Ellenson: I’ve learned so much from Drummond and Griffin

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Tuesday, May 15th
Henry Ellenson, Detroit Pistons Power Forward and former Marquette star, stops by to discuss his upcoming basketball camp in his hometown of Rice Lake. How would he assess his season? How much does he follow Marquette basketball these days?

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He is not only played for Marquette Punto with says Detroit Pistons as well joining us on the Schneider orange hotline. Rice lake's don't have Ellen's in his here Henry I bet. Well we're so glad to have you man so I know where our George back in price like now. Outback and isolate right now does that the actual market might actually what amounts. Is that all right OK I don't actually rode my bike test and we get a chance to go visit her find affiliate up there so. Earlier this down via our I I have actually stop suggested take my picture from high school sign right there on the corner. Early yes so I know exactly where you're sitting right now it's kind of creepy Aggies in MacArthur and mas by a declaration on the right. All I can tell all about the idea of the charges. I gotta I gotta they gotta love basketball academy coming there so I let's do this let's first and foremost talk a little bit about that because that's coming Monday. June 11 that you're gonna be hosting this and it's for kids eight through fourteen but what can expect when they get a chance to hang out Henry Jones of her death. You know. I can't ever camp do last year and had a less. You know it's come camp. SS I expect they'll work on skills laughing about Florida march and now the then. And it's just so on network announced goes China's banks under each arm. My mechanics of my side but overall dissent on so ought not excited. As we Islam not answered yeah Renaissance academy dot com. And not me last week in the so lions got bit then it is yeah so it's going to be a time. Some days of pistons did you have some pistons fans up they're gonna become steal them way from what they're trying to build Milwaukee I'm sure nevertheless. I'm sure why more Marquette game got Marquette game image given oil there. You know I got Samoa I saw his serves. Part get rid of the. They dealt so it's nine to three for campers that are ages eight through fourteen you guys are gonna have some lunch and elect kind of provided so if you wanna do this. Are you do is go to the official Henry Ellison dot com page and it's Henry ERS Allen sin. Basketball academy can find that there as well right rice lake high school coming up. In June if they wanna get registered hey got to ask you we'll talk more about that the minute but I got to ask you with us some of the things have gone over in Detroit. With a head coach being out being like go there's a lot of teams right now looking for coaches who talk a little bit about to the season and you add. You know for me I think it must planes. I got sent to play it at the very end Macs that occurred in the Sudan. Residences and just because we're always finds in the play out summer and the ninth but those talks. Discuss my immense talents of it's just as early as I know all year and so a lot. You know because things got let go I'm grateful for him. Are completed draft means brain instantly and so artist insistent percentage right. And you know much fees in this focus on lock control analysis. Working out in a better I know my times comment and sought immediate big summer for me. How do you and how does college compared to what the NBA offers. You know it's. It lays out just so out of focus on basketball. Outfield you know my house caught it felt like it went so that Cisco might have I and that meg on a Smart rookie year. Gaza cast same thing adjustment the league. I that was an insult. You know definitely. Does that point 47 our focus. The game now on that it's their job. It's it's different at different because I remember. My first summer league. I'll practice. That's not a couple plays and Bob fired a leak outs. It now he just looked at all it's them light and look though it's does that mean. Saying hey you can't forget plays now it's their job and armor go back. Hotel room that night yeah it is my job I gotta now watch on Dutch bank and so you know assist is that different level ultimately. Buy your match you guys were on the outside looking in the post season 39 and 43. The coaches of getting let go. You're a little bit of I'm not consider rebuild smoke you still got some good players would you get a guy like hundred German you get a chance to play against ish Smith he get a chance to play against her play with. And go against these guys in practice and such what do what do I mean Andre Drummond is such such a force. Ron I mean he's got so much pressure and the lead that team and get them to. Get them back in the post season talk about what it's like to play with a guy like Andre and what you what you learn next to him. Did you know under. A really fun guy. Lou it just because I wanted monster is now allow you know you can have your back. On Gaza on the primary and up every rebound. Is rebound and sent this and so are now playing against the LA during a practice. On gets better and halfway through the year media. Credit for leg of the guy who him with a mop it isn't on the and a lot. Go off not having guys like Graham play it safe below. Views cleared Peter Reid bill demo and he got those guys saw I think people expect this when those talks just cut the trade. And this network through other in the cabinet pick Detroit at the most strayed well off. You know definitely. A learning process by