Egger: I don’t believe Scooter Gennett gets traded

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Wednesday, July 18th
Mo Egger of ESPN Radio 1530 in Cincinnati gives us the inside look at the Reds. Are they in a position to continue rebuilding? Should Jim Riggleman be the manager of the future? How does he view the Josh Hader situation?

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I wrote this written miss the other day. And these Cincinnati Reds. In case you didn't know since they fired their manager Bryan Price. Are they played some pretty good baseball recommend takes over really am in grand scheme of things when you look at it. Is since may 29 and if you read the article but since may 29. These Cincinnati Reds. Are 24 in seventy. They've got a pretty solid record the brewers have been a kind of foundering a little bit between 23 to come June 2760. But the reds have been playing some when he baseball and they're going to be a thorn in the side of many teams before it's all said and done from ESPN radio 1530 in Cincinnati Moet your body now joins us. On the Schneider orange ally mold what's so what's the turnaround in Cincinnati for this team. I think it's been two things I think number one the starting pitching has been better. An and you know offer for a number of years. And they dismantled or try to rebuild the team another trader late Johnny Quaid other trade away Mike Leach and I think until they until they got these guys that they think can. Gonna be the nucleus of the rotation moving forward to come applauding and do you know Scott Feldman was opening day starter last year brought back Bronson Arroyo they work. You know bring in guys out who really didn't have much of a big league future now what they've gotten. Is I think a trio of guys that they really anticipate being a part of their rotation moving forward Sal Romano Tyler apparently at least Casio those guys are finally going a little bit deeper games they've gotten. Anthony before flying back Chelsea. And and that Harvey acquisition. You know they got him with the idea of treating him and I would haters and 99% chance they do but. He kind of revive his career by pitching really well here so I think that's number one on the saying I don't think people talk about the turnout is. There are healthy. You know when I got up to the start they got off to re an eighteen. The offensively we thought that he was gonna be better than it showed in the first three weeks and we knew eventually they would hit. That's happened but. I think more than anything compared the last couple years I think to ensure that helped matters you know. Go back to 2014 enjoy about it misses a hundred games. They had more games yes. Than any team in the National League central I believe in 2015. They have. Finally gotten a lineup together that intact and healthy and and really has very few holes and they have guys at the top of the order or getting on base. They have a number of guys who can hit the ball out of the ballpark and obviously getting all star caliber seasons from are you any of Suarez in and and former brewer scooter Jeanette. It's really kind of turned into a pretty well rounded club now obviously they got up to put a slow start that for this season it really doesn't mean all that much by. Suddenly the trajectory for this club has pointed out word and and there are some. Some building excitement. Artists say we brisk urging that he has stated over and over anyone sustain Cincinnati was the a long term situation for him. I believe that he's not going to be. Traded first of all he he's under team control for one more year I think they I think they look at it from a couple of different angles ones being. I think gay view him as kind of central to this team's improved chemistry for whatever work for whatever. A man of value you wanna look at that I think they view him as. One of those guys in the clubhouse there's really kind of change the tone. Of the team and in the clubhouse which helped broker to oak. I just don't really think they're going to be able to keep up much as good a year he's had ever as good as he's been since coming to Cincinnati. I kind of believe the market for him really isn't there there's not a lot of teams that the second baseman he can obviously play a number of positions but he kind of you know found a home at second base. He's gonna make a lot more money next year because he has one more year of arbitration. And I. I can gather the sense that around believes the belief is that he's not going to be as good moving forward as he's been over the last year and a half. I can be viewed him being on the team next year. As giving them a better chance to maybe make a push toward contention next season as opposed to plugging someone else and at second base. And and he's also a fair thing ever and come up militia but that's exactly the thinking that Dick Williams via the president of baseball operations that last week. We wanted to expand the table next year. For that to happen now we're gonna have to put more bark and teacher in the second half of the season tend to doubt from last year's 16% I think they are you keeping scooter. That's something that will engender enough goodwill. To maybe get people to come to the ballpark here in the second half of the year and then finally acting debut hammer someone they can kind. Not for the next five or six years the falling cost of free agents. Its willingness to stay here I think they feel like they can get something done that keeps him here beyond next season further. Maybe three years at something that economically is pretty responsible. And so I think he's going to be here at that begs a series of questions. Are you who ghost because they have a number of guys they could trade deadline they're top prospect nick Denzel got a lot of time at second base. Scooters and instead he's gonna play at second base what you do with Nixon felt he moved the outfield you trade him in an effort to get that number one starter they need. A lot of different directions they can go in but I believe that come August 1. Scooter you know will be on the. Then Ritalin at the end of the season I mean it depending on which way the season goes there's a lot of talk about him and getting offers from other teams do the reds keep him or do they move in another direction. I think he's got a shot at coming back. I think it's going to be interesting you know others. There's a lot of talk about taking the interim tag all I think a lot of that is media created it and created an and understandably so because we're looking play as well with the interim guy you know it's just it's natural to wonder what makes sense to bring him. Bring them back by. I think they really wanna go through