Clemens (HR4): Is Ha Ha the new leader of the defense?

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, April 20th
Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio gives us the low-down from the Packers lockerroom. What does Tramon Williams think of Mike Pettine’s scheme? What’s his take on the Aaron Rodgers contract situation? Plus, we learn more about “California-Cool” Aaron Rodgers.

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Less you have doors bestsellers for the team. I wasn't involved luck we'll assess LSU was last year you know in the status that I accept myself personally. Did you actually go through different seeing tradition eighty tackles with nothing when Ivan Boesky ridiculous things that are great year for the garlic onion high expectations that I set myself. Whom I expect more and expect more months of this year so. Hamas driven a lot of things get better and now and I'm excited about it. Hot Clinton index. Did have a great year last year. He's a bounce back. Talk more about it with my clemens' medical serious radio here in just a moment as portion program brought to buy Bud Light. The official beer sponsor of the Michael sports talk now or Wednesday night live is back asserting my eyes and I may thirtieth. Music summertime few beverages. Lot of good times of the Wisconsin state fair park in the Budweiser pavilion it's all brought you by Bud Light make it. Make it a good when's airline this year or numerous wins in our lives always a fun time to head out there I love love love going. You can always find usually over in goose island hanging out the end of the bar and watches some TV let's in the museum in really good cigar who knows but it's going to be a great summer I just feel in my bones all brought you bud Bud Light the official beer sponsor. Oh the Michael sports talk now work like Clemens here in studio and so Mike it's everybody's got optimism everybody feels good the slate is clean right now also I guess we'll start with said the comments from our. Index because he didn't have a great year last year. Now. It's hard to get to know this guy. He's been here now 34 years five years already out of Alabama mean. Because when you talk to Morgan Burnett out of Georgia Tech I mean. If you didn't know that Morgan was a football player you talk him outside Lambeau Field. You might think he was a young uprising. Baptist preacher. Soft spoken well spoken. Disciplined. No curse words just a really honorable guy. And opposite him these last few years has been ha ha Clinton Dex who talked to very fast. Doesn't talk that often does a really like to talk high energy. On but it's it's hard and just kind of get him to slow down and connect. And reflect and talk about things are going on. He stepped it up this year when it came to talk Italy's when he goes Mike McCarthy says. Give credit to Marius Randall this guy's this and yeah how about that. Dead they're the ones that actually Wednesday Geiger this gas and and listened coached you on my opinion. Why wasn't down make it any more the man especially when we lost Morgan Burnett threw in the middle of the season New Delhi down kind of burned out Morgan Burnett but it. Dollars so frustrated what with he had at linebacker. He took what he thought was his best football player all around football player Smart football player experienced guy. Morgan Burnett made him the inside linebacker put on the radio Ahmanson here you run the defense. He's not go for that he's a safety. Each key kept it. You know forty plays up their try to stop the run and yens a Burr not I think halfway through the season. Well now he's gone he's he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers so not hot hot Clinton to access to step up and I talked him about. What's it gonna mean now that Morgan Burnett's no one here and what's his first take. On the new defensive coordinator Mike patents and his defense he said it got this this defensive partner is taking mess which means. He doesn't take any BS. I'm very excited about the system. Mike is a great coach. His letter energy. That is not an immense. And it was airborne has been no accountable. There's an important being loose things. Where the room seniors that are Rickie doesn't have the animal. I'm excited about it concern. Concerns matter. My service that the open you know take is taken as grow. As we don't his defense. It was a that was held accountable. The it's never had a question about what is gonna work or not and and I sicker stairs not only need their way to the locker room. I. Most definitely. Like a cement Morton was the leader in different business look for. But everything looks and Latin America commemorative set in his place it's going to be that you know with a matter of letting consumers when this time in the playbook book. It's times and it's paying out. In you know due to grouped together in you know study so. I'm excited about this you know this road and taking. 