Clemens (HR4) – Is there a serious concern with OL depth?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, August 8th
Mike Clemens, our Green and Gold Insider, also gives his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers criticizing the young Packers wideouts after Tuesday’s practice. Plus, how’s Mo Wilkerson looking out there?

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Why Clemens from Green Bay joining us on the line and Michael so Aaron Rodgers. Not not happy with the way things ended the other day and that's strong words verse of the some of the lesser wide receivers will say on. The very interesting football practice to watch out because we're out. Bad Stanley nine some time to rest on Sunday and actually Buick family and friends became a top. Subject called rural who'd backlight technology. We've been talking about since BO TH. He gets recruited from Illinois. And what his head coach gets fired that will be transferred to UW Whitewater for the division three program Yahoo! as head coach was a record on the gunfire. Log book this special teams coordinator you're Green Bay Packers. Small world. Red and magic of that coffee shop was Italian president Sunday morning yesterday at three hour practice the first two hours. We're pretty good and then there are now olive tree it's hot 82 degrees. And trying this out and you wonder what the titans could look like off the cards and Mikey says like your. The copy your show today. How much you can we make up for these people in I think it's right there you know language the route you're supposed to run and where you're supposed to go. And I would. You know law I'm you're sort of oblivious she watched and listened and just saying yourself. While because it's kind of gotten through this you think that they'd be held diving for the footballer. Even bother they're right on the titans off that you pick to be a little bit more action effort in your wrist and well you know it it is. It is our three it's a long practice a big vicious fun out of gas and then Rodgers gets so frustrated. What turns out to be the final player practiced it then McCarthy bull horn and things. He rolled out can't find buddy you can see him for his frustration. So you just take the ball throws effects fall into the hands on into the dirt as part of it can. Pull up the chin strap and you walked back to the holders you know yeah. What have gone on Iran here and so we have some after practice why he's proved that has all of the durden and practiced in frustration. Colombian older grumpier. And at this thrown sass. Him. I'm tired. You know we're all little science fields aren't refuses to those who order him. You know unite to fourteen play in a fourteen play drive and yet you know lower effort level MAS to a freshman. I practices and theft today for pre season games. You wanna get your first team me you've got to tell that some younger players. Perhaps her. Going fast this thing you know you look at the guys that are out there playing with me. Passing opportunities for young guys so they can do. I'm pretty specific. With the people that I highlights as for a reason. You know Jake has been denigrated Jennifer and can't you certainly about guys you can trust on the field. House can see you especially from a plan on three season. And in those practice you know one on one routes against a defense and investment ball's going to see guys Macon plays right now and us again as if someone out there with him. So I guess Mike he's sending a strong right now that we're summits well he says he must have been profit beat editorials is not here anymore I get that sense I think he which is basically saying look. We know it's a long camp guys you have to press through it and I did this years ago I know what it takes follow Miley. He let that is that reality is he's looking at Randall Cobb was standing on the sidelines of the sore ankle we just had surgically repaired. Seven weeks ago. He got the body Adams. He's got a lot of loud and led 23 catches last year so that's now like you know. It's Salinger Ronald coming off a global peace and become democracies and with Brett Hundley. And then after that it's pretty much faces after Trevor Bayliss who also all by the way is on the sidelines with a hamstring. So you know it force shortly she'll play Chicago Bears and then it's game mock and you look at the these rookies that are job getting through a scout team and yeah he's sending a message which is. I need guys that are ready to play right now so that I can practice with them and get ready for the season I'll take. The guys in the league for two years like a cool girl I know you guys projected. In all Jamont more and some of these other guys are just wanting to they're just learning FL and they got four police beat and. All the vegetables as Scott says I need guys who could play football coming up in September. We know things up that I'd like to. Helping younger I was where's relies need to go early and in in a player whether it's free staffer at the snap post that we get the jitters sometimes in these are standardized now and I mean I've been there done that every mistake. And are far citizen being a citizen has never mistake you've made it. Or will make that made him many times over and that's the growing process it's experience. In this game and some several longer lease and others so for them it's about being consistent. Focused and you know being able to find that says relaxation