Everett: Joe Girardi is a condescending jerk

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Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: National Baseball Insider Seth Everett explains why he can’t stand Yankess Manager Joe Girardi. He discusses a good start to the MLB postseason, including the drama with the Washington Nationals.


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Sentiment or been national baseball insider. Is here hello says they don't man. Gonna let spread among my way to. In national art. I was gonna say you probably don't have an area right. I mean that I'm in the car and driving down there and that question if ballpark about management. Com. These ice like I would start. The well that's just did a Dusty Baker do very corny when it comes to who is starter will be this evening. So I I guess. Here here's the question for you who would you start. I could geoghan bowel. I think you about the veterans. You know it into the war. I've got the success. I did pretty well and in overall market an agency checked in the two years ago that there are. By they are here raw large been happy with the modicum of success he has not banned. As consistent as he lives for revelatory it ain't so they're just. If not all be audited because we grow our current climate it but I don't think you well. Rourke was on these are greatly. And you know he's from Illinois it is part of that I just don't think he's the right guy or I could you at all. So what do what do you think of this series thus far mean is the cubs having. Is forest last year there was so much criticism heaped upon Joseph Madden we kind of handle the bullpen. Yesterday again the bullpen came in here I thought he made some good moves bridges didn't turn out that way but then again when you don't hit the baseball you're not gonna win ball games anyway. But last night I'm listening criticized again should've made the change would give me your thoughts. Well in Kabul in the series is an epic at least back going and that they're the ones that I circled it. The other two but one that I thought was going to be via pick up the bet you bet on that green paper. One of them would get. It could. And I think we've got coming I wouldn't affect which one but you know what you need that one of them is at the ivy Gerri investing that always went. And so it comes national series I think it every. You know the thing that the national they never won a policy theory days. They've won. They've never been at the exposed for the next. Their bullpen has done them in the war in what happened. It greatly pitched game like Strasbourg and now all of a sudden they care. You know they they they can't all the only okay. Game two. Dot I bought back plate with his I'd I would expect it that would happen that I've ever heard lots. And then harper hit a home run and you belt up it literally felt like an XL. In that Arctic but I. At a dinner and I'll run with very dramatic one in government and international group wandered. In the Washington national. I have really believing it was shirt or phonetic and expect a couple and you're saying is that our brands are never gonna win and I know the credit is that. Funny picture throughout but the fact of the matter how can he win without it all. Winning seventeen what was in it you. So based on that then all in the security not. I think Dusty Baker I think I think that the baker today admirable thing that went wrong not. Don't you think about exactly what he was trying to do it didn't spell it right and that's arrogant act act in reference another. Bite. Strasburg read all the press. And Strasburg so all we're talking about his legacy. You're talking about the legacy of a picture. That is definitely an angle and that he would get having no respect I didn't start but he had a chance. And he. Opt out and what it Gotti performance by Scott berg. And it still didn't know what I think I mean it hearing everything it's still just the one nothing you can not be able to be perfect. Yep and the wind can have that debate are back. And that's when Taylor's home run in the first time the nationals could actually be the light in the. On the go back to the Strasburg situation because I am on on one hand if Strasburg says look. I'll may I ago. You know you you're kind of looking at it as OK is he doing it too much you wanna say well he's just fearful. You can't go you don't wanna be a detriment to your team you don't wanna track your data as you can play hurt but can you play well hurt because otherwise you're just hurting your team. Are you write your picture right sitting at separate it is separate and what does he was trying to do it struck that you were not was trying but not growth throughout bird under the ought. Anyway he's not the greatest communicated. But what it is the most loyal manager in baseball. Is not the correct editor based well but it players believe it. The example that I'll use it when Dusty Baker with being asked about I think it was all old chat. Win the domestic violence. And he's dead remember our domestic violence and always remember what it. Never got that when talking about it my best friend Darrell. And he he had the greatest invention when he bought the brokerage. And it sounded like you live and die you know women picked up an edict came up all in the second period. I had the wrong thing but he had the best that intense and you we're trying to protect sprout and be on the back. Struck birds as you have knee but all I will make you out. That's what Dusty Baker act there's not a knock on any other manager Buck Showalter can't get. All due respect to get back Dusty Baker. So I wanna talk more about this but I also Oregon and some of the things before we run out of time I've I've got to talking about this he got it right well this acceleration by the New York Yankees I mean this is why it. Brewers fans were kind of hoping for to be able to catch fire and get themselves into the postseason the differences. They got some veteran pitching over there they had some video CC sabathia went out yesterday and and throw pretty go to when I mean for. For what he brought to Milwaukee years ago he brought