D.A.: The clock is ticking on Aaron Rodgers

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Friday, August 10th
Damon Amendolara, Host of “The D.A. Show” on CBS Sports Radio, weighs on the Packers as well as the rest of the NFL. Should the Pack consider Khalil Mack or Dez Bryant?

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Hosted at the age showed Damon among them in the Laura and I joining us now on the Schneider orange hotline BA what's going comment. What does bill how you do it. Well are hanging at the Wisconsin state fair so cream puff she skirt brought to bear I mean you can't get much better than that I guess right. On haggard speaking my language all the things sound delicious especially in this little number I want all of. He had no doubt hey I don't wanna talks of NFL with you show last night the Packers got a glimpse it. Some of the younger guys obviously Aaron Rodgers and company did not play but I got to ask you this defense of Mike patents. Were expecting and hoping it gets into the top fifteen but this this defense and does this franchise need to go out get out develop two number ones to pick up collegial Mac. Well that's assuming nickel they'll match can be aperture now once and I know that there in the middle contract holdout right now an acquittal backed try to play hard ball but I'm not saying that the Oakland Raiders are ready to give up on collegial practically walk in the air. I think that there is hoping that cooler heads prevail here because obviously he is the best player on that defense to the to team that. Has played well designed to expect a ton of money on Jon Gruden. So if you could acquire Khalil Mac for two number one they certainly would look into I certainly would yours be considerate. But I am not convinced that the raiders want to. Bill yet but it got it that much outside into the physical crime and can be dominant when he is right. If you give Jon Gruden a hundred million bucks in control of the franchise why would you not then turn around and take carefully match. That's exactly it you're gonna invest all that money in Jon Gruden would be assumption that you were ready to win the now that you could end up. Doing some things not only now in Oakland but as you transition it's a lot Craig nuptial work. That a big part of bringing rudin is a way to interior sell into your new city. It to get beat and casual fans to jump on board to build an excitement for a new challenge. It's a luxury suite and sponsorship. In seats so. I think that's part of it but if you're gonna invest that much money into your head coach. And you know that just a year ago port lastly to that point he sees it. The raiders were a playoff team and really could have been dangerous secure our state help the we only makes sense to make sure your best defensive player and a contract. So at that point I shut I'm not sold yet that the readers all rates. Under the critics and they've got to eventually get a deal done with oil. Looking at the Green Bay Packers. You know Aaron Rodgers back and healthy looks good camp. Really I I think he's feeling the window of opportunity the inning to close a little bit on that light at the end of the tunnel. So we lights up some of his younger guys he doesn't have Jordy Nelson their does that read a comment about Seattle so. Give me your thoughts on the Packers offensively this year specifically with the addition of Jimmy Graham as well. Well I thought that there Rogers recently that they practice is very. Hell he is obviously. A perfectionist and Rodgers pass through like everybody at the Packers organization. Understand that the clock ticking you know I talked about a Beisel extensively. How different Tom Brady's career used because yet those three championships right out of the shoot when he became the starter. He went this first year 2001 have been stacked on two mortal Perino for. Four years is just order it re ratings after that you went. And year without a championship. He lost all lost more players championship games. What we did say clock is sticky you so loser can't get it bluntly critical to a halt and they get another 13. Championships it's that the legacy. Right now Aaron Rodgers in the middle of the ten year gap where. Yeah I had a championship. Which it get a dollar and I think because of that pressure that stress. Everybody in the organization has all the heads to have to get it right right now. No more so than Erin Portugal and so like he offered to be good what you got it beat. Quite because bare rocks and I think there's an what could read error. To where they can win and they can win big but it on the Packers I'm yeah for sleeping. Unless I'm constantly trying to get in the as many options as many weapons but he talked to possible I would never sleep and I would just that we have one of the best quarterbacks ever in his prime right now. We must surround him with as many opportunities. To win a championship every single year or we haven't done our job. I think that pressure just obviously building every single year. Would you go after a guy like Dez Bryant safer veteran a fact but you. You know I mean I know Aaron Rodgers and they look we let go Jordy Nelson while we get does Bryant. I think that Brian