and those moments. And they're starting about Brett Conley who. Now for all the planes that he got last season I don't know if I've seen him take. That big of the next step so far here in these training camp practices. To Sean Keyser he's the only point who he's quite the athlete. I think all the right now he got homily he knows the offense is that playing time. Tiger might be your backup for the future and I still think they have to keep both those guys until Kaiser as a full year orders belt. In green BitTorrent offense. Before you could let Tommy go. Hey Michael real quick game they'll take a break put a lot was asked about whether or not my partner even Joseph the open. Kind of got me years a lot of these guys it Aaron Rodgers was unhappy with so Tiki you comment on whether or not the coaching staff -- of things to say these young wide receivers. All out what they were defensive because we've got to talk to the coaches last night Jim Hunt where's the new acting cool coordinator on offense. One of the field and assistant because. And I got to understand something kids in the realignment scout team they've never done this before that they didn't do that the last three or four years in college so. They're kind of making excuses for it but nobody knows. That there are some of these mistakes now that we're getting to the point where they need to clean this stuff up there and actually decide on what kind of a first team offense are gonna have. Paul Allen with a wide receivers. Bullet pock yeah Ali and bloggers still you know rehabbing. Cougars held gonna play offensive tackles we can put the opening it. You know I think it is all Austin coaching and coach who had a great quote on corrected errors will multiply and so certainly part of our responsibility is to put together a great practice plan teach these guys the system. Put them in competitive situations challenging situations in training camp see how they respond you know between you me and for all we know there's going to be. Mistakes we doubt that it's going to be perfect but I do think there is it's. You know as as I've said the offense it is problematic if the same mistakes keep showing up over and over and over and over again and that's not a good trend for a player. To be associated with a. So let's do this Michael go ahead we'll take a quick break when we come back we'll be back in this discussion. You know after Joseph over the kind of made his comments. We'll talk about the quote this for comic comic from Aaron Rodgers and and also some of the rookies will try to hear from them and talk about their progression through the system was their rocket. We're scoring system that we've had. And I eight million new center. Clearly have what to play will be hard terminology and hard. And the upper levels very low he said. It's fourth. Back to the program and a Michael show. Hours on the air we are glad to have you and thanks so much as always ridiculous it was originally appreciated that we are broadcast it live here. Out of the goose island ale house it was Scott's state here right next in the Budweiser pavilion this beacon of Budweiser we are brought to you by our president but might. The official Beers watch him go Michael sports talk network and our motorcycle ride coming up on Sunday September 2 for all the details all the information. And most importantly to get pre register doesn't matter what kind of motorcycle your riding. 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And they at the Wisconsin beer chaser app you can buy you can download that as well final local brewery near you Mike Levitt joining us from green today and so might. The young wide receivers now. I guess I'll start by asking how do you believe they're doing if you have to look at the talent level that is now on this team. Fly. You know the things that we were talking about during note he's in many camps and in the first week of training camp all sort of came true on Saturday night at family night. It saw Jamont more. Hasn't dropped and catch a nice touchdown pass. He's got a nice upper body he's the guy that could survive you know but also talk over the middle. So you think somewhere in there he's the fit there's six wide receiver. Academia I think mom I just think it can it's got a lot of talent. He's one of the rare are not talking the media may get some great catches made a diving catch in the end zone yesterday one's good routes and he's got the 65 height. And then they got that they took they have they have no in the draft. This market has dealt it Catholics 64 great speed and dropped her in the air. He just can't hit a ball skills was always important of the Green Bay Packers when it comes to receivers they've never jump on the guy. Just getting cut afford to fortress speed is the first three power you know priorities. When they recruit we're receivers is ball skills ball skills and ball skills you've got to catch. The football and this felt as delicate results for the they took they used a fifth round pick up whispering. In ill double catch the football. Did it again on felony the last play of the night in failing night drops there Rodgers passed. In the past couple Aron comes back to him only in yesterday's nearly three hour practices and he made a nice catcher in the middle and I talked about a block. God is ultimately they're up to me. And with I missed that same type of all. Over the weekend so that's going to redeem myself. That the cliff. You