Coshun: Brewers have players that know their roles

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Thursday, May 17th
Craig Coshun of Fox Sports Wisconsin discusses both Bucks and Brewers. What are his thoughts on Mike Budenholzer? How impressed has he been with the Brewers considering all of these injuries? Plus, Craig remembers Davey Nelson…

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Bringing in now from fox sports was content are the brewers and bucks Greg Dashon is now joining us Greg ice event. Our bureau warmer current. So. For all you heard the mood no walls or higher is to have you all but inked in dried not to say that tell you have to confirm anything at this point but I would like to know. In your dealings in the NBA. They what do you think of booting balls. Well I think he's pretty well respected. You know coach who's been around the league a long long time. I don't know it anybody's receive the endorsement here in the last year or three weeks then Becky Hammond has so. It's hard to the other coach get endorsement like that I don't think we're ever see one like that. You know he seems to be you know successful coach when it comes to. You know he's got its players he's got assistant and he's got you know local control the team eat yet pretty good success in Atlanta years ago. So obviously he's going to be open to do that again here with superstar not so. He's a quiet guy I will say that the times that I have go near you see very low key Iraqi light you know. Carry big stick during practice in in game planning and stopped as well that's kind of my guess if this guy is uncertain job yet yet again. You know he's like the way he would sell off. I think it's going to be you know like a completely different demeanor. And what this current ox team. He's used to it this time and it's gonna be interesting to see what he's able dispute here and now he's got a lot of responsibility in my opinion here take this into the next level because. He's only here to do that. Well that was going to be my next Damon and leading into question by. He chose this for all intents and purposes over city like Toronto who's been there done that. A but has may have to get to a championship level. Meanwhile you've got the ceiling which is considered to be so high here in in Milwaukee but if you take him into the second round of the playoffs it's considered a successful season at this point. So how much more upside I mean we do have expectations. But how high do you think that this team can go and then the next question followed would be. What else today need to do to be successful because we know it's about the guys on the floor much as it is about coach. Yeah well that that's true and you know in and week you know we've seen this now worker with the Packers for many years and I and I honestly we start you see this. With a burst as well it starts with pop and in as long as the top pads. Given the coach Sharon and in the ability to bring in the best players possible. That's only gonna make coaches is good this can be. So you start with you on it so obviously he's got a superstar to work with and then. It mentioned that your legacy. Some tinkering with this team. It's it's their hired him I'm sure he's got an idea what. He would like her court he would like to see here to fit better into his system. So that you know that's been part of that. In my opinion you know bill does this ceiling it's as high as possible we've got a guy like yarder to. Is as good as he is. And we're deeper better last year than what is your war. You know you're you're you're you're starting with you know in a guy who has not even taste it. Playoff success yet. You got you got to surround guys that happy home early that and then got a lot of guys who have. Some kind of experience like that as well so. You know I. I don't know what's going to happen in the in the upcoming years art where they're gonna take this to the next level but I would have been actually. Who years Al gridlock he goes to where they want to see that's for sure. Com how much I mean. Will we know that Yaris is that bit budding superstar and in superstar name and so many different ways. There's a lot of talk about whether or not they will will not keep Jabari who else. Or maybe what else do you need to put on this team that you would say is going to take them to the next level is it just as simple as saying you need an outside shooter you glass and rim protector. Why do you need somebody inside because. You know it. I thought kinda that this can and hopefully not advocate any light but whatever fox have. You know pipelines is getting crushed vertically you know what with a lot of opposing big men and that can't continue to happen for 82 quad screen in the play cops and what does. You know something that would was clearly. They have to make up foreground there are now do you wait that equally west. Try to get a three point shooter they need coworker scores from outside they need guys who can score on a consistent basis. From outside the arc I mean that's the bottom line. I think a lot of people Butte creek middle here and there is successful he can't be outside the while these are very very good mid range shooter Mike you wanted to bask in your yeah. At mid range shots or you can get. You know another three point shooter or two. And in get something to start protecting that paint and that we're him. Over the next year to year. And it got us into the Nixon and put him I'm sure that who cultures Scott and I you know the word honest Mike beat. Strongest I can't tell you what that is right now because he's couldn't score on all our positions. But he needs to settle into position. Largely base or position or two I think largely based on. Who the surrounding cast is going to. Don't Creighton shot fox sports Wisconsin covers both the box and the brewers. We'll talk growers coming up for a moment or two but and we stayed with a box. So this season. Craig and people were hoping for fifty wins getting out of first round of the playoffs in the meantime. They fired their head coach things don't seem to be as functional as maybe it should be. Bomb at times it would play fantastic and and there are other times it would just all continually fall apart. What was so consistent about being inconsistent with his team that you saw up close and person. Well you know our secret out of the gates know you said you know they had expert or eight games that are being you know the top Korean eastern conference on the Internet. That they talked a lot for the cease to be candid in May be able to much data they were overconfident going to decent terms what was that based on it was based on. Sixteen playoff loss to Toronto so not sure a lot of people look around the NBA going. What is it that you can't