Clemens: A changing of the guard from Jordy to Davante?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, November 17th

Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius takes us inside the Packers lockerroom. Is the coaching staff starting to realize that Davante Adams is the new #1 WR? Plus, how concerned should we be with the corners?


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And when you comfortable with that so you know like Ambien all these reps during practice and games of the day you know. He's certainly been our star didn't alarm on the torso arm and my guess that I have been some Americans we're each and every week so clear just continued improvement each and every week and smuggle. Words from Packers quarterback Brett Conley in the highlighted there from fox television welcome back it's the bill Michael showed Tim Allen in for bill today we welcome into the studio. Mike Clemens from the bill Michael sports talk network the fan in Milwaukee NFL serious radio you do it all Michael how aria. I'm good after that bears win. At the podium Brett Conley said I just feel more comfortable with. As we're talking about you know as it is play by play guys that that's like an Aaron Rodgers bird that one come from. Back shoulder throw forty yards in the driving rain on the road at Soldier Field touchdown. And then eight ops that one more who to whom Dovonte. On the right hand side line and their work and powerful there were comments field. Another nice throw organized worded discomfort. Because they've tried to run a couple those classic Mike McCarthy West Coast play action with a big. Boo leg with the quarterback and he tries to launch 175 yards down the field. But he kept missile with Jordy they try that a couple times so you know your first you talk to Brett coming say while do you realize. This error are egg them on since Aaron Rodgers broke their collar bone in Minnesota. Time flies county in my. It's crazy that it's been a month because to me it seem like it's still just happened yesterday and my head's been down and described an intimate shut. You know played investment teammate so times one. So after struggling through taking over in Minnesota against the vikings and saints came up against Drew Brees and lines came up against Matt Stafford in where he had actually be there he said. I talked to his quarterback coach last night Alex and now this is so. You saw the progress you know step by step to get to the fourth quarter. And ninety got the fox NFL guy saying. Facet Aaron Rodgers like throw and so I said Alex Van Pelt former quarterback who's been in bread on the issues as a villain. We play for the Buffalo Bills. What made the difference. Practice. And just get better each week you know what's up. To going to throw a hundred times and scout team. Which is have macarthur's puncture in the game. And you know he got enrolled there Yucca and your confidence will continue to grow and I think that's what we're building towards you know that this type of game he's. Feels more culpable in his play in the game and a but he Q you played a great job of managing the offense and you know nothing care of the football the last few weeks. This is a couple weeks release is gonna continue to get better each week but as far as leaving anything that led up to that. What you get back to practice it's getting reps get the confidence. Get the timing with the guys. Talk to invest in the word on this here this complicated list with three years he's making great throws. In the Hudson's. When you guys are locked out. Trusses and then the defensive backs on it's got an army can throw them either through. Peter King from Sports Illustrated was on the show about ten days ago. And made a brilliant observations say was a deal you know over the years with Peyton Manning and Brett Favre now evening Aaron Rodgers. These guys are there up by three scores. And they're still out there pad the stats. And you wonder why your back up quarterback. Stinks because he never gets enough reps meaningful reps and I Heathrow this guy and you know on the team collapses right. You saw last night media Steelers game Landry Jones and up and game out get him some time there up get a man or give them some status for when you might need. So we're driving back from Chicago and I said bill Michaels a signal bill. So afterward we ago. Because they just won this game snapping a three game losing streak I'm talking to Jordy. Any didn't seem to be really in a celebratory mood ice there's that they like I said Dreessen. Hobby seems to come do you. On those got to have a third and seven kinds of plays just like Aaron Rodgers has for whole career right. But you know and that their ticket shot plays said Dovonte Emmy and what's going on territory. I think he's still always asked to do these filters possessions he's reading the coverages and in his. This tees and when if its you know some of these jobs are going to be shorter and we expect us attention make the play. As an office just click wheel loose as the game wore on him. Down in the river we just played we made plays or the running game is very offensive line is a good job all day. An entire debate amongst us some of the most partisan some pound football 45 Arizona time and so I estimated difference of us is the first downs and converted