Billick: A lot of good NFC teams, but unproven QBs

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, December 6th

Brian Billick, Super Bowl-Winning Head Coach & NFL Network Analyst, weighs in on the NFC and AFC Packers. Where do the Packers fit into this? What he does make of the Packers defense?


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The bill Michael show. Talking Packers talking NFL and let us bring in Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach in NFL network analyst. Brian Billick welcome to the bill Michael ship. You doing good drive it's it's a fun time in in Green Bay not because the Packers are running away with anything. But because they're fighting to stay alive it's fun here. Because we can still talk about in a playoff chases even with Aaron Rodgers out. Are we crazy to think in those terms or can the Packers actually at least make this a race. Sure and that's all you can really ask in December's let me bureau let me let me be eight. Playoff financial cheat and and and the Packers are there now it's it's a good thing it's kind of all in front of the with a scheduled ever got to go on the road Cleveland Carolina and Detroit so we're all very winnable games. That it only gets Minnesota and obviously when you're on about home and sort of you know these are all very capable hands. The challenger agreed when you look at the honesty picture of a lawyer holding you know unfolding. Nine win might not get it done it might but it might not. Are pretty good here are your work penguins could be a little problematic and what you gotta feel very good about obviously for the Packers in the playoffs. But there're there are no longer in the NFC north obviously Minnesota's running away with that. There in the NFC wild card division. So kind of interest that you argue so now watching scorer with your Carolina and the Portland and Atlanta Seattle more that you might have a lot. Right we've also been talking about. In the absence of Roger's the other parts of this team having to step up in a way that they haven't. They haven't had too. When Rodgers is in there there's a run game now with Jamal Williams and Mary Jones it's been effective. There's a defense that really really led the charge to victory against Tampa Bay. Do you buy into the idea. That those parts could still be better winning Aaron Rodgers comes back because they have handled this adversity while he's been gone. Sure that happened you know we'd win you have to adjust either of the with a one side or the other. You have to push on different aspects it's kind of like the person that lost one of their senses what they say Hoosier Eric your your sight smell. Seems to give him and what gap and also do you rely on a different. Part or your rocket your defense that you didn't think would it be something you could rely on you have to focus on it you get better. And now when you get that chance back when you get an Aaron Rodgers back. Yeah I think that's very real that is clearly could be because of the experiences that they've gone through. Could be a better football in the value get a player like Aaron Rodgers back so that can be very real. Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach NFL network analyst joining us here on the bill Michael show the NFC is a a fun picture because you've got filly who it is a bit bit of a surprise I think we did you know based on what we knew from before the season. Did they are ten and two in Minnesota is it ten into what do you make of this this NFC picture it's an interesting picture this. It is because when you look at it you there are some very good football all pop the question becomes. That's typical here are gonna argue defense how good picture quarter. So so obviously you look at the end of England Pittsburgh he got Brady got wrapped burgers got good defense is that she is she kind of got against the less you'll. Everybody has few holes which concerned whether quarterback defense whatever it yes he looked really good football and you talk only Minnesota. The Los Angeles ramps but the quarterbacks are kind of improvement compared actually normal. Well there's no question about two birdies but the defense ignore it it'll suspect compared via the three so yeah it's an interest in contrast. Our Ed and worn out or more of these guys are gonna kind of earned their Cha. That's park and why and whether. Balked obviously you're the weather chased human Minnesota. To go to those two teams if they can get some wins to parlay their way. Student playoffs aren't so you can that be all one of those guys so that group of these Kate the other beat apple blocked. It's bad and then than the other half to assess Seattle team that just beat affiliated slate. All right Seattle the other this this team that disorder hangs around and has this great. A way of of performing at home against the really really good teams DC Seattle maybe is it a dangerous team that even though they may not win a division they might step up. Yeah absolutely could have gotten better and got quarterback rather go to game on the road in Jacksonville we talk all the pop bottle what goes he's going huge. Are they're gonna I don't all of them might be able to catch like one hopes. I mean they're just one game back they played so that encourage our position I think he needs. Obviously. Because that that hole yeah we're all we're back in different achievements Seattle well. Brian Billick Super Bowl winning head coach NFL network analyst and and and by the way and and obviously you. You like like the rest of us you've got to you know some different irons in the fire and one of these is set is with seat geek dot com is a lot of NFL fans. Who were trying to get to games and you know especially in in Wisconsin people say well there's. You know a thirty year waiting list for season tickets are still waited that I can get to a game there certainly is thanks to CT dot com is never right. 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Do you think that's something they can can roll in now and be great against Cam Newton or the vikings are Stafford and in these last few games. But actually gain entry we will have done in its struggle likely has struggled and they ought to match up pretty well digital cable is all automotive. Cleveland has proven to be achieved that marched 1012 play blah. Score Carolina who can't do that are about not giving them the big play good defense goes well could you digging on the hook. So again as the entry into that way they're playing now the competence if you take a Minnesota team. That win at Atlanta which huge because you about a very hot Atlanta team that it won the previous two games scoring but better than thirty points. And going into Seattle that we just talked about and Cory Byrd four points to beat Seattle and Minnesota. Well hold them to three field goals of this Minnesota for real or office is very balanced right now certainly that's going to be a matchup but it did me back. Our and then Detroit if you're one dimensional back east apoplectic. He that the weekly bit. It's gonna back from very well look these genes are but didn't need to protect the equipment so. Is excellent insight as always Brian Billick we we appreciate it would been. Watching you go through going back to you know be inept coach in winning a Super Bowl and and from BIE goes back says it's a one night watching as syndication now Mets game PM and you popped up there. Earlier one year old school out AFLAC AFLAC actor Richard Dawson utopia was. That was our secret our fifth I had Brian Billick face very much for joining us appreciate it. That is Brian Billick on the Snyder orange hotline.