42. Is it that a definition and I synonymous with folks they just thinking about me. And again it's just the moment I'm clueless so much Mecca. But I'm excited about you know the upcoming season room that from the soil and don't have cared over the traditionally set last year Abdul was this was for the team. Wasn't involved in law episode last was listed. You know in the distance that I accept myself personally. If you actually gotten different scene to replace it tackles. With nothing when I've been involved asking what they do think that degree here with a garlic onion expectations that I set myself. I expect more and expect more months of this year so. Must work a lot of things get better and now I'm excited about it. That's the most insight I've seen from that yeah as you say he's very targeted you don't can order him very much well but you know what now the stage as his right. And here's the other thing too. This offseason work out. For so we're kind of surprised that we got access to the players when they did this about a year or two ago and you know who they brought down last year. You know it's just like its count an off season week thing you thought I am bringing a couple guys you know guys like to talk maybe seconds thirds writers have. They brought it Aaron Rodgers played Matthews Jordy Nelson in all this was a year ago. So this year is an industry seeing that they bring down Aaron Rodgers. And then for defense it's ha ha Clinton Dicks mean that your guy current and you know and not play this time while clay. It would have been a clear in the final year contract. You know what are you saying you wanna extend immunity to turn in that. And they didn't want to and they took Blake Martinez. The inside linebacker on the tailgate tour and that's about what you do with the guys second and third year you as well. So I just fun let's be uninteresting selection the other guys we had talked to is a familiar face one that you know this guy very well tomorrow only use one of the best nights are ever. In all insightful great football player. Guy comes out of Louisiana Tech who watches football always attracts starting college says man I can do and I can play at that level. And the L literally a walk and undrafted player in Green Bay that earns his way onto the roster. Was at all five or six where he's run and all over the field and on special teams and as of becoming a great defensive back a difference maker in the Super Bowl run. In 2010. So he doesn't re south of the Packers and he gets a great deal three years 21 million dollars with the browns and his coach. Is Mike Patton. Who now. Is your defensive coordinator in Green Bay. So he's been in this defense and we Astra month what does he think what does he know how can he described this might bad defense to packer fan. Is very aggressive and you know you have to be Smart simple. But his aggressive. Play has to be a lot of Smart guys on the field. Only being in that defense you know. I think I can. You know just kind of got some guys into some guys. Would they need to know and his defense it's so I guess they we've been kind of working hours and now we can meet so everybody is kind of introducing him doing introduction means right now. So he's been more dead Monday. I've kinda met on a dads and you know everyone's glad to have you back and I'm glad to be years old ship before we get into the playbook. Smart guys in the field that eliminates any recurrence from Ahmad Carroll on the road they are awfully won't be back but the only other senses this. If dom had sixty place. And a little bit too much confusion meaning there penalty get down that point but they'll all be. Crazy gamble and roll the dice progressive place right and so the veteran Eric for mom blames a sand Tia. We're gonna roll the dice but you better be Smart. On what you're doing more you're gonna get burned in this race so that's a sense there. I'm Tron coming back after a run then with the the cardinals after he left the browns and it was 35 now. Two guys who didn't leave you know Green Bay the way they wanted to write far. Thrown an interception as his last passing green banner teach energy game against the giants point. And then turn on Williams in the NFC champ in the NFC championship game and it was perfect coverage was just a perfect pass from Russell Wilson. That ends up in overtime given the Seahawks the win immunity can register and. And Kersey of number fifteen for the Seahawks lines of wide right it's in OT. And Russell Wilson is look around he sees that match up snap you know any jet he knows that this he's got a shot this. As you say puts a perfect pass right in the end zone. Jermaine puts his hands up perfect timing but from mom Williams gets beat. He gets beat this is why this is supposed to be your your top corner. And this is not supposed to happen in the NFC championship game in overtime so yes c'mon now you're back here in Green Bay. You wanna try and somehow make good for that play. No mean a La no mean. A lot of them is one of things that I didn't talk