some third downs and of a set for years or something hit third you know first downs it helps you get the rhythm and I mean that's obviously tiger reproductive. I know auditory signals for ten years. Something. And Iran he's not a fantasy super stud anymore so the next night. Bill Michaels and drillers and sit down with the Ponte Adams. And they're talking about on who's the most great catch he made in the fourth quarter in the rain against the bears went home. Seems like you guys are fight click it gets and chemistry right. I think me and brits have kind of government same page over the past couple weeks kind of figured out. Learn each other's mannerisms they're just so he can no you know just let it fly and he didn't know wing you know kind of what he's thinking on different plays so. I feel like we've connected in which kind of put a little bit extra time outside of the stadium to try to figure some things though and I think that that's opposite field. What. Now. Is silly you're an off campus with a ugly. All. Well Lee sang and out. Randall what about your body majority. To rob a mold. Are they come out of the house. What's gone on there in Findlay and Rogers tried that is fanning out a little bit more it was it wasn't in Monaco so. Then I talked a wide receivers coach last night Luke gets the about. Seoul. Is Dovonte Adams Brenda please go to guy. I don't think it's more so with. Dovonte maybe than the other guys what I do we want but I do think it's happening is spread scheme comfortable with each guy in their own way. You know in the vaunted does a lot of things that are special thing. You know Brett latching on those and you could see him taking advantage of those and I think. We're asking Jordan do weigh a lot more a lot of different things that mean he's he was outstanding last game running game. Caught in the same way and we've moved moved him all world all around. And I think you know the things that we're asking these guys do specifically I think Brett started getting more comfortable with each kind of wanted we ask him do a lot so. I think you know Brett is starting to really latch on. To him and I but I don't think it's just him I do think it's the whole room there's definitely with overtime that this relationship has gotten better and better each of their picture. Tim if it's third and seven. If it's third and thirteen and Aaron Rodgers needs a go to guy who's he going to ties Nelson. OK so. You got the Vontae Adams that guy was on the video a couple of years ago standing at at you know two feet planted in a driveway with a basketball. And east on on makes his leaping grab in turn does a 360 and dunks and the rent and Regis she. The F ladder system that in the vertical. And so you know in other words he's coached or Tanya. You know yeah we there's a lot of special athletic things Dovonte Adams can do and order we ask them. Working to do it in this period partly because we're gonna be showing everybody. Maybe including twelve that we should get the ball to this guy mark yeah yeah for sure. And we're watching that bears game that I time my gummery that beautiful run was 37 yards to schools right at the gap. Cuts back to the left huge opening you see Jordy Nelson on the block you saw Richard Rodgers trying to make up for the loss of Martellus Bennett. You know do a bed trying to do a better job of blocking downfield. On rotten place. But you talked a loot get teased he receiver scorched. And you say soul. Really now you've got Jordy Nelson is being asked to Ron block more. Than to go out on routes. In his position there's never been a blanket and I it really hasn't and we we got a you know we got to find a way to win games and he's going to do whatever it takes to do that the American ball from the image of ten balls and yet. But you know they've done a great job old. Well mine and and and he's just an excellence these from that big round for Furtado is he did a great job soon and diamond and getting that safety so. During Nelson as and then touchdown catch on four games that's why he's no longer in your fantasy team. That's exactly that and. And outside of my kids. I don't think it's a changing of the guard handing the baton to the number one from majority to Dovonte but the coaches are saying. We should have probably been doing this all along agreed. And if we've talked about that before to Vontae is stud receiver in the NFL he has an end this development with Hundley is only gonna help him with Rogers I think. To to be that guy we'll talk more after the break here but my clemency here on the bill Michael's show. