Clemens: Rodgers lobbied all day Tuesday to play

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, December 15th

Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio goes inside both lockerrooms heading into the Packers vs Panthers game.  Is Cam Newton’s reputation a little over-blown? Can the Packers D contain the Panthers run game?


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Accomplices. Well look silly old score to geno referred to how things were probably. In the past misled when and don't just discuss completed mentally than any generation in the national football axle. That's the core wise friend today. Those who were the Mike McCarthy. Cochlear Ammann a fantastic day there was certainly appreciate take a listen to us as we get ready on this Friday for the Packers in the Carolina Panthers coming up this weekend in Carolina Packers on the road. Holding them Aaron Rodgers can ride into the warmer area. And in and pull little magic out of that's. That collar voters continues deal. We've heard a rumor of 80%. 80%. I don't know what day present specifically means good in the in the world of Packers faithful that's at least 80% of hope. People have been Aaron Rodgers can give it give at all and they go underwent this Porsche program. Being brought to our good friends it quick trip tops your alternative fuels no PA TMs Ent. They do have the buy one get one on the Packers towards browns Tumblr is right now it quicker clothes dinners morning. So I know a few people and you're seeing right gonna count or buy one get one. Don't wanna get that thing at the Packers went on Sunday on Monday it is free refills. Pat about it and be good stuff over and quicker joining us in the studio my Clemens metal serious radio hello Michael. Bill how are you are doing well I don't have all the high level of confidence as matter of fact I pick the Packers lose this game but I heard that there is a joy and happiness. That is certainly. You know kind of fallen over like a snow. Or entire state Wisconsin beyond its borders org you talk about Packers nation what is your level of confidence in this team. I'll get to that wanna tell a story first. I'm right Joseph I'm right now to the Packers in Lambeau Field you know here. And he's got some hopes there listeners. And made huge contribution. To leave the party. As some tickets and come along and built in the game and hang out scheme. Wonderful contribution. And then these guys who've worked very hard pretty Roche sharp turn I think there late thirties. They start talking about how excited they were dead next month to the upcoming Star Wars and open up last night. And analog exes yeah I think or probably gonna do that thing we have you know we Brenda theater again. Right. Like. Remember of his stories about Elvis you know back in the seventies when. Rent out a movie theater on Saturday night at midnight so he's the boys can watch about being in erupted but I can I forgot that there are some people that have. It was successful in if you call the right Cineplex you can order our whole theater for yourself. Just you know either shelled by yourself here so he was working on that. Well he's not the only one because Aaron Rodgers is a huge fan of Star Wars and he was asked if he was gonna see the movie last night. This week is a little busy. I'm hoping that clay maybe locks down at the theaters something he's done in the past but it's. You know I was joking with friends I actually have to go to work. Today for the first time while. It's been a tough process but there's nothing better than I've been spending entire days in the minds of the gonna play. And it's it's exciting about the switch on from out of time but I am excited about I'm Vick start forcing. Because our respect if you had a good point seventeen and you are thinking about booking an entire theater for star or should go to get your college early or you may be. Losing out Clay Matthews I wonder when clay does business. This was a follow question. Is it just him and play like in its stories state farm commercial. As I can see chemically sitting in the middle saw come filing got to take six or seven guys on a popcorn and taken their teammates thing. You care. They got some kind of vegetable whip wage rate that they're hammering down to keep bodies in shape right but they can't go to a theater any Warren Browner as Schwab and on yeah you know. It without it turning into an autograph session look at your Clemente have Starr works from you they just got it on your backyard you know. She took our Christmas decorations or perhaps. Is that's always my pages him and Aronson in the middle of theater image here in popcorn and a very slowly eating it you know at home lose two button. You've rocketed but if you like irritation so what it gets down to the injury itself might and we know we've heard you know different reports of of 80%. What is the likelihood of him breaking this thing again or taken hits are what you know what it happens I mean there's all the what is that are out there. I thought Rogers. First thought body is playing the best football of his career. This September. An October that first quarter against Bryant he academic year. No doubt and I don't know what the stats were to compare to other seasons I'm just telling the way he was moved the football. The way he was seeing things the way he was running the entire offense timing everything I thought he was playing the best that is where. Just turned 340 earlier this month. Then he misses eight weeks so we come back and talks the media now there's a lot of national media there as well with the anticipation this announcement. And he was I wanna say nervous but he seemed a little uneasy. Is it because. All the media was there. Which he's used to is it because he just had an oppressor and sever or eight weeks. Probably most. Probably because he doesn't like talking about himself in his liked to have that talk about. You know his injury status or have revealed that maybe that was it but he was asked that question. If you break this thing again and heavy taken an under consideration. Well we talked about everything. And I'm confident. Knowing