Dougherty: Still waiting for Gutekunst to make a bigger move

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Thursday, March 22nd

Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette/ weighs in on the Packers’ moves so far. Was the Graham for Jordy swap a wash? How should they address the secondary? Where should Clay Matthews play?


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IP Torre degree they press gazette. And a Packers We're together it's always been. Honor and a privilege to be with yes. Proper (%expletive) about thank you for coming on. I I wanted to ask you first and foremost Specter article regarding. The Packers when it comes in the offseason going after free agents priced it's high they're not gonna jump in that pool they're still waiting to find out about Aaron Rodgers. On as the world spins eerie Green Day. Com is it is it's still business as usual it is as use water Ted Thompson. Or have they really kind of taken that next step to being maybe a breath of fresh air. You know it is and it isn't the same that the they're clearly getting and I'm more guys. Try to at least get the running forum inquiring. Make it offers but. To a large degree it sounds like there's still. You know they're pretty conservative with what they're gonna pay it I mean I you know I get it to a large degree you don't wanna be reckless and can blow a lot of money in free agency. You know they're using the you know come player was Aaron Rodgers have a great chance of winning it going to Super Bowls are using that as a big part of their recruiting pitch. Might I get the sense from a couple late and I talked you know these can be disguise Matt Packers but I you know they've been used in this pitch for a long time and they. It's generally open get a very many guys that works the patriots somewhat play it. You know money does all the recruiting in the NFL and I'm still you know waiting for Americans to make a bigger move I studied which he would've made a bigger move it cornerback by now. Because they have you know they just has such a big hole there they got to you know they've got at least. Two and maybe three spots to fill. You know between the draft and free agency and you know what the draft you can't count on instant help. So with the moves that have been made getting allowing some guys to walk picking up walkers and that your Jimmy Graham. He impressed have they gotten better if they see the same they gotten worse give me your thoughts to break those down. LB curious and what do you think I you know although. Swap basically Graham for for Nelson on offense. You know I've talked to a couple people normally get no avail they've been able thought it was. Get on nice upgrade forum that Nelson's probably. Start in a pretty steep decline. Graham a little younger bigger really good athlete you know that that's probably an upgrade forum. You know well persons should help their defense. But you know they're they're just softer and corner you know maybe their air better than they were last year overall but. You know they generally Randle who has you know whatever problems he was in the locker room he was still had a decent yet a decent season last year. So there you know maybe this same that defense right now we have five weeks to the draft so a lot can happen between now and then plus. If they do it all run the draft like normal exit last year that would make a big difference. I'm a little better on a little better on offense and made the same on defense. Obama is gonna say speaking at the office let's start with that right tackle right guard position. We need all quiet I guess right now on the rival waterfront put Bryan Bulaga went down those season I can't imagine he's gonna be ready for the regular season or even for. Trickier for that matter what's the plan. You know like they feel they never say how can they don't wanna put that time constraint that's. You have to add it up and guys are usually out like ten to twelve months with that bigger guys it's usually towards the longer. You know the longer time out. You know the chance for him being ready for the start of training camper almost nil. By the start of the regular season I think there's probably if you had a bet you'd better it's a little more likely that he'll wind up Beatles stamps UP. Which would mean almost the first six games what it takes a couple weeks so basically the first half this season. And so you know what I'm not exact I don't know what they're gonna do their he gives them a nice insurance policy if things don't work out the first half of the year with whoever they're playing over there. But if they needed let you know let's say they do wanna make a big move and costly move. If they need cap room that's one place where they they could go as is releasing him but I figure you haven't gotten a sense at least so far that's in their plans. The now I know that it Jahri Evans is a guy that is the kind of waiting to find out he was gonna come back and on and as far as I know no news it means you are with the aren't we under the assumption he's not coming back. I don't think anybody knows. You know we've been trying to get all of Hamas is somewhat of the reporters that Packers and I common. Have had trouble making that connection with them I think he's still deciding. You know he played I thought he played you know really nice solid football for almost a year and then kind of fate of that DNC always worry what these older guys that that's. You know that's assign that he could be had in the wall real hard and fast so he's. He's been mayor for all we know he's still probably win whether to come backer of had been and the Packers would have to decide he'd be worth resigning and bring an end. Just to see how he's playing but there'd be no guarantee that he'd make the team or be your starter next year. On secondary help we know that there's been a lot of talk about many different quarters in the draft held the bar they will they trade what they gonna do they can move. Should they bring in veterans should they not. Then there's divine house there's Jamal Williams reed is out there that people have been talking about what do you see them doing offending them. You have all the bigger name guys are gonna do it's I'm just guessing here okay act I kind of suspect. Maybe they'll sign you know maybe policy and Williams and maybe even had. You know another or orally at Cromartie. These guys who are right around thirty your