Boyle, Young WRs shine in preseason opener

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Friday, August 10th
08/09/18: Green and Gold Postgame Show

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Hackers gained this overt and now it's time to bring this one down at least he's. The goal post game show now along with the former Packers and badgers won. Ellison. Michael's. Then they Green Bay Packers was still a little bit of time remaining in this one beating up on the Tennessee Titans and Boyle is now taking over for Aaron Rodgers as the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. Jason could borrow seven targets three catches 76 yards the long bomb a 52 he brawl you all then. And and Dom Capers should be fired. Far. I walk also whereas Boyle took over rod most certainly. You can go hit but the air shark eyes are right now because boy you sure you're circuitry quarterback. A global oh yeah let's be honest he should be treated third receiver. Auto of that. What played Jimmy Graham yes that's a part of a well I'll welcome to another year the critical post game show backer on I would just a couple of minutes to go into this sort BO. I'm now out I was going up the elevator and write today at Lambeau Field. And I'd said to withdraw operating elevator which are our usual Irwin and are you walk and I said the elevator operators said welcome back and I ice that I can't believe. We we've got football I just can't fathom that. The shot Kaiser tonight nine of 18134. Yards. Boyle seven at 15130. Yards two touchdowns and quarterback rating of 116 point seven. Bret Holley not a 14108. Yards a touchdown and interception where he really didn't feel the pressure coming. And getting sacked in the ball bouncing into the year and in the arms. Of the Tennessee titan defender of the Green Bay Packers though leading this one may lead in many categories 3352 point 331 a time of possession. Alien first downs lately the third down conversions of so many different statistical categories. That the Packers lead input Gary I guess the other side of the ball defensive side. We saw some good we saw some bad we saw some bad tackling but do you would assume as time goes on guys are gonna unit costs and a. Well I mean it's all our twin car earlier in the game is our Artest try to figure out what you do between here if teachers were right there David do you fear that we saw it is done papers let's and I. Look a lot to say sharks are rotated out that a couple practices. On here a couple of weeks ago. They have that teachers didn't look like. Did they don't touch or at reduced field. They view a lot. There were a lot more movement there were a lot more glitzy they view their Livermore reader of our saw a lot different things aren't they were totally ridiculous looking gears. And I wouldn't what they return to that state straight birdies and that was it they bite at short counseled regarding. Bush to order goes surely there are a couple plays that you look garbage of afterwards arrangements. 855830864885583086. Foray if you wanna give you shall. Wyoming to sell a part five. 837. Eight geezer 88 58308648855830864. On the loans quake hit the council for talk like gives shall we don't hear from yet. We Guerrero dozens all the produce in the program at the band is back together the entire season Ryan -- even going to be doing some stuff with us tonight we'll hear from my Clements. Or the locker a little bit later on this evening let's start with a backup quarterback position. Give me your thoughts and read on. What politically the world premiere regular reader to the ball he threw to was that you want to of the Olympics yup. Showed a lot of heart or their ball up. Our we've seen a lot of but he can't bid the huddle much better. He ever had there were a couple turns we scrambled through through his left. And he threw a couple of nice passes it is obscene art are politically well the one pressure you have where you to pick. Have you tried texted to play it low duels on the border which should be do or work. He looked in that particular game he looked much better there it would do it last year a politically well. Uncle Mac via the statistics this ballgame now when you get into it like I mentioned did Brett only nine of 14108. Yards and a touchdown. Had that interception had that sack how to hurt his quarterback rating would have been well above 100 now. The question that was floating around during the game was want to show sought to show on Kaiser commend the game. It just seems like he's got a better pocket awareness and a better pocket presence the more primarily as Braly seems to have that. That 12 that he lets it go just a little bit too long and that ultimately cost him a suit you get the sense that John Kaiser. Is maybe more prepared to be the quarterback of the Packers you think it's a dead heat. CR I thought like should be I thought how user. Got a partner to court. They have good reason why our host the acute that he did that was only mixes he had been the author Burton law. Where you just don't you return to developers marches you sure you're right Holley had a problem last year you know our. But I thought Heiser I don't want to hear about our eke out a pocket. Are much prefer there be sure black history you know but he's just good to have. The offers it's well it is partly dogs or or Rogers park. I thought he looked good most certainly you've Garrett who was just too and they're probably at a regional ball through Boston titles is a good night's race. Listen to our pages we have had. Being this kind of competition. What that number two spot in a long term and it now we have. I just don't know if they can go to season with only two quarterbacks I think they go to Q3 quarterbacks. 8558308648. Callers if you wanna get all of us on Twitter you can do is to add bill underscore my goals or at Geary Ehlers and and I Kerio ocean on Twitter is well. This is from Curtis is a talk soft record exploit her what's up tonight on number twelve set out giving those three. Go to battle with any day now at peace is see who sits out because of his stats and they wouldn't count as passionate for. Was better or. He's upset that they are right in play here. Yeah. He's upset that Aaron Rodgers template where Aaron Rodgers is gonna move back where Jews are. If he's justice served for all I'll say this. Why wouldn't you Billy Aaron Rodgers out there was no blogger and Iraq GRC player art you know years why. Why they're there. On this one day here's a question as we heard I was listening to the broadcast and I went in their McCarron made a comment. That you've got till linebackers to lower their how much you guys CT to lower their helmets while in the league cares so much white white running the actual level or their home. You issue a lot to do that because a bit ago. There's no way that you can teach her right back. Cover to hold to rush radar. You can gear your whole church came right I mean that's the problem out of our government use. You just cannot teach our running back to do that there's there's. You do you have to give you have to give. They're cover you'd have to protect yourself Armey effort now if you're fifty yards Demetriou billiard tour in Europe feel. That's a different story when you're getting the ball you're entering alive mr. You care. I don't know how you do that are being Europe's airports are right wrote. We you have to protect your serve kids run. Sherri shepherd air unit that you just caved here he's. Our leader. 