all the information is trying to flood. So here's the other thing you have a CT scan on Monday morning. How come we don't get a decision on this until. Nine threatened Tuesday and I really thought that they were just all sit out that. Until McCarthy had his. Big new press conference on Wednesday to. Announced is that it's takes away one more day of confirmation for the Panthers defense to prepare. For either Rogers are coming it would have to prepare for both up until Wednesday morning. And I'm Tanya the worries is that. Rodgers it's hung around all day Tuesday. While those guys those doctors and pat McKenzie were reviewing the CT scan lobbying because he wanted to get back. Lobbying does he wanna get back. So he was asked on Wednesday just before practice. So were reeled yesterday. I was here starting with docking. If you haven't talked to in my can Alex and Mike one immediate that I creative. Social media message. This is a lot of misinformation out there is available through it you know you can rest and come back a serie can't come back. So there was less effective it says. There that are about some was accurate seamless it was actually connected but it's a long process in those tough. That's ultimately you have to just kind of attack the reenter every day that's why I think these guys and they allowed me to push the limits every single day on what we should be doing and and always allowed me to it to do as much as possible without. Put any risk on at a certain time times it was we had. Thrown at you know for weeks and move around and doing the lifting on on schedule like we did. Those guys are great Mark Levine and his staff in the weight room. Fantastic you know it worked out and more in that time off and I do generators season work out three times in the raiders' season. Now you're working on every day with those guys into my treatment. It's a long process but so I'd stayed pretty close the team. Around comedians and obviously engaged and we on the on the field and in this this. I mean I don't know. That's so confidant bill about him playing the way I've always played good today. Yeah I've been off for seven yeah and now for a while so. It's gonna taken out there in the first pass in the first and I don't practicing and. Well bit nervous energy. Yeah. Win you talk of a quarterback to quarterback we know there and Rogers when he's fully healthy is about a quarter put you know as much as people and I'm one of them I'm not a big fan Cam Newton. But you can't deny his physical ability his capability so. I mean he's got his work in Aaron Rodgers has worked and opera but he's gonna have to I think in my opinion. Flat out score. So following Canon's press conference yesterday you know. Cam Newton curious in terms of passers rankings for passers in the NFL and nineteenth. In the well he's just. The guy ahead of and is Andy Dalton and the guy behind him is Eli Manning. The Panthers let Camden go back to being Camden this year the run option. Run with the football 62 yard runs. Against the vikings he put that he's six foot five he put a move on and they asked their safety. That would have made Gale Sayers and Walter Payton propped an unbelievable. Eat juke guys he picks up speed and it's six foot five fly an action he's running he's a running back. Who have as a B will throw the football and policy. That's what's so unique about. Aaron Rodgers had respect for this guy the first time he saw on the person when they played their game in Carolina it's one where were Nick Collins. Career neck injury and Carolina. And I remember Aron come off of it. He's so big what a talent and Cam Newton was asked do you remember the first time we met Aaron Rodgers. A member Aaron. What they were. Pro Bowl. Who's my rookie year. Really cool down. No but fortunately for me in my face and there rises you know. Think. There are full faith and trust in our defense that it will be taking care about just a demo play full of things that I need to be focusing in in trying to make sure that. At this offense is that is premium. When needed on Sunday. Oh some teams go back up in the worry about their running game the passing game to the outside. But. You mentioned earlier this morning when he lost when he had blown out in the Super Bowl fifty. With Wade Phillips is defense coordinator and a great Broncos defense team bond nor company where they do when they went after my first map right. They just beat up canned numerous much as they could Von Miller is just was in his jar called it out he was always is. And so we you and I thought that was a great interview yesterday with Mick mix and we talked talked about it and world we'll hear from that the voice of the Panthers. I was great question app from and what's like to work around. State or our anointed quick break we'll come back more with the Michael is right up our series radio coming up next in the Michael you're. The film Michael's voice talking. And walked back to the ground. But Michael show on the Aaron and us forces programming grudge by bug like a B a millions next to win our next Thursday on analysts who wins next Thursday night. Millions done thus upwards of a street Oak Creek but that's Franklin is and it does he like across the street there's only got I think it's in Franklin. And a Mulligan. To me hanging out down there. Next Thursday night 68 saw brought to our friends at Bud Light the official beer sponsor of the bill Michael sports talk now we're looking forward that might punishment of ulcers radio. Joining us here in issue EO and it might. We're talking about Cam Newton and and what it's like to be around a guy that we see as. An unbelievably gifted athlete. And a very potentially human being. He runs hot and cold when it comes attire and your media or in front of players are on the sidelines sometimes he's great with kids. So we talked it Mick mix you had a mind yes they the voice of the Carolina Panthers. Was Eugene Robinson is colored guy the former safety for the Packers as one of the very best. And calling game but here's what they can't say word about working around with the Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. He all of