D’Amato: Greens at Shinnecock are very difficult

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Wednesday, June 13th
Gary D’Amato of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel previews the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills. How is the USGA setting up this golf course? Does Tiger Woods have a chance? Plus, Gary defends Erin Hills after criticism from other golf experts.

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We now go to on a ship Concord Gary D'Amato from the Milwaukee journal sentinel standing by Gary how you doormen. You aren't doing well all I I wanna go back because I know there's a lot riding on this via you know players in such. But an interesting article are read the other day I was thinking of you at this time because there was a writer for a CBS sports. That it talked about the US GA needing to get this right agenda cocked because. Chambers bay was like playing golf on a gymnasium floor and then he went on to risk Erin hills. And say the degree India fairways were too wide the wind wasn't blowing even though was the longest course in history we did have any major names because they could all falter. From this does it seem like they just ripped out ripped the hell out of iron hills as well some to mean what does everybody looking for. Out of a golf course. Yeah I think you know there Obama older players some guys who have maybe. After Simon US open. And maybe some older writers who are used to a certain kind of look US open IE. You don't narrow fairways deeper tree lined fairways it'll classic East Coast kind of classic golf course look. When you brought some a little bit randomly. Chambers they definitely earned Joe's. I think it's the look of it and the weird ways that slows people up like it all. I better defender in a little bigger for you would look first US open bill twenty tigers are seven and so there were six our fight. And down that's gonna affect scoring and guys I think are quite well to make a lot of birdies and a deepening US open. And then of course we all armed but there were some extra wide fairways yes the USG it was worth the wind was the buffalo. And guy it would have been hacking out of you know our the raucous. Planes so they gave extra wide fairways and the wind didn't blow and it rained a lot in the weeks leading up beating sop. Well of course I'll tell you what though. There was a lot of golf course neutral in history but I mean not in their goal and that of course is so off the bat like scoring. You see that's exactly and it did it was mother nature that set up the perfect condition to play golf. It wasn't the course and it wasn't that he wasn't the facility itself right. Yet they could come back two weeks later of course dried out got Furman as in the went by about our sport would have been like here. Fourteen strokes Tiger Woods. And I completely agree I mean how it affected you had a blimp crashed. And you have unfortunately a patron passed away but as you know it just ate it just seemed like these they were looking for a reason to rip it. Because it was so new. And so webpart upon green. That they were just looking for a reason approved ruined no no no no this just uses it for us it seems like some of other writers that were there just had a level of arrogance about him when it came to golf when. In reality they probably do would no one would from a three war. Yeah exactly I I thought it was a good open venue I mean it GB UST everything you want term. Pete and the density of via. The property allows for RB the parking met US needed Alba concessions. Are the Alley so. Not the scoring or low yes but. It's produced the good champion Brooks got who could win again this week and the guys really good player murdered earlier this year will be. You don't want our slayer and the other niceties of course was too easy waited seven and missed the cut. That was minus forty. Why in the world where the top golfers in the world on May or even get make that caught on that thing if it was such an easy golf course. And and tellingly the opry the court says they slam their trunks. Usually when I was the correct penalty they don't like the golf course but even the guys who missed cut like of course so. But for I don't think it was. It's certainly the US yeah I think on the look at come back or somebody all the yen so you know. The opener spoke for the next ten or eleven years but sometimes when I'm long retired Bellamy you too I think you'll come back. Are speaking of that do we see another major in the next other than what's already on the books are awarded to any thing in the state of Wisconsin in the next ten years. You know I really don't dog obviously the Ryder Cup are still coming up with some straight on equal. But he GA championships. Now that the east is moving to me that becomes a difficult proposition that was and straight. Not because the weather during the week. But they're gonna just 455050. Degrees raining being mined out like it but it and it stopped and other places. But the problem is getting the course the course ready right below only able a couple of weeks earlier so that I'll get. They are moving this to begin with resist just over Olympic stuff for what. I think it's. That that they once they wanna get away from ending the worst season I'm people who. In the football season so there yep and they're gonna via playoffs conclude beat rate at the very start of the Vienna policy. A 7-Eleven 45 events that are on the same weekend as the first or we should be in the postseason when. But they are not many people are watching out. It is a shame because it in doing so you caught out the ability of a lot of courses in the upper midwest specifically. That have hosted some interim tremendous events and you were very bureau basically