Edhom-The Packers are in good shape heading into the season

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Thursday, August 9th
Eric Edholm from Pro Football Weekly joins The Bill Michaels Show to preview the upcoming NFL Season and Wednesday nights preseason slate of games.

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Or about tonight's game. In the NFL in general pro football weekly Eric at home that joining us on the Schneider or not line Erica I don't today meant. I absolutely love the fact the year ended bail out within 30 in the morning it equipment tactic that it currently with that I fully endorsed that. You know it's funny because I've got the craft brews optimize laughed I've got the concession stand that serves up the cheese Kurds and and see it which is off to my right and I'm looking out of the sun splashed day at that creep up millions across from me it is you're right it it doesn't get much better than this is like Ali it's supposed to be what you revisit it if you get paid to do this. Right exactly right unit we've got new punishment segment. Charging up and up there outreach up there. Perfect I got a question for you in regards to Aaron Rodgers. He's been somewhat outspoken he's gotten. You know very poignant with some of the wide receivers. Nationally how has it now how has that been received because here. Most people seem to think that it's very much a leader who knows the window is closing eventually and wants to win and win now. Others look at it as well he must be unhappy that the government Jordy Nelson and he's taken a shot at upper management and I don't see it that way but given that it your perspective. Yet they didn't like that now the ethnic there was. You know at a time in the op before he. What's going on here especially her two people out so we'll say in May where the Packers do Latin Jordy got great all that stuff so. I'm sure in the aftermath where you immediately can and OJ that was probably sent to that but Smart enough and I think. Compartmentalized that well enough that now look good in any lingering feeling I had ever you know upset about that happening. It five dragged dead into the regular season or even the priest he's not going to be a negative RT YIC more like you do which it. We've got to get these guys that beat OK we know were wanted to our. We think Geronimo Allah in the Hillary. You know jet has Jake who route that good training camp practice is we don't know what you can be able to step up in that role he's going to be the next Jeff Jane or whatever on. The young guys step up whether the three draft next weather stripper David whether it's you know somebody else on that I'm not Procter. We need because of who we are our identity. We get I have four and five wide receivers that we truck along with their tight in the back to make this whole thing work. We now Erin Rogers healthy takes his team to the post season. What how deep they go in my opinion depends depends on what Mike patton's defense does. So give me your thoughts and might threaten as the coordinator in what you heard coming out of Green Day. As far as the ability to attack I guess get the most out of these guys or change attitudes regarding the Dom Capers regime from years ago to where Mike witness today. Yeah I mean aggressive man be that there is. Known for trap me and be sent out he'd seen it. You know in terms of the guy they drafted is that saw the in the ducks this and that our pool play a lot into it. You know he he's always been I think he was unfairly. Hurt by its head coaching experience in terms of its reputation I mean. You look at it that street had good defense team. Seemed to have been able to generate pressure. And that kind of appalled at what you would be good. The way I would describe it was described to me when he was in New York with that. You don't wreck with a guy who you know wanted to play certain fronts and blitz aggressively to all that that was kind of his offer. And Mike would say hey coach you know let's dial it back in the situation let's push the pedal another situation if you kind of a perfect. You know it'd note that. And an old great now I think that's important gap that somebody who heads you know heads strong enough to carry the inept the head coach and remind them here's what we're trying to achieve. But also differential enough to know the head coach Doug cup final day I think he's a great spot here. You know I get a hit right in what take a little time maybe share by you know for like you're right I I beat them to take that next step they you have to just developed. A little bit more of he's big play mentality defensively. And you know it just sort of keep the words relatively low. About offense to it to do its work in and we know their score points so I I. I feel like they're in pretty good shape heading in the league with some you know some good challenges early in the year. And I got to look northward towards Minnesota there the by him by many accounts the favorite I mean obviously they've got a tremendous defense they get the running back. Back this year and they've at least in their minds upgraded their. The quarterback position so as far as Minnesota goes and let's face it Mike Zimmer has been a guy that's been fantastic at scheming against Aaron Rodgers even go back to his years with Cincinnati. So now with the return of Galvin cookie got out of the limits to find bigs and they still got a pretty simple it. Tied in the Kyle Rudolph. So how good is this team I mean you know I I still think they're the team to beat but many seem to think just because the return of Aaron Rodgers the Packers are the incumbent. Yeah a little like Brooke records I've sort harp on the seem to talking points that saw these and nothing that I in the street he changed it. Which kids. Well liked it looked there were thirteen preteen Lester Wright and they were in a report. You know 45 bet being in football no question about it last year in theory that they upgrade quarterback they they added Sheldon rich and on defense they get. Doubt we cooked back in the back field. They should be better but does that mean they're gonna win more games now not at all not necessarily so. You know they they want some close ones blaster had a good record in one scored gains from others there at the assumption there's a little luck involved would that which advocates true. To put the Steelers they're thirteen and three but it mediated necessarily resemble a thirteen preteen department Pittsburgh so. You know wind Goldberg. On time cot medic in a little bit and the vikings could theoretically be a better team and Powell Powell than they were a year. But they go eleven and five. You know they can go to that particular really counting division and they've got they got puff game is not the