Flood: Pump the breaks on the ‘Gard can’t coach’ narrative

Bill Michaels Sports
Friday, February 23rd

Evan Flood, Wisconsin Insider for 247Sports.com, weighs in on the Badgers latest success. What’s been the difference? Can a run in the Big Ten tournament put the Badgers in the NIT?


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Evan flood Wisconsin insider for a 24/7 sports dot com joining us on the Schneider orange top line Evan valued art. Me opera should come on that it will first and foremost let me ask you if I do you think Wisconsin is breathing a sigh of relief by going to thank god would get diamonds don't. And maybe immediately that you look at some of the stock that's gone down. Here out today you know a lot of this stuff back I think this schools are content scrambling to figure out. Okay Al what did we know. Take a lot of you know this kind of stuff happened behind their backs without them really knowing about it. You're stoned and and then that probably took place maybe after this seat in all certainly eight and here. At airline or taking benefits or some agent I think the question going to be how much. You can never really implicate. All these programs in many capitals have no knowledge of any type. Behavior by. It was a surprise to see that the number and names that the number of school are just one ADT's. Payroll here makes me really an entry if he was gonna happen. You know wetlands all these schools you know maybe start disputes on the other one certainly a lot more agencies. An agent to or opera being doubly good early and the guys literally go here. I do wanna talk more about on the court and that is the bet he's got another nice win last night they knocked off northwestern on the road. And I'm not saying this team by any stretch is turn it down or anything like that but it seems towards the end of the season. They have put to train back on the track in it lit it really does begin with so limited amount turnovers doesn't it. Right now I think we app that is China. Maybe that is more than that Twitter crowd of actual book representation. The badger basketball fan base but. You pump the brakes on the great card check coached Eric all everything that he's gone through this year. He's known for months now your not gonna get any additional help. Us. You know early that this 67 guys you can lie down and Asian it was going to be what was available rest of the way in this team. As turned a corner and you know I know they haven't played necessarily the back of competition other than that that they win. Over Purdue but yeah this is the team in the beginning of the season couldn't cold or knowledge on three consecutive. Nail biter going Minnesota. As I know gone through a lot of injuries and suspensions as well but they've got a lot of talent on the roster and a lot of guys who played. In the NCAA term in northwestern. Yeah. And he's deal periods group. Now inhabit law last night but again Tina. It's played in the NCAA tournament last year and you know what Scott will be able to make plays down the stretch against two senior late groups. There so. I've been impressed. You know where that he was even just a few weeks ago you wouldn't give an almost no chance. 30 Big Ten and some. A little bit of hope going into that. Senior day it's me it's a year. Of course the Big Ten tournament. Like eSATA I don't think anybody's assuming. That the NCAA tournament streak is gonna continue here. In a great that this young team that sort of build momentum and that next he's Big Ten so why don't I'll open why. How better. On my dog I mean you get it got you banned bleak day ends up playing extremely well we've seen contributions from other guys on this team hasn't been something that. Great garnish changed mixed up whatever or is it just in some guys are fighting there and themselves will say towards the end of the season unfortunately. MP kind of talked about this I don't think it's anything necessarily yeah he did in terms we. I think it's you know I'll do it well haven't these guys. Go to the ups and down C. Being in the situation or talked about earlier deceit and my heart goes out the close game and not copper. Older. It's easy you know the mistakes that were being paid earlier. They played or been a the past three. You know I. And pointing go back to what is it about great art. Culture not being well. Immediately I that old. I hadn't seen that time action all these and have played an act to game. Weight bearing. I'm not opera play ability if not lower our amendment act and act big old game. It makes something happen that they currently are typically are person to be not wearing it I'd. It's bound wade. I want to eat and ideal weight easily beat. Up more comfortable on doing things stop what he wanted to earlier this seat at least start click broke apart so well. Has turned a corner axis with the shooting its ability to back. In a lot of weight southern part of it can't put this coaching staff's ability to help players not part of it. He diocese had taken their lumps and get our. So moving forward Jeremy do you think this team is I don't think there have been any term at all just because the season the start of the season they've had been do you think there's any shot at all for them to say make. The dividend and don't take that never really this study what the correct murder are stripper make Indiana at eight Scott adult. I really you know what I'm prepared for what they had to do that yeah yeah you'd think it it would make Iran. Eight and her. And presumably win. Also the nature alternates on one date is may whoever comes after acting wide op. I'll make enough. Certainly any. Of app down. And it certainly was what I don't think would decline in the bird. More all the gains or take it out. Know you're at the start of the season what was probably. Don't know that content shield themselves obviously Abbott eat really big. Not copper wind but you know they do look a bit and I think you know you can. Stay hot towards the end of the fees and knock off a couple brand names in the Big Ten certainly think it so what's that is what it's. Good stub is always do you see them in anyway share reforming able to take down Michigan State before hours ago. You know well I. Well what implicated in that thing you know I watch a distraction that will be ideal machine they'd sort of looked a little human. Pretty simply and the other NCAA. Allegation. You know layout but sort it out. Topic adult players. Eat at. Previously Kurt Birkins treating women you know it certainly looked a little human. Scott then you know play a little. And now. East Lansing area sort dug them Cambodia. Or you don't eat it well I and it stretched. A really caught them outlawed but I'll play this aren't about to eat and rest and eat it out it would cop and a bit deeper bench but later plan. I hope right now. Good stuff we appreciate it man man that we ought to keep reading into partition okay. I felt judges and they got its Evan flight Wisconsin has ever won seven sports dot com 247 sports. Dot com covering Wisconsin Badgers and I don't think the badgers get to return meant to do post season term has a lot of people this is they look at they should knock off Michigan State to get a couple wins the Big Ten interment. Who know who's just because of the way they travel in the past and their like he said their purse quote prestige from being a team that's internally tested. For 14151617. Straight years. This could be a team that still ends up in oppose interment they still have something to fight for Woolsey I don't think it happens I want to be about chemical water. Put her nose to nose with the committee sees ninety committee sees before it's also none specifically for the fact that they went and played some really. Really good basketball down the stretch it is what it. 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