Davis: It should be “Super Bowl or Bust” for Packers

Bill Michaels Sports
Monday, April 16th

Charles Davis, Fox Sports and NFL Network Analyst, looks at the Packers situation heading into the draft. Who does he view as the best cornerback prospect? How does view edge rusher Marcus Davenport?


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Joining us now in the NFL network draft analyst our good guy and always a friend of the show Charles Davis now joining us in the shatter or challenge Charles Sabin my friend. I've been doing well you've been so what are good job with a lot of changing Green Bay as you know I mean they're bringing in a new defensive coordinator offensive guru coming back home and Joseph Philbin and you know Mike McCarty made a lot of changes Ted Thompson's out Thompson is out goon coast is in and so it how it realistically I've been saying this might be the cautionary tale this year because it's always Super Bowl or bust in Green Bay when Aaron Rodgers is healthy. What is it realistic to think if you're gonna go into a just trying to get to a top fifteen defense to say. It's Super Bowl or bust or we may be over so overshooting their skis a little bit here. Probably but in the world we live in now bill. He kind of got to get obesity doctor. Because we're not accept anything less than any. And here today. Philadelphia and play out the year before. What a whole track. OK so when you have consistent. Performance like Green Bay have. If you look up 181 in the Super Bowl that you're before they went a whole dark day. That tragic for you all of perspective and you and here's a look at that. Do we really reward the consistent team now if they don't want to get it right well. Because otherwise what would become by the Portland TrailBlazer on the bottle franchise in Viet. You regret that we talk Portland trailblazers they could plaster your. It's nice to be like yeah. They have wanted to Walt but the goal every year orders that are doing something right. But in our day and age we need to do. The big one right so I don't really lose sleep over that Tom Green Bay should be Super Bowl a buck especially now so there's jumped up. It now that they had been for greenback. It's Minnesota get to carry the mantle of team to beat. Not greenback you Minnesota got a big bad teachers get chase. Minnesota's got quite a few contracts coming up at the end of next year thus pushing dollar chips an old table this year you you make a change in Green Bay. Defensively to try to get yourself better but they still need a corner they still need an edge rusher bid the offensive line for as much as people don't talk about it. With primal lot of I don't know if primal log. It's going to be back and what they're going to do that offensive line you're gonna need most likely to tackle and springs is coming off surgery. And you'll want would you exodus Jordy Nelson you know you're probably gonna you know wide receiver even though Dovonte onto your number 12 or three concussions in two years you know you're only one hit away and not be around you need depth there as well also. I think that there's quite a few things that this team could possibly do. And if the best player available just tough balls to them so to speak. Yeah that's a good point and the other part of it though is if you do that that meets at rupture which you do. And part of what people have to have the conversation behind closed doors. In good because it is apple had it not be by cart PP apart. Whatever their philosophy is there is part of that to me I don't I don't think you could ignore. What the deepest part of the draft so perhaps it would make a decision between god. Can we get that later. Or. If you're right now or we don't giving what looks like this got you in two rusher when those places trap is now extremely the such as something to keep in mind when your number comes up because it did come off the board the live look now prep each double B or spot. A look at one likely sick that the worst. You'd expect that it rusher is at debate for most people between Terrell lender balking collagen most likely mark Davenport each yet that. So by target Packers pick one at that may be available. What do the two or maybe go. Is that a discussion point in Utah the quarters as well I hear more corners available out there. But there's a guy you really like these are abort you probably should go get picked believers being true to the sport. But there's a tiebreaker. About while look at that the position. Best corner. Coming into the draft this year in your opinion. Then they'll war state. I think you get everything you're looking for any happy tradition now if you built built pretend turn around Arctic order. Who want your starter at the other guy landed. I go what they play well. You can fly he's willing to tackle. You make plays on the ball ball I needed that one coming out. He got that ball well lit the recent weeks now during the process who's got your art and certainly. They're about half the season last year by low kuwaitis aggressive on the football on shorter passes. I watched it just look at data still might actually watch somewhat out I can't because he's playing. Is coverage. Realize where he was what is involved and play well attitude coverage behind yet. They play on the ball all that I know there's no way to quarterback got beat. We've got height of the Keating had committed. You know my keys EC yeah it was a natural ball off but again. A one year. Player has yet transferred by Carolina. Had to hear you yet ultimate kick returner build so they're there are few more quarter I would be excited about that would be pressure. The the other has Morgan Burnett no longer with the team Josh Jones last year played better or near the line that he did did back in coverage looked lost at times hot Clinton Dix coming off of a bad year. Tell me about Fitzpatrick the the defensive back coming out of Alabama because he can play more safety than he does corner so lockdown guy can play slide. But I would he be guided if he can come in and and maybe give them depth and that's safety position as well that that would be protect. Nugget yet asked tactic I think it at fourteen he won't be around. So but I think you'd be really good pick because I think he can do everything good look or you describe pretty you are the very well. If he didn't have to play a lot of high safety you know that that free safety that we get used to wait Beckett detect it quite like that Alabama. They get in Rome as you mentioned plate in the slot it. Not intercept in college. For whom are in the touchdown. As