Fiutak: Ohio State’s loss does not impact Badgers

Bill Michaels Sports
Tuesday, September 12th

09/12/17: Pete Fiutak of discusses the formula for how you can make the CFP. Is 11-1 with a Big Ten Championship for the Badgers good enough? Is he buying into the Penn State hype?


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Joining us on the Schneider orange hotline right here right now Keith. How bad to the Wisconsin Badgers get hosed because you've got the Ohio State Buckeyes losing the way they did it. I don't know why that would girl I mean beat the formulas pretty simple for the badgers get. The Ottawa the Big Ten championship would do it to go twelve in the water water if you do that on the matter what anybody else. The Buckeyes losing your anybody who'd been better make different throw out the truth. There Robert Lester wash keeping god in look like the tiger when he worked best schedule. So he did it in the Big Ten champ and you have one bought it treated you're going to be in all well and what. So if you're the badgers. You worry more about all right how do we get this you know passing team a little better a little more efficient. And how do we cattle worker around of the new alarm about or Brooke do we get out of gave a little bit faster out of reveal all the injuries double wide. No because I had to get to a point where the schedule it you you know. You know if you're good enough to even think about the college football playoff goal and they're neutral bad be like you treat. If you roll it this schedule Nebraska state Iowa is beatable in this sort of not that big deal. Yeah you the one game against Michigan and it's really sort about it you need to lose that if you run the table at Irwindale. So it's not gone back to something you said about Ohio State and it really not affecting looked. I just thank you see the badgers win two games they weren't pretty I mean they won games come bite they fall in the rankings and granted don't have Iran Oklahoma certainly deserves to be up there are new and continually move up. So I'd do you just have to continue to win and hope front lawn this reason I hate pre season polls and placing team. Struggled and you're you're you're kind of rock and promised the pro league rankings don't matter. Any part of the body it did back in the poll and all day ordeal of B yeah and you know we you do it didn't matter where you fell in the ranking and all that. But now on the college ball well all it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter right now you are. You know duke senior you are not right it didn't win the ACC championship. And it's gonna go to the college football player outbid the formula entry might just set up the last three years we know all that yet you guys roll. And pretty much there you've you've pretty much known at this point. It's your power five conference champs look there's a real weird aberration out there which can which happened the first year. But that was of a rarity in the history college football yet that it happens champion. On the overall had won lost are distributed are you pretty much know again it sure would cut that guy with a Big Ten championship you've got to go twelve war. You O'Neal did you almost had like I would in a couple of years ago secure Iowa and you they've beaten up Michigan State this year in the ball well. They had that Catholic god we got and what you gotta get there. Give back Indianapolis and win at this time. Does this then kicked the door wide open in the Big Ten east for Penn State to come and grab a hold this thing because I think nobody's talking about and they're still highly ranked a lot of people given them respect but. Always hear about as Michigan Ohio State I think people can lose Penn State the next. I kinda one album I still don't really believe I mean they're very good obviously. It's not decorate I mean that was a blow out win over an OK eighteenth. Our tight knit very good but Michigan fantastic crowd they still really good. On Michigan they'd better you'll look at what Maryland doing that's an improved team. Note the part out and it probably did good but I'll think it's going to be eleven and one out so. It's going to be the district throughout this season and again. You know offered to beat you to the big problem for our state. Is that now can afford another loss that the big clubs or Oklahoma where you out or Oklahoma you win this I got streaker it. Now you can win and I can afford bought the rest which again we we know the college ball well formula when your conference who won lost and herein. And they're now it's up to outbid their upload that there was no margin for error Ursula. Are also looking to sell the other top you know teams in college football. Our clients and obviously very highly ranked all over again they've stayed right there at number three Alabama still the number one USC and number four Oklahoma climbing. Show our gimme gimme your your thoughts early on say this top ten because we've got Ohio State falling six bit personally Disneyland to miss. I'll have an Ohio State they were supposed to be all that a bag of chips and get blown out of the issue was embarrassing. I'll let the issue that is Oklahoma won an actor. Bigger army