Everett: There is not a front-line SP out there to trade for

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Wednesday, July 11th
Seth Everett, our National Baseball Insider, weighs in on the options for the Brewers as they inch closer to the Trade Deadline. Plus, is it time to give David Stearns an extension?

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Seth Everett on these Schneider orange hotline Seth Tim here it's been awhile. The core value you neglected to mention one other part of that week. I read the words were not. Know what lies Cambodian mountain general manager anymore. Okay very young. Tikrit he's a criminal he's a criminal. I work with him. He scammed money. From minor league international players. And he was in this great he was either gonna get suspended he was gonna cost the nationals draft picks. And he would help his head in shame you ought to cry against is that all these networks just thrown their money out of a trip to put them on the radio. Put you do what went far to use him vote. I'm sorry I don't how to bet on the baseball insider I don't follow Jim Bolden on Twitter. Neither do line. If I don't know you're a good listener had tweeted it and us soul. I don't know man I did generals and. I'm not blaming you guys I've not blaming you guys but. I understand that that you all like say it to do this sort I don't even care if that's not a deal is exactly what he said. Could he still had friends in the game. But he would pick the big victory here at the question you know we shame A-Rod. Right machine to Iran in rod what the pariah. But Jim Bolden who stole money from people. Can go in tweet whatever that Kelly once anytime we want a minute mark great kind that's quite a country. Yeah as if god bless America all right what are what are you what are you hearing and and getting your thoughts here there's just so many different angles in layers on this thing. It's Machado than him maybe it's Frontline starter maybe it's a bowl ban. As we get closer what lesson three weeks out now to the deadline south. Does David Stern's pulled the trigger on some of the stuff. Why don't wanna talk about David Stern in the second but the end to answer your question I think that pulled the trigger. You know that did the story goes. I don't think it's one verses the other because I don't think the Frontline starter is out there you know the only Frontline starter to be honest with you that's really being shopped. Is Madison bomb on. If you can write all you want on Twitter you know Cambodia can treatment ticket to crumble once. The Mets aren't treating him so without a front line starter I think that would be the number one which. You would wanna got to start game one and game five of the playoffs here's what that back foot here. That's what you want but that doesn't exist. If you can get Manny Machado I don't think it precludes you from going out to acquire picture. And to combine. Something where Kevin god been. And Dylan Bundy they are connected to Machado in that trade. That makes a lot of sense to me. Because if you play well although Gaidar middle rotation guys on a bad team I agree. But what else is it what does Cole Hamels do anything for it is JA happ do anything Korea. I can be there's not that much of a margin between those guys and if you're going to requirement which I think it's great. It would very much reminds me of the sabathia rescue a lot of that on Twitter IQ a lot of people static the thinkpad. You know a great rental can be part of a great moment and I'm for that I had no problem with that. But I don't think one has to do with the other end to tell you the truth. I'd love another bullpen arm even though the bullpen in a strain the no no question about it on that. I'm not denigrating that I did they get the summer months go on I'd love another arm and if you could pick up a you know the another one of those middle relievers you. Coke if you're familiar for two months. How much money to back off. I agree with a few I agree man I agree with almost every single thing you said right there because if you look at the brewers to Cambodia. If you I don't know what that you've got the sores in the info on that but. Yeah you're right out on the other starters I mean they've got those guys they've got parallel numbers in the only shot seen in junior Gerut they're doing the job here south that they really are night. I'm all with the on that bullpen Craig Counsell manages. One hell of a bull pen out there aren't and that's been getting it done so I could see. That happening. What I'm concerned about in you from afar when you look at. This line up like last night's lineup I'll take you from the starting lineup from the five hitter down. Fifth theater in there are likely you know not content editor Rick attack ads served. So Tyler salad Dino in the five then there's Brad Miller then Keon Broxton then Eric craps and then your pitcher's spot. I'm a little nervous about that part of this were squad. Right but again you know we talk about the you know what with the impact of Manny Machado. I don't think it takes a baseball wizard of any site. To tell you that he can help. That he just Lincoln lineup that he adds an element and you saw the game he had yesterday I mean he he he single handedly beat the Yankees yesterday. He can beat that kind of player. But that being said the market is not. It's not full it's not fortified it it says it's a really you know it's a leftover pieces market and now I just think. Outside of on the side of the hill that the reason why if your purpose and you want that deal to happen is because. The chance of of the brewers making a blockbuster trade and it's not involving many of the child pretty well. Do you think though that Baltimore as the days go by that much shot and again in a monster night last four or 44 foot blast and then another one and as you said Wednesday. But Dick do you think in some regards that Baltimore may get nervous on this thing because Doug enough and shoved up their tail if they don't move him by the deadline. Well look at the graphics if you don't body member you know. But the that's the thing I mean you get the draft pick if you don't trade him. I think he gets traded on the wrong the one thing I said no the mayor of Baltimore last night. And you know they've kind of resigned to the idea that you know if it doesn't matter whether he goes as a freeagent RR or via traders it it's over anyway. The theory is. It that I thought the Yankee rumor was because the New York media was in Baltimore. I really do I pay I know what it smelled like when rumors come out. You have got to stay around