Catching up with an NFL great known for celebrations

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Tuesday, November 14th

Former NFL Wide Receiver Billy ‘White Shoes’ Johnson stops by. What does he remember from his time with the Oilers and Falcons? What does he think of celebrations now in the League?


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I grew up watching this guy. And a man when I I tell you what when ever I had a chance. As a larger tight end minute and a defensive end. If I pick one up and scored a first thing you wanted to do was do Billy white she's jumped he now joins us on the Schneider orange talent. Go on my friend. Dormitory. Well. That is for you know how many people it from from that era just did you just emulated you and probably still do to this day see you walk on the street meant. Belt but I'd. So it must be remembered. It was boy was it how things have changed Emmy now live now the NFL is bringing back football and end zone celebrations and such and he would like I said it. You know I grew up in Cincinnati I watch Isaac Curtis is dropping over shoulder that's that was his thing and then when they played you guys we watched you wouldn't you do the dancing the end zone and got the notoriety in such quick. The game itself is remain the same while changing so dramatically I guess the best statement I can possibly make tea. What if that is true I mean it would always remained a second and of course are ball I'd add a morbid excitement to which so. I think that was one of the reasons the ugly excited to. Passed on them allowed them to celebrate yet. When you got into the game obviously you were a specific player you had speed you were guided people love to watch General Electric Q were you I'd sit so I was on the Chicago station the other day and they were saying have you ever seen anybody is dynamic you say got a valid Devin Hester Harrison go back to don't want to Johns mean that was the kind of guy I mean. Once you've got going you just were a white blur beneath you and off you went. And your notoriety in that particular for for the shoes and everything that went along with a I don't of the shoes became bigger than you but but man you talk on board that dude dude I mean yeah I know you know it but you're that guy magnet. Quality about on McCain might travel what might be sure because we absorbed. Dynamite ballplayer on entry we have like Korea for future also played so. I would just normal job and I'll supposed to do it just yet and he ought to contribute. I wanna ask Kia about playing in Houston because obviously the Texans are now baca the Oilers who left. And things changed and are you getting your heart. You play for other teams with Houston's where I got that I got to known and entombed for that franchise to lead Houston. We remembered the bum Phillips in the Houston Oilers tunes in. And just everything you had down there needs Susie is and we Demi bigger bagels fan growing up in a Packers fell love hate your guts but it was so fun to watch in. It had to be an amazing time. For what that stadium was at the time that an amazing place to play the astrodome. It it it was he was really cold what do we know football is big it used. There was there's and then you get a coach like Bob Phillips who has his own identity yet when you look at it and how he. Changed the complexion. Game that we play especially in Houston. The late people gravitate. Toward the team that he had a muscular. Player. Because of that ugly and that's why got into it commandeered towards plain. EE treat you well it was a player's coach. He let us please solve guys and we know we have one feels so it was really one main. I can't tell yet. How many times people look like to go to work or go to practice just to sit there have to practice now talk like a published their. Kodi Smit and somebody likes that we've been around the league. Bob bodies and all of man a lot of it was unbelievable. It was a fantastic. It's used in for a bit lucky to have change. Yeah it was that the powder blue uniforms in those compounds to him in all my god it refused. You know Houston Oilers yeah I mean I remember the song. It's like vikings' horn man. I it was it was a great time. Bill that's what wondered do we want to become those my stickers. Where you know we get out there and we do our. Spring yet. I have to bundle that people began to gravitate toward as. And they always say there's some salt we travel acutely bit like Ers are tired of it but it doesn't resonate in mind all the time and that's. What happened with the good teams. But this city is involved for a few. Players involved city it was just one of those great times great ARRIS to be playing football city if you. I know you get asked this all the time vote one of the greatest in my opinion ever watch Ron was Earl Campbell I mean the size the strength. The the agility for a big man that he had and I you know it which was such the opposite watching you run because Georgia's lake dear enlightening and it's gone but. But at that time what you guys had his as may be where I what you consider to be like a 12 punch it was it was a thing of beauty and and deceit. You know all that kind of come together and into watch Earl Campbell up close and personal. How was that for you because he had to be almost one of those guys were you blocking downfield but you're you're new you can hear him comment. And you're almost all of our ability. Big thing we thought Earl and all the people a lot. Whenever you put it can't argue back it was a completely assured. Pushed the pol. You refused to let people were. And you just well which it is problem of people with which you know leader you do pay what Obama stopped there I've worked out real. Having a running back like. Welker catch one now actual lay off curt. In the apartment on the thought he could but he was complete back he could do at all but the biggest thing that it is. That. Are all what kind of guy was you'd but he did you'd be getting back. When I get excited when he gave any really bad actor Robert that see. Robin sax Chicago. Mottled duck up years ago we sought after. And you know those guys might as well which come and he's slow now welcome your slow now. And he thought plank that he was Watergate and he grabbed his hand the texture that voted into the ground. Because those actual regret what they gave any bit of fairway wood. Trying to change but he gave them back what they may say it was that type of back but he was unbelievable. Dollar Billy white shoes Johnson and their watches through Houston you go up to Montreal for a year Italy and I believe and then a year to actually your career in Washington right. Yeah that's it's without being able to like when you were so well known coming out Houston you go to Montreal for a year but did you come back if bomb for five years with the falcons. Seven years without fully met seven U yeah okay are you how about that seven years at one now. It was good it was it was you're out. I came back on the fortune go to achieve that played on grass. Well looking forward and they were competitors that attack. I think I know I'll think I know how much lower come back. And it was fun have a much younger guys on the team. They played hard they've had some great years in the past. The right side is what counts he would. Jeff Randall junior Miller we have Andrew Luck McCain. So it was a great change. That you have. The fortune to come back attack. When there are you aware of you know get done playing in life begins to take its told you got involved in the gridiron greats in the it's. Something that we worked with we've we've talked to many use a different guys it's a part of this could always seem to come by and as sit down with a sits a Super Bowl as well. But you work with a poor Brian people pork imports in pig skins baby that's it all goes. Together again I am right now god knows that. I've said in the press box is a note goes around but there's talk about what that's meant for life after football because it's not all sitting in mentions in having everybody cater to user. There are no doubt about that and the biggest thing they do actually good news that they create that the system you guys who treat our player. You know what pioneers of the game and make it should be great looking NFL and sometimes say. They don't have trouble meeting their financial obligations. Getting medicine and surgery. Those rates take on the complete. I guess. Overhaul accompanied individuals who are less fortunate. Order to effect on mall sometime sometime apple hard try and it's a great field people some recipe. Some of blows I have mercy got part of what these guys sent spent a great deal also offered 20. I guess that I have a great day of celebration. They are allowing they are having a situation where. I can't complain gridiron group. And they can go online late. The game and but it of course this this long line. Groupon gluten. To a port one but albums are and they. We'll do it all of a TD celebration. And their fortune equivalents 100 dolls for the individual award. 500 policy for those who are Laura before it goes and also get. I actually here so these people some recipes and important way if the ground greats to really help them to raise funds to go out to assist all the players. It's always a pleasure good chance to check with you out real quick one more time if they can if there's a specific website to go to that they can check in on our. Our wanna find out more information about you the pork grinds the recipes for the gridiron greats where they go. They go to WW. Dot pork lines not. That good albeit commissioner warned that an acidic a lot gonna play the games all as they want. And as fortunate as space you know you wonder what it 500 dollars and he had Butler loose. NATO medal and it's always good it's a pleasure talking me I hope to see you real soon again on the road with thanks for sharing some memories who has been great I certainly appreciate look at argue hey thank you so much there you go that's Billy white shoes Johnson joining us on the ocean water or challenge.