ball hawking ability probably ask what separates him from Derwin genes court stated that bicker bicker. First it. And probably more today eighty. A closer to the ball type of player. Had three interceptions blaster as a result in his career. Fitzpatrick hit the ball Turkey in the something else and that's what did you like to people like it better change. Although out on the game player now. I wanted to I wanted to touch base because a wanna go back you should markets Davenport in a lot of people are talking about him lot of mock drafts have him going Green Bay Packers. With that fourteenth overall pick. There was some question because he played at Texas San Antonio and are you know I said look whatever's on film that's fine as long as he's got the chops to get it done who cares as long as he's a good runner. What we all know edge rushers coming in Italy it's very difficult in your first you'd be that big an impact player. Tell me about Marcus Davenport and why so many people like him in patent system. I think people kind of and that kind of thing people eat when they see his body types they see is his quickness saw the ball they see is the ability to. Slide his body in in in and get between blockers to get into and get the quarterback issue a lot of the outside. And every comment here so what does that really brought it to that last lap. In the lap pillar for called him brawl what was the aren't. That you would be draw I mean that you would like now what do replica want to put this on it do what. You and it turned out all put into place so all told why he just has not played it that high level we're expecting. Kicked the can't currently in conference USA now like they play either division three football there. I think any stretch of the imagination so he easy to keep your urgent. I'll butcher what you were a lot people would see under pressure like between the prep each up shut up you know stronger body rocked uptight guy. You put Davenport next to. It looked like he did it to hit it to weight room and and what that you preclinical and subsidies that. Our real quick before I let you go it just knowing Mike Patton in the situation obviously Dom Capers out pens and little little bit more adaptable type of coach I guess when you look at his numbers and where he's working at granite. Some his defense is were on any Rex Ryan and Rex Ryan we all know is more than defensive guru and anything but. That being said how impact forty thinkpad in this walking through the door. I think because coach keepers has been around for so all the media you're hurt on the separate short definitely out the door to yeah. And it felt like sour grapes in the sent could be leaving. But there is development if true could that there. Ito turning over your roster part of why you turn it over Asia gotta have guys keep their attention anecdote that you which are gonna say at which who are blocked. Patterns right bill you know belt. I have been my kids to tele outer concert on this story are here either so you know that the new voice. And guess what. Even if you're a long time that would do person talks at the door gets which you have to dip you kind of brought up you know it's you're not comfortable anymore. Because you're due out coach keeper reacted to it would eat it. They're Coppertone applaud you get alerted them and that they got one of the big thing in what the big it was a good thing I liked it and by the way he can't coach. Mob before you dog I've talked hero quick our friends we know Bob and a whole gang over there and expect as this has been something we've been talking about promoting for a long long time Brian Billick comes on the show and talks about them we've seen a Bob do the demonstration we're at a super boy you know you being a guy has been around football played football scene these things how how big of Boca failure these expect pats. I'm off the about the charts and other bills absolutely had to put my son and he played his senior year high school he had shoulder issue it. Didn't have an issue all season marred tactful firmly believe a big part of that you expect that should mean it is patented design exclusive partnership with. Eckhart the military grateful you mentioned that you know the impact Alec how it handles that dispersant that. You know that's what you get that shot that. Take it all boarded that it disperses it and I keep movement light weight doesn't absorb water plot think about people will eat about testimonials you bought Delaware's Dexter. Clearly Barack was ecstatic Beckham junior were texting Eli extract them into the draft this year Joshua -- Alex it where. I don't high school kid or after their colleges. For expect that when they are signing they look and I want with a partly market where the cat. Consider wearing on the high school and what that that's what's happening out there that's what The Who admitted Bob Robert hit Bali mentioned that. And of course a long time medical equipment got no one knows more about had but it thing about that bill. These two saw the future for the rest of missed it because they stopped eighteen meatball sub key changing and it realize that they add. Kitty what you're held it right put Iraq on the football. League game which means that you commercial was a lot more. So they get out edit it and do it created a special look at on the market well I've always expect that dot com enter our draft. 10% all the it has coaches players parents. And trust me as a parent. I'm telling you get these children. The extent to go to X tech XT ECH pads dot com for 10% output in the promo code draft in listening to a program today. And you get 10% off but I I tell you what you'll need to go any further the watched Bob do that demonstration where he smashes his hand with a helmet who's an element of Chris it makes me cringe every time something and it's going to be the time the path fails and he's gonna was shredded hand. Every time he takes a lot of outs away. Has not built yeah I don't think it's going to I have no doubt. It will not fail that that the market and that's literally what it needs now is going to shoulders you know. I don't know I know that I know that Charles it's always a pleasure my friend double talk you real soon okay. He took out they don't Charles David NFL network judge draft analyst and just I mean he's done everything and just Charles is always intense to just a wealth of knowledge joining us on the shot or or challenge on our drivers right now you work hard to treat their eighty plus years they get it done call 844 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.