Colony: Do the Pirates still have a shot at the postseason?

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, July 18th
Jim Colony of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh gives us the latest on the Pirates. If they despite to be sellers, do they have assets to trade off? Are they worried about their attendance at ballgames?

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A look at the Pittsburg perspective on things Jim colony for money says are 937 the fan in Pittsburg now joining us. On the shutter or shall I gem I don't want. Under pretty well enjoying actually notices I'm pro sports stock people. We're not a whole heck of a lot going on but luckily there's always seems like there's always something pops up and so. Businesses still booming relatively speaking and it's Kirk. Well you know here and be Milwaukee Wisconsin. Northern you know area here. Not the best I mean there's something has popped up don't get me wrong but it's not the best outlook for the Milwaukee Brewers a morsel for Josh traders so let me ask you this this Pittsburgh team. I said going in that series this is almost a playoff series for them because they're gonna keep any hope alive they have got to get at least four wins over the Milwaukee Brewers in damned if they didn't sweet smell of a five game series. So does this all of a sudden give a shot of adrenaline and none not only the team but into the fan base. Well I sort of because it really blows a last ditch sale street art article go. Yeah they'll get it as a weekly radio show network on our station. And also what the local. And he's set. Well early based it would regulate an ultimatum but he basically said you know that there's eight games here between now on the break and foreign force psychotic audit. And when you know as you mentioned piracy got seven at one. Including sweeping the brewers. So all of a sudden there's a lot of productivity and what Chanel. The buyers not to take four days after the all star break so maybe not the best timing there. You know I don't I don't know it it doesn't really auditing cutter reset their pitching staff which they really didn't reset all that much. Yet since that become an up another play better lately but they're in last place so the it's sort of the pirates still but. That thing isn't what we see it from this part state where they're eleven and four. There were 26 and seventeen. And then they were the worst team in baseball. I can't sit and prevent Europe's they were just awful after a may eighteenth in until actually last week. And they can just as edgy easily revert to that mode over the next week or so. But you know outreach that you got so big topic or we'll talk about should the pirates beat buyers should the part he's sellers they sought the way to another week. You know I think that nobody it should be engaged. We've changed about potentially. Try to pick up some help. At the trade deadline but at the same time that you know they could undo all this feel good stuff that we got last week it fairly short order. You know bite I don't know given a much almost getting swept by the rat which is entirely possible. Looking at this team moving forward will there be any. Shall we say a inclusion of trades who'll lead try to make a move to may be better themselves are resistant stand pat steamers as a team that considering the resellers. What is I don't I don't think I don't think they know right now I think I think the front all should be engaged in dialogue with inched. Aid to stick in case of both scenarios there's another saying oh it's it's really easy to sail the pirates short sellers. Okay you want. The fire roster you proceed parts place you want to the park should be willing to trade. And purchase goes to rally. Graders should all wait a minute he's got a concussion disabled list for the work at least a second or third time this year and that's that is an issue by the way. That out and you know we're a lot of us I wouldn't be surprised. It's a road back next week I wouldn't be surprised at all the sudden decides he you know play again a receipt place he would be able to catch you yet. About Jordy Mercer the leader shortstop study not much the bat. But these are real steady fielder is not an area well nobody seems to want to have Josh Harris. Maybe. As a as a complementary player but by says he's been he's been inconsistent this season. The editor of pitchers that another gene would want like say actually pay Vasquez. Are are gonna trade him. And all the sudden they've got other guys are playing what they want so hang on accord Dickerson Dickerson will be a god in my house and values people. Not a lot of power but he likes you know abuse of these to depart most consistent hitter all season that's a really good patient approach at the plate you guys saw that over the weekend. You might be available because she'll be it will be another year of arbitration this year but I'm a social kind of value he has and that other teams. And and you know that besides I don't think the pirates know I hate to be wishy washy here. But but I don't you don't think requires no and I don't think that really should know in the until they they play another we sort of games. Hello Jim colony 937 the fan in Pittsburg what left me I mean and we just didn't noticing the crowds all as the brewers were there. What a fan reaction been gone to a very hot start there's a lot of people didn't believe in and sure enough they started to falter they come back they get some wins but what is the fan reactionary now we're fans expecting out of this team. But silence is our purpose. Because. There are other. So the crowds over the weekend a lack thereof. Attendance is down I don't attendance is down across the board in Major League Baseball but I. Attendance is I think only only Miami so called Florida. I think only Miami has had a bigger dropping in attendance percentage wise in those got a actually came right out and said that they were I mean you look at the guys that did that that they salt box. There on the all star game. And and and so I. They've. I think it's thicker disillusioned because they would search courtiers without without policies in baseball and then. You have the U Soria of that wild card game and 4013 and they they came within you know. A few feet of it McCutcheon winning this series in the ninth inning of game four against Saint Louis. And then you lose to La carte games and then instead of adding to a genial and 98 games 20s16. They'd they'd just didn't they didn't do anything. And and they tried they traded a walker for John for judge needs an early. So and they they got worse. And and then they're good I picked a chair perception is is that. They care more about what the pirates what many ordered us. And I think it's finally taken a couple years and then this year you would a good start you know the weather's bad school lights and all that stuff. People didn't show up and and because state based fielded date they've invested more in achieve emotionally and in some cases. Financially what by buying season tickets and by showing up at the ballpark and an averaging 30000 people game. Receive winning baseball bat daycare more than ownership powers and so they stopped coming and and even when when they got that good start. They could they could monetize that. And then they they sort of play it like garbage so that when they come all pretend game actually was eleven got a visit general and it won't sanction that make a game. All these old games and people just decided I'm just not gonna go. And it's it's it's it's it's sad. You know you get to know all of your in this position you right back over spring training per couple whichever your religious got to chat and it's not some of these guys. And alcohol on kid because that 62. It's really good group of guys it really is. And end it and so like they're terrible on purpose. But other they're not gonna get the support they they deserve support I think they do and yet they're not getting it not because the player that is so like the players. But it's because they don't think their ownership is investing in the product. Now and that's that's aren't any clubhouse. You know anywhere you go when they think it ownership of shares just doesn't care about what's going on inside those walls no doubt. You know I still say I know this is this is an unpopular and the Garrett called trade was not bad. It really wasn't I think Joseph much growth can be okay has been hysterical all right. Called Maria I think it's gonna be okay at third base. And and they haven't heard Jason Maarten was promoted double or triple agent outfielder who's got a chance I think to make it. So then Michael police itself to meet Michael policed but I also used the adjective. OK to describe to the guys they got you know it it betrayed had a chance you know it's not a disaster. But it's quite the same time that the public perception. You traded our best pitcher. You know Andrew McCutcheon returned for him that's a big break soccer in the bullpen has started to look and they've got another. I can keep forgetting accuse neighbor and another outfielder in the minors at that had a chance to make it at some point. But you know that the return their looks and all that great. Prepare for dissolution and an end date and that date like I said there's there hasn't been anything except this past week. The point toward that end and I don't even know you don't I don't even know they don't they go to Cincinnati and Cleveland say they went 46. Five out of six I'd be really interested to see what that would translate into the terms of attendance webpart return home. Great stuff is always Jim we certainly appreciate it we'll chat again soon okay. You'll appreciate it they go Jim colony night.