for a surge I really think you know when they hired Bryan Price in 2013. The search consisted of making sure they have Brian Price is located contacted you know they've yeah. You really didn't do. A comprehensive search for dusty Baker's replacement I think they really. I think this is an important hire for them I think you know they hired Bryan Price. They knew they were gonna be good for a long time I think are hoping that the next managers that guy that kind of takes the team to the next step which is back the postseason contention. Maybe eventually back to the post season. And when you really haven't done a managerial search in a decade I think people who used to do something exhausted and and comprehensive and it might cancel the whole thing has been at the end of that process you're decides in rhythm and the guy. Then that's okay but I don't see the need to remove the interim tag now not really sure what what Russia's amateur with the down side is to doing a search and ask. The St. Louis Cardinals on a higher general Manuel. I think the reds aren't good enough place with with where they're headed and what what are nucleus has. That they're going to be able to survive there are some things they can't survive losing gentlemen I think is one of the premier trust thing of the team continues to play well. As management revisit this. They're the owners step in and say look I want Jim recommend. It's going to be interesting. But he's got a very good job and they are certainly are growing. A growing. So adamant that. You know he should be the guy next year either candidate think they're gonna go to a search or you know the season and maybe a pair jams and saw a chance to be to. We had Marty Brennaman on the show about a month ago maybe a little bit less and mates when the reds are taken on the brewers and I asked Marty assumed was the direction of this club and Marty said even though they're playing good baseball and if the former management believes that this is the team now that they believe they had. They're fooling themselves because he said he doesn't see the amount of talent is they may be claim that they have. So let me ask you this how far away are today from say this this staring down this rebuild or what have you to being complete and in addition to that. Or should they be dramatic sellers as we continue to approach to trade deadline. Well they only have one guy who can be a free agent at the end of this year that's hard. They have a number of guys. Who are you know gonna get hefty pay raises Dexter avenue ball Billy Hamilton scooter Jeanette they have a little bit of a surplus of outfielders and have a little bit of surplus and infielders. I think I think for them to take it significantly toward what they need is a bonafide. Number one hammer at the part of that rotation and I think that's the most difficult hurdle to clear you know I've made this point a couple of times your number one. The reds have I think over the last 4043 years developed to true number one starters Mario Soto and Johnny Quaid that's it. It illustrates how hard it is to develop now maybe they have that guy in the organization now. You know hunter green who could in the future game is probably gonna be that guy but. In a not for another three or four years do they have that guy on that now in time to to get really good next year. I think that's debatable so that it's free agency well if you look at the list of free agents. Starting pitchers for next next year. Pretty uninspiring list and a list of guys it's gonna cost a lot of money. So Bennett a trade and I've made this point a number of times the last time the reds traded. For what they thought was gonna be a number one starting pitcher. Was when they acquired Matt late goes from the Padres in 2012 now. NATO's. Have gone on to beat. Kind of a punch line but for two years he helped anchor a playoff rotation here. To get him the reds had a ten of the Padres for a brief Q for all stars. An income bogus. Who that the royals win the World Series 2015. That's a very hefty price. And so I think sometimes we're a little bit too overly simplistic and talking about the core the red cab and go on you know what they're number one starter away. They are how you get that number one starter and are you willing to give up what it's gonna cost. And you you had a package of players. That other teams would would want in exchange for a number one I think that the biggest challenge for this team I don't think big immediate now. I'm not sure they can meet it there's offseason. So I tend to think they're a little ways away. But I am optimistic about the direction we're going bait they kinda have a core and they've got some pretty interesting potential trade ships are right publicly is our closer is under team control for three more years. You can trade bill Hamilton confirmed that of the ball I can build the most interesting scenarios involved. Nick can sell. Their first round draft choice for a month when 65. Overall. And Robert Stephenson club one time was considered her top pitching prospect. Who I think they've soured on just a little bit if they're willing to move those two guys they can make some progress via trade I'm just not true they're willing to do these. Real quick comment to be about twenty seconds give me your thought outside looking in the tweets came out to light last night for brewers reliever Josh Peter. And you know he says look I was seventeen and what have you you know that he apologized kind of owned it. But just outside perspective looking and about twenty seconds give me your thought. I'm not sure what he's going to do now you know it's it's obviously unfortunate and those are horrible week but you know at what. What what what the next bill comes due for next the apology he's gonna have to deal with a teammates what are we wanna do now. I I I understand you know the Twitter outrage cycles or the last 24 hours does he wake yourself until we move on to something else like. What what the next conflict that we want to Darche predictable to suspend imports into account that that when he was seventeen or. He's supposed to quit the group was supposed to cut and what what do we do now that's what I can't figure out which are still mad about it's fine he made the apology. He's gonna have to deal with teammates. Then what what's what's gonna make everybody happy and the answer probably not until I don't know when we go to. Great stuff Mo is always buddy I'll see you soon take care yourself take care of the white from the new baby and everything you have a great time authorities have. Our competitor you don't actually pal -- you soon there's more leg or from my Cincinnati our friend down their ESPN radio 1530. Giving us some perspective.