were really hard yourself to families and to me he thought that was your ball over the moon and so I mean yeah I mean it was you know so. Iraq has to be to go out make it but it. And you know I'm very hard on myself I said I'm perfectionist. But I'm senators human animals I'm gonna make some mistakes. Number no doubts that passes the name of the game competence and always going to be you know the best of my self. And so yeah out of harm myself. But I am car was over and talked about and they're out here. Arsenal fans and moved on. So Mike you know like he said talk whose parents as it's amazing who you'd draw. You or your inspiration from or your criticism from our talking with parents wanna move on meanwhile you guys that guys like James camp but the operative line coach. He's trying to get his his stuff together you've got guys are shuffling in and out here of rival log it got to do what you are you. Yet Jason's breaks try to come back in and he doesn't look great you guys got a lot of different interchangeable parts. But nothing is is is definitive I guess. Right and you know and I would just discussed. And maybe the biggest thing that's on the radar screen because they've got such great debt that the secondary. Right now. And exciting things happened in defensive line. Often so why are we really won't worry about it because of blockage can come back about Kerry's to have a great receivers who are they gonna pick with these receivers. Not just because Joey dot com is it's gone it's just because of what they had to sort through the decision that the make. But the next thing you know backyard it's carted off on family night. And you start looking at Sprague and Kyle mostly the guys entering their third here or coming up one a knee injury a lot of foot injury. And sprint still is. It's heads in the clouds sometimes. On the decisions he makes it the right tackle position Maltby is a big kick it to deal with so he can he can help put the run block and the initial pass rush. But he does not have the David Bach your feet to death of a speedy blitzer. Vietnam McCarthy would have to use a tight end of the left hand side if Kyle Martin was actually in the star left tackle for you. Against the bears. So Sprague. You know he should be off to a faster start than camp and change cabins that one of exist would put some weight on. In the off season. Yeah I mean he's got a couple little you know little things here and there were just you know his legs and things like that but it does take time and it's. Just don't go out to gain twenty pounds and say okay Obama and glided. Through everything. Same fashion so certainly he's adjusting to it. I think about it I want to quote you just felt you know I mean so just we're just now we've. Looking at says that depth on that offensive line might one of the guys they picked up the former cowboys. Defensive why should say offensive lineman. Byron bell he's been a guy that I know you've talked about saying what's up with this guy he's he's not necessarily. It's not like he's trying to win a job he's kind of going through the motions. And I try to be out for the in his locker yes they're developing had a very good family night either. And he told me and I pageantry. You know playing for the cowboys from the Panthers these other teams we always thought that. Green Bay had the best pass protection in the NFL may be short of what the patriots provide and Tom Brady. And he says this is the better a tough learning curve greenback. We we we we definitely again after we do spend a lot of time morning individually me. Because in those who is mentally to pat them awful and Tom blocked him. Pass block all across to me if not the things. And you know in this critics of the Gaza front and number actually you know all about making plays. Like if we can get a balance common bounds we'll run in the ball to get these guys like Todd most an open field for life that Colombia hearts and be our former publisher. And even veteran offensive linemen here said you know we can't pass like fifty times a game. We can get some balance and that helps us on on the offensive line talk about against the titans now. All of you guys attack wouldn't he smacked her snaps with David and Bryant still rehab. Right correct me no matter. Whoever's in the guy who's got a laptop form you know as you know is this being my jobs as office along the post so I said before club Limbaugh. This brought into Amazon responded. Islamabad to do an eskimo I'm gonna do and I'm gonna continue to for a Smart career but you know those guys that just makes me and open government what to do go out and do. So they go that's Byron Miller should this Michael take a quick right we'll come back rules which are the defensive side of the football I hear from my coach Mike Patton. And it is talk about some of the players specifically over there and what kind of wrap things up with you Mike Clements medical serious radio. Joining us solve the Schneider or job like we are broadcasting live held here at the goose island ale house defensively speaking in one of the guys that day has been I I would say impressive I guess that's what he reported his coworkers right. Right in on a question mark because he's basically got cut from the jets for all shot up late for meetings and team practices and things. When he got like 48. To careers factors help that he was not in the double digits for a couple of seasons for the jets. So Mike Patton we talked