Clemens: Is Rodgers truly coming off as a ‘diva’?

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Tuesday, April 17th
Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio has the latest from Aaron Rodgers’ press conference in Green Bay. What does he make of Rodgers’ comments? Plus, will there be a higher standard of accountability in the lockerroom?

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Mike Clements from a serious radio Michael and so it's hard to take the quotes. And just read them without really seeing Aaron Rodgers faced because the speculation is is that he's unhappy. He's not feeling well loved by the organization in that this is in some way shape or form and affect his contract status so what can you tell. Well on the way out by her warm. Our listeners saying you know Aaron Rodgers has gotten that either stage. Like Brett Favre. And when Aaron came in today to talk to us is that they're bullies like exodus he dies again and recognize the faces of the media. He's a guy who got caught up industrialist airport because the storms over the weekend so he got your daily just like everybody else. But you know the questions you've got are okay is this guy holding off on a contract extension in the team holding them up. How bitter is he about Jordy Nelson about his quarterback coach Alexander helped not being back. Yeah I'm you've got a magic happy about tools so we'll be back. And it's common now know that he had Judy Graham connected at the cobalt and they've been guys that think that they can get togethers someday and and be on the same team so I passed. Aaron Rodgers it. You know Aaron Rodgers is a perfectionist perfectionist is solely on asking other people have taken. You know do do a better job I think it gave us somebody who. Maybe doesn't isn't a perfectionist. But start you know they know that the talent they know that the franchise. And they make people feel much of uncomfortable things around out at Rogers works out. Kind of a quiet guy in the corner as a perfectionist but he's I wouldn't call him a diva. And so why should do that much is here. You're in the middle you know you've got. A position coach you work with every day that you are loyal to him and like workhorse. Injury doubts and now they're bought and need to show their loyalty after they're out the door. And it's the same time the next wave the guys are seeing how you react to that situation does. This is that you in the middle between under floppy Adams and a Jordy Nelson and here's what they're told. Well that's what that's a part of me enormously. As I saw when I was young player. Fallen Brett you know the age gap becomes significance. More significant numbers you were here. As you get older in the and his younger players are still younger you know between 122 coming in on. You know on the order of 35 herself yet to do more of sort of connect with those guys and and this is a job seasonal problems votes or equal to bring those relationships and and fundamental chemistry glaucoma to guys and spending time outside the locker room. Whether senators are nutritional walking or golfing in the Kentucky Derby and things we've done over the years. That's a continue to build that team camaraderie. And that's what's on Communist yes it's tough losing losing those guys that. Again estimates his business it's about change and you have to. It's let's remember this is a professional environment and this can happen from our plates on forty and beyond. Community as a plan was now. We'll be general and on that point trying to keep plants open so it's it's about. Again cultivated those relations for the young guys. Find in. With the team chemistry looks like every year 'cause changes and and looking forward to Tennessee's. Is it it just sounds like Mike he just wants to try and he once stood to still one being here obviously. And two EE eight he very genuine it's not like there's an attitude earning during their. Did you get any problem like he'd. Didn't wanna for whatever reason being Green Bay anymore because that seems to be everybody's concern and I I don't think it's a concern I think once you hit training camp when you start throwing a football around what you start getting wins all that goes away. He's like no other employee who has been otter pops fails badly office. It's the best supervisor the best worker that got it's got 45 plaques on the wall of the employee of the month for employed a year after awhile you get paid attention to yourself. I know how to do this I know what it takes. And I know the pins that we need and you know and sometimes we keep reinventing the window and he said that two years ago you know enough about. We just need to make a little bit and it just we don't need a total recall but that's the way it feels like for him at the same time. That's what the guys he's in the middle of between being loyal. Two a friend and teammate and I got it could not give you any more majority also did. And the same time you know what if you don't speak up and say I don't like the way this guy was treated well. But you know what that badly about the Adams and that crowd gonna say okay hope that this guy now will turn his attention. And step it up for us that he will be loyal because everybody knows that air is going to be here. Long after this third generation of roster that he's going to be you know everybody else he'll be here maybe locker their cultures maybe longer than Mike McCarthy. So that's a difficult position to be and as he said he saw Brett Favre go through legal and you're third or fourth generation. Our roster Iran but I at all the dialogue to win like his best chance to win. And he wants does. This franchise to be Smart about it. And and get him the help and. An organ and otsuka glory. And the other guy a couple of the guys he talked to there's a guy coming back after a bad season ha ha Clinton Dicks what he had dissent. Everybody talked about it first report on the show a lot of those players went into like a cart office. And they would emerge Crandall under the bought this but that is not exactly what has. Not focusing not paying attention at some point you can almost be a cancer they trade them away. And Dom Capers god bless some veteran coach if he ever result but he'd lost to. And players including Clinton's at percent diets are not held accountable. They are not what they were being changed after that they've got to play to a U boat to a higher level while. Shirt and Alan my friend defensive coordinator nobody can prove themselves in him and I asked ha ha. About that kind of accountability with a youth coach. Well I just think thank you to be pinpointed I think they're definitely. Played out in the teen mean that we have this morning about coach Mike and we know we're excited to move forward you know we've let coach said. To get through resume her