green made up and not the Chicago and whatnot but the alliance built by. Don't you start looking at Minnesota schedule. Forty niners injured Jimmy drop low week one act Green Bay we can do you know I don't think much of the bill but the ram the Eagles. You know this ain't all in the first part of that schedule. Would it stun me if they were you know three and three or agreed not win so I think it. Reasonable to say that they can they can get better football team but we're confident playing better than what queue and even during the regular beat last year. I assume that that's going to be the case if you would exceptional our secure and I think people ought to keep that in mind. Culinary get home or pro football weekly now you I don't know really what to make of Detroit I'll deal with them in just a couple of moments but I wanted to get into the addition of Matt Nagy and the growth and development. The quarterback got to Chicago and in mister frisky and and what they've got going on I I keep looking over the fence saying this team is getting better I don't think an up or giving them credit. I just don't know what Matt Nate he's going to do to elevate this team to another level. They're gonna have diversity on offense that he would be the biggest difference I mean lack Q when you play the bears. You know it was handoff and off shore. That right I mean that would. We got so you'd do it George how artillery Collin OK and then. In what 36. And now got to keep the ball away after an incompletion that was really kind of identity he thinks you're gonna see a team that is. Divert formation only that could go to all Alan Robinson twelve times one game in wartime the next. In other happy opening Miller rookie who looks fantastic acting and why not allow one he lives practice and one count walk through back. I played a really bought about and that he would not your typical second round pick it receiver he could be admit to contributor they've got. You know tight and you get the ball back he gets the ball George Howard has improved as a receiver so. The two biggest issue with them for me aside extra bit you'll put in the site permit. Optical line which could come together they don't get the tackled there's the triggered up the interior that little bit. And the cops Russia would be if what are Floyd yet and earning that something of a productive edge rusher. I don't know where they're like fresh from they're gonna be a good coverage either going to be good tackling teams that may not be the kind of team. Back in racked up 3540 sacks and more I don't see a topic that really know her an edge guy on that defense. Sort of wanna touch on Detroit I know Detroit trying to get better I mean they bring in. Matt partridge you know they still keep Jim Bob cooter who worked really well with Matthew Stafford over in the on the offensive side. Paul passed Polonia he is now you're defensive coordinator I mean I'm looking at this team thinking to myself. How much better really or a day they still have a lot of the same guys. In the secondary put that they can employ over Quinn they've gotten the free safety back there and very solid but how much better are they defensively to slow down some of the teams in the same division. Yet the great question I think defensively where you start that you would map which are you coming on and and having that reputation of being eight decrypt the so aren't at all that. It's compensate because they're he had to confront the really scared me that much did he not that is very good player a front. But you know if Sean Robinson had been OK. You know Kerry Hyder is coming off an injury you with their press kind of you know interior roster two years ago the about the Williams say thank you sort of a cap problem turning to do well they have upfront that. You could really trying to hang your hat but he that'll than my old player but that that front definitely gonna come under a little pressure and you're gonna have to keep guys like Jared Eva the inside linebacker really step up and you know the bartender from from the giant that picked up I would like to admit they. Part time player but it the 800 now I don't know though. The secondary I'm not worried about I think they have the peace back there really got front seven to me that that. That I had the big question if you do a lot of mixing and matching you know don't pressure and different kind of things that. To conduct deemed their way to accept a little bit and me because props them they're their talent deficiencies up front offensively Stafford. Maybe a better run game would carry on Johnson Eagles receiver. I think they'll put up ploy. I hit don't know they're going to be exceptional they they better hope to be good situationally defensively third down. Port quarter red they'll all that stuff that's really where I think they can. They can hide some of their their shortcomings on the. One more thing before I let you go and that is to win the NFC north and who refereed represents the NFC in the SE. Wolf. I promise. I'm not chipped purring favorable locals but I'm I'm kind of leaning Green Bay on this one and I in the coming down to where. You ought to ice breaker both teams are Lebanon fiber Walton for maybe ten and six that the it hit the copper division top to bottom and we expect or something like that I. You know I I wish we had a viking packer game and in week seventeen obviously that's not how it worked out but it. You know we're gonna be the teams go head to head they split you know could be one more tiebreaker that we have to go down the chain. I think the Packers have a chance and for the recently laid out earlier I right. I'm kinda hedging right now that I'll make my final pick in a couple weeks but I'm. I'm ever so slightly leaning Green Bay Minnesota. Good stuff that we appreciate it when you make your way into the into the was not the state fair you gotta come over to them goose island ale house agreed to a tapping today at 330 from some new some new beverages and enjoy the cheese Kurds across the waiver of that comment IQ IQ honorable thing and it fit and it kidding about that I dropped my name over here maybe it'll throw block of about their four Afghan. You are occurred man all right nobody argues that it may go Erekat told me is with the the pro football weekly guys. And they do a fantastic job wealth of knowledge great to talk to a great to talk to put football and he is saying just. But it adds it's the Green Bay Packers in this division. Over the Minnesota Vikings with the bearers in alliance then trailing so it's a third tortoise and the site or tablet. Schneider our drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years they'd be getting it done. Call 844 Ryder going to Schneider jobs dot com 844 private but Schneider jobs that count.