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk that. A quirk. Good fortune though Michael show brought to our friends a quick trip right now 24 ounce Packers Tumblr sings nice 1999. With any in store purchase. After every Packers win you can bring in the Tumblr for a free refill of coffee your cappuccino or hot chocolate or fountain drink all season long. It's available right now it any Wisconsin quick trip store. Stay. But from all those players. That's the game ball water run off specialties you can replay I don't know console I thought they clearly played his successful pause agreement packer. We came in there are no where before all the time where he needed to run it. He had phone Booth style raunchy and he delivered very personal record. Mike McCarthy. And the highlights from fox television now welcome back it's bill Michael showed Tim in for bill. In studio here might Clemens and Jamal Williams. Getting at some Kerry's gonna get some touches on Sunday might. Out while this was a pleasant surprise this worked out according to the planned when Ted Thompson. Drafted three running backs and picked up two or three more undrafted. Like phillips' stick to compete in. In training camp but as we got through. But the third fourth wicket training camp and what we sought practice. Was herself and keep on what Jamal Williams and not Aaron Jones and and even after the bears game the first bears and they want McCarthy had some praise for Aaron Jones and nice touchdown and but they still kept open and Jamal Williams who was get nothing one yard near one yard there. Whatever the case Erin Jones his car off after his third carry of the game he's going to be out three to six weeks with a sprained MCL. Ty Montgomery is a nice touchdown run against the bears and he read it aggravates the rib injury he's not gonna play McCarthy said today he will not play. But Jamal Williams comes in eight has a nice game 67 yards popular rock getting gains of five or six yards here before we did not seem. We have not seen as an unhealthy just I got the hair on fire or maybe it's a weighted schemed up but that's a pretty good to bears defensive line he's going against. Mean these visits with the first team I don't know despite. Your finally get the results. May be Cali got the message like at this is if this is do or die right and he saved that game I think by. Keep an eye on the ground and set things up for humbling. So I asked Edgar Bennett who twenty years ago at this time was lineup in the backfield behind Brett Favre. Now's the offensive coordinator for the Packers how did you think that Jamal Williams performed against the bears. Go to your room and ours so. All of that and more openness throughout. His ability to write articles. Very decisive as Iran put its foot in the ground and air the ball in the Arkansas finished moving forward. And again accelerated its you don't count toward breaking tackles of fingers through the morning during euros. You also do myself from the protection standpoint understanding here's assignments as targets. And he was on the moon zone when the opportunity presented itself is for us the one on one type situation members of the defender. Pass protection. He can protect pass protect them. That's gonna keep the manner. And so we'll see Dovonte mace. Who you know been right the bench and inactive but the third of the three running backs that they picked up last year in the draft. It's a it's almost like its work and in all this is exactly where the plan works for a new was opposed to a year ago this time with total chaos like. Don Crockett was out there are idled Davis right all these guys are bringing it and bringing out off the street the guy from the Seahawks you know Chris and Michael you have to have. Yeah how fast but he ran the wrong way we're running into the right Christen the players to the right. That's right and I wish you when he did that when Seattle was here the Seattle presser saying that seeing all Christian Michael that's always on Seattle. Missed assignments. So. I think to give my credit. I absolutely I devoted Dovonte maze will be interest to see him get a couple stance after Jamal Williams so that's what you have. Randall Cobb lineup in the wildcat against the bears you know why that happened. As Aaron Rodgers is there. That's along the coach said last night we believe we would never run the wildcat does that takes weeks bench from Rogers. But we'll give bread on the break that was a quote. A lot of coaches. So and Randall Cobb will get no more snaps one of the backfield too for that rotation. Now what about on the offensive line. I mean if you said hey Bryan Bulaga right tackle out for the year it's all. Visa and a hi how are you gonna get pass protection I you know under the rights on the field but this just a McRae kid that they had I'll think. I don't sense that there's still that hot about Jason sprigs coming any time soon at least. The feel I was getting last night talking to the coaches but this for cricket. I talked to him this is from September they in the third pre season game McCarthy came on the third quarter and he just pounded the rock. Has he needed to seek he had so many. Things going on with the quarterbacks with Cason hill in the Joseph Kellen he had to SS offensive line. And those running backs to see who he's gonna keep and who was gonna cut. So he had these long. All running place in the pre season and I kept look at this crickets have a scale. He's tenacious and follow through all the way into the whistle blows whereas you know. David Bakhtiar he's got tremendous technique. Bulaga is got tremendous strength this guy just you know he shorter and doesn't look the part but he keeps fighting away and I talked address McRae as it was at that. That those long running dries you had in that third pre season game is that how maybe you made the cut on the roster. As alarming them and ball. I think we're out there. Eighteen plays you have fourteen runs in just so good you know just keep in four yards par five of the possible. I think that as a as a