Europe parent if a lot like. Watching the young one seasoned and mature he's misunderstood in a lot of ways because people don't realize what he does in the community to heart he has for kids. That they they see that detached you know Audi. Loser so let's just call it what it is he's not a regular. If you look at for a quarterback that's a better loser that's the postmaster general after the loss that remembers every reporter's name looked him in the act. The mayor of much in city he's probably not your guy. But if you want somebody is combative fire burned so hot that he will not rest until he's brought multiple championships in the Carolinas. That you could do a lot worse than Cam Newton. Now a divide house is not gonna playing this return this talk about the Packers pass defense. Joey got that Winston moss cut because we've got Cam Newton John Stewart out third McCaffery. With if cam sees the Packers in his own defense what you can do this do the same things as Drew Brees. Or you know even the browns soon when they Siemens own. They go after that screen pass that was that was the linebackers coach the Packers would Somalis think of that. Ten. They're asked it that way all season four so problem have been timed up well yeah so that's what the screenplays but Mike. For these guys is it so yeah all of you got to look for that Ron Rivera though he said. It because they've been shorted corner he's seen the Packers on a man defense. For the most part you look at some things that they do. A lot of it is these guys have to get him play physical. A lot of man coverage stuff like that. It's a lot of have to do with what the defense coordinator wants to do you know which tapers are very aggressive play call but you know again you got to block them up they got a good Patrick you know personnel rushing the passer. And I said the club lost a lot of pressure on the debriefs you know on the play as much Mac or to us. Nothing new here because runner bearing Dom Capers pretty different shelters you know trade secrets and Stacy was between Ron Rivera played linebacker on the 85 Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl by the way. That that this is an interest in step with Devin Hester retiring the other day there's only one player left on the on the bears. 2006 Super Bowl team on the laws to Peyton Manning the colts in the rain in prince's halftime down and you know it and that's probably gold. The guy who just kicked five field goals against lenders for the 49ers to write 1514. Ron Rivera's from the 85 bears team head coach of the Panthers. And yeah. I was dom was asked when was the first time that she met Ron Rivera and dobbs has when he was recruiting. For cow. Our program pero high school the big myself here so. Ron was such an impressive guy from high school you with the seaside high school Monterey. Everybody hit great great things to say about you grew up on for the war in his dad's military guy. Very impressive home visit with his family the discipline that he groped with and I I think he shoots it real high character guy and he's done a tremendous job. There's two guys on the Carolina staff that I recruited out of high school on Rivera in Richard Rodgers that. If it. The Packers tight. That indecision over the connection Dom Capers though. Com if you got into the discussion about tonight just you know what can new into his arm. But the way they can run the football is why and and the Packers and have been terrible against run it's one area and actually decent but everything else has been someone a trainer. Castle forest the Panthers. Running game. There. As it turner. Turner is is out of the game. Just saw that come across from Carolina with the concussions it that's their right guard. Probably their best offensive linemen so it had to make some moves they got right a little that's a former viking those guys the Packers know what they know him well. So you're gonna try and stop this running game and here's what's unique about it. You know you got McCaffery coming out of the backfield like 67 times for catch yet the quarterback in Cam Newton run with the ball hard times this season. And Dom Capers talked about what he's seen on film this week. I think early in the season. Tim was a terrible. You'll have to look he's got a hundred tears he's averaging five point nine yards a carry which is pretty alarming new report. Over the last 56 games he's he's carried that all you put that combination was Stewart. McCaffery you know they're different styles of Stewart's big physical guys it's a good down you know more shelf. Between the tackles runner McCaffrey says. Space player. Yet looked at 67 receptions and he developed. Lining out of the backfield you come back in the backfield carried the ball so they've got a lot of versatility in terms of what they're do and then you have to factor that KM mean. You look at short yardage charity programs more quarterback sneaks OK you'll run the option you know down in the red zone area you know. You know he keeps ball you've got to be conscious in your room quarterback brawl in which for a job. We're back grow so they go a lot of versatility of what to do with him. He's such a big tunnels that lead to you he can make your humor. Dom Capers. Will tip off and keep once a week key cause of heat calls at the match then. Cam got to be the matchup. Which read an article yet of what some news spying. Do you put more remembered that in there you're short you're short corner I mean Burnett's pelican have to play the nickel you're reading this dynamic play I don't know if you can you play accuses him a speedy it's outside. Or judge Jones or as I must be safety yeah if you just keep it simple form audience Zeta-Jones. Yeah but just say look you've got to file number one Alienware every goes if he comes out of the backfield you're gonna have to Kia. As they don't they run good in on the run option really well to so ask Clay Matthews about that and about you know Christian McCaffery. How good a running back is Christian McCaffery here's clay. It was dynamic player obviously especially fit within that scheme which is very reminiscent of what I saw was what