Everett: The Brewers need to silence Hader situation immediately

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, July 18th
Hour 3. We continue our discussion on Josh Hader’s tweets from seven years ago. Plus, National Baseball Insider Seth Everett stops by.

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In the brewers already have their own issues because they lost six straight going into the break in. Now we get to the national perspective from our guy sets ever on national baseball insider says I don't. There are good got back from the scene lately they lately so yes thank you pretending. We thank you never let go. Us well I I guess give me your perspective on this assault you tweeted out a little bit earlier but I just I wanted to future national perspective on this. While we're at Gartner Nader you know I don't understand. That mentality. And I don't know maybe I'm I'm wolf but I have your kids. And if I ever bought my kids work so it was seventeen year old writing things like that. I would not let my dollars either. And I'm not saying that it should be suspended are not saying that he should be up and I will also acknowledged. That. What reign there came a strategy would put the brewers past the dew which are very. You know I mean he acts you have to come up with a very strong he arts there. And silence is not the end. He should be on your re air station. He should be on the flagship pregame show he should be on television he should be on MLB network and yet here. And he had to stop it out and you. It is controlled the message. He will be of less able to resume his career and if not it will faster. And every time you go on the road 80 now there's a bit uncomfortable situation. By what you setters are. I'm not gonna sit here and pass judgment that's why whatever it doesn't sit summed up US it is public aren't you say we're Big Brother young prospect. I always say let them grow up because I never assume that a young kicked yet and it was funny in the last spot about an hour. We're back story broke. Someone asked. Cooled the most enlightening conversation. What I would absolutely export Mario. Like who would the most enlightening conversation at all you know dozens of players that I spoke. And the guy actually said judge later. So you don't have charming quality. And better not a Iowa the first thing you'll get do you have a September no interview in not on it. But you have to get in control of it because if not you do not want it going into a series where the court to try to would have been there. Problem that being said day and first of all let me say this I reached out to the brewers this morning and just today if you want something very candid very open. Here's a here's a form you use the network try to get your word I agree with you I think what he did last night. In even in addressing the media saying I was young I was stupid. You know apologizing for it being insincere as he could. I think in owning and not saying somebody hacked my counter you thing I I think not at the beginning of the right move I still think like you said he needs to get down for when we if you PP if you come hat in hand. And our contrite. 99.9. Percent of people will say okay we'll give this guy another shot. But the more you'll avoid the worse it beat columns and we see this all the time so I agree with you I think if they're gonna get in front of this. Get out there say what you have to say and then. You know is try to save as many Alex you possibly can and then say okay I've said all I can and I'll just have to live my life and her approved our right amended guy. That's right that's right Eddie addict is a great job he did he spoke to everybody are trying to think of not apple Apple's announce it but every addict after he was college steroid. The he did every interview under the sun but then he added that once all the old Yankee you are the you know I will do every interview. But Monday but I'm done. I have to move on let factor into that or should let hater in the back and it he had new. You know what that's sort of person you care that they're back you don't have to talk today. Only in the sense that they don't get an all star break edit the grinder but even though if you want one day stay away from the spotlight a vital that. The brewers reckon the outright and yet to talk than. I would doubt very similar I'm gonna handle very gingerly I've gotten in trouble in the past for saying it. But there was a time since he'd blow was set to speak at a church. That would knowingly in in check since that would knowingly anti black anti gay anti Jewish. Yeah and I wrote there I Tebow and art that is being spent. I said it's yeah I was pocket that aren't. And I said it's in your book people are said. He did not meet once he found out about the public backlash. Minimal state but he didn't address the fact that he wanted to speak. Act purchaser. And he declined all interviews not that they were a lot of people require all there. And since Tebow on September in the I will never be a word you've got guys in my career. Now moving forward baseball YEC and this is the other side of the coin and you hate to get our country a little trivialize it by putting it to baseball turns by it's one of those think its either gonna bring a clubhouse together. Or can begin to splinter things and we'll have to wait and see with the brewers didn't exactly head into the all star break on a high note after losing. Five straight games to Pittsburgh game and seemingly the bullpen started to give out a little bit that you and I've been talking about this the innings. Getting 4374. Outs is one thing but getting them via the bullpen often. Is something that can come back to bite you are we seeing the tired arm syndrome start to come about regarding Milwaukee Brewers bullpen. Well I can tell you that I am a couple of podcasts coming out probably over the weekend with Christian theology and Ernie Shepperd about that are subject and it is not anything other than addition by addition and Craig Counsell does need more arsenal. It is the bar and considering the starting pitchers out there aren't your average. My attitude you'd be Everly. You know open that are straight and I'm not taking it away Jefferson and I'll start to enable them all our last series and yet. I'm not I'm not denigrating. The current bowl where I despair that I at least one more arm. There which shot it would have been great view it out a lot of little lane and everything would have been great. Is back ever happened. And therefore in the last you can get another blockbuster which there are really blockbusters out on the market I would generally it's just it got person or