Clemens (HR4): Don’t mess with Tramon

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, August 17th
Mike Clemens, our Green and Gold Insider, gives us some of the highlights from the lockerroom after last night’s Packers game. Is Brett Hundley taking a big step forward? Is Mike buying into Jake Kumerow?

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Green bang in my Clemens mental serious radio now joining us on the Snyder or Trout lines so Michael Waller asked you the same thing I asked Paul right away is. What do you take away from last night bought it. I'm still got my problems with the offensive tackles. And even over the back ups when you see Aaron Rodgers too real to the ground last night but it is it's Williams of linebacker. That's a problem I thought they had some problems ones subtleties of the steeler Israel will play epic game in like a matter of 46 seconds and you know Lou we've talked a truck bomb about that last fight was so when he came to the run defense. Special teams. JK got I think he did a little bit better there's some people that think again. Is not quite chickens well and McCain says he hasn't practiced. Mike McCarthy and only put up 51 point. Last night after the game said AI still that feeling things to work out. Just pointed up the they'll be excited about it I think I think it should go to the football team is wrong good pass but by no means a reason and we we all want to do awful good about the model or where we were published this week and then we get in there tomorrow and get things cleaned up like I think this business is never as good as he figures and it's and it's using those guys who think it is. Off he's right and it's never as good as you think it is never as bad or awful hers. Doom and gloom is a lot of people make it out to be put that you're mentioned remodeling of starting out in with a pick six early it was one of those things right CNET before Gary talked about it. Last night is that you know hey this was the same thing you saw in Atlanta. As they made their run to the super boy it's just he read the quarterback's eyes to veteran guy. That's your argument for. It's this thing exactly. Exactly that play of veteran move like that true mom played in thirteen games for the years on the cardinals last year. Started in only nine. But put up some pretty good case 35 years so we turned that this past march he's up against Mason Rudolph. The kid that you know even now. Ben Roethlisberger was I think America that are not about what a comeback they get to the draft and he's their third round pick on this big kid out of Oklahoma State. Number 26 foot 5235. Armed and last week. Against the Eagles will be rolled up blah a lot of points during one of fourteen. In Mason Rudolph looks like Big Ben junior to wait place stands in the pocket guy can be hang about and consult with the football out with a strong arm. And so he lines up last night that makes the rookie mistake Darrius Heyward bay he's been catch and now he's definitely for ten years he lines up wide left. And flight headed from Mon. For that pick six you used to start the game did you plan on jumping that route. I actually being parents. I didn't. Just a routine play you know you know first fifteen plays you gonna do it. A lot of different looks. From get from change so vacancy which adjustments will be. It just so happens first of that we got was in dealer and most times most things. Run quick game audience into it because you run a lot of blitzes and he noted got to get the ball out quick and I just was aware that hand I would just rated perfectly at that point OK but I thought when you ran into the hands and I'm thinking. This guy knows the quarterback's got a warm up a little bit goes to the sideline this Paul's mind me. Young guy. On those things that the mine young guys on the that's how to start the game off slow wouldn't try to get him easy to grow. It was just the wrong that it's not kitty ago. Moron address. FF. I like the lab it's good to have c'mon back in that locker room I know he's thrilled to be back so Mike. Looking at this you know kind of moving forward our notes from all Williams. Likes what he sees in the secondary he's there to school some of the younger guys now Josh Jackson was a guy that. He led the college football last year pixie got to pick six again last night the third quarter how much do you think the development has been how well as the development on a lot of young guys. Or good you know one of the things really got to be concerned about can he get that beautiful start like that with a pick six. He Aaron Rodgers he gets his eight snaps to herself beautiful touchdown. Jimmy Graham nice pass to the Vontae Evans over the middle and end Aaron Rodgers making some unbelievable lows Bobbitt and we've been. What the football but. You know Europe fourteen and nothing at all some like lightning the Steelers are back in this thing. With a quarter touchdown pass and then running back James Connors second year man out of pit. He. Once for 46 charge he slices through the defense. And so like said the true mind hey you know great start but also these guys tied it up at least six seconds 1414. What are your concerns about that. They just weren't involved. One of fans got to go back and look at and they stopped the game so qui. You two quick answers yeah you know look like. She pops up a couple seizures and are just a lot of things we got to go back and look at. We also know that his her own business when it's not Ortiz. We just got more work to do which is a bit better he gets it a rookie gets. DeVine has got good coverage and rates. He had gone back and fort. Something that most definitely. You know it's not a precision guys and you know we really going to be great you know we that going to be great issues. And then like you mentioned just action number 37 guys and flashing in camp. And some big plays last