field and great and yeah here a little worried now because the real estate. You know look at the platform they continue to make a break into Michigan that invigorate children yet but that was great performance. They are blown up like Wednesday and obviously it all that too much too they won a national championship. The good the bad performance in Indiana and it had been. So I am not creature what long than that its own way. You know even if you eat me out state eventually could happen Alabama. Richard app that what you can't keep losing first round draft pick up your first round draft pick. And still be Urquhart all the time I think it is fortunate that Oklahoma just that good. They go out it's gonna be like eight or bad. But it the F Alltel still there it's still a little bit of blood in the country you know gatekeeper are going to be a little bit better a little bit more explosive. But they've got playmakers we've got talent. Yeah John that you agree or little. Let's see how they've bought back but. The retired writer whomever they ought to Virginia Tech earlier at a couple years ago they steamrolled you know river while you're putting Wisconsin on the way to a national championship so. How did they continued on a running do. How strong as the west's for the badgers I mean obviously the badgers Q as you said should have beat up on bed BYU team which has traditionally been a pretty decent for your kind of what kind of kind of opponent could. This year certainly down. But then go from there you really have to hope don't you that Nebraska or Iowa and a couple of those teams really give them a boost if they get wins over those programs. Yeah you cure and I mean do you like you'd actually going to be annoyed because they have an amazing run deep into ethic like Betancourt. It's gonna be frustrating gave the bad do I think they win. The battle annual goals and a lot of a little while to get there is something that warning in don't work like the loose. When you work hard he actually. Now the going to be very spirited every game except for me dishing the way out like I feel pretty good defense Jerry. At all that the wind really good. Minnesota I think it's a legitimate in the new year it can be stronger. But Nebraska is not very good let's look at a community that should be a winnable game nor western goods are ventured into new. Again they're definitely not a he owns our belongings they could get. A picture of what you've done cheaply about rob Alden in me really. All that matters isn't going to be your record and neck upper championship. Give me your thoughts on the badgers at all. Michael and I mean that they did get fortunate that the schedule is. Like it is because they weren't there or indulged you not to get beat it to the Big Ten championship and shot to the well. There's nobody on the schedule including. You know if they ride a complete look at Michigan all of there's no re nick beat everybody on the schedule. But true that that happened they have to be sharper there puberty meltdown in the secondary against Florida Atlantic early odds. On he struggled early June 1 fifteen minutes in Utah State. You know the thirteenth on the schedule are gonna you know breakdown like that that Q are there and did you open your eyes. Speed and they're not gonna melt that Al. The budget gap will be more can sit there on inanimate Leo will the New England a little different brought which has been a problem until our. Add the passing game has its own organic went a little bit and are expected he'll want the ride it into the year Derrick dependent Sharpton will be dropped. But I think you know again that's where you play you got big Florida Atlantic you know being up. Putin do against BYU sharply while I doubt it there's no reason not to shoot repeat the Lebanon want a question. Yeah you talk about Mortimer brokered a quarterback that before I let you go in that was when you said you know kind of that quote new norm so to speak. Do you like corner brook is a quarterback do you think he's developed a ball in the sense that he can then take this team deep or do you think that they're just getting by. They're just getting by you go to now. I think he's more caretaker I probable. Or working at whatever you throw the ball and mid air liked what he meant. And it will only. Get there and did there. And they don't have but it will be receiving weapon. Who would golly though. Yeah they're sort of missing having that. You know that dangerous deep threat that all our bit. It all obviously about the running game so it's going to be interesting at this week because you are you helping shut down the badger ground game but there's certainly gonna. Forced several third Mark Webber to get richer order book all you have to do is complete third dump. You don't have to you know QB Aaron Rodgers you don't count you know run around you don't have to hit that people. Just do enough to Katrina moving I think we can do that. But it that you get to rely on the drove all the target I can't let. Fortunately this one game this current these special clothes I think it the formula still there that would cut could be some really big thing. Big great stub is always real afforded to audio later on general okay. Dot com that.