8558308648. This one is up from Sergio envoy Yeager who says Boyle Al played only in the Kaiser tonight while he should move up. Here's the question now and I always tell people there's. Eat he's played against the fours and threes those guys guarding the draft to try to just do that you can name. You can look at how we fare against the war. No I mean this is they would they would joke Callahan last year. You know and at what point in time I thought maybe your talent should have at least got an opportunity but for the most part is they work to do that aren't you know. In so it's kind of like that I understand when you watch a guy who light up guys that are on the same level or a little bit less than him but how would he fare against the number one. We're seeing here is a system that is the end. You have to try to temper. Everything a little bit you can hit. You can't take it away from the kid played well. If he plays. Are on the parallel. That you got to block it got a great place he gave herself to. But you're right. If you look at video a little bit you start work you know you really cute ones Jews that's a little bit more of to do but what I like about it Veoh was we had single turn. It is the Packers to victories. Of force or pacers. Playing well and AA you know back to your two years ago the Packers used to be that good. Where they were always waiting game hazard or to bring over teams returns are trees of Beirut genes from the trees but I think that's what we saw that. They're they're back to back. Workers here. Green Bay Packers knocking off the Tennessee Titans just for a minute to go blogging 31 and seventeen. Is where things stand right now listen that's why take a quick break comebacks are taking your phone calls give us your thoughts on what you saw tonight also why I asked the question lower earlier. What are the new lights look like for those actually watch a game do you look brighter. Examine all thoughts and that do they want to do really you writing rather big the big giant old style lighting that they used to have up there. So when asked that question out there tonight as well so as those of you watching at home idiot if you read the game what was it like inside the stadium we were there Gary and I were there. And wanna get your thoughts on that as well but tonight what did you witness what do you take away this ball game 855 feet 30. 8648. More critical post game show coming up right after others. Border to border. Film Michael's voice call on the network. Somebody got on board first and so here's today's first score of the game and sponsored by Brian Stratton college athletics offering up. Well scholarships in six junior college sports. DSC Bob. Back Green Bay Packers currently knocking off the Tennessee Titans that is now on final 3117. Is the Packers win. At Lambeau Field their exhibition opener. And the first score of the game and this was say this was big for the Green Bay Packers are always eight yard pass he catches it from Brett Hundley they'll listen. They go that's the Packers television network in Kevin Arlen on the call there it's brought to market for it to Brian Stratton college athletics. Offering athletic scholarships in six junior college sports and learn more PSE bobcats. Dot com BSE bobcats. Dot com they go 855830864885583086. For me if you wanna chime in what do you take away from tonight's ball game again 855830. 864. Rates out of the game took thirteen games for him boy to throw a touchdown pass UConn he's seven for sixteen over 130 yards. And a couple of touchdowns for the Packers. Tonight so that agers definitely game and that has brought you by our friends at at royal ATP RO YO dot com. Implementing SEP a big data solutions to companies just like yours. All you gotta do it you can revolutionize your dad and ignite your future with that Roy Choi your dues check them out of the web. Eight PP RO YO dot com that's eight PP RO YAO. Dot com. A. Watching the video 040. Those accustomed to courtroom here yeah. They have out back you are in Rogers scored Craig okay back GR EG's by here and try to calm her down the bench report. Broad net. But it. A professional avoid it at your boy the joke this thing into the real honesty. So what those rookies. Break. Well the can and until that practice squad Ryan Ryan I granted that we did you have to. I don't think army they won't but all three of her I think you're right Vicki you've worked through very well. Thank you very much here Rogers agreements. There's like well that's her that if I now you don't divide cavs their rent a cop is there correct you know drama Allison that correct. So that it's Trevor Davis. He had more tonight right in here and there again you're out but dropped along that you have sir. He's good all oval Jamal Mort not out of its root cause they're about a burglary of one of gold went over caution everybody would you would you aren't they out of car. I'm not should signal body will be cut like two years dinner every year project because culprit then right you don't will reflect that. James Jones. And they don't know if inequality is so old but was ice cocoa guys that they want to collateral without a footballer and a so odd that the Packers have learned from their respects tomorrow Bork. Jim are more apply. I use features. That the drought when he caught a couple passes the work out brawl low room here today it will when your truck debate between. There's another jokers trying to make the team he can necessary parents that you dropped right not a good thing though. But you gotta know usage is in big picture look at that picture. The Green Bay Packers have had a couple receivers. There has turned up with a good receivers for a minute there had those garbage let's go to Charlie listening to assess the north side Charlie welcome the program what's going on. Why they closed. Because what she's the macro. I mean. I gotta tell you effort guy. We can not involved in the play. It looks like she is just taken off and that doesn't look that says this is steady at the technicalities that you really need. In a linebacker. In the NFL just wanna hear you guys have to say about. Tyler bankrolled did not look good you know on the opposite side of the ball you have Byron bell did not look good there's some guys that when there. They're not well I mean Byron Miller time just got flat out beat but when there's some guys that just aren't fault. You know it. Like Aaron Rodgers questioned the effort on a few it was wide receivers you know you could see some of these guys charter across the audience say you know is that you know is that this war. Do they got there we are here. They got that and apparently. There are much. Legal I don't I don't know I don't know what's your Guerrier. Ernie federal. They needed autograph yeah quick fast that are a list is good schemes will be. The scheme of all schemes that you baker for the pros and Joel's. Right now. Everything we heard coming out of training camp out. Mike Patton and pause Jack you know about his speech use in your house running through walls and feel terribly you know when you've got guys that either watch you know sit this. Isn't that talent. Or is the coach. Go Florida now in every we're gonna find out by today they did play a lot of Padilla football defensively we're gonna find out. We're steal the election you said. You look for effort I think it is here article at its port Jodi you have a drop of sport yet he did he go to this sport yes that's what you got over there it is. Out of certain I don't know they were lost her. What was more raucous a lot of stuff happens to turn learn the playbook it is your first gave you can be a little hesitant. The most. Good thing they need some backer ago. Tremendously. They had a lot of guys that did not play tonight. The Angela Yancy Trevor Davis Aaron Rodgers done as Jennings Randall Cobb. They ended up having Kevin keying in that packet today tell your Alexander the first round draft choice Dovonte Mays or Jones from Juan Williams. Dmitry the are no right to expect joking underage. There's Clay Matthews nick very silly look for as much as. You know you wanna say OK boy this didn't look great early on they also didn't start. Partly anybody they're given these guys these secondary guys a lot of opportunity a lot of opportunity here. And so they're very hospitals kind of his fourth. They got there that they're riots or parallels and me. At 8558308648855830. 