week against the titans. And then last night. They've after he got that takes six he also got that punt return for 41 yards. He only returned punts a couple of times at Iowa that this first punt return any kicks it back 41 yards opposite he secured. Boot from Jordan very and that so we talked to Josh Jackson about jump on the route there with the Gaza quarterback. Right there on the sideline and he goes for 22 yard pick six. Notes mom did a great job as a league. Re not to break and just you know you have to experience that he really set the tempo and so not try to just do my job and he knows he had a plumber sure is gonna some holes on the front door of my mama but they're softer over building firm. At my birthday and they go not bad at all. And then now might do when you you know you receive their talk about. You know Reggie you're where and how he has played you and I were talking about this we were up there on Monday together how much do you like Richie Gilbert when he brings it table. Well he you know he brought the speed last year in the last game against alliance. He's you know what they've obviously bright blue and kisses says now that Reggie Gilbert's I don't know I have to. You know invest that much beyond season to bring in another speed rusher. But you know with nick Perry still on the sidelines of the ankle and claim that he's been pretty much were he has. Is this clay matches final year in Green Bay where is the speed gonna come from its collar tackles that can get home there's still piled tackles for his. Football IQ and you know he would get back forgot that the quarterback because Reggie they were paying too much time try to slow on number 93 Reggie Gilbert what I saw last night. Was more animals. I mean like big times Wimbledon all that and Reggie Gilbert adding that to speed. Some very good how many life. That's just talking we'll clinic and those guys you know do this and that's what they do the soil that's on the topic of a difference on Jonathan dynamite. Is that a good thing about it. Do good things a look at it is this miles of the some of these other player a little vote there you know do some other things we'll also won a decrease the things that I felt like I didn't do as well. And so not a if you enough I could have been. Could have been I don't see myself. As if we somehow be focused on one of the best. Like Clements from auto series radio joining us any Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers Mikey said last night. This cat's changed a little bit hasn't. Yes and it in terms of you know back to Q when you get that message out of the fans that he appreciated that may take these things that because as. Some weight she called out some of the young receivers. For the lack of effort in practice that people saying dollars Aaron Rodgers being in dealing again. Hirsh gave mom more adult or will drop again last night agreed to couldn't find him in the locker room and obviously there's not much more he can say just got to start. Catch it footballs but as for Aaron Rodgers now what he can do with him against the raiders in the chiefs. You know starting quarterback usually never place in the fourth game doesn't need any more stamps. This next week Friday night in Oakland against the raiders and I over think in this bill but. I'm watching the raiders. And the lions play in the coliseum in Oakland. And you know when I was a kid I've loved it when. It would be this time of the year they played Milwaukee county stadium and they're still be part of the field there from the brewers and in the have to run over part that infield. But in the midfield in Oakland. From the forty to the other forty is. Pretty much first second and third base when he's played there and I thought. No way in hell are you gonna put air Rogers on dirt. For a third preceding game right. If you're gonna play him. Playing in front of the hometown crowd at those Babson and egg could have been more perfect I took a fact he also made an incredible move up the middle. That I don't think humbly where Kaiser. Boyle could ever make to extend the play he should have been cleaned up right there in back accordingly as I'm concerned about that pass rush. And you know. The Steelers will bring the blitz last night. But you know offensive line is is a question mark health status. A year ago at this time. I didn't I thought just McRae was probably a bubble guy I just there was 13 quarter or a perky brand of football in three series. And that's what a great start a little bit better but I saw all the old bubble guys you know offensive line lecture. Struggled preceded them or you put Ukrainian last year as injuries the racked up. And he was outstanding in the regular season he was aggressive even though he's shorter and size. And so my point is. Sometimes it can be hard to get a read on these offensive line and performances. In the pre season a McRae let the game last time with a calf injury injure starting right guard right now. You know he can't and it and Sprague disappointing again cal Berkeley is powerful but he keep guys who were getting past him last night toward three times. And I guess we're just so used to perfection. With guys like fit in my opinion Bakhtiar and blogger. That's the standard they've got to go up to so that Brett Hundley. Getting a touchdown run is the reason that this guy is one of the reasons they love him is because house mortgages mean listen to him breakdown. He's touchdown run last night. You know it was a good match a backside linebacker Japanese men around. Mark check down got held up a little bit so that makes them with the legs. It's sort of loop to loop around round of Mindanao when it for the touchdowns. I think we place. We have some fun iron in about there's nothing Rolen got in there for a little bit and we moved the ball and I you know scored just got. I've got some things definitely surprise. And dined