you know got quite great effect rather than ability. And I get a really good year I think he's going to get better. Solitary Alice in Detroit Pistons are four former Marquette to a golden eagle as well talk about Laker because you did get him. 25 games he played for the pistons this season a matter of fact he had a with the highest points per game average for the pistons by the time was all said and done. What does he bring to the table after he was dealt from the clippers. Yeah you know like they're in the league for a while. It is brought some leadership. Israel vocal guy and they want since he got mcsame. And you'd out there five time all aren't. It another level thing so our team just knows the match civic IB and so it's too just to go get a bucket. And you don't try to draw lots and sent and out right out. Just has also goes to play down low together. Cast Apollo thing you can you can leap like and you can lead to I tell you got to keep defenses honest. And you know meet them by the same position mean BR discuss that this is our practices do not. Rarely. Practiced then. Like contacting Karen don't do things don't do drove his summit bank and how they will learn a lot. The Eastern Conference obviously. Many thought was going to be up for grabs this year and Cleveland trade like you said you guys made some trades Cleveland had more trades the knew they almost traded away an entire team to put our our round LeBron. Are you are surprised that Cleveland is back in a bright where they you right where they've always been that is the Eastern Conference finals and they kind of do what they wanted with the Celtics in game one either even with an entire new cast almost around LeBron James. Right he had not surprise. That they're back to us. Yeah LeBron there's so talents and that to him where is gone and fight or. In now on I guess have a from the car everything there yet especially after trade and in other got off on against the Celtics now go out there like oh god I'm so so we'll see what happens or come these are. Are you like a basketball junkie years is just kind of the job now so you you you work hard when you have two and then you get away from it when you're not. Not a lot in the play out so I love the game. In Nam always slots in the pro Gaza as much in the pros gone out how much caused always watched the league in solo. You know watch these guys would play out so it makes you wanna give it more. And in artists I'd learn a lot from different players what they used to and and it's in my game by not deaf Olympics and as much as a player. So when you'll watch this and when we were timer talk about this coming up a little bit but. Everybody predicted the cavaliers and Golden State back in the finals again is this good for the game to have the same two teams of the last four years compete in the files to compete for championships. You know also a lot. Not stop and then now. I think analysts over at best that one time and he talked about how back in the day out. But that one's fellow man in that. You know our same boat Nobel Russell got eleven ranked side by well even though they've been final so less for years. There's been matchups like LA lakers embark in the remorse so far. You know I don't I'll say that well again I think it only helps that it makes other gene market that wanna trooper Jeanne just to compete for. Before that you don't give me your thoughts on wall Jones Jimmy thought so Marquette they got a few guys come and and they look to be strong going in the next season. I know next year's one of those high expectations seasons for mark ever talk about your former program. Yeah that you know I'm always second out this course he's now they're on. Really impressed. But he's mad at this yeah I know. Then and that whether it wants is being and that Nazi but I think they got the pieces again in the tournament out to market soured her. What's that he would do you point game against Providence the out to prolific I think you've given me get a lot more about him on a national level next year I think you're more respect and I. Know guys like match how want to see year. I have got real close what he plays hard every night in here your leadership are they now mend. No doubt there's no hole please don't be healthy ready go center Sam talent said this Mark Russell pleasant thought. I'll let it got the pieces together I got to come out here. We'll get there than you defensively. Is fiscal. Not Szymanczyk camera rod. And that the bad skin now and I itself is not elect it's going to be that your son experienced. If people again bonding go to the Henry Owens in basketball camp this image taken place in rice lake get their rice lake high school June 11 from 9 AM to 3 PM for campers ages eight through fourteen they're gonna provide some lunch for you as well you do a lot of drills a lot of the stuff from the Paris islamists are from Marquette. Then Henry's gathered along the way all rice lake high school again Monday June 11 do you go to official Henry Allen's in dot com. That's official Henry Owens and I got fat bass allowed Tia Matt hope we have a great camp and we should be up there at the S celebrity golf outing. Coming up here in a June amid you'll see there as well okay. There are immigration authorities say they don't Henry Allison joining us for a couple minutes from the Detroit Pistons and also former Marquette Golden Eagles. We certainly appreciate him on the shatter or challenge Schneider our drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty plus years beginning you don't call on the 844 try to go to Schneider job start comets 800. 44 prior to go to Schneider jobs. Dot com.