Clemens: Kizer has much better feel than Hundley

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 13th
Mike Clemens of NFL Radio on Sirius XM has the latest from Packers Minicamp. Which of the young WRs are making an impact early on?

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We bring in now. Our good buddy Mike Clemens metal serious radio that the Packers mini cam might take you on. Okay walking out of the rain actually practiced still works so perfect just called it off early. Whom point five minutes or so. It's been the best practice we've seen really of the OJ case. And many apps because it's a much teen today so much curvature in. Plant them for a long gone deep in the playbook so I was kind of fun to watch and Oprah following him on Shawn Taggart and a lot of snaps. Would also. A bomb or anything anything surprising news standing out anything like that. You know Brett Connolly when he took over Aaron Rodgers. Ever how he would get to have these people out of pocket early after a couple of games and you see them when you see him stay in the pocket longer using coached up. It with a pocket stick with the place don't leave the place early. And then it just just give the paddle boats going the other way worse each stand and wait who want the pocket and ancient good bouncer halt. By the facts of this offensive linemen and you don't actually know he's in a closet he's gotten older sort of football and shinseki at a gentle. Did you even know she Asian policy shorts. Well they're scrimmage and it'll bump too long whereas Kaiser. Taller stands tall and just seems to have a better feel for how much times. And he takes that's up just one half seconds quicker. Guess in the open problems outfield and delivers the ball. Cutters pretty good actress wised. Humbling he missed some throws just like yep the last three years throat but he. He should bat and then when it comes to receivers. You know you got Jamal Morgan was the first one. The Albert Sanchez is this second guy and then this one is equity and yes soaring brown. I really like him her what the surge I mean he's just a little bit bigger six applause. Broad shoulders. When he comes over the middleman core fracture just always brought him they'll walk off an 82 when he wanted to. Look at these guys and it's a guy want wants Howard's elbow but this guy possibility she'll actually noted and played with ties are there 23 years ago. And he's the bigger target and he's almost almost looks like Michael laughter we put those hands up and there's just a big target their between his broad shoulders and how come across a little. I'd said the other day when somebody asked me about Ito who were wide receivers look out for said same brown he might be the guy before it's all said and done and he was expected to go much higher in the draft and just didn't. And he's playing with a chip on shoulder to in the. Yeah I and other guys are supposed to Africa. Or so faster in the forty but he just a little bit. What the street and targeting what I do. So parking lot more oil market has felt this gambling or jamaat or this point you know morehead trop. Market can't she would shake your coverage. In terms of coverage of when it comes defensive back. They won't toward higher you know number one pick. How odd outlawed here wide receivers they look and some signals were you liked it too many passes or it simply fixed. And these practices. But he's pretty good I also sought him he would start a quiet corner. They wanna result. From our reds off. Startup or cover exactly first second place. Then he saw out of court actually smoking would drop back in the end zone and plays all the back there. And it wasn't so bad that they would come back to Emanuel originally lied on the lunch beverage and human shop like you know. How the sidelines so they they really respect I rarely get your number one. Migrates double judge general super (%expletive) about. I don't enjoy it they go my Clemens live outside the rain is key field out there in Green Bay giving us the lowdown on the Packers many can't.