Cain: We can compete with anybody

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, March 12th

Bill was able to catch up with Brewers’ outfielder, Lorenzo Cain.  What does he think about his new teammates?  Are they capable of competing for a ring? 


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Just coming back Woodson looks alike. I know I'm not not a lot has changed you don't loan limit through tenth muse canosa both so young players now so it Conceptus. Some learn their bodies you know learn personalities and Stiller remains. But as a whole you know and government is almost over and. Pretty successful in Kansas City so when you talk about championship club announces camaraderie chemistry there's a lot of intangibles that go into winning. To give me a sense of how you feel about the clubhouse. Let's go to different than those who you know a lot of a lot of young and talented group. You know chemistry isn't through the roof tonight and Allred to field. There's a lot of similar as. Citizens and so is it. As a group this really want to win over employers. Pete and certain victory came to compete within months and it's going to be a lot of a lot of time known very sexy. On the senate side knows about wanted to get you don't feel it's and they will see what happens in they're going in his home. Teresa elevating a bit slow a bit different or from a Kansas City ballpark to Miller Park that seem to be a band box has got some different nuances to it. Playing out feels a little bit different but as far as being a power hitter being Vatican put ball in play at Miller Park you've got to be Canon has Milo that questioner you know stuff. It is good investigative editors mark. Same time and I've got to. Vermont's us through my game you know those two model I got broken modular thing in toasting themselves and it definitely definitely gonna. Be nice evening near enough for Liz Islam movement picked. In a day of analytics. Where people look at war and people look at different numbers such as Oprah has come when you look at the outfield you guys have now it's it's it's upgraded I mean you guys look what you guys can not only do you personally I can really put the ball play consistently where they struggled at the end of last season. You know on that's always been part of my game you know. Member and gotta you know we'll get a pitch you know thirty home runs so I don't know gotta gotta do another way excellent as well from a something an all around player in do little bitter over everything and now. A citizen Meehan and myself enough healers is going to be you know. Huge huge distance teeth removal you know partake in it so. They just as they have did you know versatility a phenomenon has always. Some real quick trilogy goes the the American League vs initially big difference or not. Our own for me you know just do NATO so long analog got a in I used to seeing same faces face in the same is just to see a lot of same pitchers each and everyday Sola. Amuse us learn and learn and help pitchers as Sony's biggest house leaks and you know was a hit it down and alternately all right.