Edholm: There could be two wildcard teams from the NFC North this season

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Thursday, May 24th
Eric Edholm from Pro Football Weekly discusses the Packers Draft and offseason moves, the teams to beat in the NFC, and who will be the biggest surprise in the upcoming NFL Season.

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Eric at home a pro football weekly now joining us on the Schneider orange hot line Erika I don't want. All got a couple of well we're just kind of waiting to see if I Aaron Rodgers is able to take this team I deepen in the post season this year get them back to a Super Bowl the biggest question is defensively speaking have they done enough and in your opinion have they done enough. Yeah I mean it it's obviously. The group the group they put together and Howell. You know hot what. Version of Bob Welker pseudo Morgan City you know if he'd gotten now motivated to turn himself the player what more can he be impact what fraud. It out otherwise you know that the case that the pretty dead and an offer for our wide and and all the additions they've made secondary. But you may be old tree there's at least the depth there where you feel like. It might come in at these guys the play press coverage and the dew which he wants to do you. By typical way in Albert that was obviously kind of a glue guy they're played a lot of roll for that money. It's hard to say that they have a chippy chippy at what we have Aaron Rodgers is obviously a little flexibility and Eric you don't need a CNET going to be. And every tactical unit they just happen because the rest don't hold the local I think yup that whole period epileptic. So do they have enough offensively I mean the biggest thing we ought to be offensive at least for me. There's two circles right here and one is the rights on the offensive line I think they know what they're guard position is gonna be I don't think right now you have a lockdown. Right tackle because blog and sprigs or. Both coming off of injuries the united church and then the you know they they they believe they're set the wide receiver position they went on got a lot of young talent. But dead veteran depth you bring in Jimmy Graham you know you're gonna split him out. But Dovonte Arabs at three concussions in two years if he gets hit again god forbid he goes down percent extended portion of the season you don't have much veteran on the outside I mean. That's the only reason I would say they would consider the Dez Brian remote. Yeah and that's a great point about Adam that I you know frequently forget it that it ought we got the extension. The pressure up production the phenomenal he clearly had the go to guy here. A concussion factor is that our back you know that that wild card were one more big hit it's scary proposition YouTube app or beat. Careful and mindful of that so yeah. I U I I struggled to figure out exactly what Jimmy Graham. He statistics that kind of wildly vary for one year to the next we know it's not blocker he's essentially a big slot receiver. I'm legacy or computer wide receiver of sorts stoop. The whole big -- as they get if everybody stay healthy they have great walk with health. You know all of the didn't necessarily have that last year if you position. You know you intriguing little running back trio but why keep product gel. The pink and apple would be accurate but as you pointed out what you know just like we'll be opted to wide latitude they're starting I was already marked what both guys started falling out when the trouble really happened. Yeah that that debt concern Israel Darwin there again. On the pro football weekly when you look at the division itself. Com how you know we know Minnesota is a good team and I don't know what Kirk cousins is going to do I don't know if he's gonna take him to a higher level or fees is going to be. The same old same old get to ten wins or more I don't know who what is going to be the fly anyway image okay how much better because I'm hearing a lot of optimism coming out of Chicago. And they had to pick up some pretty solid pieces I know it rests on the armaments from risky. And their new head coach but how much better do you think Chicago's gotten. I think they're competitive team dog in the that the unit had trouble winning games all enemies their terrible record collapsed. You know 34 year Soldier Field. You outburst your head coach that we really don't frankly know much about it Matt Nagy come from good stock great that. That Philadelphia Eagles watched Jackie and that he chief. A group that. Recent argued coaches you know with ballot Doug Peterson did last year and likewise we saw what led. When an LA with a rail and what are you could take it from. The lead productive that would affect your quarterback. Adding some weapons bright guy like yet but he Miller now Robinson that are up. At big in changed dramatically overnight to I think that's going to be like the instant poppy version of the bears this year probably not. But dictate your dad he's a good. In Arctic the special pink will be a little market that that little more solid beat it was some clothes he's an actor would pick them like once or in busters though. You know pretty competitive outside a couple block the Packers are one those blah you know going a quarter two other games they really weren't even though. I think they'll be it property this year but it's in particular it. That you know an IQ yeah finding that identity of the two major bit he's going to be. A couple of notches at the head of where he was last year why you you know that now they have a great quarterback and they have the pieces but I. I do you think it's going to be one of the better division top to bottom and in in the NFL. Well that was New York next