Charchian: Not sure if Rhodes will stay on Jordy or Davante

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Thursday, October 12th
10/12/17: Paul Charchian of has the latest fantasy football advice heading into the Week 6 slate.

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We bring in now our fantasy football. Guy and as Paul charge differently save dot com leagues they closed our account and pinball dot com charger or even meant. Let me perhaps theater is a special special thing holy cow I have a great evening last week in Milwaukee at. Bloody what a fantastic place. And I heard you you made it down plans that's awesome up. Doubt about it aptly that I know we've only got to the first segment here but I guy I got asked demeaned when you talk about wide receivers how fast is Dovonte Adams closing ranks. He's great and down you know right now we've been talking about your credibility if you can talk to get. Speaker wrote might be the best cornerbacks in the book and he is just awful literati all of these great number one place eat all your lock. So York viking. Knowing that you can effectively shut down almost any receiver at any style of the it is is Gordon Watt but other map. Arm who would you put him on Jordy Nelson or divide that out by Deborah from that they feel the vikings here take one of them away. Who is more important to take away. Why do you take away George. I mean majority majority of the guys gonna symbiotic relationship with Aaron Rodgers and mean that that's got to go to guy now everybody else amidst it's a tough question because. Dovonte Eddie Adams as younger and little more speed majority just got that knowledge engine run such incredible Ralph's. But Dovonte Adam that your team leader in every category yup it's more targets more stuff considering everything the touchdown things you. It's really feel like you know if I can if I can take that guy wrote to the vote act is the most of the yards predictable way. Maybe that's more important I don't know I don't we don't know in the past eight quote that on jerking off. But Donnelly and so I've it's. That's all I'm not sure I think one of the few times they're really really don't have a great set. He's going to go out and out of actors. Like I. But decided Gladys but. There's like you don't do it if it's. Anybody out they erode its its pretty much like now because you don't Antonio brown and Mike Gavin let me just quite a few hours. I can hear me out somebody's somebody's bad game I don't know I don't yet know the directory or where it to your point that you probably orbit in the items but they're both. Both obviously very good they're both whoever doesn't victory sitting I don't really good game against right wing I can tell you that much for sure. Osgood the phone calls ginger and green Dell Jimmy got a question for Paul charge in June. It all you like better as we get tight ends up your injury or Jordan read. I'm I'm like under Henry a lot this week in Jordan reed no cut down don't hurt right now. Yeah chuck you'd put it mapped out a bye week even mine number eleven I didn't. Hunter had area like a lot better up at number five they're making that transition from Antonio Gates doctor Henry Henry touched down to the last two games. And scored both teams Lackey and against the raiders this week's opponent. Diana John let's go to John Green Bay NW NFL John I know went. Good guard. Hello there the standard lead I'm starting guard mark and I need one spot to tell between Christian McCaffrey. Are Carlos I heard Gary McKinnon becomes public what to do. Yeah you know frankly I don't like any of this weekend so I I I think it's to recommend any of them but upbeat barge. The one that I got hired mr. McKinnon on if we got it he ate our touchdown athlete but other than that long that's about average to point four yards per carry that. Right now he's the focus of the he's the focus to the vikings running attack its budget but acted it itself. Well we'll try to jerk we get him but honestly I don't I don't love. This one's from Ziggy who says trade question Julio Jones and crow well for girly and Bangor question mark. Yap Julio Jones it's really pretty much Julio Jones for currently the other guys are grown. You'll like it rather early it's been. Fantastic to me my and I look in this I've got grit it out and out of ten match up against the jaguars the worst run defense leaked by yardage allowed worked on defense by. Football outsiders answer comes docked early got. You know the most touchdowns and you know fell for a running back and it's done its eight game mouth watering match apart not currently so like I love it speaking of which really took its Jacksonville. And Pittsburgh went up against Jack collapsed. And you pick up medium bow and jackal the number one pat sort of built in eight. Don't spend profits for her arm out of pocket in that game and they report up 55 interceptions on the worst called games in. Com this is great this is an interesting one I was gonna ask used with Ken asks the question. Should I start Adrian Peterson and a PPO. Arlene Murray hearing Jones. On air. Don't make you think I'm wrong but I I think that thing I think it's it's this which is happening right now. I think they're private company owner you just what bullets now about what you'll then have to start last week you'd figure the McGovern you run harder. You might even EU showed a lot of but I thought he might get that sort of lights off their guilt which is punishing dealt defenders it down the stretch Matt Damon. Even if Montgomery comes back for this week in the felt that you practically off but he probably well. I thought don't give me the starter in doubles footwork if they're going opportunity not in the front go under they do it'll still be Joan and Don Montgomery from this point or relegated to a change of pace all going forward. Pretty good evening and anybody can how can you keep that Iraq. I would say yeah I am I think guaranteed I sit Irian Jones just would take the stats awake just to the eyeball test jump cut. Following the blocks if the hold an open up new window busted outside if not he knew when to plow through the hole hit the hole quicker just from the eyeball test he looked like a running back. I totally agree and if I thought I don't this up perfectly correct but I think Jones had he carries of more than nine yards and Montgomery had had any. This year. It get it the hole and felt so much better account too just it just felt like right at. No I think upon a time at every owner I'm spelling now and trying to get what I can get out of it or trying to acquire haren Jones as cheaply by Ken. At this point before eat their corporate sales figures out that this this is shoppers away. Mark says. With the injury to Tom Brady should I start person wins instead. Not act now Brit can go you know about that upper east you know you commit we stopped it misses aren't cracked me to date as they. Should always show a lot of caution him but no one week off I'm not I'm really outward operated ought Alec wants to be an overnight quarterback Brady. Re in the jets so at that. They're really nice opportunities. This one is from Jacob who's is Jay Cutler or anyone who starts for the forty thinkers. Why cast I don't know review did that your two starting quarterbacks sets I think you've picked some losers benevolence. Well now we're acting like brain where this week if it gets to add secondary does well what we like the freedom cynical. He averaged 342. Yards in a couple of touchdown passes in boasting now it wrecked. But which normally decent secondary but they are just haven't done that that the growing not suspect they're down to beat property sub par so I act. Under quite frankly remember when we're back. You've got down one more question here Dovonte Freeman. Were who resale Liza McGwire. A light yet don't feel bad you don't with just third string running back but like reporters going to get most of the work this week began in we feel pretty comical Apollo not gonna go on that or it's not gonna go so. And it it's a pretty good actor because. Goes up if the patriots patriots you'll be most totally dark running back so if it. It I don't out of state completely ridiculous but the Mac to make you a little bit better. Still start Freeman is in the up and running back every week didn't he might ever running back this goes up against Miami. Arm he's coming up may I be but eighty yards one touchdown game against the spirit of golf ball better performer he laughed Freeman. Very avid charge good stuff as always and we certainly appreciate just went by about an earlier this week early so are we have about it we'll look. Ballpark or actually our body Tucker there they go Paul charging from Lisa dot com leaks they posted dot Taliban ball dot com taking your fantasy football questions for couple minutes on the Schneider or in childlike.