about. Mean you know. This is that CNET and green and go let's do a good. You know to walk off the field and lastly as a packer. Didn't score at all you know Sid goes suitable. It was a tough way to India put it. You know golf which doing different situations. And leaving and it was a reason why left. For me to grow. You know I feel abilities last three years of growth. So much more you know and a product of a deal while I was here nice time time for me to come back here and I guess they didn't get things in order. You know so. I'm often at challenging. I believe there will be back in the big dance in the sausage in there is. Genome hoping that he's got here would mean negated. And not much from Juan Williams lever another chance to go district anchors when they play the jets you have in New York. In December not many guys get a chance to come back in and supposedly like right the wrong sort of speaks zone we'll see if he makes the most humble when we come back we're to talk. 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Which quarterback Tarvaris that I can the team is controlling them. You know put the right guys and voiced their coach is in place the right to players and placing yourself to trust the process. As we've. We've talked about over the years you know this. This process works. And has worked from my from numbered years and obviously that's wasted here in his thirteenth season and we had a lot of success here and got to trust crossed. The program is portion of the program brought to my quick trip. Don't forget it quick trip if you wanna work for a great company they are hiring right now but a quick trip dot jobs KW I K quick trip jot dot jobs good hourly wage 40% profit share. And and you just want to take ownership of of the soil on the people who work there feel about none in there every literally every day Yemen Qwikster. There are higher if you're looking for full time or part time position go to quick trip KW I K. Trip dot jobs quick trip dot jobs in May be good to go good lately. They have these. Pork medallions. With bacon wrapped round. That are sought Qaeda and teriyaki it may just take home and yeah on the growth in the Nikkei share my wife take those things up yeah. And she's she served him and said what he thinks this is great. Not so we normally have to Wear get a I'm thinking you know she's she said academy Qwikster. You're kidding me we had to know they're awesome chic has some girl from ours again. Sherri nine last year when it was really nice so we were gonna grow out one night we hit the brewers came on and at the TV mount on the back of the house. And we are gonna grow out I I didn't have anything and so our street quicker to the Gaza enterprise they had fully mignon wrapped in bacon. And it's a great little grocery list and it was really good I mean as you know you just don't think you're gonna get it there would you do some good stuff so Aaron Rodgers spoke. And you know I guess Mike what does it take away from. Why you know. I said the other day I'm driving up to Green Bay analysts and until listeners on the statewide here on your show on your network and some people saying Aaron Rodgers this guy's turn into a diva. Is another diva just like Favre was at the end think he's probably gonna leave us in the X Saturn might. Easy it finally comes off that way in certain ways it's like it then I get from him and I remember we as he's the cat he's the laid back California do. Izzy passive aggressive some people charge. I don't call it has. Put yourself where Aaron Rodgers is he breaks his collar bone taken a shot for his team misses out most of the season comes back of that Panthers game. Has a couple of throws a come up short right. And after that game they say he was really sore after that game come on back to six or seven weeks after that he had broken collarbone right count. So then. And the offseason is quarterback coach Alex and Paul does not return he's looking for an offensive coordinator job but the basically the Packers are saying you know one Mazen a good time apart race. As we don't think he did a very good job with breast hum. And Rogers golds on some of the shows at the super bosses at the minute this is my quarterback coach. Don't judge him on what he did what Brad homily this is the guy that I need. To get through this season you know don't fire my caddie just because there're some filling golfer here I need this gap. And Jordy Nelson or what more can you say nobody works as hard as I do except for majority. Class guy leader. This is packer people this guy defines backer people in in the last three years we've only been able played together one year because he had an ACL in the Meister I broke my collar bone. We won't one more shot together to try get a Super Bowl. And you take them away from me you don't even off from a minimum deal and I know you guys were up two and on it now one of the come buying. You forget there's another team to some besides that the team to these guys play