little older in Boeing's case 35 even. But just some you know several stopgap one year guys maybe even plan like three of Lama can end up content in a lot of bombs if they don't like what they seem camp. And then draft and a couple guys so at least they're not playing and you know if things don't. Go well with the draft or the other but the rookies are ready to play. You know at least they're not planned undrafted guys or you know I'll be how it got last year was deepened the depth chart they had ago so we could have some veterans out there. You never nominated they have their betrayed purposely you know maybe now and other terrorist type deal I mean he's Jason Pierre Paul has got. You know trade and a couple hours ago also. Trade are happening more so maybe we'll disappoint them but I guess in the off bills signed. Two or three corners who are more stop gap just to get through this year guys while they perhaps several and starts trying to develop some guys. So what are they going to a claiming having made any specifics to where he's going to play because I know everybody wants to see move inside get the edge rusher which is easier said than done. And then be able to kind of work with the guys that now have up front that good rotation at that should be a lot better is playing prison ball. That the whole discussion of clay or covering those guys taking an additional pay cut or restructure. Is that completely out of the question now. It's it's as far as like. Just adjusting this year's contract and that's that. It's yours seems like it I don't think either one Obama the Packers you know columnists say you know we'd we'd like you to take a pay cut I think either one of would say no. And if you don't like the deal company. And you know I don't see the Packers cut neither problem now but what they could do especially with Matt teases naked. Do a contract extension for a couple of years give him a nice talking guaranteed money but lower his pay for this year a little bit. And you know the guarantee would make him think cities for me I'll probably gonna get next year's money to. But that would lower is capping his pay and cap number this year but I don't get. Pictures you sure don't get the feeling that either one of those guys this is gonna get cut or just take a straight up they cut. What about Aaron Rodgers awhile I mean I guess everybody is waiting for the Kirk cousins do to get done it got done nothing happened what are we waiting or. You know I I guess that's just because there's so much money at stake it matters. You know they have they have to decide whether they wanna create cap room this year or use cap room this year with this contract. You know maybe I don't think they're waiting on Matt Ryan but maybe they are too apparently they're doing a contract extension for him on the planet to. And I think the last time that they did it if I remember right there was during the draft as when they announced that it was like in a Friday or Saturday of a draft. So maybe you know there's just so you know so much or you know a lot of I used to baton p.s to cross and so I'm yup I had to bet I would bet it will get done kind of in that same time frame either right around the draft or maybe shortly thereafter. Palmer how much I mean like that week we've continually talked about the question how much is too much in your opinion. How much is too much. In me. You're the theoretical sense you almost normal and normal that's too much I mean. If he. They could justify paying them fifty million drilling have been inactive when I say that but you know obviously that's not the way this works. And appear him you I don't think you know you want a good market deal that you should be paid really I I would would be. You know you don't want. BI don't think he should go Peyton Manning and squeeze every penny out of on because than. You know this is about at a certain point how much more money do you need this is about Super Bowls and winning and legacy and all that. So I'd you know I think that's thirty million dollar mark for average is looking and you know is looking pretty good right now with what cousins came in and I think that would be a good deal that would clearly make him highest paid guy but. Wouldn't stretched the Packers to a point or it would make it really you know would strap their salary caps and make it hard to to build a team around him. You are a I don't know. I mean we we know in this division you've got cousins obviously to risk he's gonna eventually make some money and then that match he's ever making a ton of money if you go on par with those teams. I hear are that bad off but in the grand scheme of things. When I keep listening to this whether it's on the NFL now worker audience theater at that you target until about money I can think of as a way and that had. You've Garrett Aaron Rodgers. And then you've got a team that doesn't have a great defense but it's not about the teams the division nobody cares going division in Green Bay they care about Super Bowl so can this team. With Aaron Rodgers at 303335. Million dollars a year have enough left over what a suitable. Yeah you start it you get up to that that and do they can justify paying him that no question but you start getting the 3335. And I think you really are. You know making it harder to to sign players to keep your core. You your year hurt yourself there it'll be really annoyed and speaking of the vikings that it is going to be really interesting now this year I think they're fine but. You know to have a good defense you need you need a lot of tepid opposition to see the great quarterback to have a good defense you need. Several really really good players on defense and it's hard to keep all those guys and opinion Wallace Seattle found out. And you know what ship appeared quarterback once they had Russell Wilson and so I want her home minister of Minnesota and ability that defense together now that they are. Ponying up you know big money for a quarterback had this year they're fine but you know what 20192020. The other defense to drop off in less spiel man keeps hit home runs what those are epics. Good that was always my friend thanks for joining us for a couple minutes and we'll talkies in general okay. Grip of appreciate it. Absolutely talked Yelena of their ego that is the door the rebates at press gazette Packers dot com joining us for a couple minutes Packers joining us for couple minutes in the shatter or challenge.