Clemens: Has Davante Adams become Hundley’s favorite target?

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Monday, November 13th

Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio takes us inside the lockerroom after the Packers win over the Bears. Is there potential in Mitch Trubisky? What was John Fox thinking on that challenge? Plus, what does Brett Hundley and venison have in common?


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They were made our share of mistakes will revoke to improve. As we get rid from Baltimore. It's obvious what a division game it's important and try to be the Beers it's important. And windshield fuel they'll soon. Sexual chocolate call it's and you take home. What impact the program. Though Michael shows on the air we are glad to have death 855830864855830. 8648 on the loans quite get that comfortable free chocolate might Clemens joining us in studio. Mike yesterday the win by the Packers was a win that they just needed for lack of better term is needed. And their Bradley looked sharply in the ball game when you needed him to even with even kind of quote gutting it out if you will with a little bit of a hammy issue. We're seeing or talking during the break you were asked me if Delonte ams has become. The favorite target. Are now in a starting role not including the game against Minnesota a divide down 223 targets. Into pairs and Jordy Nelson fifteen and ran a cup fourteen. So sorted out tea I've I've got an interest in conversation. But. Coming up for this game Brett Ali's got error quarterback rating of a 110 now so you know you're seeing progress with each week actually with in the game yesterday. Those throws he made in the fourth quarter. And Mike McCarthy is a guy who said what two or three weeks ago we're not bring anybody else this is my guy have invested three years and this guy. So the coach could not have been more proud of how that quarterback performed. And how often does Mike McCarthy reveal injuries. Post game. Mean it's a cat and mouse game you gotta ask if you're gonna and you may not get an answer but he revealed. That his guy Brett Hundley. Now only got through that game and improved is as he's improved or at least three and a half games he's been filling in but he did it playing through some paint. Well adjusted to tighten up autumn and not just another part of it just assume just. Knew Koufos could school studying. On the complaint will ruin that culminated out any failures they were from the she stated that Nestle. It's wrong to disrupt the. They did that you know funny how that Moses seventy yard run off the left and side with a with a tight hamstring. To perform. The with with him people who deserve a lot of questions about why he didn't run for the first down earlier in the ballgame I just wonder at what point he tweaked a hamster. Because he a lot of ground where he could have taken out he looked like he was limping at that point so we'll just assume these sort of throw the ball not take a chance. And we are talking on the way home last night his slider well either he gets my adult life all the onetime Marty had we should've. Done a slide like a slide into second base he went head first and he saw the weeks ago I really don't know how to slide. But in the meantime you've got yourself a win the Packers are now every time they play the bears they've won every game dating back to the NFC championship game. In 2010. It's pretty awesome and John Fox now is the head coach of the bears and as. As the bear that record. Obviously very disappointing loss you're home. I think. You'll like a lot of games this season we've kind of been in this ticket things so they and then to ski mobile short. This is what I told the team. You know that's kind of where art forensics. Two games really worked in. Because giveaways but it you know you can two. The only two goes I think we have an opportunity to win and fourth quarter in which cable short today. First of all he cracks a parent when he just talks in generalities when it's John Fox he's never gonna gingerly much of anything. But it looked at just coming up short today part of it was bad botched call. That'd be challenged. Offensively he is not taking the training wheels off his quarterback by any stretch even though they neutral bought and assessing a little bit more yesterday after risky showed the army that's yeah six yarder down the right side he's had some passes and he was able threaded into a great you know in this crossing patterns were open all day to there was only couple that he really threw the reform of America through ball pretty well. In men and dropped a couple but also you know he had some nice passes to him through 26 yarder. But you only just the Packers are these guys that to one touchdown but yet you talk about Betty coming on the screen play. Getting down around the two and then plunging output that handout with a football and trying to touch the pile on her break the plane and get a touchdown. A John Fox said well wait a minute we mean two yard line where I think we got a touchdown there throws the challenge flag see if we can get a touchdown. Instead the rest take the