Gorman: Brad Stevens is the Harry Potter of Coaching

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Monday, April 16th

Mike Gorman, Celtics TV Voice on NBC Sports Boston, looks back at Game 1 between the Bucks and Celtics. Does he expect this series to go seven games? What’s his biggest observation of this Bucks team?


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Locks in Boston frustrating game ended a losing game one after fighting their way back but again playing three and a half quarters consistently throughout the season is not gonna get it done. And this team is really yet to learn how to win meanwhile. They're playing out banged up beat out Boston Celtics team who knows how to win and they figured out ways to get it done and you can talk about the youth of this team when you understand and learn how to win. It says it all Mike Gorman Celtics television voice and NBC sports Boston now joining us on the Schneider orange hotline might carried York. Or your I don't well I gotta be honest I'm sitting there listening to a lot of the national Clements today. Talk about the NBA over the weekend in the game that nobody can take their eyes off of the most entertaining game of the weekend by far was the box in the Celtics and and it while that he as far as bucks man goes they came up on the losing end now what game are. Yeah I was the perfect game you know Ireland the Bucs were reacted if they can either take this as a little part of an and we can play with these guys that went as building. Are they can look at Natalie they would get 66 point out of yeah honest and Middleton is so it could go. See how they'll interpret the game. How the Celtics take it because they walked away as of beat up team and they still walked away with a hard fought win how they take. Well they didn't do it had audio law you know court on down. First quarter the first game of the season to lose entirely too early to go to get used to planes. What these next man up there you have really operate under that's been out there you. Brad Stevens insists he is he's going to have part of coaching is a necessity comes uplifted. How we keep that under those used cars is just. The Harry Potter of coaching what are what have what a great commentary because I think he has been brilliant he's been good at figuring out match of split. I'd said Tony in this series is a guy you have to watch because he crashing the boards he does a better defensively the most Nez or for Nagin he had a big game in this one I didn't boxer got to figure out away. To put her hands into him keep him off the boards especially with second chance points. Yeah I agree acutely aware that that's what the options like who. Al Horford. And keep getting accused him intelligently played pretty well. Again he's he's the guy beat ourselves and that the second declared I'm very comfortable level. They're look at two injuries though it certainly has to be yeah and he responded with a twenty can be considered. So coming back in this next game we saw that Jabbar Parker got off to a really rough start have limited minutes my assumption is is that he's gonna get more time and hopefully gets more involved in the offense. But I don't get the to meet the box of one of the worst defensive teams that better in the post as a matter of fact a forty minute top fifteen going in the post season there's only three teams in art but. To me it's going to be the bucks just have throws much offense they possibly can. Add to the Boston Celtics in Boston's gonna have to respond by hitting three's because the Bucs are two point team that's the only way I see this thing working on the box favor. Yeah again what you Gary Player like Garrett if ever there a chance to play because this company king to a degree. They're not only is is dominating or make other people better luck could digital charts. Love and to treat people occurred in the attention of the ya as. I don't think it's going to be a success every game series I think our went out. But I think it is much quote political creature to give Milwaukee gets one game under their belt and certainly believes they can when you say it. Let me who believe they can win. The other error basket we're doing that yes. When you look at the benches Malcolm broad incomes off the bench after being out for a long period of time comes off the bench for the box and drop sixteen wasn't hot in early on portion that game got high towards the end of Morrissey I think he was the difference maker mute point one points off the bench. From a 21 point 27 boards off the bench. I just to meet it even though they're banged up and there's a lot of injuries there is it's still I still think this is a better Boston team a lot of people are given it credit for. What we got a lot of good players is no question about their you know yesterday. Lou one point away I'm inside Garrett scored twenty more points and got it was unclear who it was chilly day. Dominated became instantly. So. It's not surprising that we get reports of like Eric. I tell you want to you guys just as an observer system complexity. Good and we gave let sucker play well you and let's look at not a legacy at all. Look at got frustrated and had no it is first playoff game so nervous you like about the Eric Bledsoe gets torn cartilage. Tomorrow night but. Yesterday he you'd really epic are probably. Yeah when you have a couple of guys Hanson obviously not gonna hit from beyond the arc Bledsoe was O for so was Tony Snow was all for George George Parker was O for. When you have guys that can't shoot beyond your that we talked about this all season long mean technically you look at the score the box Al block it'd. Yesterday by a bucket. The Boston Celtics and still lost by six it is the difference between being a three point shooting team in that type of league and a team the police the two and doesn't play much defense. Bernard Margaret Margaret are. Yeah it is it's Waco for the bucks when their when their when they're trying to they they don't have outside shooter that's consistent enough to compete with teams. I think right now all it did the best of the best in the league. Yeah I think. I think the formula for success Milwaukee and you know when you ignore the obvious. Is that they need Bledsoe played well. Community garden dig in play well and then he looked over the shots. If that can happen to them in addition to battle through and again you guys are used to playing without Parker Parker community get from park as of August to extract everything realism. But the other guy but so you know he's. If you get to seventeen hit point one points and can insert a couple of steals. And that it was important game as he wants a section news. Obviously schalke that is what is going to wage it seemed like he had any. Where it corrected. Don't like Goran celtics' TV on NBC sports in Boston so yesterday. Arm is Brad Stevens is the better the philosophy if you will is it Yost