with arm and you know but since it's great tips for us. And to boot the ball like that on there there when defense it was a awesome awesome. Filling for us tonight you know at an office is just. Picking up steam so we're happy this has to be easier than tight ends its offense yeah we've got smoke monsters master's in art. To the enemy were 45 deep tight and so. We're gonna have fun year in answer to its tight ends today. Some of those pressures remain in the us. Kinds of backup tackles in the big goals coming in place then and it's kind of town you know how's that. You know. Any negative play it affects our rhythms that says offences you're good Steven Roland and I you know even when negatively affect the softened but. I think for us is just learning and giving each other's timing get in the depths right is pressing need quarterbacks drops. That the tackles and stuff like this that you know it's all look for the just everybody sort of feedback in the we'll get it you know mess these pre season games don't go. And isn't that the point now though when you say I got to school left. And the next on your mind as an what are my options don't feel like if you're looking downfield all the time but that's she's been so much better there was a couple of years ago. Yeah you know it's more of this being around in the pocket enough going to the next 3% of thinking about running. And that's the progression of trying to make enough you don't think all of us and a great governor. And built a Mike McCarthy before the game. Told your pal Kevin Harlan he thought actually homage performance last week against the titans was the best he'd had in the pre season since his rookie year. On the lucky it's it's it's a team that is is spread only said that they should have a lot of fun this year one of the guys it has been. Policy FY enjoyment but he's been exciting to watch that's Chico morrow. This guy that many people thought well I just get your roster filler for the time being and he's really making a push to make this roster and if you had to choose the roster today I believe. That he would be on this team so. J. Crew overall only bolstered his case by which did the 82 yard touchdown catch and run and dive into the end zone he did himself a staggered but. It looked you looked pretty good LSI. We have three catches for our partners and you know another reception have for a first down. To get things go on. What is over the middle and when you think about Dovonte Edwards should be gradual work won't work are going to be and Randall Cobb and if you bring this kind of different package. Could he be an over the middle position type receiver for these independent he knew you could depend on this guy's pants. And you know one person can't percent. It may acutely dedicated here from UW Whitewater a battle on so I hope you enjoy decide because he'll be cut that is the Packers do that. From time to time they bring in a local and try to morale but this guy's catching everything thrown his way. And he's you know life if he's proved this right is he's not just flash and practiced now that guy is naked place like the 82 yard want one. The catch and run last night conditional on Kaiser. They're really good play because there. You know the offensive lineman on the ground for us you know it's not as big key and passing game's on the line hold down. If I mean I just did my job that I am proud to invest and unloaded and keep the flip on the money like they always do and then. I caught and turned around and didn't see much much much progress that is for the ouster on his father and Olympia snow's. Sure you're okay if he's been kind that is you know homeland and I'm finding out listening animates there's a cell phone. Takahashi and you breakaway league pitchers and quarterbacks have turned now IC. The real estate the end zone. Yeah I was just standing Scania safety net give it to myself into a go off of them and it's. My direction just taken inside of the middle and north added that is as Altria just one hit provinces on trying to get in the Champions Tour. Tell a joke throughout and it they get a chance there. It seemed like today DA tried to play the bond and try to get out in front of it and you know after he missed. If he didn't have a chance to come and attack me because the way for the buy this thing. But almost got to get on special teams. We talked about that too he knows he's got to try and force issues she gets them to kick coverage but I thought is run after the catch 22 yard touchdown. That stood out. Yep no doubt Mike Udall we're segment oh yeah Mike. The shot Kaiser I mentioned day going in the last segment a couple of big touchdowns Jake who were all obviously the tide and Robert point Tony and as well and when you look at him throwing the football. Getting out of the pocket yet lettuce isn't accuracy and I said this a couple of weeks ago I just thought that. He would be the better quarterback I don't know he was ready to be the better quarterback but he certainly seemed outplay Brett on the last night. He he's not going up against the first team defense Kaiser is but I'll say this. It's still seem to take him Hugh downs to just sort of get its footing and to get his side right. And it's been sort of get him himself into rhythm. But you know what he finds who rural couple times over the middle and acted much past. In the red zone to 85 Robert Tonya when he completed that ball I thought. Public can't throw that ball. He can I haven't seen broad public throwback kind of football and that's where the potential is what the 22 year old DeShawn tighter tonight we talked about. About this TV's hit Jake who Merle and that the tight end Robert Tonya. Today yes have as good as he gets recorded and if you go when they're down annoying thing about students who want to gain an African cricket player and obviously can actually did is off. A book for one. They also you