ball away from. Here's what fox had to say about it. The challenge play well I think. You know every indication we had was that he he scored and is anything UB. The woman or inside the ones. They can spot the ball risen three. Obviously after replay that much time under Taiwan officials here it is touchdown. No idea that it was a touchback. You know during the deciphering it you know obviously that's played I got back that. Just scheme works. The and I talked a four packer players. Dated. Times. Guess they thought we don't want people in no idea where that's why I was sitting in the we are seeing a pro we know now. You know means it's is it just you know we didn't know that that was the rule. We just kind of thought OK when you start to go through the process of deduction. That if indeed that's a fumble when it's hitting the pylon which is the end zone and goes out of the hands on the rules change when you via and that tactic Clay Matthews about. I asked them about that plane that the pylon touch back to you re aware of that situation. They have enough cameras and its elder I'm man you know. These young ball was out in them that's a touchback I guess it's the same orbit as. It's. We're happy to have about apportioning it you know. Screen pass that way too far so we're happy to have that in turn out the objective here and we're back with some place. Well I think you know to show out of some you know and that's what we needed you know I think. So that's you know we're the spartans this we are told to win and I can. Especially at this point in the season word you know get a lot of division games and distraught to. John where the storm until twelve gets back you know you gotta get a win that's exactly we do grounded it out. Here's a defense review of you know obviously a big touchdown I'm sure if you please. Here and there but for the most part. Good job office you know that your intention plot much when I'm position was look in the ball well they Brad made some. Some. It throws the completions for him there now. Time of possession 33 minutes for Green Bay 26 for the bears Packers led through the entire game. Mean that's not something they've had during the three game losing streak. The other thing I thought I was very impressed by when the bears had had it and makeshift offensive line they were banged up. But you got Justin McCurry undrafted guy plane right tackle against hicks. You know against Floyd. Hicks is huge and huge just huge ninety's number 9632. And just any supposed to be one of the best in the league. I don't I didn't see much effort I told you before the game I'm watching right tackle. Because you know you wonder if blog as Everett come back after this race. Right you know not Jahri Evans going to be here next year maybe that's McRae guys working himself and may be right guard job. For next season. All and playing through this he's a smaller guy but many cats and funded them. And I asked David backyard of the left tackle in a word you're often Sharia did you need this win and what about random. This is. Brats whatsoever I was there burgers. In the third start now cannot see more comfortable operating offense outside of a practice. That he's been asked for much that most reps he's ever had. So for him together operated in games most games you can definitely say. You'll get more comfortable and we're getting no use to kind of what he's saying mannerisms. Was masculine. I think. Big scene of the commercials are we can win. It was all three phase begins sixty minute fight especially against us. Ronald team and Packers bears goes way back history it is what we have to prepare for and expect going. Throw we're gonna go to. My Clemens in studio soon as we take a quick break simple way come back breaking more of this so wind down over the Chicago Bears to actually about Michael share plus Johnson love. Still Michael sports talk. It feels amazing is it's truly a blessing. Especially to come in and a especially arrival hit the you know it was like going into this game. And you know I just think the team. Not only often softens my receivers. Running backs the defense played the butts off to end you know I was able to do. What I do you president and I just want to thank them. They played an excellent game and we played for sixty minutes you know Campbell committed to a you know we got the W. Michael shows on the air and we are so glad to have you. I go Michael's radio Joseph alongside my clemens' medical serious radio joining us here in studio today. This portion of the program Roger I knew Mal medical training guys with the ED erectile dysfunction all this in Wisconsin beyond the borders may have a 98%. Success rate at treating guys with the edu if you look at for. Better mental clarity better mood better stamina more energy that type of thing that can help the other help me out they can help you out the low T treatments. They work they're fantastic all on weight loss program especially this time a year with a cakes in the buys in the food everything's been going up at Thanksgiving and holidays. That might be some you wanna take a look at 41445544514144554451. That's the new Mel medical center. So