we're seeing in college just a lot of misdirection and a lot of small donors and these are leading in a receiver on the team doing a great job coming out of the backfield there I mean really they're they're tired backfield cam and Stewart. Obviously caffeinated does a great job all around keeping teams on the heels making them pay those that plays you know I don't know much has changed as far as you can. Enthusiasm in the law when everything's so problems we just get he peace back to this team so. We'll see them means come Sunday but you know we're still a position all a bit. A small percentage to get over wanna go get it when these next three games so I think Morales to listen to it the reality is doing you know you know are starting quarterback on. So image every other way guided won't make you were over in full agreement Packers and he still pretty good running back but there's a host running and so is the Packers are with a good when now offensively speaking. The guided and we talk about this Mike is a guy that went all right now I'm glad he's coming back is probably Jordy Nelson Randall Cobb. When they find out aaron's going back and I'm really happy. Yeah you know it's been interesting though is that when you heard Aaron Rodgers that quote that there are about who's gonna make a lot of money. And he's also recognizing that the offenses change. That the number one. Abrams. And it's archery Nelson and you know these guys. In pickup truck back and forth across the parking lot there about some senator. Where they've been part in the practicing for Carolina turn up the heat in for the heat in Charlotte I think. Jordy Nelson was asked how did you find out that Aaron Rodgers had been medic medically cleared he said. Just like the rest Chia on Twitter. When I play a solid. Leo I was surprised. It's been a strong Ecstasy and by the time it happens is an attitude if the decision before and home. This afternoon and. Like out like everybody they were tried in any mr. Graham poston. Giddy watching Aaron Rodgers you know analyses from mega world. I think the real key that you gotta keep an eye on business. The Packers offensive line up against that defense and this is a good defensive line from the actors. These guys crushed Casey keys and made it they just. They swarm around that shut down the running game. I don't think Aaron Rodgers is they're worried about getting into Williams worked -- Jones Aaron Rodgers has come out gonna come out slowing in the slats. And the out and out matters because the pressure's going to be great. And you've got Jason springs at right tackle little bit of hip injury the rest the office lined of for the Packers. They've got a real challenge the toughest capital on the line is not Julius Peppers and his nine sex because he doesn't play that many snaps. It'll be guys like in short the right defensive tackle. That they're gonna have to porch and in between that and key equally. And Thomas Davis those two linebackers and they crush. Quarterbacks they huge running backs hard with great pad level and you start seeing running backs start and a you know shorten up their steps as games Wear on me or me beating down guys. That's going to be the key for Aaron Rodgers to trying get the and now. One other comment that was interesting was this. And that was Brett company. Who I think the Packers thought that he could maybe go foreign three. But the last a couple of games and they're like the wonderful lions. They I think they thought they could beat the saints before the saints really turned out our heat turned their season around. They can go 43. And they would get Aaron Rodgers back this week or for the vikings. When he went three and four or was adamant that they had to get there Rodgers back this week to save the season now it's been six. But Brett was asked this also under these games that you got to play in last week's. What do you think you take from this experience. She did nothing double overtimes you know two terms or other bits of but good you know it's also just receiving written this team hasn't you know. Have two overtimes last week Sumitomo successful. You know it's a big big killers how we really you know just fight Mexicans or. And so whether it's a funky team like to browns. Or hard hitting team like the Panthers. When everybody has to step up when Trevor Davis has to have a 65 yard return to pitch in there. Went hop hop couldn't access to finally get a pick and I after several weeks when everybody in all different sectors of the team has pulled together to help opera only to plot we and that's a good thing to have in December. Before lunch ago. Prior to lose your money I'm gonna take Green Bay aren't I really am because I doubt you'll long into all this you got nineteen injured in in Carolina I kinda you get K after my underlying whose did not participate the other day he's had this injury. Which means. You could sealant areas Gunter there echoed. All. Like oh boy that would be fun who's he's pretty legitimate point cover cornerback then it will really be either it will either be him. Or. I thought it would be. Only one challenger your your number one bush if he goes down and then a Darius Gunter would step in and he couldn't be mineral cover which would put him in Dovonte Adams orally is gonna lineup on the right hand side. At various alignment and assignment line backs him in the field while those guys go down the return doctors there. All right. Us I hope we're injuries but let's hope somebody I don't eventful and I think that's where it's good gonna be the first fifteen plays for Aaron Rodgers. Is outside their attacking those corners because you don't wanna mess with those guys interior no longer in the Panthers if he what you're gonna have to quit he's not gonna get much time because if you give more than three seconds or negative. And yours to be everybody hold their breath every times Aaron Rodgers even comes close to getting. This Michael argument that thank you don't they have it might cause mental serious radio joining us here in studio. Segment bill might show coming up next. Six clues stations strong and you might school's sports talk now.