for. It's the agents these agencies in the NFL are huge in sports there's only 45 used to be a hundred different individual agents. And you realized you know want. Alex and tell the quarterback coach he went from Bob LaMont the agent to the coaches in McCarthy's right who David Dunn. Aaron Rodgers and Alex and Peltz shared the same agent. So they're sort of on the same team then how does he nine noses out Campo wasn't coming back. Now you know I mean what's his annual thing about it but I tell you what part of it is. It's talk in its its advertising your boy at the Super Bowl on the big platform. Yeah to make sure he gets the right kind of job or that eat the next job will be offensive coordinator. It's an all out and all yeah he was he would let go lot of Green Bay now let them know. Aaron Rodgers does that thing human sources say I don't wanna do about this guy. And they do that you hear these players you start to track in this he seemed more and more these these guys talking up former coaches. Former teammates not because it at the and they are all in the same family to me DH yeah so that's stuff is happening. Then Aaron does what well illegals in the Daytona 500 spends a week with his girlfriend Danica Patrick she's got another race or last race coming up at the Indy 500 he'll be down there. I yesterday Danica was on the Rachael Ray talk show. So Rachael Ray went with Danica and little one on one on and listen to this. Last person you text it. My boyfriend. Last time what do you like about fifty funny Smart great that yeah. Yeah he's. He's he's funny he's very kind he's thoughtful he's super Smart and yeah like that and he's really good football. Ultimately seem you have a football and underneath the ball in nothing and I like that love that. Last time he laughed until you clearly cry can't remember all my gash we just went on. On a trip around the world literally and two we met the Dalai Lama. And Lee we did a mission trip fer giving hearing aids to people on Africa. And there was some seriously funny people on this trip that I just literally didn't I mean there's one that I look at his face makes me laugh I mean for a week straight I just laugh then I'm and it's it's an announcement made like last week was I just laughed I that think that in check. You know Aaron Rodgers mr. California heats up of with different charities yeah just to be unique that way. So it's this start hearing technologies in order out of eat Eden Prairie, Minnesota. That's where the vikings headquarters right. They've been there for fifteen years developing hearing aids and a great product Ronald Reagan used one of the hearing aids in the in the eighties okay so then this company. About four years ago. The CEO and half the vice president's all. We're charged by federal prosecutors the embezzle twenty million dollars out of this company. Half of them went to jail while that's not the kind of organization Aaron Rodgers usually when. But I guess these people are trying to turn the company around until they do these charities of the given up he's hearing aids. In Zimbabwe. And then later Aron goals already India. And has an audience with the Dali Lama and because that's what Aaron Rodgers is Manning you know Lee you've got Mike McCarthy mr. Pittsburgh on one side. The blue collar dens and those kind of guy and they got California cool Aaron Rodgers. Get to this end of of life and what it's all about and talk to the Dali Lama and hear clear how Aaron describe meeting the Dow. His big hitter. All straightened. Floyd rose. There was a once in lifetime opportunity I'm just very fortunate to build to nominee to get private audience with the his holiness. But he's a very engaging. In a funny. Interesting. Wise. Man and and I was very thankful for the than ninety minutes against him to spend. With him. And then historically. Is fantastic organization that is incredible things around the world. Like sixty countries. Instability with their people. Answers greatly changed lives you know to put it here in anything in the year of a person's never before us it's an experience you can only really. Truly feel if you're there so. That was a very special opportunity and we're fortunate. Supposed to do both of those things. So he gets a chance to do all this stuff and really I the other until a new we knew he was out Torre don't get me wrong. Like we do we know that he was. You know. Getting a chance they're kind of goal all over the world like that. While it does this is our offseason is the best chance to do this but when you get back in Green Bay the first question people ask is. Our Matt Stafford got paired highest paid quarterback in and you got Kirk cousins go on the vikings for 83 million guaranteed. Yeah everybody thinks you're the best quarterback the National Football League one power of the progress the talks in your contract. Well I think there's there's interest on both sides and engines under on the front estimated. Number of statements over the offseason. Front you