Mike getting back into this look at this one of those wins yesterday it wasn't pretty we know as the bears the bears are great team right now but. This was just kind of elixir of what them with the Packers needed I guess more so than having that. Sure and for Brett going to go to the next level and he's got this one play in the fourth quarter. In the driving boring where he takes the snap shotgun rolls to his left looks looks looks comes back roast was right and there's Dovonte Adams. Beating Kyle Fuller but just adds that. And he throws that rocket. With a back shoulder throw the looks like an Aaron Rodgers to. So we asked Brett only about this. He's chemistry because in a dog ends up being the leading. Receiver yesterday for the Packers with five catches for ninety yards second one was forty yards or in the fourth quarter. Does yes Upton a better connection with the Vontae Adams and Jordy Nelson. You know and he he just great receiver and I don't own we have a trio of receivers. I'm happy to be don't any of them Cobb obviously with the first you know play. Going for 49 and I think that majority is a great receiver hall of Famer and a voluntary you know. You can ask for better receiving or the net so well for me I just Vontae. He's awesome receivers he's gonna be one of the best receivers nonoperating non league. And done is actively play makers so. I was which college trust their. Regularly did get an update and not let him make a play and they do what he did this does this. Trust throw stuff yeah. This the quarterback where home is right now is he's got to learn the sounds so basic almost sounds like touch football on the back. But you can't throw to the guy. You have to sort of the window. He got thrown imaginary strike zone read there's no catcher or no umpire but you've got to sort of the space. And you trust. That guy can catch up and get to that window at that guy sends is I know where the window is I know where the leverages were the coverages. Put the ball over there and that hash. I'll get there and that's where the trust is because a quarterback can't throw into space in a driving rain sake. How many though like an idiot thrown an honorable. Prominent role ball and I don't as I'm releasing I don't see some safety commend the picture. That's gonna be the first one there and not receiver that's what these guys talk about the Turk trust. Chemistry. And timing music. The received about dumb on cases I know where the wind is put in the window I'll get over there. Got to trust man and I asked Dovonte after the game and his locker to did you did you see or reroute a seizure on the field I didn't know. But did you sense that this guy is laughed laughed comes back around and trolls that bald you. Other I don't know I mean at another that's on the that's relative to look off if you like those of the so maybe that's what he's doing I didn't see anything households Volvo and iron. Opportunity. We have to have left the second game one people. You. Well yeah I mean that's this template as I got a mixes you know continue to build that trust Brett in amendment and you know kind of rhythm just where he knows he does look to blow vote and interest is players Nicklaus because brits intensity do you tell him for his client is through the roof. He's plan would Aaron Rodgers are behind in Rogers and losses career so far. And you know if it is going to be anybody let's don't push you and mixes you know you stuff. And real meticulous about small things that think that that's where that's what a difference it's an ambient rope broke. In homilies rookie season in Green Bay during a training camp. Just when you music. As Smart mean and he's leader and he talks about seventh on the all respect to Rogers. Bull when I'm on the field. It's my team. And I said back then all the back up quarterbacks are single through that place and fifteen or twenty years. This might be the best backups since Matt Hasselbeck. People laughed at me when I talk about Matt Hasselbeck and but have you talked to this I mean every month on average arm not much speed you know not that tremendous athlete and Brett Favre. Right have you talked to disk. He's really Smart he's gonna figure out what that turn out to be true. That worked out pretty good for him. When his run with a Seattle Seahawks and that's what impressed me about humbly to anyway it's a pretty great plays and made things happening was having fun. That was his his rookie year last year the table was set and five pre season games including the hall of fame and he get all this playing time to work up this tape. To work up his time and after spending the whole year in Green Bay working out and in his act together and we're in the playbook and learn the nuances. The hell of fame game gets canceled because of pain on the carpet then as Erin Rogers but it it was a cheap shot. That took out that angle injury and misses the rest of the pre season. And then you come back this year and he's kind of playing tentative is not looked as good that or is excited it seems like he's got to me rules you know his human. He's thinking too much and that you even saw that those were concerns and that's