Billick: Hundley can make the throws like Rodgers, but consistently?

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Tuesday, October 17th
10/17/17: Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Brian Billick, now an Analyst for NFL Network, weighs in on the loss of Aaron Rodgers. Would XTech Pads have made a difference in preventing the broken collarbone?

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Brian Billick joining us on the Schneider orange highlight culture you my friend. Great. Here is so it got to ask you every year we say this bush has this been a weird year for the amount of injuries that we have seen. It always feels that way doesn't it added the officiating calls that seems like they panic cub royals. I don't I don't know if you could quantify that I don't know I'm sure someone keeps those numbers. As to at this point speed and how many types of injuries you have an abject players but Ohio art. I'm sure those numbers are summed it feels that way it probably isn't. But certainly as you always does it impacts where we're adding you as a receipt. Everything's kind of coming back to the battle in terms of who the really good teams are kind of exciting that they get it increases the number of teams that truly can lay claim that having Super Bowl aspirations. So with CJ injuries no I've got to ask you obviously in full disclosure your part of ex tech pageant next tech just to from I tell people all the time go to YouTube and look at it it's it's phenomenal. So it injuries like this we see out of Aaron Rodgers Lester we talked about Clay Matthews in the shoulder and you're talking shoulder pad type of things. Is this something that you believe expect could have prevented. Well unfortunately you never know don't want to Lakeland say boy you'd add you know our hat on there he would that have been hurt that's ridiculous. I will tell you that I believe it is path. And I think it makes difference. You know particularly when it comes to shoulders there's two types of injuries there's impact that's exactly what we're talking about it will barge shall look at. There's also just Wear and tear I mean Detroit's you know unfortunately is not predictable that against that. In terms of problems that a player may have that it would potential risk to Abdul. Or or shoulder. But any impact that's exactly what the pads are our own Ed and I believe and expect. Is that the technology that's used next iPad compared to the other pets. Which are quite adequate to be honest we get pats haven't changed in forty years. I believe in this pat word 28 of the 32 block who suppliers and habits whereby. No no I want to say for sure whether would have prevented the injury. But I will tell you this it's like professional opinion all but with just cloture because I've part of the company did add a badge much better chance of surviving the cut its. Because of the and a bit of technology of these fat. Now just to be sure you are not in the Green Bay Packers organization correct. Okay our bottom. Did not know I'm Don T know why I'm asking as far as the pads go you guys judge you have players and tell. Or not. We are out and embellish. At 128 of breaching locker rooms for whatever reason say they've not. Found reason. You know there have been players and ask for it. They're yet and it's that truly believed equipment that Abbott and their equipment people aren't sure they do. Why they're not interested in what I think it. The best pad on the market I got a question about bench. Absolutely perfect so are now move on and I say okay devastating injury like Astaire and Rogers. We have said all along that that defense needs to be top fifteen top twelve with an offense. That looked like Ferrari ready to roar out of the garage with a Aaron Rodgers at the Helm. Now things dramatically change can you just turn around the defense and say you need to be top ten to support the offense. Are almost overnight or eight DB you know I guess if you're the coach of the Green Bay Packers hat complete a what do you do at this point. Well no I mean obviously are yet we are Ed and yours go to Asia going to be now. Do you put into a different profile obviously if you haven't Aaron Rodgers or you have an offense that's clicking on all cylinders be part of the job that coach I was the head coach. Was to make sure my offense and defense is we're working within. You know imbalanced one another as an example obviously with a great defense is we added Baltimore are. There's an issue of actual rescue needed to take offensively. Could with a ten point click lead we gonna win again. So there's no reason to go out throw the ball all over the field if we got a ten point you know you figure out a ball on the ball that was strength of a boast a market. Conversely when I was with Minnesota Vikings had that record setting off that. There's times when obviously Danny would go to the defense of court and say look what happened that she'll of these guys they're back and catch up just don't give up the big play. Which means the other pats recovered to all the yards they want. They've run out of concessions to win the gate so yes there are things that you could do that your defense is okay if we're if we're gonna struggle a little bit offensively and we'll have to see we'll see how are Brett tightly or you just registered obviously coached. Our McCarthy believes and partly our doing a piece on our show playbook which use. Once they fixed the problem NFL network showing a number of the quote separate Utley has buried. That yet he can make a throw said bad that Aaron Rodgers I can see it IC about what can he do it consistently. A regular basis like there are Rogers well that's pretty ambitious. Well at brought back a look at the well he has made it kind of throws it's gonna take that happens to be successful he's just gonna have to do it consistently that. Our and that they can't they're not as productive offensively and that may mean that the defense Bob capers are