Coshun: Give Counsell credit for not showing panic signs

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Monday, August 20th
Craig Coshun, Fox Sports Wisconsin Pre/Post Game Host, discusses his takeaways from the Brewers’ roadtrip. How does he feel not pitching Hader or Jeffress Friday night? Are they capable of getting red hot?

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Let's hit the Snyder orange hot line is we welcome in from fox sports Wisconsin. My friend Greg has shot Greg are you man. Armed you're great you know well pretty good and good calls over the weekend habits and that was enjoyable for yet. And what do you make of that that win yesterday. And we'll get into the a bullpen management here in just a second but just the win overall I think her fans. But the cubs' loss of feeling a little bit better. Well that's our coaching note baseball the greatest thing is to get a victory in that market chips fall where they may you kettle and help from Bob the pirates. Beating the cubs and and is tied as the racers go from. I mean it was like gloom and doom Saturday night Sunday morning before the game at least you know there's that feeling owner like while they haven't done playoff picture now. This the first time since I think the end people corn and yes State's game but it just seemed. If he just incredibly than usual this great city police it was just to get cartel or I guess. And then you win that game you feel good you're you know you're back in the playoff chase now suddenly. You know today I'm looking at tie breakers because. The rumors are and they three way tie for that second wild card spot that the inquiry now. And they have they have a tiebreaker win over Colorado is the first tiebreaker at the so. And they actually have a lot of a lot of series series when it. Over a lot of these contending teams right now so. When you start looking at you know treading water not treading water the power brick or situation or how close it's gonna be so many needs. You have to start keeping track of those things too and in the good news is. No the urge to have the action and in that category against a lot of these close to. And yet it looks like it's gonna come down to possibly that and that is tiebreaker is what. As we found out last year that you know one game could make the difference and that's why they are all big. For sure and what kinda hot streak we talked about this on the post game show yesterday. What kind of hot streak in your mind Kregg is in. For the brewers this year not now again there's 36 games remaining you could not sell with that all 36 and Mitt one Ian sixteen is that hot streak probably not. Or weaken it. Bring it down to a window of twelve or fifteen games what kind because you you know there's a hot streak in this team what kind of hot streak is at your mind. Well. You know I I don't know portrait and off. You know 8910 games. I'm ready to ensure their longest winning streak is this year you know Tim I think it's five. Yeah I mean except I was gonna say six or seven maybe and I know they're losing streak record quarters their longest losing records. X every game but so I get a look at that nice day. They haven't done it yet this year I don't know they have to make up to do all along quite like that. But I will say this. They do have the potential. To put their offense together are known of that's becoming a higher subject. But they you have the potential to do it. Now won't that happen in the next 35 games. What are what their bullpen come back around we're not there or not it a point now where. They're doing a pretty good job they can get back to that do an excellent job that's the only way you're gonna get. A really good hot streak going because you're gonna be days where somebody's got to carry. Yeah other component of the team and they're at right now in the second half of the season there has been a big Kerry. Oh Warner the other rate now. And you don't yesterday it was a really good sign that with starting pitching attack you know you're leash seen on this world trip. You know keep deuce say did somebody carrier today he carried them to a retreat victories on the road trip without question. You know to culture that yesterday too so you you need to have those components now working. Thought together every single game what you need to have those components. One of those past work to help carry the load of somebody you know another component that's not during it in my opinion that's our hot streaks. You know gulf war four teams are but I think you know they don't get the hot streak I think. Winning series getting back to winning series news certainly key in this course. Is the brewers are right now on this pennant chase whether it's division Rachel wild card. You know with 35 games the voters are already surged to a lot but there's probably. You know 91011 series left in the season that you know you can win the majority of those Arctic eco beat creek which shape the. Yeah I I would agree with that for sure way back to the office year I look at this lineup each and every day as you do to. And I had just. Trying to figure out just why. You know you look at the names on paper and just forget about the numbers for a second you look at the names on paper and Cain and yell it's and moose and Zeus and Sean brawn and pains and scope while looked at his numbers seventeen homers forty plus RBIs before covered him over here. I don't know how well they're not click and I can't put my finger on a crash I really can't. Well our need a lot of those guys are talking about don't have high batting at what is that and that's that's what's. You know kind of killed this team this year because. It's still comes down to how are you do with runners in scoring position and in this struggle with that all your law. In that tell you crank up and often sets are you get you know that's how you get guys involved that's how to keep themselves and ball. That's all the cute themselves in the lineup that prohibits. You know I every single they have quite a change you know in some form or fashion because. Guys aren't Hartley now and and they don't know what these guys you talked about you don't hear high batting average rate now in hand. And to me that that's you know that's been a large part of the problem all year. It's a bit of under performance for some guys in and four other guys it's. The potentials there because the whole run numbers are there but you know they're scattered under two too far and few between. And down that's that's been are in my pin and I I just think. You know coming through a cup clutch hits coming through and there's guys on base our bet that's been out of big time nemesis for the rockets this year. Yeah that was missing as we it's out with correction on from foxwoods Wisconsin one of the things we've notice as of late. The fun factor. May not be as prevalent as it was earlier this year and of course winning certainly. Makes it a little bit more fun but I think. If they can get to that that's the smiling