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Friday, October 20th
10/20/17: Bob Broderick of XTECH Protective Equipment/ discusses the evolution, testing, and statistics of their safest shoulder pads on the market.

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All right we have the Super Bowl winning head coach should the Baltimore Ravens Brian Billick on earlier this week he's now within a network Isa. Quality analysts and we love talking to in the one of the things that we discussed over the years going back a couple is extent patents and you know obviously he's an investor. And so you know we got into this discussion about that the shoulder injuries last year with Clay Matthews and obviously the collar bone break of Aaron Rodgers injuries are happening all over the National Football League. And some teams are more susceptible and that is that because of of strength and conditioning and training or is just strictly what they're putting on the bodies. The armor that's out there because we're taught him a bigger stronger faster so we go to the guy that is with X tech pads and bring in now Bob Broderick Bob they don't anybody. Good bill Hillary event. Don't really really well so. Is much sub head coach John and I've enjoyed it I he's obviously got a connection many NFL teams in them and you know many that two year many college football coaches. You're the guy that I always say go watch a video of you don't know how good these things are. You're the guy that straps have had one under your hand and one or your hand and smashes your hand on that because the most powerful one you ever showed me was in front of Urban Meyer where he's changes goes door. I'll take it. Follow me. You know it's one thing to talk yeah that's one thing to talk about it. But it's another thing to show wait so just talk about what this is. And why this is so important moving forward when it comes of the game of football. Absolutely and if your background first I mean. What's so ultimate partner that Monica are more and sell more things side I was little ball boy equipment go to Europe China shouldn't. Cities and but when you quit Bruce for a thirty plus years and when we met IS MB amazing warns US any professional athlete especially in full or they Wear. What they're ritual or what they eat for a game anywhere from a record lows. I didn't it you know that they could use the name of the walker bait. And we spelled RUS player we'll sort shall apparently aware. I have no idea they couldn't so you'll worry about it. So we sort of more if it's certainly been tapped and restore machines broke there aren't we years. When you think about that are pursuing work. Jason Witten short order and suture holes same or mean in New York what makes you announce some major owners over. And this commentary and I just met congressman to develop enormous asterisk in direct outstrip the saints are. They did not that your what's workers there were no clue and a resistance comments seem that we kept hearing. Well I guess is whatever equipment locker you know and they were kids so that was the first part of you know moment that we realized peaceful that your. So as the company. Begins to a ball. I guess people say what makes this so different and there's not only different technology but there's also. Different resources because it's not just it's a football guy saying. Hey put some padding your puts him pay here mean you guys went to. Like military stuff then into did different types of phones in different types of dispersion material and such right. Absolutely so firstly we do it as personal as your your players. You would like they were looking for I'll tell you yes it's different what you doing high school are we a stretch where we call. Yet assault it was a scroll does it where else and they took credit as they wanna perform their highest well our first it was yet to see back. Let's make sure they're safe as possible with the ability what that they still are going to most of its lightweight they re very warm on suck. Are on the first to speaking with teams players equipment and next our first restaurant or trauma surgeons worked on America saw. City Monica Mark Parker. Do believe as artists were rebel for thirty plus year he's been around as it was quite some tar he had the knowledge of I'm putting it all together the next step as you alluded to award basically be richer real sell. So we knew that we had a good line that we can patent as well as protection ordinance. Or resource materials. Spent about six months in a similar to the military groups all readers called XRB well. It's got a two and etiquette they're primarily used to launch sportsman dirt and stuff. Our combat boots vesting of that nature. We worked with their scientists and basically how can be used those were so all we're not on the party but upon impact protection better. And partners later that we work with them to sell it. And there're there are created exclusive relationship for American football. And that's the moment semen demonstration where we're Urban Meyer many players and torch the. So once you get this altogether how do you get. Army just through the you know I guess that that the demonstrations is that you get to buy him. Because the road and it's truly were 100 it was a grassroots campaign myself in that market hit the road or. Years there also is our word America we knew we had a product. Getting into a higher level we can do we can do given our backgrounds. And we subcontinent the ones who can get thrown out where to try to require an agent and equipment manager. Once they sought they were able have to listen. Word spreads scurrilous aspects of our sport to see you at. That's basically from a grassroots airport are understood pretty numbness we used to go through. A lot of pieces of our products were system Croatian reap ability. The cantilever dispersants systems and home was certainly a port and one on their scientific exploration on how you can explain all of which in all honesty you talk all theater institute for your special where you might lose American cancer respect and so the and one dedicated to sit execute our people most of divorced he takes all of these shoulder problems and it is a helmet what are. An example are there a million times. And of course or were shut up. And it must consider us a presentation. And suddenness is the the simplest marketing we walked out of a remote area on the next week or are looked at Mercer. You know there wasn't gonna hurt you know what sort of our people I was source and that became Margaret go to its grip people search first search. So as teams began their