Ferrall: Sam Bradford is finished, tired of player protests

Bill Michaels Sports
Thursday, October 12th

10/12/17: Scott Ferrall of “Ferrall on the Bench” on CBS Sports Radio also has choice words for Packers, as well as the NFL. Which teams are the best in the league? Ferrall is always entertaining when it comes to opinions….


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We bring him in now from CBS Sports Radio you hear him all the time on now while our local station our flagship station out of Milwaukee. I and all the stations throughout the state Wisconsin Scott for a host of Perot on the bench. For you don't money. And it thanks for having me on everything straight man. I am I I've gotta take get your take on what you think first and foremost about the green bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers in season he's having. I mean he's nickname. Odds and applies stray. He does absolutely. Surreal is the I love watching him he's invigorating a lot she's just all in every game. If you get back all of minutes last. And there are you'd better get out of the way because it's common and you know again just tearing apart out of the cowboys he owns them. You know. Late game heroics in that now he's the bat. Late game quarterbacks. Maybe I've ever seen. Literally I mean Joseph Montana. Aaron Rodgers that's I want and I Brady's greatness. But usually they're winning so it's a different situations it's Brady you know terrorizing you throughout. Beating here. And they're leaving and killing. Like what they did last year and a suitable obviously take that away from the equation usually on top gains but you know Rogers teens. At bat you know this talent here that talent there but he made a lot of guys look really good. Because he is now that they've had averaged teams averaged gains out in games all the time. Playing close games all the time planned down to their competition all the time and then there's that difference maker at the equation is them he will greatness. Aid collaboration but greatness and average seek instill. Pull out miracles and he's just such. Credible talent. That watching him is like must see you have to watch this guy every week if you don't watch Aaron Rodgers played football you're a loser. I I think I I wanted to ask because I listen when I listen jealousy you go over so many different numbers and statistics and you get into that this presents such. But with this team the way it is in the NFC there's no clear run away. Head and shoulders above everybody else we believe that at Atlanta should be the most complete package with that being said. How much better does this defense in the Green Bay Packers organization have to perform for Aaron Rodgers to get back to a Super Bowl do you think. But a great question though I think a lot better to be honest Libya there as I sat there in games where there. You know getting down to a different level of competition whereas instead of being up in game. They have to come back in the game and it happens all the time. You'd you'd seen on it would de hail Mary left and right. It's just the constant battle for them. I like what I see and I'm right now I'm not gonna deny. Daryn first they're winning they're hot they're good. That you have to worry about hammers receivers I think the question is not brought it got a lot of injuries that double Lucas etc. they'd have to be healthy. Offensively you can worry when you have a guy like that their entire franchise's success will depend on the deep science. The linebackers. They're secondary. Unless they're ready to rock and all come January. They won't go to the Super Bowl it all comes down to making stops. Get back. Getting pats defense or passes picked. And I haven't breaker to let turnover. Late in the game are and then you know middle of port quarter that in turn up a board game upside down that late in the states. It's what religion jeans. Indiana well McCartney though you know what I know that we all know it you wait for a mistake and whoever counts on that capitalize on it usually wins the game. Talk with Scott for all for a lot of urgency BS Sports Radio. So I'll wanted to ask you who wins do you believe right now the real deal in the day in the NFC area of Philadelphia sending a 41 I still don't know if I believe in them I mean obviously the giants are complete train wreck and I thought they would be better this year. Dallas I still have a belief in Carolina seems to have turned it around who do you believe is the realty. Well I think tonight you're gonna see two good football games and really didn't and Carolina Carolina looks to be back. So there normal selves after a hangover from their super ball failure. Where it seemed like cancel so much she lost the year others like. Because the difference in the up about it. Bill is that their attack. Russia is is just on fire they've got. Tremendous pressure on the pocket they're making life miserable for every once. State beat up Tom Brady and that's how you beat them that you're going to be the pats and Tom Brady and Belichick you have to do as a giant mastered in Super Bowl. Put him on his dot. And I mean a lot they hit them a lot and they would and they erupted not and I like the way Carolina pass rushers you'll see it and I hit against Philly. Its affiliates major problems up front right now with injuries Serb patch work tonight that offensive line to keep that game. And