't imagine it would get to hear you say a big you know there's. Obviously some sour grapes there would be Gilead to battle situation but. And at the end of the decade you know once the season's over where as the summit probably settled on. Yeah I would agree as he has so little salty about deceit suspension and and they got a little coup going on the sick contract extension and they have that is bunch of hot air from Jerry Jones. And he needs to take a close hard look in the Mir at the success or lack thereof of his organization's been a long time. Since then now a granted is team in product is worth ton of money. I didn't equate says and any Super Bowls and last what 25 years twenty years 22 whatever it is so yeah I agree with the I let's get to Green Bay and Baltimore. Jamal Williams so I think is is point number one. How confident are the green bay Packers and their running game. Well Jamal I I think at this point. Jamal Williams. Decades. You know whoever he throws where you put the actors to have success. The weighted. Offensive line is blocking in the run game right now is really impressive. You know haven't everybody back you know. Had a lot of back is certainly a or not having blog excuse me is certain it certainly is. Eight issue with the passing game but on the run game that guided devastating run blocker he solid blocks to whistle. And they gods. But here you back 100% and is here born got nothing better to do after the badger game. Dial up that game and just just put a spotlight on blocked here in watching him caged. Really good pass rushers in completely neutralize them. You know I think. His ability to player it is if he's full strength right now on his ability. In the passing game it certainly extremely adequate in the run game is certainly gonna help is that quarterback of their young quarterback needs some some some space but it's. Jamal Williams indicated that he could be he showed last week and that you can do things that we can see a whole lot ability to jump cut he'd use quicker reading the holes. He injured Ron often run into alignment back you know you who's cutting you guys vision there probably a little bit of Iowa my job back. Going on their blood certainly. You know they got some young back there that you know what. I think if they're gonna have to be grounded pound. Play action pass. Take a shot or 210 Nancy he's going to be hung up in no man's land and they're going to be has some opportunities there so. Thought you know what don't go what I would really like about the offense right now it's is. Classic. Often. Run play action but it's at west course San Francisco 49ers all over again and and that is big that batted. For me personally I like that kind of football that we're banging and all of a place I mean it's not as exciting but would you get to see the offense. Play out and eat each Reid saw Carter trade and in poetry music now out of that offered to me it was a there's a lot of good things going on and off. I really personally I enjoy watching that type of football. Well and is that where the Packers are right now with the absence of Aaron Rodgers is that they'd they need to applaud these games down. Doesn't matter how you win just get a win and hopefully you know cross your fingers and you can eke into the playoffs are. Get air Rodgers back in and then go on Iran. For sure I mean in the it's not bad football assist it's just different that what we're used to we're used to throw the ball forty times negated. Everything spread wide now. They're not going to be able to build that quarterback unfortunately at a guy he's more like Alex Smith in nearly Aaron Rodgers just. Always guided to it has managed the game run the offense that plays the play calling as you look. In the middle third quarter ended the third quarter when they really kind of got their stuff together. This court on every drive except for the last where they had to miss you'll go. But every other drive these scored a topic on the field that's the type of often but they're going to be and that you know 28 point gain one you know maybe. 2428. Points that's probably going to be enough that they can keep the ball on the other teams' offenses and long enough that defense to be rested because. You know we had five sacks lead player rookie quarterback. There were horrible on that you'd probably should've got the ball before he got back. You know that the there was one really egregiously stupid sack that he that he took that that this guy Flacco not gonna take so. It's really gonna come down to. You know ground and pound offense. Really true. West Coast offense and then you know hopefully that you get lucky get a turnover on B. What's going on then you know you'd it be it via chat with the Dovonte Adams Jordy Nelson has some of these guys said you know want some downed field. Count 21 yard started that that's their game a little bit I mean what do you tell these guys. Block. That's but I don't. You've got the long run run they're gonna com's got a lot during open more might be the finest blocking wide receiver in the NFL's. You know he's wrong that touchdown block the touchdown that. I'm Montgomery had I stayed blocking be ready because when we we catch him. In any. Man blitz or we catch him what that safety was one of the eighties creeping up to stop the run. Is going one covered people run into vertical on the outside better be ready gadgets. But I gonna happen a lot but when they're they're. You know we saw the concentration with the body atoms and that last long one of the hauled in a one iron I mean that's that's phenomenal football on the unfortunately you'll drop one right intense but that's that's fantastic stop. That's what the topic is going to be it's not didn't agree not to see any receivers again eight receptions for 120 yards and they're happen. Eric bran checked Green Bay press gazette so you tell and Packers fans that you just have to look at this offense at least. It's just different you you have to just accept this this is just an absolute different team we're not gonna. Fling the ball all over the place were not catching 261 yard touchdowns were not doing any of that nonsense. Well we're gonna do is trying to win a football game bide some time. Then it's been in that there's nothing around what it is just a different style often did you there's only one there Rodgers is only one Tom Brady. So duke that's the class of the NFL those guys and with the ball or place. You know he got them up and comers but those are the two guys Drew Brees and another fellow. Bed you know what. With a guy that you throw the ball in the field where you know with live with this quarterback is not bad you've got terrible what. It's that the kind of offered that he doesn't mean that he's capable of running in it and it is one people in Haiti was due to a great job protecting the football. You know not to you know if they're throwing the ball. He doesn't have the armed velocity doesn't have a ball coming out of there as fast he's a little bit slow wanted to read so anything that stuff on the field outs. We have polls are troublesome because he doesn't do well it's it's just it's streaked up the field. And there's not another safety and say you become a convert on the block he can be okay there. It's it's going to be you know you jackets either 1215 yard out of those two B six the other way so. You know the way that they are that that Mike McCarthy is calling the game on they'd be against a bears was word they understood what they got. This is what we got for an offense. This is what we gotta do and and and night I think that's that's a realization that you know as a coach you say all right here's who were at we can't we can't run. The whiz bang stuff witness that we have a live in Rogers and have only five guys to protect. And knowing that they're gonna blitzer guide we could expect a ball to come out again do that would be at quarterback but. That they can do manage the football game properly and still be successful. Yeah that sobering thought for a lot of packer fans. That's just what happened. What if I I think that I mean that's that's football. That's not if we're not used to that now. That's OK if you look at the got a couple more coincidence if there's six at all. Then again they've got to figure out on a plane and Rogers again. Oh yeah yeah that'll be the fun part yeah that's true but GE gonna have to get a win here and there to stay in this thing that's a key. Yeah it would be all right very good Eric always pleasant man thanks. Yeah you have a emigre wanna enjoy your weekend. I'd there is Eric bran checked Green Bay press gazette joining us. And teaching us about a new. Style of play for your Green Bay Packers he joined us on the Snyder orange outline Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done call them at 844. Pride. Or go to Schneider jobs that I.