face fun factor or role I think things go a little bit better. The of the bullpen here in the management and Kregg Kelso coming under fire fire here on social media as well as on the post game show answer you're seeing it as well. The deal what hater and Jeff for us not using them until they have the lead or tied it. Your thoughts on that because at some point you're gonna have to use them regardless. Yeah I don't think there's any question. You know exes to irk or is that common here. And I really you know we are Good Friday night's game and and I thought you know hole they were country now repudiate it and if we're able. Claw back and get two runs there. Are are quite frankly woods was surprised to see. Miles come back up their their second and work. Apparently got in trouble they are still what anybody at the bowl going to be. You know at every game he can't agree with everything that's going on in and certainly you can actually question. Certain situations games that's why that's the beauty of you know sport baseball. But I I I absolutely agree that. There has to be. A time soon. Where that flocked to be cast change Arctic Arctic cults. Certainly revealed that. Over the weekend as well but at some point. He's going to have to Alter that plan and you know right now the only. The only part of the season that he revealed that was still several weeks away on news readers are still in contention right now and and I think. You know a sign. Former manager has to be. Don't panic and and I think you know back and I'm not I'm not saying this is certainly the case but it might be the case where. He's taught competence and a lot of guys out of that bullpen and maybe he has confidence you know it is talkers that. It finally got a couple runs in net eight and again they're capable coming up you know another quarter to an economy. So there's a few different scenarios in there but I don't printers there's any question you know when you get down to crunch time. Everything gets altered its at all hands on deck. And and I and I think you'll definitely. See that book about Friday night in particular. Was a little bit at scripture think more so. That in the bottom of the eighth inning you know wild Suze who's not familiar with this pitching staff we're not real familiar with him. So Regis you just don't know what are eaten Kerry. A team and shut them down consecutive innings restraint optical is always third church with teen and he ran into trouble. And that there are tickets are scratching their lawyers you know that there was some help up from the bullpen. You know when you got two days off this week in the pen is rested. Yeah it guides available in next to me that's very natural for people second guess at that point two without question. I think the bottom line news. This team will altered game plans one Wynette kind becomes necessary right now. You know the manager doesn't think the auditions to kindly Alan and I think you know he kept him at least credit by saying I'm confident everybody on this team. We're back in short panics orange just yet. Yeah I agree with you that there will be an altered. Philosophy there with that bullpen and I think it's common way before what Greg council said a week week and a half left in the season I'd I'd. Well yeah I mean you. Don't think about it you can't fall any further behind. You don't wanna get be worn out five and half games behind with you know a month ago which just. You know will look at around baseball right now honey DO court case. Made up. Ten games but they they skated in and you know five or six weeks of playing incredibly hot baseball it just goes to show you how difficult it is to do and what Mort seems. In the race rate now becomes more difficult capacity into your dropping to three fourteens are into the race as well even though. You're games behind deficit is still out all the other traffic. To maneuver through. Find it hard to believe that Jordan Lyles was your best chance to win in the bottom of the eighth inning. In Saint Louis on Friday night head to head when they're crawling up your tail but we'll debate that after we'd let you go final thing for a cricket shot from fox sports Wisconsin. What do you say to a brewers fans and and I've got to you know I've I've got to do a tie on a on a game by game basis and and talk right to wrong. Well what would you say to home that they want to lump in. History. With the brewers. For example. Here's what I here's what I hear. On and off the air. The cars are so good the first half they'd that there always did there always do in the Bassett and then in their front runners in the Brit. And then they always let us down they always tail at the end and always always always and I'm not gonna get him ex senator ex senator senator what do you say to brewers fans ides. Again Cragg I. I just tell them that hey it's not fair to lump all that in with this year. What what's your response the brewers fans that this is see the sky falling soon. Plug in Baghdad it is the X I mean this team is not better ball. It and a lot of playoff races in in their franchise history so like totally get it. But clearly there are so much time work here and and there are clearly. Clearly and in the playoff picture still pretty. If it could they would then they would they would be one of the while Archie Kazaa goes back to the heart breaker that a tiebreaker Colorado right now so. You know look on the rights are that way you know that this team is is trying to make. The necessary steps to win a championship. Is 24018. Good to be there years 2019 could be more realistic. You know they're they're they've made tremendous stride and and I I get the whole second half and that happens to a lot of teams in baseball. Are all bought. There are still some time left before the end of August you're potentially that could they could bolster this pitching staff. Who knows what David Stern has to migrate but. You gotta say you gotta be right in and doubt in its stay with that in civic classes it is not helpful. Are still a lot of baseball you'll get to go and other teams are struggling as well our coach like it got you there right now. Mean when they got when they got many match out though. They were anointed the team to beat them look we're basically right now because they Oscar closer you just don't know what's gonna happen to other teams as well. Column in the National League it's it's up for grabs in my opinion I don't think anyone's got a lot of weight that he sent. At this quarter even Riva during the playoffs I think it's going to be attacked without those change are ball. Well stated are right Greg is shall we appreciate the time we'll see a Miller Park this week. What do you got sticker denied the areas from fox sports Wisconsin Greg is John joining us on the as all gas due on the Schneider orange hotlines right Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat fare free plus years they've been getting it done column any 144 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs that time.