about games are won and locked inside in the trenches you know that. Philadelphia at Lott for two reasons Wentz and really. A deep and that no one ever thought was going to be doing what they're doing at any kind of third factor would be blocked. But if they use one effectively end and they are Smart with them and and keep them. You don't flash don't overuse them just pound him in that game situation where they have so. Like they're raiders are kind of doing wetlands like this he got so did little doubt that maybe they overused it a little bit in Seattle and and glorious career down. But blunt now it is age. With all the banging eat steak and when they used them effectively in small doses he will. And step on your face. He would say. All grinding back it will. Literally just destroy all life. Big guys. And run over him and. That fact that they can get that one yard where the fact that they get that port down or that third down and sort and they get app Winamp and again. Great pressure up front and they again went. Well and the different guys I mean that they look dangerous to me. Those scenes and I would put the Packers and Matt in that group I think Stafford is unbelievable he has the capability of lighting anybody up. Still think Atlanta. It is dangerous. And I think people again a little too hyper rams a lot of people at the rams. Going places and there are dead and that I like barely. I think op has been pretty good. But pretty good doesn't cut it in the NFL yet to be great to win in the playoffs and and to get to the Super Bowl. And it got ready for that but they are happen that an exciting either of them. Because they've been so terrible for so long. Hey before I'll let you go are a couple things I wanna ask you one being how do you enjoy the NFL this year we're just talking about n.'s own celebrations a little while ago. And I had to look I enjoy the creativity I keep waiting for somebody do something stupid to Wear the NFL has come downs OK we're gonna cut this out. Like how do you enjoy what the NFL is allow the players to do. Well I thought the vikings which I think they're terrible to be in what I just wanted to say that I can't even bear watching what they expect it was Chicago it was so disgusting. Sam Bradford finished. I mean this stock is my pillow. And I know that that may be mean to say that but let's face of this guy's been injured as we know of enormous. And I mean he literally gets under way turns off the alarm clock. The fact is that dot dot mistake did the other night and that the money and I game was that was brilliant stuff that was we were all laughing Masada. I'd like the end of a lot they'll have a huge fan of it. All their drama with all others dispute is standing dealings sitting missed. Raising all that nonsense. You can't have that on me when that's over I don't wanna watch the anthem in the red does. Pregame shows for an hour and everybody's ingenious and everybody's picking games. They all of the same name these shows are terrible. Everybody's. Are predicting things wrong. And it's embarrassing. You can say whatever you want but because those are terrible column and I wanna watch football and win the game starts I am so all in and I am centered around. Great talent and great games all the games like the greatest game. You're not every game and about now has become with the greatest game ever played out the last snap the last app the last decade the last call. Everybody's hanging on the edge of their seats. It's almost like it's the text. Because that never seemed as so many great games the ball but it every week at 1 at 4 o'clock you're hanging on it you're seat I love the league. Everything that goes around off the field. And after the game and the during the week when they're not playing you could have that Afghanistan would still yet he's. Sit around still about it I need all that nonsense. I can't get enough of it. Broad street and every comment I certainly appreciate you got a this year is up Pittsburgh repeating again and then the NHL already testimonials. If they win the Stanley Cup again and I'm gonna literally. I think coming around like forced up around the nation naked eyes when it again. Three times around it's impossible there's just. No way I would injuries changes. Taps. Players moving here and there are new guys. Constantly and again that all the bounces and he can't be injured as a matte of fact that they want back backlights in my lifetime is insane. I can live with that and I would that I'm happy man in my gasket if they win it again I. I hope you'll lover and I can't about a title albums so much more than my family in fact. That they do it again I don't know what I'll do it myself because I think they'll lose this year but I think they're gonna get there I think they'll be in you know. That you know Sammy certain final again I think that act I think. They have a on the planet a plant hockey when you have guys like crowd you market. That Murray helped beat the great playoff performer. But they're not thinking without Marc-Andre Fleury trust me I think that'll come back vitamin the end. Guys actually bring in my friend you have a great day appreciate it will be listening okay. YouTube about doctor uses and they go Scott for a host of Perot on the bench and CBS sports radio and that is the reason. But I was imminent that strong man I love that that is strong he Georges is not a Lawrence college.