gonna have to take a few more chances. For a little bit more try to get more journal. So I guess looking at what bread because I I agree figure if you look at a couple of different throws a Bret Holley has had those athletic on the wrong throws. If you took the number off his Jersey you'd say okay may desolate closed Aaron Rodgers you could see that not to say that he's going to because they're writers accuracy is is probably second to none but. You can kind of see the athletic ability what does it mean it was last week he need to get any of the starters reps at all under senator so what does it mean now for this week for him to be the guy. And get all the starters reps and all that all that indentation of information. What's awarded duplicate its offer back open but that your job is that you've got to take the game plan pushed actually. All because you don't get to practice it and ticketed new game that you have to come into the game and it's bad on parliament the big guy comes in that situation. And doesn't that go. The value you get people all you get to talk total snaps in practice the game plan is wrapped around you. Are there is a world of difference in advance so there's a progression of that as well. You've got to expect that every week he's gonna get more more great offense that Mike McCarthy and that staff have a better idea what's working for him. The players will get more of a rhythm and understanding of how it is what Brett partly under under center. Our body yet you know yeah you saw that actually throw. The Jordy Nelson you saw that rollout to the right. Nice round I think we're travel problems about mistaken are maybe it was a lot the budget for the that. Heard about data excuse you look at his way back in the ball scramble drill beautifully executed that you valued look at gold stayed at like. Brooke air understood it. Our ice slant throw yards also Soledad inside slant throw a little bit behind one side which doesn't leave you know that's the beauty but Aaron Rodgers here so. Accurate but he gives the players the ball up placed where they have a chance to maximize their yards. We've seen those kind of approach to breast partly for a seat papacy a whole lot more. Real quick before elegy go with the offensive line the way it is how much does that dictate what you can and can't do. The chip bag now you're gonna have to side. If I need to leave the back the tide and into protection do I need to. Booed at wide enroll more door delivered obviously. Every resource you have to put it protection. The bad issues which you could do down the field that you gotta keep your quarterback protected maybe Brett Alley gets outside the pot a bit more I'm sure that as a factor. I do this with every chain that for when your offensive line struggle. Coaches always a pleasure talking I'll always appreciate you hanging Alice for a couple of minutes I know that to you guys also have see geek as well correct. Back again. Slowly everybody that it should take it got to go to C geek dot com get this geeky gap it tells you what tickets are available should view. Did your rating as what kind of deal you're getting the basketball every transaction. Unseat you back a 100% guarantee. And I know they use the promo code Billick he needed toy box off the first deceit he purchases well coming ICG given casual way like that I didn't know you're that rich. Got. Up. Up until it for what about what I see in Minneapolis at the pleasures blowing my friend we'll talk to you soon. I've talked until there they go by head coach Brian Billick over the Baltimore Ravens when they wanna see role now with the NFL network as an analyst in that does some great stuff there you can check not a CT. Dot com. SE AT GE UK DC geek dot com if you want to see what I'm talking about and I'm I'd recommend it. Ex tech heads XT EC HXTECHX. Tech heads. Go and find them on YouTube to Google OK and look for some of the demonstrations. Each rule more global. Room more I'm not kidding it's remarkable. There is one specifically where they're sitting there in front of Urban Meyer. And they're trying to introduce Eric tech had Serbian marks. And and he's kind of sitting there Alina Kenya and a comedian show Aaron you know and he. Basically what happens is. He is standing there and as their talky. They the guy has his hand and one of these X tech fans. And there there are showing. This judge Kara talking to Urban Meyer and all of a sudden I am he takes a helmet and smashes his hand. With FedEx take on it and then pulls his hand up and goes. Thanks coach for what our demonstration and Myers with the jaws open like holy crap. Chris is something like that would have just broken every bone in your body. It's it's it's amazing to watch. It's amazing to watch if you get a chance to do it do it's it's an amazing video to watch on that thing works so I annexed it pads. You know and I look. Lisa that shoulder injury to declare Matthews I can't guarantee. He said but they won't even let us come in and talked to the players. They just you know keep us out keep this in arms like you have we got something here we really really believe any so I invested an apple my name on it. He said you know I don't understand that byte. With a shoulder injuries drama Cobb children's Clay Matthews on Aaron Rodgers some of these guys don't recently winless in the talk to these. The retirement player health. So I went they also have a and instead Graham account to and I expect pads that you can check all the stuff are as well. The article what it's it's it's amazing. To watch the demonstration. But I've I've just time and again on center and said geez if you got to just pay attention to it it's it's an amazing. It's an amazing demonstration. To see Bob broad Broderick. Who's the founder and bobs are really good guy talked about all the time he's he. He puts his own manners just amazing to watch and to slam it down meant. On his portion of the program being brought Cuba are good friends at a quick trip.