unit that I think that the group was and I think that might have been on this corner you know. I preview during the four pre season games. And even family night is that the opportunity get plus plus plus object definitely you know in the day when. Don't see how you perform in the game situation. I've been doing some pretty good things in practice. Is as good though they would take one of those things for practice and bring it again I have it here this is Iowa. Pre season games a second time third time. This guy was dude is he was sticking out it is not so much on the practice field. Nobody write about it. But this guy look at this guy and that anti earmark remember I didn't know tape that this came in handy so he handles a keen six. And the linebacker Floyd against the bears' plane right tackle actors ardea played guard and left. Let's tackle. And I asked James camp and I said. Is it the tenacity this guy that's his greatest asset. I'm very very it's. And a credit to him. As young man's came in and you know vast and know every position on the line of scrimmage but you know everyone. Heck he's. Center guard tackle left right I mean let's take it really strong minded person. A no all those things. Express with experience hasn't. Being new and then C have any changes feet. Technique on from left to right it's not easy to do. That very very good job such that is Smart. Offensive line coach James camp. Seems like a good kid that. Yet it's great kid and it just seems to be answered the bell now this week you'll have to go against world Suggs. Story line. And I quickly touch and a couple things and defense you know people wonder if Dom Capers is on the hot seat. Well put yourself in the defensive coordinators shoes when you've got your rookie corner. You know your first pick overall Kevin King good player good pick. But he's got some sort of chronic shoulder problem. And when he was taken off the shoulder pads in the visitors locker room at Soldier Field. He's wearing this black artists on the shoulder the same kind of thing that from mom Williams had to Wear at the end his playing days in Green Bay. This goes back to something he's been wearing since college. And soul you know I asked him yesterday. How bad is that shoulder injury. It's an all right you know May Day definitely affects you when it's something I've been going through four. You know mark. And Dom Capers has yet even on game film for the prayers in the Casey was favored. He's playing corner with one shoulder right OK and that gets to be problematic when you have to try and step in May be help on and run. Now the meantime. You know Kevin King is a sharp kid and I asked him about Joseph Flacco I think is still. One of the best deep pastors. In the NFL. Some reason all. The ravens offense is weird right now they got more drop off passes to their half backs. Not checked downs and they do shots downfield but here's what defensive back Kevin King had to say about his prep against the ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco. Experience it and not experience. Got to act you know I'll last on. You know has has to both they and he can make our throws. As strong arm and yet lacked confidence himself he makes about it. Allow those you know only. That the codecs can make that's as good for him and it took time I'd be good for us live. Now last week. The rookie Mitchell too risky. Is looking forward to bond houses. And he says Josh Josh Bellamy down the right inside my beats them 46 yard touchdown. And so we asked Dom Capers last night you know our people now start to target house on the deep ball because it seems to be happening on a weekly basis. With regard will be a bit better perjury you know we're five minute virtual net new receiver coach daughter. And largest. He hesitated on the stutter and actually use. Sometimes you know you get ready to play that play to cut the route in and but the combination we didn't get pressure with but the pressure of the climate. In you know they be able to top that it's gonna have some deposition. You know as I mentioned that it will be critical Sunday you know because. We know we're going to challenge with with these two speed guys up the field so we're gonna have to make sure that we do your job over control. Which you don't wanna do you won't want to play your tale often. Have a couple plays OK influence the game in Munich which. Which the once Sunday okay. It was their only touchdown when he goes over the top. Owed as Maclin. And lawless and you know maybe it's to Marius Randall. And Kevin King in his one shoulder. Maybe yes Dom Capers catch a lot of heat last. And don't few weeks here and slowly. Billick as you're looking for more turnovers. You're looking for them to vote in these take over 50% of the game. And you know they'll argue well we keep I'd have an offense as three and outs of putting innocent and are favorable situations as well. Right. My Clemens great stuff all as always meant we appreciate it attempt you got there's Mike Clemens. And a fell serious radio he's with bill Michael sports talk network in the fan in Milwaukee. Our new male heads up plays of the week in the Milwaukee Bucks will be mentioned on this show on a football Friday Joseph is that right. Let's do that we'll do it next year in the bill Michael's show. Michael's voice told C.