course you'd mentioned in Detroit. And when you talk about the division as a whole. How much does this division then begin to be up of one another or is Detroit and Chicago still far enough behind the Packers in Minnesota. That just those two teams are gonna balloting be battling for the top spot and in addition to that if the division is that tough. Then how many how you know how to hopefully be for any one of these teams coming out of those divisions. To be then that NF seed say champion in the sense of having that that no home field advantage throughout. Yeah I mean they're dubbing it the factors here could you repeat of what happened in the at a out flat jewelry have three very good clean the one play he'd that. You know the pocket near or fort Walt last year but they had a billion close games they they were not me eight or 1213 where they do it. On that date date date date their stake and have everything to blame but. You know they looked more like got seven and ninety would be more often than than sports Wall Street to back same thing could play out in the north where. You can out wild card in this division I wouldn't completely done. And you know the vikings could have viewer winner this year technically be a better more complete team. Yeah I children's then cause they give them a bomb although you know kick you might played really well play in the regular season. But doubt cookies packets that are made it part I think that Daley pat potential to be better in ourselves. It's really I do think this is going to be a very valid division I think the wind and you know with the new head coach. Even with the franchise quarterback in the prime even with some pretty good weapons the making it up at the line. Secondary and indeed shape and I I wouldn't. Don't be a burlap like speed and barrel I play. It out I would still think there could be it at that he nick could beat any other team in the division regular Sunday. Who else in the NFC is a team that we really should be paying attention to we know LA got better last year but some of the mainstays I'm not a big believer once Seattle has going on. I know they're really going poured down a New Orleans so how serious should we take them obviously. Philadelphia's so I think still going to be a very good team and where is Carolina fall on all of us. Yeah I thought Carolina that your Russian men and you know once you mentioned you know that I you know world title lot of positive momentum might. You know acted like fourteenth Mark Ingram and you know who knows that people are truly a great users yet. Yeah I think Carolina because of the top of the division may be about to back a little. You know Carolina the upper big block that off the name at the pieces but. I don't know I just sort of have a feeling that they were living gained last year there were no thirteen I think they were like eight warning in it once or game the idea being and it. You know some that blocked the ball kind of bouncing your way a little and I don't know that they have. The take away potential indeed it's the kind of make up some of their. But there hold an office though it's part of the team that could break out any more out an answer to go and you know maybe he'll he player sure to be a great team better he told me vacant cabinet or bring him to doubt that would like these this year. Wouldn't shock me either he will be a little outlet to explode offensively a little more middle road defensively but. You know that's a pretty to watch obviously. Correct I can maybe I'm stricken. But the escalate you much but I think the puck bounced back towards well I think they're more competitive you know what date. Show record wise last year and I think you know they edit the you get it Elliott back he makes the cowboys. More relevant really cute with it last year. The giants aren't terrible football we despite their record last year I think they're going to be way more competitive. It's just the fact that you know she beat the plate he will jump up the first and second place in their respective divisions. Offensively. In the AFC we know that Tom rating company. Not very article ascetic I guess invest where reported this is a team everybody expects to just light it up and go on and when themselves another AFC championship do you see it happening. I'm I'm kind of done. Now in the game but if I bet though that it elect. It's like betting to stop return and pray you never get advice you know but it. At the same time you bring up real question that it it Brady at the point where you say and you know I. I don't know why it played being my way in India and being a little bit of force fury you're bringing new attention on him for staying awake mode here. When it comes down target the intricate art world or any of the matter. I can that acting like the beef on they've added few defensively they've got a slew of wide receivers or bike for you know 456 spots though. It out a topic the winds fueled rebuilt me they've added reinforcements there. You know that seem accurate that it's shocking to me that they were able to get the people that sense and that's it one nickel back you're Roger questions now. You know that's the same feeling that the patriot lecture they had no business that defense giving him as people but they did and sell. You know with their coaching their quarterbacking accurate outnumbered much. Eric always appreciate the time though we will talk again soon for sure is we get closer towards seasonal kind. All right you're opting Bridget about judge soon Eric got home he is up from pro football weekly joining us for a couple minutes and shatter or challenged daughter hiring drivers right now you work hard. They treat you fair eighty push years at beginning you don't call 844 prior go to Schneider jobs. Died cal.