picture operate Alec brought it partly back. So it really did make any changes they just kind of went on the fact that they thought they had success they are we're gonna get the next level or. And certainly not a competent. But I think that's thinking during the off season and going into the regular season. You know I think it caught up to them at times because you'd you'd have to pay out. You know for six months you have to have one mindset and that it is. We have to win it we have to find a way to one and it would cost you would ever takes to win. And and I think there were there were some people that make up there in uniform that had a difficult time doing you know. I would say it I tried my best. Estimates and learn and evaluation of fuel where this team was calm you know Europe go this time going in the last season and in where they sit right now so. You know it it could mean car is in political circle to use a low key guy. I'm going to be there on Gordon and taxis and Tony's guys. We're just hoping to do work out we got a new head coach you know whatever players our our company here there are new to cheap right now. We're we're here to Warren we're working to curry that we're gonna be any certain place in here we want to work. I do wanna flip over the brewers baseball and brewers as of right now Russell wheels fall off and get swept to Minneapolis I mean a pretty successful road trip thus far against teams over 500. Really the only team. There's been a nemesis that has a record that's over 500 has been the Chicago Cubs everybody else they're ten and eight against. So talk about the way this team's perform specifically on the road and they're not doing it with all their pieces firing on all cylinders right now. You know that anticipate. Seeing right there I think. You're not only cries you know all the bad but it is it's got describes everybody else in baseball right now. How were they doing here. But there you know you have to start where we're. That got in not only under current 25 between they've got under forty then they've got on miners' shoes. You know consistently being called to come up and down and you know pick should date your nickel back to the minor leaks or whatever it is but. I think the bottom line right now with all the different players that hit than in the barracks. And quality. To order to mark tendencies and now. Did this team in this organization. And it has players to understand their role and I and I think that's the biggest thing right now I think you can go. All the way from Ryan aren't they understand is roll true you know granted what group they understand he understands his role current suitor does. Greg Phillips does. I am not talking about the guy ticket shock over around or not Perez does. That that's key when you don't have guys that are you know complaining understand they're gonna get time. I don't understand that maybe they have to go to the minor or come back. In and then you know. Is it obvious you're screeching because a lot of people are during the offseason they station retreated Santana what they acquire. Keenan yeah how much that actually that move rate now he knows it's and it's not quite what it was a year ago. That moves paying off because clearly. You know crime brought so they need. For starting outfielders and and that's going to be big for this team right now because he goes on the DL well then you're probably got a calico culminated who again understands his role so. Other baseball teams don't have guys to understand roles but. In any sport it's it's the only way to succeed him. You know they've done that in their pitching is you know bottom liners that they've put their pitching to reduce. No matter who's been called up. You know guys have been doing its job you know her first or second start to help this team went so that Tariq a cup victories too so. I could go on and on about the pitching after it. As you know Elkhart. You know. It's gotta get there I'd be clearly is their Frontline guys are are healthy right now and editor order form when they are. Arm before I let you go I do wanna ask you just and I know you guys have been on this road in memory lane and all that stuff but it had to be hard losing Dave Nelson you know Davey I mean you've lost Kyra quite a few people closed used here unfortunately. Budgeted Davey Nelson a lot to the organizational what do you guys ended to know his battle with cancer I really didn't kind of show that too much you just. Always had a smile on his face had to be hard to lose their. It it still lives of these yesterday. You know Joseph ask me to your show yesterday and I could duke Israel Rick Miller Park up to being oh would do without a special. Aren't they peaks gonna get commercial 33030. Minute show. That's an error in early June. To tribute to life because he meant so much to. So many people. In baseball in the organization. At this orphanage in hand and just the rest of us who were just as forums cross country so dated now. Little tight in immediate family. And whose family were these baseball people in his arms and end. Very few people. That I've experienced in my like make an impact on every but even duke and he's got 41 guy who did enough. We'd listeners to recurring or unusual we going to to the ballpark and not having a better and it's not a knock against anybody there'll. A quick or anyone else in the organization just. They're it's a hole right now and you know he he went so fast. You know based on when he was diagnosed. And I hope that you know chemo would give them that he would just did no work out so long. You can gender. At least cubicle like that's burns and now he's coast are scrambling hands you know you can get stuff -- because it's just ordered it it's not it's not business I know everybody knows we welcome here to get their audits it were personal you know you've got. Many many people for many years worked very closely you eat enough. You know it's it yet it's tough that's for sure but. You know I'm just glad he's not suffering and and he wants to up peacefully and and you know he's up there are a lot of hall framers straight now watch a lot of baseball the quote based vote got a locker night same time. There's a Gloria absolutely cried it's always a pleasure and I thank you for coming off for a couple minutes and we'll chat against you know cracked. You got our crowd talkies and they are credit shopper fox sports Wisconsin joining us cover trouble measuring some insights memories. And has some thoughts and we appreciate you joining us in the Schneider warned challenge that are hiring drivers right now you work or they treat you fair eighty push years and unions and call 1800. 44 try to go to Schneider jobs and diet count more than a much of your coming on next. Michael's sports talk.