86 foray if you wanna give a shout. Go ahead and give it to us this is well there's a lot of people responded guy about about Aaron Rodgers. Europe yeah. Just. The tourism people that you know. You have to do the ship's radar right now yeah it is it is. Mogadishu where it be for other reasons than that mean what is your current record would he should be talking a lot of our lots of right now. Well that that's and I sit back awhile ago there row row remember what he said it was about being the highest paid player she knows his words. And he still walks out of upping the highest paid what is it. You know it's it's about it's about the. Which don't know where you were brought that. Operated. Tom Brady. OK I'm going to leverage a lot of money or Tom Brady has never been worried about being pretty. Never. I I think they were talking maybe you could Google's well look I think just today. A Bleacher Report reporter remarked we did out. That now they're looking to put a escalator clause that Tom Brady's. Contract. So he can PO box the top five. You don't you don't usually appear to be the year what is your went to want to go well yes if you Lester made fourteen via. In a flashy maple original they look unique put escalator clause he can at least be in the top five community were you know were brought there ago. He eat no I mean when you got elected makes him Friday here you don't care yeah. If you're us. OK what's a hundred million among friends right. That it would. Now. That's a that's that well you know I mean a black market and I hate to it is because it's media guy gave me. I hate count of the people's money. Part where Rogers yes. He's he's competitive that way he's competitive area aspect of his life at that well. 855830864885583086. Foray Tom Brady this year making 22 million dollars that's his cap at fourteen million base seven million signing bonus. One million roster bonus what he's gonna end up making that breakthrough. Twenty human error commerce report record over tort. He's making twenties. The 2728. Tom Brady's make it 22. Is dead have paid if they should cutting. Or the 28. Mixture his decapitation that he will be seven next year's as last year yeah. Contractual year right now we're talking today they were right and costly as he raised and he's supposed to pay eight point two million again next year ago. The little bit towards their race he won a playoff game yet know. All Matty ice. Would hurt Georgia where he were to have some polar lawsuit rule. But as far as Matthew Matthew Stafford. No make this year his cap it is 26 and a half. He's 26 and a half this year he hears Matthew Stafford numbers to 46 and a half this year. 29 and a half next year 31 and a half and two little. One hole and thirty million that 23 minute. And the year they won a dream would be after the 20/20 season which they would only take a ten million dollar campaign. Retreat if they wanna cut America's next year if they wanna cutting next year would cost of 49 million dollar cut. If they wanna come on the air cost twenty million a year to that will be ten records. Yeah that's the payments you step 31 and a half million dollars. And Tony twenty this year is 26 and a half million so 8558308648. What did you take away from tonight's packers' victory is ended up knocking off. The that the Tennessee Titans 31. Seventeen that's the final from Lambeau Field state to Wear a lively Green Bay or the critical posted joke on the surface. Sixteen stations strong. Bill might school's sports talk now. Time she got to stick. And sometimes you gotta. Let's find out that it took the game sponsored by boilermakers 107. Building and rebuilding America for over 225. Years. 3117. The Packers knock off the Tennessee Titans first pre season game it's critical post game show Argo Michael's alongside Gary Ellison back again this season we are glad you were on board as well time now for the hit of the game and not a defensive play the more of an offensive play oil until hooking up any any. Jake coral 52 yard reception to elicit or. He didn't. They go that is in the Packers television network Kevin Harlan. On the call right there. There you have it and that is the hit of the game the hit of the game. Brought you by our good friends and to the bricklayer for the makers agents say local 107 building and rebuilding America for over 225 years you can check out their partnership opportunities it boiler makers 107. Dot com the weather makers wanna seven dot com getting back the phone calls listen this frank is listening to is in California Frank Walker. The program that was going on batted around I don't know what's up. Yeah it did a quick question on our our our different you know we cannot. But had to deal Matt and I do bird rounder you can't speak about. I just don't appreciate the phone call frank I don't see the Packers giving up to maybe one of the 21 runners they have well think they're gonna article nomad for 21 round you Gary. That seems to be if you were to their terms and no you know. I don't know Barca and army I don't. Broward to a RP very basic human tooth picks are to see more vote that he would keep me quickly buying mark Von Miller. They're better because you simply try to. Yeah I mean. You you got to hit it brilliantly for three years. You know orchard giving you know he's a bad guys are out there. Yeah argue the two picks for just a sure fire thing events that every you don't have that are new pictures and eat. He has good or do you professor Rogers is on office that you just don't have that other guy. Now if you go back and look at claim that uses numbers. Its first 34 years. Look care. Hulu backs numbers here in his first two or three years. There Hud is similar but other bad mayor whisper. Fifteen to sixteen sacks and one of those years. So. If he's also I think he he's being the Pro Bowl at two different positions Utley. So that that's the kind of guy you give Serbia. I do it hardly brought. Here's where supposedly. The scene we're this defense. This defense aren't hearing each supposed to be predicated. All of these sorts of lines. That's tropical depression but they had a really quality linebacker when they're so pretty cute cool. If they can break and Julio bank. We drew the line that they got. Will be Derek you've got. It'll tell you that does your BP or other coverage law. Killing a Mac made it in 2015 is a linebacker 2016 is defensive and has never this to gain here. He is narrowing down game doing Apple's bring starring in in four seasons he had fifteen sacks in 2015112. Years ago ten and a half last year. Forty and a half in his career in the first four. As opposed to what typically Matthews had