Everett: This Brewers vs Cubs series is BIG

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, June 13th
Seth Everett, our National Baseball Insider, believes that this June series between the Brewers and Cubs is a pretty big deal, and it’s very important for the Brewers chances to win the NL Central. Who’s someone the Crew could target before the Trade Deadline?

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National baseball insider Seth Everett on the line said I don't unmanned. My my friend good to talk to you want. But I have a question for you before we start be sure that affect. What the issue with the US open because I'm headed there. Follow with the US open well. Is the only thing I can tell you should a cock remember back in 2004 that was when the green eye care which one was with soul. Dried out they blurted out they flatten it out the ball wouldn't stay on right and they're big they could you ball on there and literally I mean it won't sit there the win would blown over roll off. And they took our running before. We're learning now pouring out that helps. Now while they know it's you know what though it's it's an absolute wonderful time if you like golf if you just like walking and taking it in. The scenery in it there's there's that you are major there's nothing like. I do have a funny golf story this is my second major that I am attending. I'm doing a couple of force pieces for the aren't going to. But might funny story is the last time I was ever at a major was at the PGA championship. In Hollywood 2000 Seattle. And all I was doing was update. And it was like the early stages of the Internet I never understood. How you can cover golf tournament and leave the media center because it could do it up they commuted. Those two leaderboard. Now you could project at the leaderboard on default. Right yeah yeah well on your front. Regular and you know when you get the Ben you can download an app that'll give you live. That's when you select all of that not get it you couldn't recreate that issue but I was in the media center I have not seen a golfer I did not see a stroke. And the guy who was supposed to host on KKR and Seattle to host the final round. Got into an accident not not like they're in the accident but upon output of that car so he couldn't get there. I didn't know anything I will give you the one fact that I knew pickup that tournament Vijay Singh went from PG. Upon. A look at our of that if you know it doesn't then it been nineteen years and I'm going to another major. Hey it's it's it's changed a lot but deadly game it's it's like baseball you don't go for twenty years to come back you think while the ball parks are amazing there's interactive stuff to do with the game itself is still listen. I kept it to the problem is baseball let that not that you know I was I was at an event yesterday. Where I ran into some employees from the commissioner's office but he ran over there and I do and what's going on. And I said how is it you know how how but how. It is developing tent right now. And they should know. I should come on I had you don't want the game that. But it could all you have to do is watch the game and you have to understand the concerns. And they were just like all the competition committee for that. We'll take care of like. If this is not a major thing for them I have. Dumbfounded I don't know if you saw today they're talking about radical realignment abolishing the nail in the NL. Expansion there's all kinds of talk. No we're talking about this last week or two weeks ago actually. Where in other words were taken her was electric their technically I think it was as matter fact we talked about has. The interleague play worn off should they go to on standardized version and all kind of stuff or just get rid of the you know that that the DH the American League and nationally in that sense and in re we talked a real world. One thing I read though that they would be talking about is making it eastern conference's western car. And I think there's a lot of central theme that would get shafted them. It because if you make your money on the Yankees and the Red Sox coming to town feel the white sox' pursuit. And now all of a sudden they're only gonna come one because it. If you're in the Western Conference that was that that remains to be here I'm interested to see how that is. I'm not a poll not that traditionalists. That is opposed to any of that kind of stuff I can't barely played because. It makes the schedule unfair. You know the idea that you know the cubs have to play the white dots between the brewers played between. Yeah yeah proper. Why don't forget go back years and years when the when the royals were horrible and yeah brewers play in the prince when they are pretty good the cardinals are playing the royals. Cardinal player would put the royal and my favorite one was you know when they created it it would be exposed in the blue jays and then the when that when the national happened the Orioles had to play the national so they blew up the Philly even though others like less than a hundred mile between their ballparks yeah. And so the blew up at Philly they gave the politically the blue jays and had almost a rematch have been 93 World Series has had in fifteen years that make you care about that. Don't don't gonna care yeah I'm not trying to bury the lead I did I have thought that would go over too little tidbit I can bring to the table great performance by its attention. Arm so it in. I'm looking at the the the lineup today OK I'm just simply simply talking about the brewers and the cubs. And going into this series at the beginning of the week percent of feel at least of for artists may be a playoff type of atmosphere because as the team Yemen able to beat. As a team that clearly is supposed to win your division if you're going to be chasing anybody that's a team you're going to be chasing you were ahead of them coming into the series and not her face them again until September. Therefore. You're only as good as the next day starter but it's incumbent upon you not to get in they have the cubs getting your head. Because of that when it comes down on the chips are down in my opinion if you figure out you can't beat them then when you get to September and you're right there went on. All of a sudden you're already out of the mental ledge so to speak so that's why I felt that this was an important series can you have an important series early on engine. I got out there yesterday on your flagship one up by seven and you know the picture was asking me that exact question are they in their head and all like that what they're still nine games left. But the reality evidence is to let you go five before the remaining nine games they have no shot into the to just get caught that. There's no way they go three and six in the nine games remaining against the cops and can win the NL central. So just bottom line it that way back how big this game. And you know people will say to me you know what June what he's talking about and you know me tired there's critical of the sport as possible. But the fact remains that when you have a big game have a big game the one thing I've prided myself over the 24 years that I covered the sport. It I don't only promote. I will not promote some Foley match up just because that you don't respond directly to. Might nothing it is if you have a baseball game that has Korean grand value I will circle it on a calendar to meet. Brewers cubs this afternoon as much. I say I agree I think this is a lot to this. For brewers for the cubs the pubs connect like the brewers euros and that their face and keep swatting at them you know