know when you when you get a guy like that he's as athletic as he is you say to match point and and Diana red zones although it's been on the right spot on the go in the quickly made. You know I. It would get a good factual Foreman he made it when I pitch nice touch. That help. At this. Exactly and obviously we have the red zone situation last week where you did. You know upwards of ten plays in the red zone and you know it's as you want out of them. Two to have that happen today for me it was it was pretty nice and have to see the ball get it down the way it's supposed to Nazi. Another great. Of course. All I I tell you what Mike when we had a chance to talk to John Kaiser on Monday. It's nature's secret because this is the guy it's gonna start to spread everywhere he goes in now all he's doing is fighting for backup job in it still has this this attitude of I'm so glad I'm here. Yeah out while I can book first of all the attention to detail the coaching. Is learning the footwork he's learning McCarthy's quarterbacks school waste. You know he's. He he said that the first time I talked to a when he right here unsolicited just like I acted this place is unbelievable I just came from Cleveland. If you understand. This is unbelievable this is were quarterbacks. Have a shot to parole and what about the tight end position. You know we were tied in two years ago at this time you had cheered Coakley picked up for the raiders or earned a from the rams. And he turned out to be great and why Ted did resigning amid what for Martellus Bennett were still scratching our heads. Let's Kendrick was it to get the three years at two years ago went 4016. You're titans were Jericho. Richard Rodgers and Justin Perillo. Now this Robert content kid. He played for the lions Lester he's not a roster. When the lines start to get that decimated with injuries they had let it go on and move the Packers picked him up right away and put them on the practice squad last December. And this kid has had some afternoons now during training camp for. McCarthy keeps on going to went on to any catches everything thrown his way and almost looks like a many Jimmy Graham up there. In a whole horrible luck for Robert chimed in to come to a Green Bay Packers team that Powell the guys Jimmy Graham. Mercedes Lewis and landscape Hendrix like how does he have a chance of being the fourth time that but he says you know what I'm around these guys and it's improved my game. I just just more acutely embarrassed apartheid it day by day I mean those guys that are. Good Tuesday they want me to get better which is good too because there. You know I'm of their careers and they response that was among the young guys and especially. He VoIP alliance sources or from day one has always been positive from last year when I came here. And Jamie Mercedes come Mercedes is so minute timeout on blocking. And Jimmy so in the past him outside. Time to try to get post by those guys. When open in position to make plays got to make them especially in this field with this crowd. I was it's a big stage and attention to test. I don't think it's a task. Yet knows disarm definitely. Especially distressing in practice because. We've been doing you know plays in practice on that just have trust them stuff like that so. It was nice that we got a flag or personal and he came back to me trust me with astronomical place definitely to kind of plan as part was so there's timings and where you're supposed to be business. There's an intangible like that you're just in sync cornerback yeah it definitely is on have a good connection that's a good thing. Especially how many reps again breakfast with each other and are who are are Smart that we run so. Just on the red zone you gotta just be in sync with the Corvette on the same page or offsets are making mistakes because it's close when those you know they. Closed very quickly just I'm standing six that's definitely can it states. So only he's right gimmick mistakes the red zone without a doubt so it's it's you know Mike I still think the offense is going to be a powerhouse I still think the defense and we work in progress in. The offense is all predicated upon what they can do to protect Aaron Rogers in. It looks like it's going to be. Kind of cross your fingers and hope that the hope and pray that you don't lose anybody in the offensive line. Yeah I'm looking for guys to emerge on their defense to you know mall walkers and he acts like the veteran free agent like around here I'm gonna do my job. Daniels is out right now on it he just like to see him be a little bit more amongst the guys Jimmy Graham is you know by himself as a as a tight end. You know great football player real professional bodies are. He's kind of a loner so there's parts free cattle want to see this. Locker room hold together a little bit more when you talk to the coaches about they think you know you know when you find out what you got fourteen. When you start going through your first adversity that's what you find out these guys. Step my party's gonna talk this afternoon at 330. We wanted to find out what happened to the Jamal Williams foot and ankle injury your number one by far a running back. Just McRae you're starting right guard and it was down a long time with a calf injury I'll talk is that going to be form. And that able to meetings correct the tape and they're back on the practice field Monday and Tuesday before they head out to open for the game against the raiders. Yeah that's again playing on the amateur. At that all models in its present and plot by. Yes president got muddy but now it's you have to worry about guys getting hurt that stuff yeah you you cross your fingers against say a prayer Mike itself is always we'll talk again next week. Yeah notice I didn't say anything just came little lightning rod for. Thank ability. Always a bridge everybody duck it's a very dollar added that.