know you're my focus is here fantastic vision whose whose senate takes care of anything associated with it was my contract and you know loses thousands for right now. They go to war talk more of that when we come back I think it's and it's interesting he tenant. And there's many different facets of this whole contract so we'll get into that discussion come and appear 62 we don't more than my share next. You're listening to the bill might cool sports talk and at Florida. Michael shows on the air we are glad to have in my clemens' medical serious radio here in studio don't forget coming out next week the NFL draft mice to be a part of it I'm gonna be a part of it so is Gary always single me out the Q club Wisconsin. Thursday night starting at six foot Mike one of the biggest discussion we were having was all this over the Aaron Rodgers whose whole contract situation of my question is is why and they got that done. If you're Russ ball and you're the treasurer fuel a Green Bay. You have to worry about wins or losses he just territory about protecting the franchise financially and that. And and the salary cap. You're gonna take that X ray of Aaron Rodgers shoulder collarbone from last last fall with a thirteen screws and a new and you're gonna put that up on an. Monitor up in the office for Mark Murphy and Bryant wouldn't kiss the board of directors say. Let me ask you question guys. Do you really want to sign a six year deal for a 125 million guaranteed for this and played all those screws. And that collar bone they're gonna play a couple of tapes from the the Panthers game and say you know. Why don't we wait police told mini camp to see if we can still throw the football before we start inking a long term deal. I think that's what Aron Rogers once I think he wants a long term that's like keeps on saying I wanna played all forty. Was gonna turn 35. I think he wants 11 last contract he doesn't wanna. Take it. 38 years older something like that I think he wants the biggest longest fattest. Highest guaranteed contract in the history NFL and I think that's what he's doing and he keeps on saying all the teen peace publicly saying they wanna sign me. The dean keeps publicly saying on site which means the teams not talking to us yet. So he's got two years left in the meantime could this change the NFL or the NBA the NH Italy's big contracts the kind of they crossed the divisions of all sports and here's what aaron's. Oh yeah I mean it's an neatly you know when NBA and that's a Jonathan salaries out from a couple of years ago on a lot of you know kind of friends all stars and and mid level players are signed and really significant deals. You know as an athlete if you paid attention that men and that was all over social media. When curt signed his deal. You know charity captured obviously that's that's good for our sport you know if you look at the major sporting. Industries you know we don't have security contracts in our sport. And privacy we have a larger roster of another. Leagues with Andrea about fifteen and piracy measures are spot between 540 and onkyo and you know lesson that. You know there's there's financial constraints on the team to. To make that a sweeping a referendum votes. You know it's it's. Just I think it's good to defer sport. And minerals that's probably an impact and Ecstasy view in negotiations. At some point but. Right now it seems like there's only a few positions where. Specter of a contract could do it could happen. I don't think Karen Rogers is whole now I think he's waiting for the team to get these kind of made a mention that currency went out and so now. It is with a everybody anticipating this contract is he holding up other player deals other contracts. Mr. question Africa. That's conversation. To be to analyze and my agent but I'm a marketer for the next two years. Obviously reflect locks him in I think at some point the team has made it you know public knowledge that they did not do that. You know also meant like the last time although there is obvious is large financial numbers and it was a deal that both. Myself and the team was was happy with the give us ability to do some things in me in my cap numbers never. Really go Bravo on management or unmanageable level. So you know officer wanna finish my career center a number of times and still opportunities left in my deals and we'll. We'll see what happens that's offices. Mostly because he he say in the team took the team you know it certainly sounds like he just wants to get it done to know who puts up. Thank you pal predict Michael many go that is it that wraps up our week when we come back next week we'll talk box in Celtics as we wrap that that well at least the series up here in Milwaukee we'll talk to brewers and Marlins. And that's waiver to talk about who you wanna see the Green Bay Packers gravity NFL draft. It's our role through some of the talent that's available out there. Fabros ago haven't odds. He ordered to the film Michael's sports talk network.