there with a split doubleheader. And they were like twelve different New York writers. That we're stuck in Camden yards from about 430 to seven with nothing to. An amazing and amazing ain't merry macondo rumor to the Yankees came about. And once that happened they had the editors in the Boston papers. Say wait a minute wait a minute you tell me the box and not calling true Boston College. So has Seattle so has Cleveland still had the Dodgers so as the brewers. I I. I I will always be transparent. On this radio station. I will always day. That there are possibilities but I will tell you this with very strong assurance. I don't think the Orioles know where he's going. Now you mentioned CC sabathia back in the day part of that deal with Doug Melvin if you answered your call Seth I'm sure you do. Doug Melvin said I'm not do in this deal unless we do it now I want him in a start pre all star break I want him in here I remember as quickly as as we can get him in here. You think David Stern's would would react in that matter to set him now we got to move the sing along. No I don't think he would because it hitter and you're in first place. It's it's it's a different it's not a pitcher and he's not taking starts away from somebody you know immunity you'd he'd get him in the lineup. There's this story and mlb.com about David Stern's and I hate. Personally no I thought it was a little bit of nonsensical but you know I'm friends with the guy who wrote it Marc fein can. And he was talking about David Stern lifelong passion for the Mac. And that he with a candidate. Four he interviewed for front office position when Sandy Alderson was named their general manager. And David Stern's name has come up in rumors. Of people that the Mets wanted to talk to about replacing candy all the I read that I saw that and I would say that this market cannot kill if you read that get him into a contract extension police. You don't give him the option. But when the dynamic and a little different those south and in the maps words they don't wanna go through a full tilt rebuild and I'm not seeing the brewers did that because I think their competing. At the same time their rebuilding here. Bet they hit the accelerator on the rebuilding. You know David Stern gets the credit that Arizona's getting that that that Brian Cashman and yankees are getting you know last year that was the big accelerator you know left. Last year going into the Torre seventeenth season. There were no expectations for the strange. Way cute very very. And he put that together without having you know an unlimited pocketbook this is not where he went out and got John Carlos and you know he made some key moves I've looked back to came through with a Smart move and yell let's move. We just don't happen they happen in two days are done for Sports Radio but if he could spread that out front but the reality of it is. I saw that and you know I remembered that he had talked to them when he when he got the job. When he got the brewers job I remember that they were tied to them but I'll be honest when I saw that story my initial reaction was. If that story starts to spread. And you start to ease back kind of distraction. Market and about your confined him to an extension tomorrow and there's no trade deadline for that there's no salary cap hit there's no luxury tax involved. Getting him hooked up caucus. And I I did I do not think this franchise needs that in the latest. No and I've just finally yourself I agree with you I think he's doing an outstanding job with that but the next shoot that will drop. In his side in us analyzing him. Will be. What that scouting department has done under him so once these guys start coming through under him so we're just early on and that gathered Kasten hero's moving pretty quick but. You know aside from that. These deeper picks. Will keep beer guru at that level or at that part of the game that's the final straw for me. Well look they currently that this time will tell but the fact of the matter is is that you know that wasn't something they. That's what I know about mark you know that the guy who wrote the story he doesn't you know he didn't sit in the living room to concocting things. You know saying like it's somebody in the Mets organization and by the way. Having worked for that organization I know that anytime you need to know rumor whether or not a rumors true just asked them. Could their sense when it comes to information remember Wilmer Flores close on the baseball field cause Twitter reported that he had been treated. I mean. I'd do if the matter saying on the air but I know the source focus on that tend to let me these writers didn't make that up. So all I'm saying it is if there's any kind of mutual interest between the Mets organization. And yet they have an interesting situation because. Of their three assistant GM that are kind of all sharing the role. Two of them are former GM's future charted with GM of the blue jays and Omar and I would GM of the Mets who have been unceremoniously fired. And the interesting part was when I was asking for a name to have him on NBC Sports Radio when I was doing a show. And mark. Brought up Stearns analyst William. And on state you guys this is it back. Story get legs is that this is the kind of stuff that I can bring to the table but did you vote in camp. But the idea that you know if you have the opportunity where another team is courting him. And they are that public about it because let's face it everything we do with that public. I if I'm market you know I find that and I lock him up political lately to announce that the ultimate. Very insisting all right Seth great catching up with you'll talk again soon and once once the moon shot oh shoe drops I'm sure will be in touch or aren't. Well let me ask you this do you get that week the all star break off. Do you were probably covered mini games like YouTube yet activity on for like Monday Tuesday Wednesday that like or you'll want to hear from neutral process. For you four days off I wanna take a right yes. Assessment and say that. Anybody who covered the team as much as you do I think he also rated the great. I sure as I'm fine. I already made plans to get on a boat with a cooler of beer into an efficient ball and doing some two and all that and so on how long can you fairway but how long can if they were different what are you know that I know that I guess I don't know I counted Richard he's back he'll be checked and wherever apartment a pretty much out. Now I will be all right sounds great jog India. They didn't the areas Seth Everett. Call them 844 pride org OT Schneider jobs dot com.