welcome to ace and he'll look great. Is he was playing like a far back and I don't care just. I got another lose on third stringer well you know passing Joseph Callahan. It was the number three Cadillac quarterback not Callahan but they didn't. You know wow you know gamble on saving him a roster spot he gets picked up by the saints a nine year but homily. This is what McCarty stock and give it time give it time and then you put on a pretty good team against a pretty good game against in a struggling pairs team. Had no doubt that you talk to Jordy Nelson who I thought was like his safety. Hey it's. It's third and six and I need six in their story in the slot let me go to him I said dirty do you feel like that's which are roles on the team among. I think he's doing zest to do these filters possessions he's reading the coverages and in his. This tees and when if its you know some of these routes are going to be shorter and we expect us attention make the play. Some might be pressured you have to get out this faceoff protection so there's a lot that goes into play that you can't just say this you know based on his or does he say there's a lot that goes on. Overview we are just doesn't have suddenly we have on our hands of those convert them as an office just lose is the more. I think we just finally made plays or the running game is very ovens and wanted to jump on day. And an entire debate amongst us some of the most partisan some time in Provo 45 Arizona time and so I estimated difference season's first downs and converted some third downs and but it said for years are summing it they're you know first downs it helps you get the rhythm and I mean that's I would say your reproductive. Which again it goes back to the targets retirement this earlier the guys that get in a rhythm guys on the same page Delonte adams' against a 2.3 targets in the games that he stood rallies started point reverses Jordy who has fifteen rental car who has fourteen. And I are you see them getting an aura of them eating dishes. You know there's one guy you just lock that for whatever reason that guy for Aaron Rodgers have been Jordy Nelson. He's in the locker you know and in starts in practice it's only three games. That's just showed that he was ideally Jordy well it's three games. You know you get a favorite to get a guy that makes a couple of catches indicted let's be honest toward usually draws the top coverage anyway. So sometimes you're afraid to throw in that direction it's not a slight majority it's just maybe Jordan Houston have as many opportunities because got a number one coverage on to begin with and that's. Something that people don't take into consideration when you talk about what he's got a favorite Dovonte well daughter is a third man on the total always usually getting the lesser coverage. On the other side of the ball Mitchell Robiskie is going to be around a while you can see the athleticism and Q and trader. And when one out of 35 yesterday in the rain 297 yards product and their club or get some guys drop the ball he's playing with third and fourth string guys off the street seem to. Mean you know give it that the 146 yard quarterback rating of 97. I don't know why they didn't get the more hand Austin. Call one to treat colon and ice at Philly only got one carry Joseph the ridiculous. Jordan are at fifteen carries they. You know the bears are supposed to be your running team the couple passes they got away from that because they play from behind and look how screwed up you know up a Chicago Bears. Game plan got maybe the defense was out there too much too risky said in his in his member blog Mike leno's court back in the first matchup. Robiskie said in his first meeting against a Dom Capers defense he was confused they're Kyrgyzstan. And up on third down and then other soon. Does that Danica little softer and coverage but they did a good job. It was really came in a minute to minute speech helped blitz so different looks and and there are now. We talk about showing different looks. And how it looks at times as if it's been confusing for this Packers defense it looks at least for the time being for this game. Then have a lot of that they didn't there was a couple of times we can say guys might have got lost in coverage or maybe just things didn't happen. But for this particular game anyway wins the atomic confusion in total package issues may for the fact that you know that you miss he's not going to be a guy. Romo replaced. So. Except for the long on the forty C shard of Bellamy and he broke loose in and scored a touchdown. Packers held the bears to just one touchdown at Soldier Field the bears whole field yesterday. And you got ten nick Perry step and up again three sacks five quarterback sacks and knowledge you mentioned earlier in shabbat. Mike Daniels comments about OK we are pretty was saying the only at wal sexes eighteen. So far halfway through the season so maybe that fueled a little bit but I also got to talk to Ahmad Brooks who's back there after being out in several weeks with a knee injury. About holding the bears to just one touchdown how good does that feel from the defense. It goes takes