most ignorant. If you bring in a mediocre starter is still going to be looked at that and chew up an account and it's a decision rage try to make it like you'll. All of the cubs have really come on as of late is it just as simple as saying that there are bullpen is really sure to become bolster they're getting a little bit better starting pitching but more so their bats have come alive. Well question around Europe Barrett I really counterpunch I think they're getting better starting pitching. Their bats and not page terrible. My attitude on the though it is situated asking leave the vs all five or. So you know being respectable. Era of the cardinals might get a boost some permanent manager. Say they and nearly. And I was surprised by the way that that the got fired you. But at the same time you know maybe in the cardinal come out where it went five erode all the sudden. You know that is that the leaders are asking her to have a good teacher I had I don't know. Think the rhetoric and all factions rhetoric. I got you know I was there for three hours that it access all the players. I a lot of guys that I talked in that I didn't do podcast where. Rehearsing very loose. They wait in very happy to be there and they weren't dwelling on a lost weekend in Pittsburgh and it was tough because you're a lot you do the brewers. Jim Taylor what victory but it didn't matter if it appeared in just out of five and not great but it's it's not the king Robert Yates. What about the Pittsburgh Pirates they ended up winning five in a row they've won the what is it six out of their last seven. They're nine games back I believe they're going to be sellers but what happens if they come on Easter morning a few ball games where are you as a Pittsburgh thing. I'm not memory at the beginning when they cannot I start I. It was. You're just waiting for the other shoe law I can't explain me the newswire. They make no sense to me that rosters not a great. So I'll believe ordered it you know if they. If they continue to play really good baseball the end of July or August and irrelevant ibex pharmacy that I look at the division that you kubert. By and then you've got to obviously the Cincinnati Reds they're gonna try to figure things out but they're gonna try to hang on no Guile exclusion and obviously joy of autos going to be there they've got a decent nucleus but they're getting better starting pitching. And then there's red woman who's taken over and done a fine job since Bryan Price was Lego. First of all his room and retain the job at the end of the season or should they continue to look into we have Marty Brennaman on the show a couple of weeks ago who said are up yet don't be fooled by this this this recent group of winning. This team needs to say the path and blown it up tear it down getting the prospects in building a backup. And. Well they probably do it moderate factions any higher you know young. Communicators are determined and turned out. You back onto it but the neighborhood version and I did well Ronald story about your class. And you know they beat what they have to do it you know comments and a cute Serwer at the catalytic paper metric than. You know basically. They need a manager that on the game app where Craig Counsell Torre LaBella gave Robert Baer and balloon fight it out type that. We'll play in five years ago and I can be really good conduit because that's what it turned out to patent comes. You argued villages and often in your executing land. And that's what managing what age teenager I don't insert riddled. Are you. Yeah I wasn't sure rumor was gonna be the guy for them or not I mean it's a nice change I guess a breath of fresh air but it. I agree with you outing out of. And how the bright bright as huge black players even had a meltdown here in Milwaukee. Yeah or wherever I remember you have right prices pitching coach of the Mariners. Out when I was there and I learned a lot of update also. Yeah he does that benefit the reds Hannity to give Bryan Price drop and a young. Hey god rest you rest of the National League right now I mean obviously a lot of talk about Bryce Harper and company the Dodgers have hit a really come on as of late. You know you've got to Atlanta that still trying to hang around Philadelphia give me your thoughts and the rest of the nationally. Well you know you have a look at their favorite and then you have challenges just like in the essential. The challenge it in the east they're young they're in unchartered territory. The braves' mark I think about a longer. Better upside. But I think the Billick or better team right now. I really wanted the ability to get married shot out about the great bit. I think either really like the pair. And looks upon them for Baltimore's Lou would be to be here I'm by. Ultimately seven games with two would have on the play is not an insurmountable. Lead we've seen where actually get blown. So I am not eliminating the possibility that the national can take what was a really nice we cared for their own franchise. And you know set that in motion to to to chip away. Expired by the end of August. And all of a sudden a three by the end of it you know five by the end July. Read by the end of August now so in Europe battery didn't you know they've been therapy or whereas the phrase silly happen. Sides regularly at various. I wouldn't be deprived doctor relate I've the try to let our offense. Other color gonna straighten out the other perpetually get well and help or. In Arizona the good team here protector of the gates and seems so Colorado this quality in fact of the matter is that daughter went. Pay out the next time you and I talk or talk about the commissioner's statements and the you did did go out looting answer yet be alluding to the fact there could be possibly works W torn between one. Why are about the fact that he boasted about. Five minutes less than eight in I don't gain while ignoring back in the first apartment mr. that there was break up there yeah. Not sure wherever I know he's part of our affiliate at one point he is smarter than that. And if he thinks he can play good writing cards and you right. I absolutely I had garden we all see. The warts on the game. I don't know why they just. Nor prosperity. I won't at all. Home run home under the act like you've got to be Q you've got it yet I mean that that court. They know exactly what their responsibility. That they know what they expect. It I would rob Manfred I would regret the fact that baseball writer eliminated this ship right now give it right. Good stuff buddy and a break in and cars. Yeah they're well that's your heart and a mother Carol there. Aren't many yell at dog is it. I receive value.