they go right when it comes to. I know their biggest rivals and I and I understand that but the and understand that if you look at it doesn't mean the end of the world. But again just remember you have to go at least five and four to midnight remaining games against the cubs and if you go three insects. You have no shot at winning the division. Mean. I. I I look at this this series and I think of the brewers to win this. You get a little bit literally juice back if you lose this that is going to be something that lingers in your head until September now as we move forward. Look news some of them that we still although the brewers have still the most wins in the National League. We know that they're you know they're pretty good team but as you see them. Is it a pitcher or is it an additional bat is what they need. I would say a picture. You know I I would love veteran. You know that there's been. The idea behind it is I just love a veteran to to go in that young rotation. Not that the plant somebody at its respect other veteran person. And I I used the word anchor not a you because to me and anchor of the guys that I care to promised me that strong. You know I'm not promising shut out I'm not asking for Clayton Kershaw. You know pink like I'm asking for something else. I would also love another reliever and that took to be a compliment to the other you know would have to the bullpen so far. But I love another reliever Garretson. Well. I do think that you're either created at the end of the year rent them you won't wouldn't cost a lot to go to. And that to me is the logic if you could have one starter when reliever and again it doesn't have to be an all star. It has to be just the guys that you can depend veteran but I can have to carry the ball and if you want four row you can keep it going and that you've lost four row he's gonna stop the lead. The phone. One move on with some other stuff going around baseball and you'd kind of mentioned some of the realignment stuff some of the thought the commissioner's office and I just had a question your misses the mark and mark once you know he's an asset when he feels that all this stuff will be implemented if any of it. As far as fans go when you start to hear stuff about this CI I go back to back when they were gonna do the realignment they're gonna go to different divisions. There's forum for years years I grew up Haiti the Dodgers because the Dodgers were in the reds division and was always a resonant Dodgers downed the very end and the bigger and machine wanna out of eagle there. Then when they moved it suddenly kind of like left there with your hands are going okay whose arrival now walls and became the cardinals and became the cubs. So my question is. If Europe and you're wondering okay what's the next shoe to fall when do you think the next shoe falls. In order for them to do it what they're talking about just 32 teams and they are actually proposing sixteen teams make the play. And the argument in and a shorter regular. I was assay got a short currencies. No of course it via another book I if I get through that kind of kid that develop. The reason why I think there's. Credence to that is you have some markets. In Portland. Charlotte. Vegas Montreal. And the argument that I have heard recently and this is something that I did because I'm a podcast coming out with a former PR guy for the Montreal Expos. And in another person who I think is very intelligent who does not watch the current state of baseball and he thinks it's not and yet he picked the wet. He also thinks that they picked Tampa. That would American League east rival with the blue jays would be perfect. If you take the interleague out of it. And make their occurred victim actually grew its schedule. I would love the idea of the brewers facing the cubs and the white. I would love the idea of the Yankees playing the Mets in the Phillies. I love it when the Rangers play the islanders in the flyers. I hate all those teams but because you can thank you but that is that that might I have no issue with geographic rival. I love the rocky marriage to be a rival. I would you know I I think those things would be wonderful. Well I don't like is I don't like the made up one just to justify the intercity and when the inner city one don't sell look at red Indians. Look at a giant. And you know to me that the one debate is are you fixing Oakland and I depicting camp. And they have to be Oakland first because they don't heavily. And they've playing in the apple. And the idea or did he do not want to have. I've seen leave the number six television market. You know the David Stern probably laughing at that because he took the Sonics away from market well but you wouldn't do that. You would consider moving the Tampa Bay Rays. To Montreal. The idea though is if you could expand and you could edit came in Montreal and it seemed in Portland. And goes sixteen that died in each conference and have the top eight make the playoffs. You've essentially created the NBA. Correct. I know I look I like I said I as a fan I know I'm looking forward to baseball being baseball for a long time to come. I just like similar rivalries that we have and I hate to lose what would would someone will we have -- some of the game I'm done with I'm done with the made up rivalries of interleague play I'm done with. I like it seemed Oleg NFL to where you play the balanced schedule and that early unbalanced schedule an error the about a schedule in the sense of us similar opponents. And just kind of rotated every year. One thing that was brought up to me by the commissioner's office people and if it was very thing was the idea cute you know the big problem with baseball now it launch angle. Everything. Angle you're talking about launch angle over contact and that to me is is it doom there for a sport. They're saying that I heard what the origination. Of launch angles statistic was shipped. Because the idea was you know deep when they win when he started implementing the ship they were daring you to bunt down the line. Right so if you're a lefty batter and they shipped all the way to the right side they're daring you to bog down the left field line. And that never happened. They never taught that. Because in essence if you do that you've taken this is the philosophy of the of the scout and the managers they're saying if you do that it's taken a bat out of Mike slugger hand. My mentality it could take it then they won't Sheffield. Yeah the bunt sacrificed their back get a big tip that let them know that my mentality but that's not fair what their mentality is. In order to beat the ship could you hit a line drive and you hit it on the ground there's an extra infielder you'll never work it'll never work. So it have to be about wanting. To the argument would be if you outlaw this shift. Would there be less dependent on logic. And then you would get some of the 101000 missing ball in play from 20192018. You next week I was when I when I promise you at the beginning of the season with a I would not be the complainer. I would try to fit in all I'm trying to do a search for solutions. When we do when we reconvene next week that's one of the things fundamentally I wanna talk about is the inability for many major leaguers and teams to actually create offense via the barbed I want to get into that discussion to. Here our our buddy we'll talk again next week. Operator. Open YouTube well Doug you sooner than yourself that international base boys are joining us for a couple of minutes in the general orange life. He the shatter take what an entry in their people write for a long time called me 244 try to go to Schneider jobs dot com.