them last night about this about. What is impression about small work it will percent attitude so far here in Green Bay. And he spent five weeks. With his trainer for the five week break that we had in and out came back and then we were. Were always very interested to see kind of out of body compositions are from when they leave vs when they come back and across the whole defense I mean guys came back in better shape than them when they left which is rule which was great but Mo in particular. He's he brings a veteran presence of the rumor got its played in the system. The guy than a guy that can tell that. You know I'm crazy but I'm not that crazy and and they don't know how to take me apparently a little bit better and after talking to him what. But they ultimate thing with Mo because play hopeful hopefully we can lead by example. I guess Mike what he says lead by example is Mo walkers in that he committed this locker room and in fast become one of their leaders. Now that's the interesting thing about it can you say to yourself OK what does this mean for Mike Daniels hookers will consist only eight or about the same or just take. Mike is actually a little bit younger. But will percent is you know he doesn't mind letting Daniels being. The local leader of the defensive line and I think that's gonna really work out for the best for these two guys. Leo we asked them if he's still considered you know might do what is what does he think Mike Daniels as a teammate. My days ago. He talks a lot no. But this food or you know it's good to have you know someone like that room he's he's he's like he's allowed Dodgers you can say. I'm more conservative I'm quite you know so put a school and I know him enough candy you know dozens of dean and no mark you know I almost got a decent line this is a good group known on the weather department. So whatever you get a guy that's a leader what are you get a guy that you give you some maybe additional pass rusher just you know. God knows his defense has been stellar by community that you get anybody that's going to be on the defense that's going to be pretty solid. You know guys around him have to be happy about it right. Right and the other thing it like you're talking about earlier initial days. Plea you know Q can you might get pretty excited that your mechanism all workers will person after tomorrow night against the titans. They'll be several veterans including Aaron Rodgers started playing this game against my principles can put Tennessee. But. Listen I mean when you start seeing some of these formations and the dead and damn shredding offensive lineman in practice. Indeed say while he got a Walker's incumbent. Kenny Clarke is just outstanding his nose tackle he is good as BJ raji was at this point. And you'll remember how Cullen Jenkins was it you know when you won a super mobile unit Cullen Jenkins. Yet the rookie BJ raji and you brought it Ryan Pickett from the rams. And you had a great premium patch rushed and got all the way to the Super Bowl and now with. Mike Daniels and Kenny Clarke and you Atmel will percent. That. And they and they if because that's the putt like a nick Perry outside in the gap to constantly being in the face of the quarterback. You're gonna speed up the clock for the defense like that secondary been. You know scream that I asked for and no one breaks that down better and the guy's face and in practice every day and that's Aaron Rodgers. He's a pro and he's very good. I'm very descend the edge you know and I think he's kind of a swing guy he can play. Defense have been enough for online and on early downs and sub packages to stop the run. Which can spell some reps for claim neck which would be great and then into an embassy's visa presence inside. You know with the development. Kenny Clarke you know becoming big time player panacea of Mike these type guys we may get increased personnel death restarts inside. And last time we've had. Three guys like this you have to go back to you know nine and ten from. Which he's reference a year and that's which you match in the band of winning a super warm Mike de Cullen Jenkins and they had numerous guys including BJ raji is a rookie coming in. And rotation that's what they are the most comparable because they could just want to from big bodies out there do you get the sense that that is gonna kinda do the same thing. We got brought another guy for the jets back in on camera Howard Greene came and helped LBJ raji. And historical he had a big place economic at his side of a so we are out that the team now they just I just saw them wrap it up day. Had a run through practice outside of the range you feel not open the public court took media that the Qatar proper on the fence. Well one I'll run through your just saw Mike had to walk back into ramble fuel after they had that run through and they get depreciation game tomorrow night so. You know watch the competition at wide receiver pummeling kite will be playing quarterback. They've they've got plenty of depth right now and help the most part intact. Can vary so that should be OK so I think you'll be watching it maybe just being told us you flash and get into the backfield of the titans. Tomorrow night and watch some of these younger defense requirements. And at some of the power they've got up there should be pretty interest in watching these improvements that front group consisting existing. Bridgette Mike we'll talk his generosity up there tomorrow.