raise the eyebrow and say okay this is something that weekend. We committee give it a shot once they try. Where did you have the tangible evidence give the statistical evidence that is said. This team this group this level of sports has with our heads scene indeed will I don't wanna see dramatic but seemed to decrease. Maybe oh brings such two strains or have they seen the decrease of sprains to no injuries and all it means you have that substance and value right there right now. Absolutely we break it into two errors one on the raw material testing as well the complete product that we so individual are all purses to comment on the Q school you. EPA they're. On it is deep there's no compression certain value to all great access there. So we do testing and track it from the raw materials as well the complete design adverse. We work with our workers are Serbian basically tested a Crash Test Dummies. Shoulder BL parts of the classical Brit speak to our major and second and we do as much as possible war with the team audit reports. So Monday intruders were known for texting and calling and hate. Any injuries toaster there and give you one example. Rubin's office or the Serbs reported artisan remember. Charm and first time GM trade pact in the first round to get him or believe it was 240 acre or an article brought out. Phenomenal player come out Allah coming out of Alabama had a history control or shooters. Are we went out there are spent about an hour and a half where they're equipment that strange bit rude insults. Just show him what we had Teddy was there were customize some additional accessories bespoke all bought we shall where you can have one problems hurts. Arm so. The biggest thing is tracking that data that we get from teams. As well injuries and important things of that nature on some of a morbid public's problem or not. And then on the other side in the offseason like now between now and gender test and who rents are up from scientific report. Rumor by the way retired or Bob Broderick to BP is sales and marketing news with extent pay as we've talked about these things on the air when there's numerous times I think one of the most judge telling statements came from Mohammed Sununu said. I can hit somebody running full speed and not the only thing now I've heard my shoulder few times in the past from hitting somebody and I've yet to do that in the next tech past the fact that he says. He can barely feel if not any thing but give barely feel a thing. Just the mere change your shoulder repairs now you can't predict whether or not a guy Warner would not get injured. But it certainly makes me think of because I know Aaron Rodgers wasn't wearing them. Had he been wearing them are we talking about a quarterback when they sprain or are we talking about quarterback with a break in the season oversell. It's something that certainly raises an eyebrow and should be if you're a Packers fan raising the attention because you are you guys are in a lot of schools. And in a lot of NFL locker rooms correct. Corrective to date we have twenty none of spurred to cancel programs. On average as a 657%. Of the rosters from. Seven undermine Canadian Football League games. All part of 270. Colleges from division three school lawyer of record. University Minnesota or Michigan Ohio State you still such. I'm sort of suited to roll through pro about a 150 schools. Nationwide numerous quarterbacks in the league. One especially here on base senator York you know you know the jets are clever trick or stricter Trojan. But he still I spent probably an hour or have a three years ago you sort he's been an ever since. So our enforcement will never know shall be conversational there is their rockers we never know. Accident that it would prepare and work our corporate abuses of course. All of our job we feel one are designed never sleep were always trying equal all second ten years. We feel our products are going to be test results. As well these that would would you've any player in any position and he shall related to enter the best chance. Sort mark. Now here's here's the here's the million dollar question because everybody that when I talked to him coach. He had said no we are not in the locker room agreement Packers as well known that they use all Douglas products. That being said. Do you have to go through the team can you go through the agents can you go through the individual because. It certainly would seem that if the Green Bay Packers are keeping ex tech heads out and only going with wished there Douglas switches the beetle for years years years at dollar wise. Our other than some of the auction companies but can you go tune or is there a contract with the Packers were they can only go with Douglas and you cannot talk to another player. So all the way it works in the league just primarily. Work which teams director equipment spare us the medical spare. It's becoming known now the players start to west. What products they don't know where I do know according to be union. The player don't have the right to request what they want where and I'll tell you this too it's hot there's no standardized test procedure. Measurements anything like that quarter official press street's expecting to actually home that's right there's certain. Standard helmet passed aware and work or. Player be allowed to Wear himself. I hadn't right now that is not a predator there are felt that it out yeah. He's their. Tops also because all what did no procedure it's kind of an on tapped. Area it's there if you call as far as Green Bay goes well there's an annual and so equipment manager meeting. Every year in March the trainers and equipment and we meet with the majority of them off for whatever reason they're ones to retain that just haven't expressed interest and work. And interesting and I always wonder every time I talk about this whether or not some of these guys would be. Still playing hip that if they were wearing your parents Bob it's always a pleasure and an order to talk more on the road but I hope to see it's Super Bowl again insures well connect. It will be our body talking than. They go Bob Broderick with X tech pads and we got into this and people wanted to know about and I think you don't want. But just bring the guy that does this for a living on and talk a little bit about it so look forum extent pad you can always check amount XXX. TE CH. Dot com expect pads dot com. And see for yourself he joined us on the Schneider awards college that are hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty plus years at beginning and on. 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