Matthews hit ten sacks is first year thirteen and a half a second year. Six his third year. Which gives him more at it's 29. And there well you had 43 yeah if 43 themselves. So players are waving at you on his first four years are the same number are heard several. Yeah where this guy. Two more funny though after that fourth here. After all did it fell off but he also started in the 2014. She now granted into wells are he does have a huge season. But he ended up getting her he only played eleven games here he had thirteen sacks in his 2012 season only played in twelve games. Then he got hurt then after that it was eleven sacks six and a half five and seven. His numbers are not in the sense. Don't know he's. Paid to build back that seem to have out. Springs industries it you know what's what order Oakland right. Jar group is gonna be big ball great and jar group go let Leo back note it. This bylaw right if he's Obi dissent for urgently. Bad Eva are here today and he talked. Which Reggie McKenzie was snipped the minute Jon Gruden walk through the door. Because they paid him a hundred million dollars is ahead Arnold captain right here now and share that now. They have so that's not to go back. Mr. Romney if we worked our group he would today. But yes they could have. I would give it I think there was some work well but Clemens. Got this Buell I think on tape where he talked to group whose. It's and I think Bryant says. That he would talk to him about him. If they were approached. It if they would approach right now if they would review the way to we're talking about a lot of stuff yep that about yeah we talk. Let's go to mark losing to a scene Glendale mark walk into the program critical post game show. Welcome go to accuracy and again mark silence. Here's what's going on arms outnumbering happily on the extreme now we you know who balances first. The saints' first Erica up actually down correctly match and that's you know about protective tick so no matter where storms also Erica. What do you make yet any assets or twentieth when he search sort and you're not gonna get. A player. Impact player that can play immediately make it givers the quality of McCauley a man. And I don't think it does what you just I don't dusting on you know on roads you know how people would hate to first to get him. I would certainly you must first stroke red suddenly it's a forced out third or something because you're gonna get a player it is that it colluded to. I don't think you know the Packers don't care. Anybody that he did this get double digits that's a long long time. I'm surprised they didn't go after acre including one when Atlanta eagle and are seeking one that would link but I'm not mistaken analyst. Helical treated to ram like now. We need players like yes and you know it's funny that he acquired went down in this gentlemen the rookie from march Vanderbilt. Came in and not play well tonight's. I think that kind of going to be at lets you Skype and I think it's an all purpose Butler University has. All in on offense now last year we drafted if I'm not mistaken and he has yet seems to reach whole wide receivers out only had maybe isn't a better class. I want to beat out tallest Patrick grab a like a child at Wrigley. Making and other training get another extracurricular lighter weights all articulate help them too but I do like Kudrow on I hope this works out in them. You know actually we keep Aaron Rodgers up right we have achieved my concern that it seemed like the Packers beat sparkle like a reality mean absolutely built it. From the they actually did that secondary. Up to the flood. He had you know I think that we need. Dominant US pressure somebody like that they can't stand mark is still important warms traded up again like we occasionally have made a difference here. But thank you for letting me talk in those great attackers wonder and I enjoy the show. I appreciated he drops up to get aboard a 55830864885583086. According to what he says. Yeah I mean he's right. Did you figure the Packers. Too well right. Their project that because repeated warnings yeah right or the right. The State's gonna be there that picture saints are expected you pretty well in that pic it's going to be in his twenty's you know right. They worst case there was news. So yeah every year. Year and in most cases they're failed real. Those 6434425. Device will be that. That's wall that's what they've done most of the time right very bad about it appears that guards the value or you're kidding. We'll go back it's not Ahmad will be stuck around this now. If you if you equal legal matter. Horry pick that you would consider trading away and going into the sit around anyway right. No harm no foul but the raiders go back to so that's why it would take both your first round picks because they don't the Packers are going to be good divisional with the extra would be. And they know that it's like to predict because they know that the ruby so that's why I think if they wanna do it through the ball goes to a I'm cool with RV you set yourself or this or. You don't want Eric Robert guy that you know it's going to be our poll for vs no you don't Chia. Know what you. Hello Roger so pissed off market receivers bureau. If she wants to wait now. All right don't have to wait Lou he knows who went so close and so the Packers market got these 21 round picks old goat or. It recorded picture you've got to give these are done away. Can't care. Which you can reason it didn't get rid of Randall Cobb as well right because you have to keep at least one good run double you can Egypt. Don't think I don't know what they don't know Roger's built would have bought poles bit I think he's got coverage but. Right shoulder brought Gado these guards. They pulled from north like Barack guarded yards with theory out there bureau scout team. Scout team with college it's got their fill up but hold on two different things one. These jokers here because they got to partly these three rookies they care. Dave ever builds up mr. read the first there red. Winter to. So rotten guy a lot of ball. Let them know they published a quarterback. Joba to be righted stuff or spring a huge player will be bright and he also made when he should look this was while the army in my home right. This is about a week you ought to say together now we want to I don't know that it cajoling of shall be guns. You've got to give the defense look. Just as you article we'll go all the time about we worry college there we go scout team. This jockey with four board gears are there would be fair accurate one. You wanted to try to give all of the field with the double walled office so that's why you with well. Here these guys don't know what they don't know is Roger's record our. If so the traffic so I think. Iva how bought this. Could go back what's more important. Rodgers you know to lose here. We give up two picks for him. He won't give pay. But we can play both impairment. We want to. I said all along right he didn't do in the checkbook here and killing whatever we whatever you sign for we can't get that we we will do. Currency the Djokovic beat mark we're. What do you want to hear the guys they already know you'll have to wait for you put a folder field he's a different break right now. Publicly U well yeah how do you guys pay. You would know I get it. Before he had to outbreak that turning point of the game it was boy oh. Dick boil low over the top of Val back. Volquez is gambling is at the record yes he did the fifty yard touchdown to make it one port and that's sort of blow things open take a listen. It's. Being in the. There ego that again is is our buddy Kevin Harlan on the Packers television network. And those of the voice him and that was a turning point of the game don't forget the turning point in the game. Is brought to wire for the Aurora as sports health advance to look at your back. Kitchen back doing the things you love finds sports health provider and make an appointment at a war dot org that's a war doubt or roars supports health. For your life was this Roy take quick break Green Bay Packers get a win 3117 they knock off the Tennessee Titans first pre season game Packers won enough. You feel good about won't talk about a more coming up next and critical post ninja. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Green Bay Packers get a win they'd knock off the Tennessee Titans. Yeah I'm 3117. In the final. Packers go to one and all of the pre season that we talked about a little while ago some of the numbers. Mark was not as gambling at seven targets five catches 100 in one yards on the day Keiko rose seventy markets. Three catches 76 yards hit that to long of 52 yards. For a touchdown that put media saint round. Oh man that guy goes over the middle big duke long arms are hard to cover up four catches 61 yards. On the date of latte out a couple of targets a couple of catches 57 yards his longest being 848 yard pass. Early on the ball game from Brett Hundley. Earlier your home more. Today three catches 47 yards in his longest was nine yard pass although he had one. Thirty push yards Haiti right in their hands. And he dropped it put him on more seven targets three catches 27 yards on the day Packers to potentially bad day when you start to look at. We start to look at all the numbers and where things stood a mean Green Bay Packers on third down Tennessee was for a twelve not the best quick. Not the worst for the Packers were nine of seventeen on third down. And in addition to that they ended up with 445. Yards. 445. Yards of offense Green Bay Packers it. If you want to give us call 855830864885583086. 48 if you wanna give a shot you can also hit us up on Twitter at bill underscore Michaels at bill underscore Michael's. Or at Gary dollars in contracts out of their by the way of the Packers held Tennessee 33%. What's the third down the efficiency Packers wanna to report that 50% to a three per 67%. Was at Tennessee Titans but the one thing about this game. It was just marred with penalties Tennessee fourteen penalties 124 yards. Ten penalties 74 yards from the Green Bay Packers is some of the numbers to try to not show were in. It was a very disjointed team. Oh very good story game. In so many facets. You wanna get all of us again gives shall we got to hear from you let's go back to Jim in Chicago Jim welcome to the program regal post game show. They get in the guys great football back obviously. Clearly doses are pre season game minute edit show. Op Ed is like to take a minute the stock market coomer a little bit silly when you kind of feel good story of the camp but I get this thing for me as a I would be athletic director Jake high school when he was in icicles flood watch the model from bank treated while we're playing football. And got no family great people and it's just as a packer fans as an educator. It's just awesome to see somebody. Grow and develop through all the years and areas doable I believe. Are the current rider is so fired up what when he scored. Obviously at what you get on the rocker I understand that the chances are slim but you know what that tonight that that was my focus and it was it was cool city. If you know what every year appreciate the phone call every year. You get great story you know in in every year he kinda hoped that this story. Culminates in this something. You know drawn Wallace was a guy they are writers that years ago are really like the way he works he comes to work every day. It's guys that practice Erin Ryder said it's guys that practice like the rose. They keep the most noticed here correct comb Rosa guys practicing like a pro he's been there done that even though. He ethernet and a big events but he's he comes at a Cincinnati comes and Duracell organization. That's it fares here over shark fears Turkey's coast resort receivers he's bigger he's starting did it he knows how to be consistent. In practice. And in this case practice makes perfect. If that's why I think. It will be tough for her not to break here's what he afford to view of history. I then you start thinking who will not to be honest here. There's one of those no one of those rookies don't know if they're not like to say one guy will be a part one guy's gonna have to practice squad. State known another hour the critical post game show coming up the Packers get the win. 31. Seventeen knocked off Tennessee more critical post in joke of evidence. Wisconsin one. Bill Michael's sports talk and work. The Packers being the silver and now it's time to bring this one down. Please he's. The goal post game show now a long way. Michael's. Back to Green Bay Packers open up the regular season then a few weeks where they get their first three season win tonight in the knock off the Tennessee Titans 31173. More pre season games on the docket before they finally get into the Chicago Bears. In September material is it alongside back for yet another year the critical post game show we are glad to abort you wanna hit it all was 85583086488. By five. 83086. Foray if you won Iowa virus. A shot on what are you could do so at he'll underscore Michael's or at Geary Ehlers and and I'll pay what Gary there reporters on fired. Purges did you. While you battle that are not fired Al whatnot Aaron Rodgers should play her on fire about whether or not could potentially run deep legal Mac. All of excerpts yeah they should you know there on fire about that they're on fire. About which wide receivers should be making it in shouldn't be making it that's the bureau or processors yeah arts reporter there on fire bell boil being lacy. And and and not be that guy that it's going to be good for the offensive line. Who lays. The are you on that boil up Byron now are though you're not looking good tonight to honor fire fire got Tyler federal. Not looking good night and fired on all the guys that didn't play tonight. For whatever reason which you know it's always in play you didn't have it Perry playing and I greater message from our. Victor who are they do what Clay Matthews we know is because he's got broken nose he's coming out of that surgery here. Book beyond that it was or anybody that did you know buck furious that he ankle bloggers still coming back Mike Daniels not blame that I they know what he can do GB ram. And in that it we're getting some people that today you know I want to the game tonight page to see if you those guys and instead not a home plate. That's always gonna be the argument you're paying your money and in what you're paying your money forced to seek game it up bigger but it associate player even though they do equate one I the other. Know why they don't make those tickets left logo. I do agree with the troops there as rector of your coverages he. I'd Gary TU. Just butts in seats and broke over to Iraq or just butts in seats. Aperture fairly nice. You have more people here in sees that unity and. Always. That the total tonight I wasn't what's tickets sold today it was like 71000. Certainly for our program bird. Own shall there. C leaders of Germany 4098. Trees or