Clemens: Concerns for Kumerow?

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, August 20th
Mike Clemens, our Green and Gold Insider, has the latest from Packers Training Camp. Are the Packers lacking in the run game after Jamaal Williams’ injury? Does he expect Nick Perry to play Friday night?

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Let's get to it on the Schneider orange hotline on the bill Michael's show here today it's my Clemens that training camp near water. Now or anybody. I'm Garrett Graham are you man Mel more important how you are and back to have back to work for the back here. As they get they get out on the field today it was going on. Well this morning signed for a number sixteen. 82 yard touchdown at the other night against the Baylor. And make manager will receive add edit that cover all of the land them. Right shoulder. And then I try to document immediately after the open up a locker room after the game. Opera ball on the front off the Baltimore reduction tried that it. When you're gonna say that you're gonna say that it covers. Yep I did a local thing here I'm going to be fun is full fare well. It's an AC joint and he's not practiced that day watching it console and an ease in the middle of this extremely. Competitive. Fight for a roster spots. At wide receiver and you know they actually could keep scheck's. Or seven. They and their organization is still pretty Trevor Davis. As a return man and nobody out here really. And I just jumped off the pages as the opposite and I'll have to returner. Quentin Rollins is getting his looks not yet it actually a couple of good returns and punt return. The other night. They just love the wrong guy on VoIP for them today lob how hard work. And at the direction they take their base I got back to Chile. Also city has been too many mistakes. You know in the secondary when he's in coverage but now they're trying to look at this as possible turf to. Pod return but. What it comes the wide receiver race. After you know some of the veterans in you know trial while the course Cobb Dovonte. I don't I think that corals got a shot at being this guy's hair but he got these three rookies they drafted. Mark has held its gambling just bentonite catch. And I've had you on more each stop on overall. I don't know why he stopped by her out. And the ball sailed over an analog got to help from a backup defensive back to intercept. Need this shot tries to pass and no other recorders just won't arise. What now happen on that play and that's the first course here they tuck the threat or brow. Jamal Williams side came out and said it was sort of a dirty play the other day on that ankle injury what's the latest on him. Yeah I like is only second period Galen. Started about you know Williams a big. Linebacker just kind of grab from the twisted and turned in solid uncalled for you got. The whistle blown and you're just trying to cannot he without here do a little bit of well warm ups on the side with this ankle this got so that's a good sign that on the field. And Jezebel. The Comoros over here where he's out or partial credit offered he's just. Observe and we can't find 31 upon Assad we don't out. If you got hurt the other night or there's something else gone on they did have a practice in pads out here yesterday but they had the TARP but it was closer kind of do and some. Well early game planner for the Chicago Bears so. We don't know yet what that would that situation otherwise it was a lot of guys that are factored. Kevin King. Readers other shoulder might be their best of that second best. Our corner. He's taken some rhapsody isn't covers jagr Alexander the first tropic. Taken some more sent sailing Taylor. Left guard. He had you back from an ankle surgery Nazis and knocked them you know what side he's out there trying to block I. I don't think Aaron Rodgers gonna play out there to try to get him some firsthand stats date it's working and but there's too many other things that they want a scene. Crummy second and third string guys. And and they got to get our run game. They got to get a one game gone. They got in injury Aaron Jones back you've taken steps that some. Almost all cancel four with a hamstring Dovonte Mays was the third running back of the three day draft last year this could've been his moment. And I also bought almost two weeks now stallion you're somebody and don't got it back slotted. From the reds on to the outside he had a for the pilot also almost like snapped in some coal like you know flat tire. Grabbed back in this side obviously a hamstring. I think you're missing all kinds of reps and opportunities to the player that has some has this plan a couple of journeyman over the weekend just to get up front and back to keep the reps all of your camp. Any thoughts on the involvement I've been here in your reports all day long Mike. One on nick area and whether he's gonna play at all on Friday I would assume not but tell your thoughts. Now. And I think he knows that too because. You know you cannot you're you're Patrick physical OK that's fine. Place that got to Angola Chad and just really quiet about exactly hull. They said the surgery was wedding Adam why had to have medics that are. But you know he's been working out. Changes he got the biggest smile you know there are trainers and position coaches from the deep threat and every spot here and given him a pat on the back welcoming him back is so certified we will put down on the pads. But you know you're kind of backers surgery you know Gordon played the first week yeah do you drills given some teen raps. In the controlled environment. And maybe get some steps as we take a couple of hits in just a football shape following week the file on Saturday night against sheets. And I know he's a pro seven years complacent football. Against the bears and then that would be great if he's right on track it makes. The opening weekend and it can help me out because that's another spot where where where martini we talked about. Yemen's Alito linebackers alternate insights spot and that the outside spot flashed and then. They get to the next game and it's like OK there's really not initial fork and I don't know because they're not being allowed the let's. You know you don't have to have a big game this week integrators. Is as big oil yeah there's disguised drop off him like that's kind of milk carton. Don't go GA but it just helps shorts. I talked about as possible. Thought he seemed you know having understood. That in good judgments and decisions. He'd understand what they were asking for him in this scheme and are saying. And no restart it and a appreciation after the family night and just thought there Reggie Gilbert. It would admit. I was quite happy got to add sacks and tackles and Giannone count all the pressures and he had his sister in their spec so tomorrow Reggie you bird. And playing instinctively. And appreciating being and that seems like usually have back there for contain and the place goes the other side. Yet that is going to be interest in just one final thought I know your busier right there rats on the on the practice field with. We're we've talked earlier in the program about the shot Kaiser and and Brett Hundley and I think just from. Folks sit back with some popcorn watching pre season game. Are they going to hold all three of them Mike in in your thoughts sir is Brett Hundley maybe not long for the door. I'd. I'd I'd heard. That you wouldn't just come and camp Boortz and pitched a picture I mean we're you know. We understand why you wanna get rid of Randle put in so bring it a guy in the trade. Through. Push tunneling movement and our treatment nationally push I'm like I did like it to guy. He can't he use this week. And he he had 89 game last year to try and find it never gotten better and I think that's the general thinking your wise. Calmly could back you up because extras get plastered her missing some time again this year but you can Kaiser it's gonna take a whole year. To play quarterback like the way my car you want to work I'll let you you bought euros cash and kimbo comes in and looks pretty good score back. You know he didn't have a lot of flash the other night sport at a great arm and had some third string guys and gave mom more tropical crap. Are regrettable that a more interest in funny should measure the quarterbacks are standing up all wanna archery. And they are all running gas surged. And Aaron Rodgers is running faster than anybody else across. Some unbelievable married 34. Lot of pressure. That restrict all of your young. That school man Mike Clemens embedded add packers' training camp Mike I know your busy man get back to work we appreciate your time yeah. Yeah they areas might clemens' as all our guests join us here on the China warns hotline. Fred Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work or they treat you fair for eighty plus years living getting it done call me a 144 pride or go to Schneider jobs that come dude is as in some Packers football as anybody on the planet map on talent he has he is right there embedded.