off know the conservatives know. So let me McCarthy addressed the issue this morning everybody in a little melts OK we made the change. Britain and the DC symbolic carcass was brought back guys like we brought in a guy like currently offered regrets about how our leadership. And from modeling important got a chance to talk to. Bottling partner David Bakhtiar Q&A turned to listen guys usually what Aaron Rodgers and at what it is like and I mean for you lose Jorgensen. Is that the first time that I went through this will make cultural. I didn't understand that and backyard and yeah it was tough for me two years ago. They cut Josh has this guy would do this job he did everything that should wire and cutting them well because. Personal and he's on the downhill slide or kill and be the next year toward her strong log back here at 35 result. And I and so you know you were here they bought and Charles what should. You can but maybe that's all you can play as a leader. I think I think so a little bit. I made a mile spin on things. But. Just being here with which causing insinuate that he today. That things that he did it and now I'm coming in that same spot in this same situation. I think it helps out with them or put with a guy like that on again there's going to be cool you know it's after the aren't allowed. We talk all the time. It just saying he wants to become elected Charles Woodson but we always own unique way meanwhile you got another veteran in camp and Jimmy Graham. Who is you know that's kind of the guy that they traded out the the Jordy Nelson thing for. The because they believe they've got enough depth at wide receiver and they depict another one out that's gonna give them even more depth meanwhile. Jimmy Graham is coming any kind of change the way they can do things offensively he's coming a lot of expectation to. Bedford who really every catch and what your tent touched down. What yardage and all that and that it first here would often you know and they picked up a local electric here's what he wanted out. You know pretty competent guy. I told the guys from Seattle city not key factor you've you've got to talk to the media but they want to get off on the right foot. He's absolutely respect or Roger I think instead of gone back and all of which were present what is one more year. He got the years has given a shot whether Roger's. That's why you're here leaking offense and we talked about what happened to industry you're in Seattle actually the knowledge and what you think today. Head of the thing. You know it's you are so different philosophies. You know spot Seattle and the world's. You know show defense of those run run run and but you know take care of the ball you know won a lot of games away in any nor did. From Tom and I did it in the rest my ability and then you know enforce our first Tucker I did have an interest you know which was councilman down a bit and was able to come back moments later. You know I'd miss a game since then and you know for me I don't. You know nargis hmm hmm most people priest out oriented you know for me it's about wins and losses and you know I'm just I'm just trying to took wellstone camps. How much you think he changes the the approach by Aaron Rodgers might create considering they can do you know sprayed him now they can make more wild thing to bring you men and then put additional sets around then use it is I mean it's. What he can do as long as he's healthy. Q can dictate what the defense. I think the best part about that involve the tight end Aaron Rodgers has gone through this will be the smartest. And this of these guys that this guy will be Jordy like in terms to get on the same patriots quarterback. That's the kind of game Aaron Rodgers likes to play and I talked to Jimmy about that goes on our I know of imports. When it comes to mr. detail oriented Kris out like your rod but I think the big stories this. Air Rogers asked point blank. He's gonna get a contract extension this year. And he seemed to be confident it was gonna get down he said and what he said two or three times as well the team has publicly that. They wanted to get something done so I'm confident that they couldn't do that but that's basically up to my agent David done and that's about right now if I got to your left my contract. And I a lot of you know give this seat in the bench at the weekend to try to get to the super ball so I'd it would be sentenced. Who not opt into and yet there are saying publicly that arc. And I would assume that well distance and I'm sure as I'd like it comes up there there was no sense if you want to be out there. I think you'd like to see a big opera come down on him any less any minute shall be yet. Well it did one other side note to that he said it's not about being the highest paid player. Did you ever dreamed I could which I caught right away because we all assume that he was the one holding this up and his agent was a one warning is up. And he's kind of insinuating that teams not talking to me right now I'm waiting for the offer to come down the line and it's not about being the highest paid player. Well he talked a year and a half ago. Off my key was not an army he knows this stuff. Like everything else you know indeed kill. And he talked about how he went other guys were once after it was in the big deal is that I'm not worried about which you guys are large and the weather twit detailed breakdown. As valued at dollars later in his contract that bad. England five yakking knows that he was a work the next big contract he feels he's the number one quarterback no question about it. But you know he he will talking about how he could move money around just like Tom Brady as pristine as still at the end come out to be. You know I played player franchiser NFL history. It's gonna be adjusting the next couple days we'll hear from Aaron Rodgers more later on tomorrow I should say we'll discuss that for my good stuff you'll jets and OPEC. The brokerage impala yo Mike Clements are reporting live from Lambeau Field where Aaron Rodgers spoke. Really they're gathering for a lot of the offseason workouts now and Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media day we'll hear from Aaron Rodgers in full tomorrow bullets. Interesting as Mike said you can carry between the lines he kept saying the team wants to. And kind of visit the insinuation was but they're not really talking to us right now so. It could be there waiting for the other shoe to fall before they make an offer but it you do wonder what the holder would be at this point if Aaron Rodgers is not column and he said he. He said it is not about being me I quote it's not about being the highest paid player in the NFL. That's it so it's not about that what is it. What's hold this thing up from getting it done. 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