before. Yes tickets sold correct is that both NC dot. They had to people who when it was it was it was Smart arts yes. The. Parking lot. Every ugly that's loud war all of the item. They're doing here. Now the real. I don't know if they don't sales pitch deep. Dorsal most of our record right loud one over there why go in two hours before game time when I got here usually ridge road is backed up that you can't you write. And I did have to park aways away when I got a lot but I hit breakthrough rich wrote via. There were a lot of people. So people her. Just in a computer or your dues are I don't know how you can charge for price for those tickets. Would you go and we noted ever to take money while ago but that's the thing we noted everything my work because you have marked by great great audio. Were simply for a thousand people pay rent to come. But their actual books NC. 85583086488558308648. Let's see here the injury report by the way we do got to get to it really the only injury. The Green Bay Packers any significance against Josh Jones he went to the locker room and he was taken and four a concussion like symptoms now most likely. He's gonna end up with a concussion. And we'll see how long used to be output to your your part about getting a rather thin when you it is no secondary as safeties are prepared maybe week four now. So we takes a couple of weeks out but then you have to worry because it's from the very first pre season here. The susceptibility for another one or in this season are you Roma easier it will be last reasons yep the injury report by the way sponsored by the Wheaties frozen pizza the frozen pizza that tastes fresh air and heat. Available most quality grocery stores and tampered throughout Wisconsin and if you haven't had one of these things. I I specifically now go find these things in the meat or in the each case at your grocery stores and I get the big daddy. The big daddy states it's if you're like meat lovers beats up the big daddy's office. And they really those things really do taste good there's a lot of frozen pizzas that are out there the two by images Bynum put me to grow this what your guy's gonna enjoy you can sit down and you couple weeks but you can enjoy it's that's brought you by different. At Wheaties 8558308648855830864. And also judge ray white hat he had a leading. With an injury as well. And his ball game but it just shows the one to be most concerned about with the the possibility. Of a concussion. This one's from Alex he writes that hey guys what do you think the better quarterback position is this could be erased between three guys. Or we just cookies are we still looking at Brett only being the guy until Kaiser knocks a ball. Well we talked about that are I think that's that's probably what it. Most people see that they're tied for more athletic guy he's got the better arm. He's got a little bit better presents spurt right things. Put statistically you look adding that it that the person you want Roger while look at the worst quarterback statistically Italy. But using clean. There are as a you know hit it jars that would be uniquely weird you're right that's. That is so horrible situation or were road map. Gives a shout we'd love to hear from via all also would Jeff writes. Eight guys wonder wee bit what do we see the run game at full potential tired time Montgomery is good but I don't think he's the answer. Is he gonna become more a base get back on third down. Yes look forward to use those three guys will query to urge always resolved right there Joseph Christopher. Art so. We know that you always. Eric chose change pace. Tiebreaker should be third are you third down there at that others should wash. Out the base here are really want to see. I think their babies up to their. Brought him as the Apogee of the where she helped Utah. To use up tonight. He was definitely Dovonte maze. He came in with a lot of you know hype put when he got the the football history font bright and he knows we deepen the dog number climbed up via. But I think. There. 855830864. Rating by five. 8308648. If you when he gives a shout. By all means do so you know wide you know we get to the drive of the game that drives the Packers it coming out of the second half. That thing lasted it was like thirteen minutes circle all the time it was thirteen minutes in penalties and it was just it took for Al park. It took for ever for the Green Bay Packers to finally put that thing in the Enzo but ultimately. They did. And that really kind of set the tone for the second half this ball game. As a Green Bay Packers go on to win this thing with that drive that that drive fourteen plays ninety yards three penalties. A driver seven minutes 45 seconds. By the time they gave the ball back to the Tennessee Titans for. There was 709. Left to go. India in the third quarter and then the Tennessee Titans only ran five play before the Kyra the football. And so weigh in that the Packers got the thing back in and the Packers went down. And JK Scott and at what point he had a party while 52 yards in that particular series permit accurate and boom the ball that's the Fargo agreeing. I think a lot of. People. Our were were a little. Had the course remarks from above their head where it. Bright good recruits made that move but now we see why every Gardner Rita partisan Chicago game like that the cover your first day yeah prayer. Yeah 52 yarder. In a four point nine to hang time on that point with that I was just after the drive of the game which the Packers scored the drive of the game brought to question or military company. Your road home begins right here I'm telling you what Mikey and his wife Amy they're the ones it just sold my house we bought a new house. They've been fantastic to work with I can vouch for them heavily just call or just go to steal horse realtor RE a LT OR steel horse realtor. Dot com they really are the people that you wanna deal. But yet we talk about the wind when they drafted. Archery case got drafted him if everybody went why indictments at what do we draft party could probably got him later in the game you know but it. They were a good day but from day one yeah he's great that he's been that good now. If you folks every few chances CJ case got. Looks like he's about thirteen. That's how yeah he's got a little kids urban Lackey is very very bear rhetoric right. He looks just like a low period where he's about more box sixth street Paul long scheme. His first warrant was a huge point. That. The the only with 39 yards put it okay sorry you brought up when dale worked yeah it was huge. Two to four months 83 yards 41 and a half yard average but he had a 52 yard punt. A 52 yard par and as I did mention the other what was which part and he's also learned the backwards or Australian roars type of hit art. So home so what does that do for you bureau. That puts a fuel ports big time I mean that you can take chances that helps the fair yeah. You can tell you that your defense right there should be if you're sitting at the top one recently your opponents and inside their own tore right that's that's what you're talking you're talking big time. And let's do this gonna go ahead also before we go to break. Let's get the hands of the game in day it was about tens of well early on all Dovonte Adams came up with a bit more take a listen. No we don't have. Where thousands. Did you see him. Seems an afternoon. That is the best chance of the game brought you brought you by the Wisconsin brewers' guild you can download the Wisconsin tapped chaser mobile lap. And did you can try to brewery near you which is really cool Lloyd who has download the FB cap wanted to find your location will tell you the nearest micro brew. In your area that is that was cut to brewers' guild. And the Wisconsin tap chaser mobile app check it out that's for the best hands. Oh the game let's do this why take a quick break come back take some more phone calls takes a more thoughts were gonna hear from Mike McCarthy coming up your little bit Packers get a win 3117. They knock off the Tennessee Titans more critical post game show coming up after this. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. That word. That was ahead. Go run and in today's game this is the ruling Russia in the game and present a much smaller most things she has frozen pizza bloated without. Owner of real Wisconsin cheese it's truly the ruler of pizza. Thirty line seventeenth Green Bay Packers knock off the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field welcome back I go Michael's alongside Gary dollars in your lives in Green Bay it's critical post game show to chime in 8558308648855830. 8648. Go ahead gives you shall we would love to hear from him and the rush up the game. He came from the guy you it's kind of like yeah honest identical to solve YDO. More audio. Eleven carries 25 yards he ends up with a long Warren seven. Pledges into the end zone take a listen. There you go. Y yo what no one you know that. Kerry's 45 yards 2.3 yards per QX go okay yeah did you always by Kerry sixteen yards as long as Austin six yard doing nothing huge serve time at gummery three carries nine yards. He would they won't with seven after that he only a couple of carries for one yard apiece. Boil scrambled a couple of times put it nothing to write home about the run game although they did and tallying 89 yards but the time was all said and done. Tiger three carries eighteen yards in the scramble six yards per carry average. But but nothing that's nothing flashy the run game and I don't know what to expect. With a makeshift often offensive line. And that's what you need to use their the F right. We futures. Normally appreciate your target more rushing to do passing. But I think when you have quarterbacks the Packers have right now. That these guys hopefully he's an ego knows the offers tiger was a starter last year. Those guys and maybe a little bit more of various senior global. Backup quarterback we connection to football a bit more. The only thing that you were budget tackles. Whether those guards holed up for your name one reason why Iran is it in play period would be. If you have vector art of back to say they don't play at all has received yeah. You don't play Iran's at all. Now embark on our in the army I don't think diplomat but are to order. I'm not sure I'm not overly concerned about by the way the rest of the game brought by Palermo asking cheese frozen beats a lot of with a half now the real Wisconsin cheese is truly. The ruler of pizza Mike McCarthy. Just left the podium let's take a listen or Mac head dissent. So they go Mike McCarthy after the ball game talking about some of the things when it comes to place 2008 value decision making from. Brett Hundley tucked but the tempo there's a lot to kind of medical over there but take a quick break Packers get a win 3117. They knock off the Tennessee Titans more critical post game show coming up residents. Film Michael's voice talking network. 3117. Green Bay Packers they end up beating the Tennessee Titans. You're Lambeau Field welcome back to the critical post game show I go Michael's urea was alongside of you wanna chime in feel free to do so. And a lot of people chime in via Twitter if you wanna chime in that way you can get us at bill underscore Michaels at pillars or Michael's or at radio Joe's sports. A lot of questions about Aaron Rodgers Gary how long does it take the opposite he's going in the regular season if you don't. Go three A if you don't go through a pre season. Well I think for the Packers say they have the force got off to a slow start or through your list yeah plug yours. Rogers' character. Oh weeks separate. And I just don't know oddities arm. Because for a very quarter Barrett. But this is not a veteran team. But this year I think they're a lot more movement parson that you are rare. There's more changes in his team and we've seen problems. Start top. All the way with a bucket out of the cycles. Without ever they organized the trial which would Mark Murphy went were McCartney a brick through mr. Ross ball. The new coaches we are right certain. You'll feel as Barack basically read these are the playbook this year. I I would think that they Kiki bracket. Relatively pretty quick. Our board changed DO have a lot of dew moving parts are a little concerned about five which are there are I aero. Could you have so much new owners you have a lot of people that are new across borders or our committee were and I think to go. What would steady the bold. If or opening day. If you look at that TRE left tackle blogger writes I think QB off to a good start. I think if you move your bloggers you're starting right tackle and we played those whose shares are there was pretty eggs with. We're would Murphy I think that's not currently serve well to a quick start. 855830864885583086. Foray down Mikey says when do we expect to see Bryan Bulaga play if at all on the regular senior in the pre season you Otto I don't think you gonna seek out a way to maybe the court game. Maybe our third game. Because that's always a big game yeah game. It being you give him that next week off right it's sort of the word so I think maybe the third day. If I think Gifford gave a zero point two to have back TRE a blocker and it Rogers. Will be his third gave me that you have a under the week how to play with Eric Utica. Policy this Brett Hundley. Aaron Rodgers in place so what he did not every post game press conference were bred Huntley he did he had to carry with the media for a little bit so Brett Conley. Brought by the grand built business improvement district. Grand filthy all the energy and the power go to grand bill business dot org it's critical business data or Nicholas or bread on the exit bought it. They go that's a little bit of Brett hotly after the game tonight in two we're gonna go into your quick break because we got my Clemens who was inside the locker room there's little while ago where to get his thoughts from medical series rarity of that is coming up next to the regal post did you. Six clues stations strong though. Bill Michael's sports talk now. Legal post game show continues we're broadcasting live here in Green Bay Packers knock off. The Tennessee Titans 31 at seventeen. At Lambeau Field. That's the final there. And of the records in awe at the moment is Mike McCarthy said that there was some good some bad. The guy that was inside that locker room Michael I was gonna pose serious radio now joining Gary ocean in yours truly zone Malik. I guess give your first impression. While billing gaelic we're talking about the press box very impressed by a number 42 or books. When Blake Martinez said OK all years. They have it over to the rookie out of Vanderbilt to run defense in the second quarter. And the titans came up they controlled the football in the first quarter and that was it for the rest of the game you guys are talking about. Earlier what did Packers had like 212 minutes and in the third quarter he had these long sustained drives so we'll talk to warrant tomorrow on