is gonna give his is long you can limit those around him is that kind of the way you look at things going in this series. I don't think he quite put it that way but I think you do on the right track there. Democratic change their defense. So much because ya that neither they their changes politically correct anybody who gets to be a dominant player. Obviously great sailor sold his own people realize that. Baines has been duke being used offensive numbers to get some talk sensibly be a league to protect the page it they're pretty they're pretty dark desert protection. So. Again we used to have bought it before which is you guys. The adjustment while I don't know if I had no idea blocks Christmas is good soccer player. He came over as part you can Bradley deal I got this opportunity. Shortchanged against bigotry currently. But Marcus Turkey could. If you don't seek another partner currencies and could you chippy when he talks a lot in and he's very critical clue after shots of people that while he plays a game and it's always great game. Would pick guys that that I think it's if he's that good that. Com how would spray this is the team in Boston it's in Asia if not younger and many phases as is what to compare at all to what the Milwaukee Bucks are. Because people here for a long time including JC kids in lower young team. I've always said it's not the age it's the is the maturity the ability to figure out how to win how is Brad Stevens. Gotten nineteen so mature so fair. The early on created an atmosphere that was very conducive to catching predators mr. Putin that was here the more consistently. As we look to a lot of people. When you took. 31 people who lost at one point in the season. And two and what you guys would lead to rate it abuse. They would say I'm a better player. Now sequential up giving him. And he just has a way to figuring out one of his game it is entered integrating those skills include system. Where everybody happy because what they do best is picking up. That makes sense yeah no I completely understand yeah yeah exactly can this is ours to do and dates their audience and he's. It's interesting when you hit against. Q Brad is like at a much are so ridiculous that. In a very social aspect and you start talking about basketball telescopes consequences could sit there. And they're very much a client relationship is Clinton and earned a critical. The other guys look at the moment personal I suspect that to be an excellent size that I'm here in the past Oakland. How does a guy that young did that kind of respect. Is it just did you he carries himself for what. It's it's a lot by the way he carries himself and it's a lot to be good as people learn quickly if you follow my lead here and I'll make you better. And we'll win this tease you. But you gotta be gotta follow my lead and and had them record tying it with only their during timeouts is recognized first most. There are about to double play and actually do you know back to record and look at each fiscal cheapest quickest. And they're gonna look. And it would happen again. After a particularly. Loud as who plays it right out. And they buy into it and they executed and it works you what Brad he's very different. And I mean actor coaches in NBA I had chemical. During the time outlaw cock quote all its assistance to lump them they have like this summit be. And I go back into the hunt. Brad stands by himself. With a chocolate. That there dutifully accept that it is actually pick you. Very different. Yeah it interesting so interest in the way he does things is another Milwaukee Bucks a formula to for coach the end of the season and you know you were all hope from the doctor and her partner you can well. You know I. I don't know it's going to be look I don't care who it is islamists or it's the right guy you know on the one Bret Stephens at that job in Boston I had that I got on that months in this thing and myself. Here we don't and a college coach is teaching coaching the MBA doesn't get the respect is gonna walk away with humiliation and go back to the college ranks and he has shocked me as much as we hear the names of cult oriented Tino and everybody else thrown around. Bret Stephens has done a fantastic Johnny into Gamal a critical role I just hope the bucks I don't care who they fine as far as inane ghost as long as it's the right guy. Then it's hard to find the right guys sit here now it's hard to find the right guy after being out the picture cricket is a player's coach and he can. It decrepit Shia. My question with my doctor about it. Get what he is what my question that is he won there when they veteran Lleyton group. He wasn't able to get it don't want young group out in LA in a grand they has some other issues and had some injuries and such. But then things begin deteriorating and he couldn't keep egos in check so my question is. How well all he worked with a young cast of characters. And be able to mold them and make them better much like you say in equate to what Bret Stephens is done their embossed. Did you guys ever get any money. Now this is what 244 years in the league yet I think my. Middleton. May twenty. Right right yeah. So I mean I had a I didn't get to good it's dark. It's not like he's got like sides. Number one draft picks are treatable and two number two mark is drafting track record at all certain types of our guys clustered. You guys are pretty set 12678. You can add somebody is really good question that I. No knock on tension but that's statutes. Are Hispanic. No no I I completely agree that. Mean we've we've seen out of it's a bad deal and they can't get out money that country completely great. Now if you at a different center. You'd be here again I'm saying it but I couldn't get close to seven games are electing them we could of really really hard part. Victory whoever emerges this and I certainly don't you don't notice a lot of people while Boston you're likely to receive what is it who you really want to play. And I'll sit back to you like particularly in Miami and Washington but I don't want a lot. Right well we'll see would have no they have now been able to stand success consistently throughout the season which is the reason they may get a win or two but. They enable to beat a team above 500 consistently all season long and they certainly are men and women back to back to back fashion and so on. I'm gonna be real interest to deceive the bugs can actually kind of you know Garnett intestinal fortitude and figure out ways to win because they're Manila staggered all season long Mike it's a pleasure appreciate the the candid discussion thanks so much for joining us are packed. Persia Talladega Mike Gorman Celtics television voice on NBC sports joining us for couple minutes in the Schneider warned challenge. Shatter our drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair eighty pushers are beginning to don't call me 144 prior go to Schneider jobs dot com.