gone back in the same small sample. Yeah they're going to be you know it might have to try some new faces that. It never really got it got here well last. Gold very rarely consult the state I'd have to go to some of those courts I'll be the most what sort of the same pew every dollar. Now and that that's that doesn't bode well I'm so anyway let's get on with session a cock so first and foremost let's talk about the course how the use a US GA set it up. Yeah I'd say it's a little different than fourteen years ago when it looked pretty tight can be quite the prairies a little bit bring some early Parker play. But the rough is still pretty expo. I I mean the premiums go going to be putting your voluntarily. But what really defend us should a cart goes the set of greens when you were designed under certain courts open and 1891. And they're very very sloping design that when we were designed all the pressures and urged Holland bucks that roll very far. Vote today you know extreme heat 101112 feet. These these greens are very very difficult but so the wind and the and the greens is what the defenses check out. Solid Gary D'Amato the market journal sentinel he is on the grounds it's an acog is we're getting ready for the US open coming back to Jenna cock as he said after fourteen years. So. Things got out of hand back in 2004 when the seventh green became nearly on playable in the US GA had to take the blame because they've come down run hoses all over it. We're not seeing that again this year even anything close to her right. You know I certainly hope not and I think the US GA and the players step up all that is if that's something like that would happen again yesterday. Look they face up criticism in recent years sort of that's just gross apple cup to yours go. You know couple of the course of bondage in particular ad and then check out fourteen years ago. They don't need another headache like that so I think there and do everything out that there. Who always was playing hot enough right now that we should pay attention to and then all eyes are gonna be again upon Tiger Woods is whether or not he's going to be able put four rounds ago. Yeah yeah I tigers you know he's Flash Memory we really great golf just under four rounds the aura he has done it. Quite a high enough level of forums when. I think each quotes you know I don't know he went here I mean I I definitely see them winning again and probably soon. Come but I think when you look at this field and you look at the golf course record it's a major championship I think you look at the usual list of the top players in the world guys who vomit who are in the official world golf for ranking. You know part of you pick against that just right now he's a topic last week number one in the world and it. Space US open Brady 11 should've won a couple more army so. I like best. And you look at a guy like Jordan speeds there's worry the other cat and there's a lot of guys that we talk about that really. They don't they don't get nearly enough when it comes to credit put. You know you do there's a couple of guys out there that you look at you say okay it when they got a finely win you know there's a couple of guys we talk about who's a cat that you can't stand Joseph. Rickie Fowler all the car. I don't mean can't stand Ricky Fowler I just I think he's a little more overrated golfers on tour this kid should have at least one major under his belt by now. Well you're right about or use you very out there and you've been in the hunt and number of majors mean. He would've won a masters is here tonight you know. At maybe that they're been rare formal ovals. So the second. But that's the thing it seems like he always goes one tightly seems to eat acre or so. You got a number of issues. Rory McIlroy came in the interview room at age some and ask them if he'd be surprised if Ricky and is currently a major. I think get everyone you talk with these rights as you probably gonna win one army be more. And it could be this week. Also a guy IDs Jambo. Who just it came off of a victory. Not too long ago I mean is she playing hide golf right now fifth ranked in the world right now. Definitely yeah I you don't actually Ebert part about him this week amateur right Islam. And I'm. No very Smart guy and sometimes it takes that kind of gotten intelligence. And a lot of things but US open like after. Mile long shot Jon Rahm made eleven cuts sees a tie for top tens. One win commodore John rom and it's one. Yet he throws temper cause you know he's gonna make mistakes and you gotta get their break. And who. That get a little fiery when that happens what what he can get past that I think he's gonna be fine and. Gerri always a pleasure I have a great Tom I know it's one of them you know kind of like heaven if you're golf enthusiast so enjoy yourself and we'll talk you Cerrato got. Or ship out judges and they are Gary D'Amato the walk he journal sentinel he's done chin Kok K getting you ready for the US open which gets under way tomorrow. And if your golf and Susie is good week in Father's Day weekend and US open golf eyes there's they throw some baseball and then holy Matt. Just put television on the back of the house like I do. Sit back fire to grow have a few beverages have a cooler sitting right there and may be a good cigar along side. Tell the dog to go get your slippers. That is euphoria right there and you can hire a lawn service for the week and holy crap you've got to admit it. But I have rejoined as a steroid shot like Schneider Harry drivers right now your car they treat you fair eighty plus years they've again you don't call 844 pride or go to Schneider job's done count if you look divert great team were new team. Again our friend George Schneider but Schneider jobs start to Schneider jobs downtown.