all of you know any good coverage in the and to go past us so you know. Apparently our coverage good today because you solvable. Know quite a bit he's young quarterback comes up with two big plays with the vaunted into the game. Lockett and that's. I mean I want this block them from the get back. Did. You know he's just great to see on the step in and play the way they play today. You know he's the quarterback of this Tamer and yes all of us as of us who play and so we go over reliant on China. To make dresses to all of these things happen again this. It's. So. And first hoses could see mark Brooks back in the field you know just finally get him back for our football players still really strong. Yeah so I mean for for guidance basically heavy conditions and he was a kid. Not to really miss any ball in and then the Packers find it goal by the way in and you know he doesn't play because flares up on has been a little bit disappointing but if he give back in the rotation makes things a little bit easier for guys knowledgeable with his 34 defense. Arad venison. Yes I kept. Doing it. So there no game. Yeah but mr. kell mr. Arizona on mr. UCLA. Bret Holley during nearby went hunting with Jeff chances and haven't. And he bags in his first year. And then he cooked at the very next day in the kitchen and there's a guy that covers team. That shot a video and so this is chef spread humbly in the kitchen. Cook endear me. That's probably the victims of the difference we have actually is of course the war. And it end mobile exist in this Exley. I went out hunting my first time and a soap opera experience and regular salaries have probably didn't work so you know to about a stick of butter and you know butter and today's society good football team and I. But it. Am you just went real well that's what peppers and garlic salt and a criticism is that you're walking yes and that's that they. The experience of like cutting the beer. I've never done before so crazy experience. Just the breakdown and I selected trimming out. The tenderloin the back straps. You know what we use for sauces. And then to see you know this stuff coming together it's just you know. Unbelievable and do certain things and or. I have that it isn't brought things to your editors. But I've never really does some like this before. So this is the town first. Light it's a rare thing and medium rare side go to Anderson Mercury. There is still like the most ridden mill. And yesterday and a little bear Jack cut yeah yesterday got some bare so they haven't so and hungry on the outs with him. Went secret break we're in combat and closed show around with you know could now it smells and here's a dear outside the network's studios here gas CIA I'm not I'm now mining you know forest to fork out like he said and our of those guys it goes and kills that I'm just never have been but. I've had it before and it's it's it's you out there. I liked among management you're you're no problem Bridget and there you go that was my camel joke Hillary that was Michael it's a bit closer Israel positive election next. You're listening to the bill might school's sports talk that. A word. By the way he there is some news. In case you didn't know the brewers. Brewers are hiring and analytics expert. To their international. Scouting department. The royals analytics director joins the brewers team as they as an assistant general manager. Royals director analytic his lefty organization to take a job in Milwaukee Mike group mend. Who recently concluded his tenth year in Kansas City a presided over the expansion of the clubs analytic department gonna take on a roll. In international scouting with the borrowers. According to the rural royals general manager ID Mort. Confirming that today ES he was disappointed to lose improvement. Who was promoted to his current role in 2015 brewers are overweight were awful our role. That was not possible in Kansas City they don't have. And expanding international department as of right now. And group men is a guy that's going to head of that office of the brewers are not only studying players now here in the US but obviously players abroad. In a groove and represented just one of the front office moves in the royals brain trust. But. You know they have other things going on but that he is going to come over the brewers. And head up the office that is going to study study international baseball analytics. For the Milwaukee Brewers the brewers continue to expand their reach so just throw it out uninteresting and shaky thing and as I say tonight you. At the bucks basketball coming up. I was actually just gonna say Ned Yost year Miami a lot of actual reconnect. We don't have big hunter is like it was a Cabela's guy for a long time here when he was in Wisconsin yes. Yeah anyway alum I digress lifes they get a funny name dear the bucks bulls game showed them film and pursue it hurt so odd check me out what about seven FM the fan. In Milwaukee 1057 FM the fan back common now we'll talk hopefully about another box went over the grizzlies tonight three era speaking of bear. Time breast ago college. Ordered to a quarter. Film Michael's voice talking network.