the door Michael shelf but I went over to the offense. And I went straight to mark has belt is gambling that kid out of South Florida. The one all the guys it Aaron Rodgers was talking about actress sloppy practice on Tuesday guys not to go on. 400% to the whole practice. And the drops he's had and the the the potentially out the speed six before they hand or right there any drops the football night. He pulls in one from CD one yard tradition on Kaiser. And then the back of the end zone touchdown catch he gets from the Tim Boyle kids so I walked up to mark as as soon as we open up the locker room tonight. How do you feel. I feel great and it's no. Great experience for senate vote game. It was a great experience for me to run game and show what I can give our kids and take with each snap. You seem to get more comfortable. And then talk about the touchdown on the fact that it's that was like signature free. Come yeah it was just you know routine played every practice every day. It was nothing extraordinary. Tim gave me great gonna put admittedly far. I just the defendant was brand new to me integrated into the back of the end zone. To kind of just threw it to my tops our children. And this turnaround and would have made the political. Number 83 Marquez felt as Gatling five catches under one yards. Averaging twenty yards and he gets it from Tim Boyle. The kids that haven't talked about altering camper routier's because he's got a parent Rogers neckties are you got hunley. But this kid out of eastern Kentucky you've got settled he got comfortable out there. And he's thrown bombs let conducted that the touchdown that Jake called moral toward the end and Boyle talked about a number eight talked about his touchdown. One on one to the field. You know one high safety so I came off of city he still most fields like after reform. And now and in full ramifications where thousands are very nice my thing I saw the fueled well you know I didn't really know what to expect doesn't know much vs iPhone game. Notes from a speed standpoint and often in a pre season game fourth quarter. It's run left run right when they let you spread it out and throw the ball yes we mean obviously had the intention to run our little form and often stand downs. You know through the clock Donald that could have happened to be a third down. You know push partly through and play and I would assume well you know that's you know you can't really control play collision Texas goes camp. Quarterback Tim Boyle and then I've been talking about Jake corporal REW Whitewater drew DOT's minicamp. Aaron Rodgers talked them up the last week or so the confirmed that. Tonight he gets a slow start in its seven targets overall I think a lot of balls councillor overs had but didn't think so but the second anti pulled in a couple. And then toward the end of the game 52 yard touchdown pass. But I tell you what cool moral. In a locker room tonight his eyes were wide open he knows what. Now this gambling put up tonight and now he knows you know he's right there on the bubble anyway he talked about what sort of was an average night for him. You know there's few things like to get back there's a couple of plays that he not maybe do different second time around but it. I've just got to remember your training and you know next time you get an opportunity got a disk. Take the most of it and you know rather we had. Where are correct as an annually work with all of them and practice each day you know we're always rotate in guys quarterback so you know we we got good golfers and then you know we just doing things. They might show and Jerry are talking about him and you know his his ability to maybe make this team do you think. You know he said bill. Tonight he's a little nervous it's like that you know what he's been down this road place. In Cincinnati and plastered this time he injured his ankle may put him on my car and he knows he. Was like to be out there can slash and be considered and brought into routine and then things turn. And you know he missed the botched missile flight and that's where I think he feels like right now. I think he gets twelve in their bet that that's my guy but he he compliment almost quarterbacks and they all look great night didn't mean almost packer quarterback. Had some pretty good passes then there's Jamont more the first guy he took in the draft. Of the three receivers. He had to flat out drops seven targets three catches. He had wanted to get this for nine yards. And he feels like you know train pulled out with a lot of with a. Especially with the night that this gambling had the other receivers that here's came on more. Mean to. Put me into a room. That's the plan makes so. Excellent. Point life from. And so that is so. I was blown so looking spoon. Hey man you know her but he hasn't dropped it and he's he's depressed. He's pressing. He's got a he's just got to let it go. It will build owls talk about this tonight. Big Jack imply that guides got lost the judgment or rather as a reason for that. He's just bristle over to mark work our tickets back to. James Jones who had a butcher drops. Throughout our waited over two types who coach Trevor to park service to our. But atoms. 23 years ago you thought you were gonna make this team predictor. Could see also had a lot of drops you can see you physical ability. That. Sorry. This is the kind of a funny thing happened outlook across the locker room and there's two guys with blond hair pony tails. Over six feet tall there warring leader ocean and clocked. And they're getting in of its crew they get a field crude and a boom microphone. And there are over there talking to the kids from Notre Dame equity music brown number nineteen executed that delete and I've talked about him flashing his potential. Number nineteen what are you have liked four catches tonight you know he'd be good. You cited dive for passes like that in this case though he never talks he was to fly under the radar police so they make the final cuts so I ran out of my microphone. And listen to him talking this group from Germany. Insights. Just came in that can help them boots on them still struggling. I forgot I'd like oral language and I stand there like. OK what am I here for the interment and we gonna do me very good standing in that can help them what's on them so it's. Yeah his eldest citizens dude with this hurdle. People are pals bit looser with things brown I'll bet. Yeah. That's the pistons threw like anything else would take away anything else a particular. Now you mentioned some of the entries she got number 47 the safety Josh Charles and you know concussion. And then all of Whitehead the the safety's he's got a back injury that's why he left. The game earlier tonight that and you put up 31 point in the preceding game like that and I just pre season but that an awful lot of productivity denied those launch sustain drives now. They yelled Mike gracious. They have it not tell you what I don't know who your MVP would be in his walking Gary five to look at something. I you know what let's go boil. More than a tool 130 yards a couple of blunders now our quarterback rating of 167 he it's beat Chile's. And BP they have it. It's that simple type rush to go with a once again before a crowd of 74098. At Lambeau Field in the game that took three hours and thirteen minutes to play you'll. There was the Packers 31 in the Tennessee Titans seventy we'll talk began a week from tonight. Dylan and half ago. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network.