that to the Yankees in the post season yesterday. And pitched them into obviously they had some hits to go along with a pitch him into the ALCS. So for as much as we talk about the use and there is used on that team good quality youth. They also have good that they got a good mix with some of these veteran contracts that they weren't able to dump and some of these guys are coming through. Well you know that they the couple's bank liberal line. Let me get into that number in your audience that I get to ensure your aren't that I'm sure you record it. In the last game but the Cleveland Indians have been on the verge of eliminating an old. They have a law. Six. Apple at a lot I would opt in the one. With game six and seven home in the World Series last year in dramatic aid to meet at an air. And then this year up to gain and nothing and you know will do audit public nobody should all of a sudden and you have your eight on the map. And court 12% at the bottom I'll give them a clunker in games you you know it happened that the bat. But. Human row you get I don't run the Gregorian. I couldn't believe it. I think that there's no way corporate. I said because it did Edgar and I straight ought. I stunned by that and you know to give the credit would be eager or that you know a guy who. Don't name that would hand Eric. By Brian cat yeah he was the highly touted prospect but you know what they're a dime a dozen. And in that with a guy and kicked by Brian Cashman to replace Derek Jeter. Other than an awful lot to ask if they do not only what you post you just built it and keep it bounced. You learn language. And you become a spark plug them off completely more than Jeter ever could. I think Gloria is just to show you what outrageous comment right. Always gonna ask you about Joseph Girardi because. For much criticism is Girardi has taken in the past because he's had talented teams. And people say well he was just good because he had talent. What kind of credit he gave him now for these younger team in the mix and he's had in the end where he's gotten. What's ironic is that because I will say that the bachelor party regardless of the box games Q. Because you are in it and I don't like impersonal. I had an issue with that I had arguments. And I do not like impersonal. But is it. And the jobs that he had done with it young it is truly remarkable. And if adherents start and you know that the law and integrity and a critical error. But the fact is that the problem that I had with your party it did it with picked up a fight in June and I ain't. You know I would like managers I you know I told you my favorite part Charlie Manuel and Ella. Don Baylor. Charlie Manuel liked it right. And what they all do it now level. Her talent looking at bat well he literally even looking in the I'd say. It's not my fault I had to bring it back I four. I would my and so I would. He will say that they are governed and they'll say that the what Joseph Girardi did what he said well we couldn't discern in thirty seconds. Whether or not the ball it hit such as an outback. Do you think you look at don't think so only. Just level with people and now I know I can't spent the last 62 and radio show. According big guy. And he shot checked under sending your means he cannot be. And that on your part about it is that he's now being mentioned because their contract apathy in the year. It hit ten years yet at three year year and where your crotch. If you'd think the acute they're giving him or your contract you're kidding yourself I think he walked at the end of the year. Because she knows that you know it abruptly earned well and I think he wants the Red Sox and also say to the red dot if you thought John Farrell with a back. But wait you'd be what mr. only. Joseph Girardi. Mean. I was Camille my next question was asked is is he longs for their world in that sense I mean or is he. You know it if it. If you remember the history. Joseph Torre went the first manager that this ownership group add to make a bit and yet George I don't think George had died. But you it is you know you get dementia he'd be out of me he wasn't George. And so what they had done what he was coming out of where your contract and he was offered a a year with a club option. And Joseph Torre was halted in law wet. I see something similar about. And I think that it Joseph Girardi. It just looks bad. But he's got a really good job I mean if you think about what you get into what is it being where he got a wild card out out. Eight decrepit old obnoxious mean. And now all the rebuild process and never lost its base. And managed to cultivate Gregorio certain suspension has been and judge you strike out way too much. You know they they have now that way you and I don't know necessarily that the Yankees just wanna invest. Not necessarily bring him back next year if you wanna invest forty years and how do you not offer him or your. Broke before I let you go and that is given the dodgers' side of things as a dodger sit and wait tepper who they're going to play next you do do you think the Dodgers are the favorite and all they serve they end up with one or the other who matches up better. And I can make one claim that we can do it all back here next week. I I say whoever wins tonight in win financial. Think I think that doctors. Bobble at about the birds. And I think that. The guy you know no offense that got him back but that wasn't the credible right and you know national cup is an Ali race. And I think it's going to be a similar heavyweight battle national partners or copy doctors. I can give you countless reasons why either one but I think the Oreo. Picking up victories whoever wins that carried them in Q and get a game in LA now they come home for remember but he. Not to Q1 11. And you come back or read with all you have to do it when your old games. You're an actor in the driver's seat we go back LA win whoever. It is national. Whoever does win. Always go to Joseph you now enjoy its stay sick when you're right over there are now look forwards are you again next week OPEC. Thank you very much about it nobody judges and Josef every joining us in the Schneider warned chalk line.