has as much of lettuce isn't still left in the tank is what Aaron Rodgers does you just make it does Bryant for a lesser amount of money. And it was more of a business transaction that it was. They dislike specifically at Jordy Nelson's ability. Agree I would look into it with dads but I wouldn't call all square and here's why. It's lines already turned down a potential offer from the Baltimore rate at which makes me wonder. How much of this is about what dead still and you can do vs what other teams still think you can deal. They're to read we still have a job there's really not sign read that it might be at Cleveland Browns and Oleg sixteen team. He's looking at right now at one group like that bear. I think that because daddy's things yet more football left it out that other GMs do. And it dead as a delusional self belief in how good years for company all he needs to Italy to roll the offense would beat. That's what were letting gays can can help achieve yeah likely you could help the packer yeah. A big bureaucracy makes it applied once again scary gal like. It dead in you don't want these days he's gonna demand more touches or abort walks. If they're gonna be combustible on the Lockerbie Torre lashed out how would that solve these data. I wonder if it worked at because he brings what all the table book that he also created negative or not. Playing the world police shot. Are looking at this Packers defensively. This team might threaten comes in he's expected to get him in the top fifteen we talked about you know the need for something else like Julio Mac now. With Mike that scheme and what he's done in the past. Do you think this team has the capability get into the top fifty and support with the office and Aaron Rodgers has going for. Yes I do and it's because I've seen the NFL we all defense is that war the most help the defense line in the top fifty to. On the back so good all parents. And opportunistic play if you create if you turn over suspects with the secondary if you can create a few interceptions on what the act at the line of scrimmage. If you've got a straight back in a couple of ball ball. You automatically. Give you repeat that which might not be great defense a chance to be the topic team another words. Roger does help and he offered to court because now they put up thirteen points the board the first quarter. After talking to two field goals Europe Turkey were well maggert defense takes some chances now the opposing offense the quarterback tactics and chances. Now in deposing often as pressure on them aid lose concentration. And the global football and now suddenly your defense which in that apparently rate. Lee downhill. It happened time and time to time and time again team does that happen. Mittal in defense is that the year or no good have a great offense it. Pull up the defense look better than they actually are and masks it because he could play downhill and create turnovers. And let stated they are stepping drive's unique it's not out of the football game for a repeat that the of the Green Bay Packers. If you pour onto the first two and then you're up seventeen the debt in the you know what you can get an interception or trips back. And before you know it. Your point downhill the entire game and now you're talking about forcing a punt because she met at well 13 rate. It around the football on second and it just changes everything. So yes I think it can happen I don't think that the huge app for the Packers and it brought to help the result that is quite an addiction like Jimmy Graham and work. Yet the Packers keep it should be able to get the proper. All right before I let you go got to ask you win the NFC north and rep you represented the NFC. I think it's the vikings wouldn't be NFC north. I just really like that either bill and I like the addition Kirk cousins and a banquet a better team around about that article that he had at Washington. A better you bet that he had with a Washington. That like you advocate Betsy but the decision. I've not been building would be and that city and I'll tell you why are you wonder about cousins in pressure situations I wonder about cousins. It'd anarchy championship game all the road in Los Angeles on the road and school adelphia. Does he make it up late to get it not I'm not ready right now would appreciate it over to declare the NFC champion yet. But I do like that the vikings have the best team that anarchy in the war I think they end up winning eleven games and that's enough to win the division. DNA it's always a pleasure my friend love listening to you thanks for coming off for a couple minutes out version okay. My pleasure bill any thought you know that it could it hurt or body. Absolutely you talk do you see Gomez go our buddy David. Emmental our ideas what that even with CBS we're ready armies the DA ship tomorrow that's that's who named after. The DA showed he can listen to an unsteady CBS radio's Sports Radio. Station and the radio dot com that he could find his stuff there. Always good challenge to his on this matter which outlines that are drivers right now you work are they preach fair eighty voice you're living gonna get done. Call me noted more for brought to go to Schneider jobs dot com.